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Part 14: Update 12

Update 12

Ok, we need to find a unicorn horn somewhere. Let's check that lake near Asgard...

: It's beautiful....
: It's a unicorn! Raine, it's a unicorn!
: I hope this isn't what I think it is...
: Yes. But why is it...
: Wow! So there are still unicorns left on this side!
: This side?
:, nothing.
: The problem is, how are we going to contact the unicorn inside that water prison?
: There has to be some way, or else we won't be able to get the Unicorn Horn.
I'm not sure if that's optimism or fourth-wall breaking.
: Can we just swim to it?
: You won't be able to hold your breath that long.
: Dammit! Isn't there anything we can do?!
: ...There is a way.
: What?
: We could summon Undine, who exists somewhere in this world, to control the water's mana.
: I _thought_ I 'smelled' something odd in your mana. You don't seem to have made any pacts yet though.
: mean the Summon Spirit?
: We don't have anyone who can summon Summon Spirits.
: I... ...I haven't formed a pact yet, but if I can form the pact, then...I can summon.
: Oh, so, Sheena's a summoner!
: I'm a guardian user! ...But I can summon, too.
: I'd heard that art of summoning was lost a very long time ago....
There seems to be a missing "the" in there.
: ...Well, it still exists. Anyway, if you're not interested, I'm not going to force you....
: No, we need the Unicorn Horn. Please do it, Sheena.
: ...A...all right. Then, let's go to the Seal of Water. Undine should be at the seal.
: After we released the Seal of Fire at the Triet Ruins, Efreet appeared. Thus, perhaps we should find and release the Seal of Water?
: Yes, I feel sorry for Pietro, but he'll have to wait until we find it.
Yeah, the "hard" route kind of sucks for Pietro.
: Pietro, Sophia...I'm sorry...

Skit #064: Lloyd's Bad Habit

: There he goes again.
: Won't you get bored half-way through?
: Shut up! I'm interested, so I'm excited, okay?
: It's fine that you're interested, but...
: The problem is the way you get bored with everything.
: Shut up! Stop ganging up on me!
: Stop telling us to shut up!
: We're talking about your attitude!
: Shut up, all of you!
: ...
: ...
: ...

Special Skit: The Pursuit of Strength

: What?
: Have I grown stronger?
: Your sword skills have certainly improved. However...
: However?
: You have realized that that alone is not enough, have you not? That's why you felt compelled to ask. What strength you seek, what path you seek: no one but you know the answers.
: Yeah...I guess you're right.
: However, there undoubtedly still remain even more fighting techniques that you do not know. Continue to fight alongside your comrades and defeat your enemies. You may find your answers along that path.
: ...All right. I'll trust that one day I will find those answers, and in the meantime, I will start with what I can do now. Wow, that didn't sound like me at all!
: Heh...
: Holy hell he smiled. Didn't expect him to ever smile again.
"Mastering" was added to the Training Manual.

I fight Sword Dancer again on the way back. Thanks to going through the Hard Route first, nothing's posing much of a challenge so I upped the difficulty to Mania (which is the max for this game, some games have an "unknown mode" that's even harder).

He's still easier than before, because my level has almost doubled.
Youtube backup.

Skit #: Sheena Afraid of Failure

: Yes... I may fail again.
: Don't worry. If it looks like you're going to fail, I'll save you!
: ...Thank you.

Fortunately Max hasn't gotten tired of waiting for us to board his little boat for a transcontinental voyage. It still makes more sense than a transcontinental wooden bridge.
: Are you ready?
: Yes.

Let's go sailing!
Youtube backup.
: Now we can finally go to the next seal.
: Yeah!
: I was afraid this journey would force me on a boat sooner or later...
: We're at sea! We're at sea!
: Settle down, this thing's tiny. Do you want to fall out?
: Gee, I'm so sorry my ship is too "tiny" for you!
: I'm gonna fall!

In defiance of all RPG convention, we don't have a battle on the boat. He even said "if we run into any monsters" and everything.
: We're here.
: Thanks, Max. What are you going to do now?
: I'll request escort from a Palmacosta warship or something...Well, take care.
: Sorry for making you take us all the way out here. Be careful on your way back.
: You, too.
: Okay. Let's go look for clues about the next seal.

Special Skit: To Fight the Strong
: What is it, Lloyd?

: What?
: Lloyd. You will grow stronger.
: Huh?
: It is easy to continue recklessly swinging a sword and that is probably enough to take care of your average enemy. But it won't serve you when faced with a truly strong opponent. You, Lloyd, are in the midst of realizing that. Therefore, you will undoubtedly grow even stronger.
: think so?
: Grow strong, Lloyd.
"Battle Tips" was added to the training manual.

While walking around, we run into some Nice People!

: Owww! What did you do that for?!
: Oh, I'm sorry.
: Ahh! The Palma Potion that we just received!
: Hey lady, that was a very valuable potion! How are you planning on making up for this?
: I'll buy a replacement potion right away.
: ...Replacement potion?! Do you seriously think that's going to be enough to appease my anger?!
: Oh, come on, now you just sound like an idiot.
: What-did-you-say?! Do you know who we are?!
: And I should care because?...
: Why, you little...
: Stop. I'd like to leave here as soon as we can. Don't start any unnecessary trouble.
: I agree. Let's just have them replace the potion.
: Bah. You got off lucky this time, kid. Hurry up and go buy that potion.
: There's no need to bother, Colette!
: No, I ran into them, so I have to pay for it...
: ...Fine, all right.

Hey how convenient there's an item shop right here!
Youtube backup.

: You should be thankful that we're even willing to spend money for goods from a rundown shack like this.
: I don't need to hear that from a bunch of filthy Desians! I'm not going to sell one single gel to the likes of you.
: Chocolat, stop!
: But Mom, these are the same monsters that took Grandma away!
: You've got some nerve talking to us like that, little girl! You keep that up, and we can't guarantee what'll happen to you or this city.
: Just try it! As long as Governor-General Dorr is around, we'll never submit to the like of you!
: You little--
: Stop! We'll exceed our quota for this year. We need permission from Lord Magnius to go any further.
: Humph.
: Depending on Lord Magnius' mood, you might or might not get to keep that pretty little head of yours!
: Well then, I'm off to work now, Mom.
: Take care.
: I apologize for what happened. I'm sure you were startled. Please, relax and take a look around.
Now we have to buy a Palma Potion. I'm not sure what happens if you somehow end up here without enough money to buy one.

Skit #007: Dorr of Palmacosta

: Yeah, they're facing up to the Desians.
: I wish I could show this to the people of Iselia.
: It sounds like that person they call Dorr is doing a good job of leading them.
: We should speak with him first.
I was kind of hoping for more from Skit 007.

: ...Here.
: All right then. Looks like you're good little boys and girls after all. Just make sure you learn your lesson and don't mess with us again.
: Yes. I'll be careful.
: Come on, we're leaving!
: I have to say, that Governor-General Dorr sure was trusting. It's hard to believe he just gave us his family treasure like that.
: So what are we going to do with that, anyway?
: You're an idiot. We don't have any use for that thing. We're just going to sell it to that geezer on Hakonesia Peak who collects old junk.
: Now, let's go!
: Hehe, sorry for getting us in trouble.
: ...Those guys kinda piss me off.

: Dad was taken away to the ranch and hasn't come back. Even though I've been a good boy!
: Hang on just a little longer. I promised, remember? I'll save everyone who's been taken away to the ranch.
: But...I'm lonely...
: Don't worry. Father is a friend of everyone in this city. My mother died of an illness, but your father should still be alive. I'm sure he'll come back.
: ...Really?
: Yes. They were all taken away because they fought back against the Desians. I swear I'll rescue them.
: ...Okay. I'll wait for Dad to come back.
: Good boy. Let's go Kilia.
: Yes, Father.
: Who was that?

: He's a wonderful man.
: After losing his wife to an illness, he's raised his daughter Kilia all by himself...
: As long as Governor-General Dorr is here, we won't submit to the Desians. Even if we're carried off to the ranch, Dorr will come and save us. We believe in him.
: The people of this city are all so strong.
: That Dorr person must be a great man.

Let's go sidequesting!
Youtube backup.
: Say, Genis, you were supposed to go to this school, weren't you?
: Ah...yeah....I was given a recommendation....
: You?

: Ahahah. He's bluffing, it took me six tries to pass the entrance examination.
: What?! Don't make fun of him. Genis can even say his multiplication table.
: Wh..what kind of a low example is that?!
: Well, it's high level for Lloyd...
: They say birds of a feather flock together. I'm sure this runt is the same level.
: Wh...what?! You're nothing compared to Genis!
: ...Interesting. Will you challenge me, then?
: You'll do it, right?
: That's easy for you to say!
Naturally I accept.
: You should know that I'm the highest ranked student at this academy. You're gonna regret it later.
: I'll prepare the questions. When you're ready, come to the classroom in the back on the second floor.
: I'm sure he'll be very impartial.
: ...I haven't been studying lately, so...
: Yes, let's do a little intensive training.
: We should borrow an empty classroom.

: It's a good opportunity.
: ...Ack...
: Yes, I'll do my best.
: I hate studying....
: ...
: Let's start with imaginary numbers.
: Good idea. You had some trouble with those.
Anyway, now the game throws in a small quiz section.
What did Lloyd learn from Kratos in the Triet Ruins?
Sword Rain __ Guardian __ I don't know.
On the Ossa Trail, what did the value of 9.8 that Genis substituted refer to?
Acceleration due to gravity. __ Universal gravitation. __ I don't know.
Where was Lloyd born?
Iselia __ Dirk's House __ I don't know.
Honestly, even though everything else gets revealed (including Lloyd's MOM's birthplace), I don't think they EVER mention that.
: I think it's time we head to the test room.
: Okay, I'm ready.
: All right, let the match begin.
: I'm not going to lose!

: Now, take your seats.
: The rest of you go ahead and take the test as well.
: What? Me, too?
: ...Well...just try it out.
: Begin!
Jump Cut!!!!!
: I will announce the results. First, last place is... Lloyd Irving with 25.
: Whoa, 25!
: That's your best yet, Lloyd! Congratulations!
: Heh heh...
: The rest follow in order: Sheena Fujibayashi: 190. Colette Brunel: 210.
: ...Huh? It's not out of 100?
:'s out of 400.
: ...
: Kratos Aurion: 380
: That's higher than I expected, I would have put money on 340±10.
: Raine Sage: 400.
: ...Not like we expected anything but perfection from the Professor.
: Now, I shall announce the scores of Genis and Mighty.
: Mighty Washington: 398. Genis Sage: 400.
I did it!
: That's not...possible....
: Take that! Genis is amazing!
: ...I lost. I'm sorry I made fun of you.
: Heheheh. I can handle anything.
: I must say, Genis is quite impressive.
: Yes, he's very accomplished for his age.
: It's no wonder he received a recommendation to our school. How about it? Would you like to stay here and study with us?
: Yes, do that! You'll probably become the most notable genius this school has ever seen.!
:! Genis! ...It's...all right if you want to stay. I mean, you should stay, really....
: No, I'm going to go on with all of you. I'll go back to studying when the world is at peace.
: Are you sure?
: Of course. I already said, I'm sticking by you forever!
: ...Yeah!
: Then, I'll give you this certificate to enter the academy. Come back anytime when the journey is over.
...I will!

That's all well and good, but let's get back on the main quest.

: May the blessing of Martel be upon those who journey. By the way, may I ask where you have come from? Are you on a pilgrimage for Martel?
: Ah, we came from Iselia. We're on the journey for world regeneration.
: World regeneration?...
: Colette here is the Chosen of Mana. The Tower of Salvation appeared, right?
: ...Are you saying that you are the Chosen?
: Ah, um, yes. It seems that way, anyway.
: ...Governor-General Dorr.
: Yes... The Chosen was just here moments ago! How dare you defile that name! These despicable criminals must be arrested and turned over to the church at once!

: Wow! Father, did you see?! She has wings! She's like an angel! They're beautiful!
: W...wait! Everyone, lower your weapons! This person before us is without a doubt the Chosen of Mana! There is no mistaking the angel wings that are on your back! Please forgive our insolence, Chosen One.
: Ah, um, please, it's okay. Um,'s all right, really. Everyone tells me I'm not very Chosen-like at all.
: But this means... The Chosen we gave the Book of Regeneration to was an imposter?!
: ...Wait a minute. You said something about the Chosen coming here already. What is the Book of Regeneration? What's going on?
: The Book of Regeneration is a record of Spiritua's journey. It is the only document containing detailed records of the world regeneration, and it is a precious heirloom passed down through the generations of Governor-Generals of Palmacosta.
: That's it! With that, we won't have any trouble finding the seals!
: And you say you handed over this invaluable book to a random person claiming to be "The Chosen"? ...Unbelievable.
: ...Of course! It must be those guys that were giving us trouble earlier!
: We had received information that the Chosen's group was headed this way, so we naturally thought that they were them...
: Are you stupid or something?! Now what are we supposed to do?!
: Without that, we won't know where the seals are.
: I am terribly sorry...
: I can't believe this! Do you use your eyes at all or are they just there for decoration? You humans are--
: *Slap*
: Ow!
: Genis, that's enough!
: You don't happen to remember the contents of that whatever-it's-called book, do you?
: I'm afraid not... It is, after all, written in the language of the angels, so only members of the church can read it.
: Oh, I know! Let's try asking at the church. Maybe the priests know something.
: That's a good idea. Let's give it a try. Any objections?
: You have my deepest apologies, Chosen One.
: ...

Skit #181: Colette's Imposter
My spellchecker informs me that it's supposed to be impostor, but the game always spells it with an e.

: Yes, this is trouble we didn't need.
: Hehehe, someone pretending to be me...I feel like a famous celebrity or something.
: Hey, Colette, you are famous! The entire world has its eyes on you!
: Oh yeah, that's right. It still doesn't quite feel real, you know?
: Oh, brother. Are we going to be okay at this rate?

Inside the Church...

: I'm sorry about what you saw earlier. I work here as a pilgrim tour guide.
: Ah, don't worry about it... But are you going to be okay? Those guys might not hesitate to destroy this entire city...
: You don't know anything, do you? This area is under the control of Magnius from the eastern ranch, but just last month they reached the designated death count limit. We're safe until next year.
: So this city hasn't signed a non-aggression treaty.
: ...Iselia's the only place with a treaty like that. Although there are many who envy it. I don't want any part of a treaty that panders to the Desians.
: But that means you must spend every day in fear of the Desians. And besides, Governor-General Dorr is building a resistance force to fight the Desians. He'll be getting rid of them soon. And on top of that, I've heard that the Chosen of Mana has already begun her journey of world regeneration!
: Oh, yes.
: Just hang in there until the Chosen saves us, okay?
: O...okay! I will!
: Colette, she doesn't realize you're the Chosen.
: So while we're waiting for the regeneration, I recommend that you follow Martel's teachings and go on a journey. The current tour is already full, so would you like to sign up for the next one? You're nice, so I'll let you in on the tour at a reduced rate. <3

: I'm Marche. I trained as a priest at the Martel Temple.
: Of course I remember you. It's so nice to see you again. So you've become a pastor now.
: Yes. Ever since the Tower of Salvation appeared, I have eagerly awaited the arrival of the Chosen. The legend of Spiritua will surely be of use to you.
: Spiritua gave her first sermon here, right?
: Yes, that is correct. The legend of the world regeneration from that time was written down in the Book of Regeneration and was given to the royal family. It contains a record of the location of every seal.
: Do you keep a record of its contents here by any chance?
: No, it was not complied by the church. Would you like me to request Governor-General Dorr to show it to you?...
: That...won't help. It seems he gave the book to a group of imposters pretending to be us.
: That's terrible! Unfortunately, the Book of Regeneration is the only record of Spiritua's footsteps. I am sorry I could not be of help.

: No, no. Spiritua is my ancestor.
: She created the Church of Martel. It is said that she carried out the world regeneration and evangelism of the doctrine, spreading the Church of Martel throughout the world.
: Spiritua, the angel who brings death, used the power of Martel to rip asunder all those who opposed her, right?
: Are you stupid, Sheena? Spiritua was said to be a noble Chosen of great compassion.
: Sometimes the most compassionate thing to do is to beat the fuck out of a whole bunch of total assholes.
: Well, excuuuse me for being "stupid." Anyway, it doesn't matter.
: Anyway, what do you plan on doing now?
: looks like we don't have any choice but to chase after the imposters.
: But how?
: Remember what they said? They're planning on selling off the Book of Regeneration.
: Off to Hakonesia Peak, then.
: Wow! Lloyd, you're amazing!
: It's only at times like this that he has a good memory.
: Shut up Genis! Now, let's get going.

Skit #008: Imposters

: You mean the imposters, right? I know, I'm really mad, too!
: Right? Colette's the one trying to save the world!
: Huh?
: Doesn't it make you mad, Colette?
: Hmm, well, I think if there are lots of Chosens, the odds of the world being saved go up. That would be a good thing!
: There's only one group trying to save the world, as always.
: *Sigh*
: *Sigh*

Skit #334: Master Boltzman

: He proposed that people have another power inside of their bodies in addition to mana.
: Another power?
: Yes. The source of healing techniques. He passed away while the educational system was still being completed, and even today his theory is only partially understood.
: Then, eventually they may figure out the rest.
: Yes. Someday...
: That'd be nice.
This is actually related to something that doesn't appear in this game, but appears in its "sequel" Tales of Phantasia. It refers to the fact that purebred Humans can't use Mana (well, without something we'll see later on). Anyway, some humans can use healing magic anyway due to the second power postulated by Boltzman. People who use this are called "Methodists". This is the end result of Japanese writers using names from western religion that sound cool without any understanding of what they mean.

: Wha?! What kind of prices is that! That's robbery!
: Silence, boy! I'll have you know, I hate men!
: That means even those on pilgrimages with the Church of Martel can't make it past here.
: Oh, my, you're quite the beauty! If you're on a pilgrimage, you should join in the Asgard ruin tour at the Palmacosta travel agency.
: Hey! You're in cahoots with the travel agency!
: Oh, shut up! If you don't have any money, then get out of here!
: Hmm? That's a very old scripture...
: Oh, my beautiful maiden! You have good eye! That lady with the nice body should work a little more on her ability to notice things like that.
: Wha?! Just where have you been staring, you pervert!
: Now, now, don't get excited.... This here is something I purchased from the Chosen of Mana. It's a very rare scripture record that contains the Legend of Spiritua! I've been wanting to get my hands on this for ages! I'd just about given up on Dorr ever letting go of it. It was very fortunate that the Chosen herself was willing to part with it!
: Let us have that! At least just let us look at it for a bit.
: You've got to be kidding! Why should I have to show it to you people?!
: Oh, come on! Colette is the Cho--
: *Slap*
: Stop. We'll be the ones treated as imposters.
: The Cho?...
: The Chosen of Mana's devout follower. She wishes to view articles that the Chosen has posessed. Colette is a faithful believer and is versed in the language of the angels.
: Ah, yes, that's right. I've studied it since I was a child.
: Well, if it's that important to you, the maiden and beauty can have a look at it.
: Hey! Why are you leaving me out?!
: More than anything, I want the Spiritua Statue that is displayed in the House of Salvation. If you bring me that, I'll consider showing you the book.
: You're so stingy! Like it costs you anything to just let us look at it.
: Shaddup! Get the heck outta here if you don't have money and don't have the statue!

: Hmm?... What's wrong?

: You all would be better off waiting here for a while. No matter what, you should stay away from Palmacosta.
: Did something happen in Palmacosta?
: It seems the Desians are headed for Palmacosta!
: What?!
: Plus, they say the leader of the nearby human ranch, Magnius, is with them.
: Magnius...
: I'm going to wait here until things cool down. You should hold off on going anywhere for a while, too.
Naturally, as RPG Heros we immediately head for Palmacosta.

Skit #: Lloyd Praised

: Oh, my!
: Wh...what is it, Professor?...
: I can't believe you know the word "avaricious"!
: Professor...
: And you used it properly, too! That's fantastic!
: don't have to praise me that much.
: But it's a miracle!
: Hehehe. You're making me blush.
: Lloyd, she's making fun of you.
: Shut up!
: Owww.

I'm sure nothing bad is happening!
Youtube backup.
: Out of the way! Lord Magnius approaches!

: That's LORD Magnius, vermin!
: This woman defied the wishes of the great Lord Magnius and refused to provide us with supplies.
: Therefore, while the designated death count has been exceeded, we have been granted orders to carry out this woman's execution!
: Dammit! Why isn't the city militia doing anything to stop this?

: The Desians must have waited for this opportunity. Slimy jerks!
: Mom!!
: Stop right there, woman!
: If you interfere, we'll make you suffer in ways that will leave you begging for death!
: You think Governor-General Dorr will let you get away with this?

: No!!

It's hard to capture it in screenshots, but there's a stone being thrown at Magnius. Watch the video.
: You...disgusting little vermin!

: Ugh!
: Lloyd, stop! Do you want to turn this city into the next Iselia?
: It's not the same! This city doesn't have a non-aggression treaty with the Desians! How can we go on a quest to regenerate the world if we can't even save the people standing right in front of us?!
: Lloyd's right! I won't just stand here and let this happen!
: ...You! You're wanted criminal #0074...Lloyd Irving!
: Well, now! So you're that boy with the Exsphere! Hahahaha! This is perfect! After I take that Exsphere from you, they'll make me the leader of the Five Grand Cardinals! Get them!

: Amateurs...
: Dammit! You worthless idiots! Enough of this! I'll take care of this woman first!
: No!

: Nice toss.
: What the?!

: ...Let us respect the wishes of the Chosen.
: The Chosen?...
: She is the Chosen?!
: The Chosen herself has come to save us?!
: Do you all realize what you're doing? If you defy the Desians, this city may be attacked just like Iselia.
: I don't know what happened at Iselia, but I do know that I can't just ignore people who are suffering.
If Sheena isn't here, this line isn't said. That changes the meaning of what Lloyd says next rather substantially.
: That's right! And I know full well what I'm doing! I won't repeat the same mistake again. I'll destroy them all, the entire ranch!
: Lloyd, that's insanity.
: They're only after Colette and me anyway. And besides, we have the Chosen on our side! The savior who will regenerate the world! Right, Colette?
: ...Yup! I'm going to fight for everyone's sake.
: Oh! Lady Colette! The great Chosen of Mana!
: I give up. You're all hopeless... But I'll help, since I'd be worried about you otherwise.
: Professor Sage! Thanks!
: Damned little...enough of this crap! I'm leaving them to you. Get rid of them!

: How dare you lay a hand on Lord Magnius! You're all dead!

Subtract 1 from that and you have the Desians' chances of winning this fight, even on Mania difficulty.

Thanks to doing the other route first, I'm a BIT overleveled. I'm kind of embarrassed it took that long.

: Thank you so much for saving my mom! I don't know what I would have done if they'd murdered my mom as well...
: As well?...
: My husband volunteered in Governor-General Dorr's army...and was killed in a battle against the Desians. And my mother...was taken to the ranch.
: It was Grandma that originally founded our shop. We have to protect it, not just for ourselves, but also for Grandma's sake, for when she returns. I'm sorry, but I'd better get going soon. It's almost time for the next Asgard pilgrimage.
: Asgard pilgrimage?
: I work at the Church of Martel Travel Agency. But it's not like I believe in Martel or anything.
: Chocolat! How can you say such a thing!
: I know, I know. I'm grateful for the Chosen. But Martel didn't protect Dad or Grandma. Even this time, it wasn't Martel, but the Chosen and her companions that saved Mom. How can anyone believe in a goddess that sleeps while we suffer?
: I understand. But I still think Martel exists.
: You think?...
: I'm sure of it. She exists inside you and me.
: Well, if the Chosen says so...then I'll at least try to believe.
: Are there really people that want to go on a trip right after what just happened here?
: It's after events like this that both those with and without faith feel the need to go on a journey in search of salvation.
: That pretty much sums it up. Well then, thank you all very much!
: Yet another conversation I wish so much I could participate in.

Skit #: Palmacosta's Future

: But I'm glad nothing really bad happened to Cacao or the people of the city.
: Guys, as things stand now, do you think they'll attack Palmacosta again?
: Yeah, I'd been thinking about that myself, if this turns into another Iselia...
: ...You knew that when you saved Cacao, though. It may sound heartless, but we must focus on the journey of regeneration.
: ...Did I...make another mistake?
: Palmacosta has a militia. Even if we had not fought, surely it would have been only a matter of time before they staged an uprising on their own.
: Even still, maybe I was acting irresponsibly.
: But Chocolat and Cacao and everyone were grateful to you Lloyd. And besides, if you hadn't done anything, I think I would have fought by myself.
: Colette...Thanks.