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Part 16: Update 14

Update 14

Back at the ranch...

: From the looks on your faces, I can imagine what has happened to Dorr.
: But Dorr did say this: He wants us to save Chocolat.
: ...Governor-General... I understand. Please take me along to carry out the Governor-General's last wish.
: All right.
: ...At any rate, let's see if we can find a place to use that key we received from Dorr.
: But you know...even assuming we can open the door and get in, I don't think we're going to be able to just go in and out as we please.
: We need to be properly prepared before taking action.

The key lets us in the back!

Once inside...

: It's...something like a radar.
: Ray...dar?
: To put it simply, you can see things you couldn't see before.
: Hmm...

Skit #341: At the Palmacosta Ranch

: Yeah. I don't want to stay here very long.
: I have to agree. Being inside a Desian facility is not a pleasant experience.
: Yeah. Let's hurry!

While you're in the "radar" state you can't see enemies but you can see hidden items and switches.

The sparkle in the lower right is an enemy carrying a special item we need.

Regular Desians aren't worth describing. We get the keycard.

: Please, let's save them.
: Yes, when you consider what'll happen, we can't just leave them here like this.
: You're planning to blow it up again, aren't you?
: That's the fastest, simplest way.
: I like you, you're practical.
: Shall we split into two groups, then?

: I'll remain here, join up with them, and free those people. Please, take care of Chocolat.
: Okay, we'll leave it to you, then.

: Thank you for saving me, Here, take this.
: What's this?
: I picked it up over there. I saw a Desian treating that card as if it was really important.
: Thanks.
: Heehee.

: Something sparkled.
: It's too high up to see.
: Wait here, I'll check it out.

: You know, you could be using those a lot more, to solve all sorts of problems.
: Let's see, it was around here...
Now we have all 3 keycards and can go on to the next section.

This area is a teleporter maze. We all know they're pretty annoying.

Oh hey time to do some rescuing.
Youtube backup.

: Stop! Let her go!
A highly one-sided battle ensues.

: Yup! Did they hurt you? Are you okay?
: Yes, I'm fine, Chosen One, everybody, thank you all so much.
: Ah, don't mention it...
: There is no time to be celebrating. We still need to take care of Magnius.
: Assistant Governor-General Neil is taking the people imprisoned here to safety. Our job is to secure the control room and assure a safe escape.
: Dorr finally mobilized his plans, didn't he?
: Um...uh, yeah.
: I'm not sure if it's in the control room or not, but in the back is a platform that leads to a room filled with sparkling lights and other magical looking things. I'll show you the way.
: Hmm, it may be a bit dangerous, but we'd appreciate your help.
: Of course. Follow me!

: you can go to the floor you want.

Time to kick off another boss battle.
Youtube backup.

: So this is the control room...
: So the forsaken Chosen and her entourage of vermin have finally arrived.
: For...saken?

: You got it all mixed up Magnius, you're the one that's forsaken. Your time here is up.

: We're surrounded!...
: Hahaha! Just like a bunch of stupid vermin! I know your every move. And I know about those inferior beings trying to escape, too.

: That's a projector. A product of magitechnology.
: It's a device that displays images of people and things that are far away. We were displayed on here as well.
: Oh no! They're trapped!
: Hahaha! A wasted effort! Everything you've done is meaningless!
: How so?! We can rescue everyone after we take care of you!
: Big words from someone whose futile actions caused the disaster at Iselia!
: Th...that was...
: I know, how about I recreate that incident using the vermin on the projector? Watch. I'll unleash their Exspheres and turn them into monsters!
: No! Stop!
: Come on now. I'll be more than happy to turn them into monsters, just like that old lady you killed... Just like Marble! Hahahaha!
: Marble? You don't mean...
: Oh, but I do, my little Chocolat. Dear old granny Marble was sent to the Iselia ranch, where she was killed by Lloyd. I heard she met a pitiful end!
: Wait, it wasn't like that! Lloyd tried to save her! But the Desians turned her into a monster and--
: Lloyd killed her.
: Maybe you should point out the fact that Lloyd DIDN'T kill her, but rather she blew herself up. Or at least say the first part, since it's true and all.
: No...
: Chocolat!
: Dammit! Let her go!

: I'd rather die!
: You mustn't say things like that! Don't throw your life away!
: "Refuse to be saved???" Are you too dumb to live?!?"
: ...Dorr will save me. Leave me alone!
: Hahahaha! Right, Dorr, huh. Well, whatever. Take her away!

: Stop!
The guys "surrounding" us have no chance.

This is way way overkill btw. One of the Desians or Chocolat has dropped a road pass, which Koton is charging 100million gald for. I think I'd secure one of those a little better.
: Dammit, how could you idiots allow these inferior beings to defeat you!

: Fine, I'll take care of you myself! I'll put an end to the Chosen, right along with you fools who can't let go of your elven blood!

Magnius isn't too bad, unlike Kvar his buddies aren't total cheating dickbags, we have a full party, and there are only 2 underlings.

Hell Axe isn't particularly fearsome.

A unison attack with Raine+Genis is though. 49 hits 6618 damage.

Magnius can overlimit, but doesn't seem to have any overlimit-only attacks. He just casts Flame Lance.

He also has Beast, which is one of Lloyd's techniques and a Tales staple. It causes knockback and knockdown.

None of this is really helpful to him, since after the hard path he's kind of a pushover.

Compare that to some of the other XP awards and it seems kind of paltry. On the other hand, the fight was paltry too.

Checklist: kill ranch boss, check. Blow up ranch, in progress.
Youtube backup.

: It's because you are a fool, Magnius. Cruxis has accepted Colette as the Chosen.
: ...What?
: Maybe you should explain that in more detail, for the benefit of everyone present.
: That's right! Colette is going to regenerate the world! We're not going to lose to someone like you!
:'re...Then...I was deceived...

: Lloyd!

: This should allow the people imprisoned in the ranch to escape.
: What about the Exspheres implanted in them? Without Key Crests, it's only a matter of time before they go out of control.
: Can't we just take the Exspheres off of them?
: It's dangerous to attempt to remove an Exsphere lacking a Key Crest. I would imagine only a dwarf could handle it.
: Then we can ask Dirk to do it.
: Yeah. Let's contact my dad.
: ...We can work out the details later. Right now, I'm going to program this place to self-destruct. Ready?
: ...You really are violent, aren't you?
: If we're going to strike them, it should be thorough and decisive.
: Raine...
: Remember, Genis. We're not like them. We're different.
: I've set the self-destruct timer for ten minutes. Let's hurry and evacuate.

: Playing dead won't fool me Magnius

: He'd realize what I'm trying to do.
: Pulling ahead in the "biggest piece of shit" competition, Mr. Mana Cannoneer?
: Rodyle! deceived me! There was no order to eliminate the Chosen, was there!?
: Hehehehe. Collecting Gald for me, attempting to eliminate the Chosen for've been quite useful, Magnius. Farewell! I hope you enjoy the afterlife!...
: Dammit...Lord Yggdrasill, glory to the coming Age of Half-elves!...

: We've moved them all to Palmacosta.
: Then, Neil, please get out of here, too! Hurry!
: What?
: It's going to explode!

: I thought I was going to die...
: I'm glad everyone's all right.
: Ah...what about Chocolat?
: I think she was taken to another location.
: I see...
: If she's all right, she can still be rescued.
: Yes. If you learn Chocolat's location, please let us know immediately. Even Dorr really wanted to save her.
: Right. I swear we'll find her.
: Also, the captives have something called an Exsphere embedded in them.
: It's dangerous to leave them as they are now. You need to send a letter in my name to a dwarf named Dirk who lives in Iselia. I'm sure he'll help you get them removed.
: Dirk, in Iselia. I understand. Then, I shall go back to the city. Please stop by Palmacosta and visit us again anytime.

Skit #090: Make Sense?

: What is it, Lloyd?
: Those last things he said were kind of strange.
: You mean, about being deceived?
: I wonder what he was deceived by.
: There's no way to know now.
: Oh. I know!
: What? Know what?
: Magnius thought the fake Chosen group was us!
: Ah, I see! Then everything would make sense!
: ...No it doesn't! If that was the case, the imposters would have been killed by now.
: ...Just as Raine said, there's no way for us to know now. But Magnius is dead. Isn't that enough?
: Yeah, I guess so. Still, I really thought we'd figured it out...

Oh, here's the statblocks for this boss and Kilia.