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Part 17: Update 15

Update 15

Skit #072: Someday

: Are you talking about Chocolat?
: Yeah.
: Don't worry. I'm sure she'll understand someday.
: I hope so.

Remember those impostors and the book? Remember how Koton wanted the Spiritua Statue?
: I know it's a brazen request. But it's for the world regeneration.
: Please, Father.
: If the Chosen asks, we will of course not hesitate to lend our aid. ...Bring the statue here.
: most humble apologies! This Spiritua Statue is actually a fake I had placed here.
: What? What are you talking about?
: I lost the real Spiritua Statue during the pilgrimage a year ago.
: The pilgrimage is the Church of Martel's spiritual training journey, right? Why would you take the statue along with you?
: The halo on the head of the Spiritua Statue is made of diamond. We always take it with us when we go out on pilgrimages in order to protect it from thieves.
: On the trip last year, I followed that custom as usual and brought the Spiritua Statue with me to Thoda Island. But there, I accidentally dropped it into the geyser.
: ...Why did you have to take it to a place like that?!
: I am terribly sorry. I was so moved upon seeing the geyser for the first time... By the time I realized it, the statue had fallen onto the rocks on the other side of the geyser. Desperate, I paid a visit to a dwarf who lives in Iselia and had him make something just like it.
: Oh, that'd be Dirk.
: It's very good work. Just what I'd expect from Dirk.
: ...Dad. Just what kind of jobs are you doing?
: Well then, what shall we do now? Do you think the fake will fool that old man?
: That doesn't seem likely. It's well-built, but it's still a fake, as is the diamond.
: about if we go get the real one?
: want to go all the way to Thoda Island? And on top of that, the rocky area is on the other side of the geyser, correct?
: Y...yes.
: The problem is the geyser. Even I'll pass on getting hit with boiling water.
: Oh, my, Lloyd. You remembered that a geyser erupts with boiling water. I'm so proud!
: Lloyd, you're amazing!
: Oh course. Everyone knows that.
: I bet you just guessed...
: Sh...shut up...
: ...Humph.
: So a geyser isn't just normal water....
: If only we could stop the geyser.
: I've heard that the eruption cycle of the Thoda Island geyser is quite short.
: I wonder if we can seal it with something.
: That's it! We'll just have Genis seal it with magic.
: Magic? How?
: Like cover it with ice or something.
: Okay! I'll give it a try. You'd better be grateful!
: Dwarven Vow #1: Let's all work together for a peaceful world. We're counting on you, Mr. Genius Magician.

Skit #152: Born to Save the World

: I don't know...but the way things are now, Colette is suffering too much.
: No, it's okay. I'm fine. After all...the whole reason I was born... was to become an angel and save the world.
: No! You were born to live your own life. ...Right?
: ...Hehehe, yeah.

: Sure.
: Thank you very much.

Sailing yay?
Youtube backup.

: It's a...washtub?
: Yep, it's a washtub...
: Washtubs, hmm...
: Wow! This looks like it'll be fun!
: I...I'm going to wait here. Go on ahead without me.
: What's wrong, Professor Sage?
: N...nothing. I'm not getting in that thing.
: It looks fun! Come on, let's get in!
: (grabs Raine's left hand) Yeah, Raine!
: ...Ahh!
: ...Ahh? Professor Sage...are you...afraid of water or something?
: I...I was just starting to say, "Ahh, this should be fun!"
: Um...sure.
: Even Lloyd doesn't buy that.
: ...Heh.

: That was fun, wasn't it, Lloyd?!
: Sea water came in and I thought it was going to sink!
: Here, Professor.
: Ah, right. Thank you.

: ...That was a rare experience.
: I felt like I was on a roller coaster at Altamira....
: What's Altamira?
: Ah...nothing.

: Wow!
: Lloyd, a geyser is a type of hot spring that periodically erupts with boiling water and water vapor.
: Y...yeah. I knew that.
: Hmm...
: What is it, Chosen?
: That sign...over on that lookout platform...

: What about the sign?
: It looks kind of familiar...Maybe it's just my imagination.

: Yeah. While it's stopped, I'll go down there along the rocky parts and get the statue.
: The ice I can make will...well, it's just an estimate, but I don't think it'll last more than about 30 seconds.
: Gotcha.
: Lloyd, be careful. Don't do anything dangerous.
: Even my healing arts have their limits.
: You have a bad habit of getting cocky. Be careful.
: If it looks bad, just come back. I'll take your place.
: Icicle!

: Move in the direction I indicate. If you messed up three times, the ice will melt, so don't make any mistakes, okay? Good luck, Lloyd!
: So all I have to do is not mess up, right? Leave it to me!

: Okay then, let's go back to that old man.

Skit #337: Justice and Strength

: ...But...what she did hear was still the truth.
: No, it wasn't. She killed HERSELF.
: But it's the Desians who are at fault! It's not your fault!
: ...Incompetent good intentions will only bring tragedy.
: What did you say?!
: If you intend to do what is right, you need the strength to accompany that. You lacked that. You were too weak.
: How can you say that?! Lloyd was... Lloyd was...
: Genis, it's okay. I don't like to admit it, but Kratos is right.
: I won't forget what I felt back there. I won't forget that Marble and the people of the village lost their lives.
: Yes. That's right. ...Power is more than just your physical strength. The strength to acknowledge your crimes. The strength to remember them. You must have them as well.
: Well, you do have a point there.

: An oracle stone.
: That must be why it looked familiar!
: So this is the Seal of Water!
: Aww...that sucks. I didn't even need to get that Spiritua Statue!
: Cheer up, Lloyd. Just think of it as giving you the opportunity to have fun riding in the washtubs.
: ...Yeah, I guess, but...
: Lloyd! Let's hurry on inside! Come on, Colette!
: Okay then, I'll try putting my hand on the stone. Here we go!

: Excellent...Now, let us begin the excavation at once!
: We're not here to excavate anything...

: ...Are we...really going to make the pact?
: What are you talking about? It was your idea in the first place.
: Getting weak in the knees?
: Sh...shut up!
: Colette, is it okay with you, too? To release the seal?
: Yeah, it's okay. Thanks for the concern.

Obligatory water dungeon! Thankfully none of it is underwater.

Regular enemies are still worthless, except for the fact that I had Sheena using a Card of Water and was healing some of them until I realized this. Ooops!

Skit #328: Tower of Salvation

: That's right. Thanks to Spiritua, the world was filled with mana and the people were saved. And Spiritua was guided into heaven.
: If she already saved the world back then why is everyone suffering now with mana shortages and the Desians?
: The world stopped receiving its blessing, because the Tower of Salvation disappeared.... ...That's what I was taught, anyway.
: Heh, Lloyd, are you actually studying?
: Not really. It's just been bugging me. I just thought, since it's a tower, someone has to have made it, and someone has to be doing something with it. You know?
: Maybe angels like Remiel are providing us with mana...
: I see what you mean... That's a fascinating subject. Up until now, we've simply thought of the Tower of Salvation as nothing more than a symbol of salvation, but...
: In the end, the only way we'll find the answer is to complete the salvation of the world.
: When you become an angel, I wonder if you'll go to the Tower of Salvation, too?
: If that's the case, we should just ask you after you go.
: I'm looking forward to your stories!
: Okay...sure.

This is used in the only puzzle here, which is to fill some jugs with water. It's not really much of a puzzle.
: The Thoda Geyser is a plentiful source of water, so maybe it reacted to that.
: With this power, we can supply water even to distant areas.
: But if all it does is squirt water, that sure seems kind of...weak.

The only "challenging" aspect of the puzzle is remembering to push that block roughly half a screen to the right so the door doesn't lock us out of the next area.

A couple switches and that teleporter to the seal rises up and we can get to it.

: This place is all dark and humid. Let's hurry up and get out of here.
: ...We must release the seal first.
: I know that.
: I feel...mana welling up... It's the same as the Seal of Fire.

Our last seal guardian fight! It was supposed to be our second, but we went Hard Path and such.
Youtube backup.

Sheena goes into overlimit. If she had any summons, I could bring one out right now. (Ok I have some summons thanks to inherit techs but I don't really want to use them before the plot says I should have them. All the techs I've used so far have been ones that are gained via leveling up, except for a few of Colette's holy techs, and Genis's Meteor Storm tech which isn't part of the main plot anyway.) Also I don't have any summons bound on my manual Sheena setup yet

Lightning hurts water. This isn't Final Fantasy, with four elements. Tales has up to 8, and Symphonia uses all 8. The pairs are: Fire<->Ice, Air<->Earth, Water<->Lightning, and Light<->Dark. Lightning might be called electricity and I'm confused due to playing a lot of D&D4E.

Genis however DOES have a non-plot-related thing to do when he hits overlimit.

When Genis casts Indignation while in overlimit, we get THIS instead.

Fuck yeah. It did 2k damage and it wasn't even finished fucking that mermaid up when she wimped out and died. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to put it on the boss rather than the add.

Genis shouldn't use up all his awesomeness before he has to cook though.

: ...Yes! Oh Goddess Martel, great protector and nurturer of the earth, grant me thy strength!
: Let us grant you our blessing.
: ...Thank you.

: You have taken another step closer to becoming an angel, yet you seem anxious.
: Uh, no. I'm very happy.
: Hmm?... Now, Chosen One. Your journey is finally drawing to a close. It is time for you to rejoice. The path to the Tower of Salvation is open! Head to the Tower of Salvation and offer your prayers of regeneration! Then, you will be able to climb the stairway of heaven.
: ...The Tower of Salvation?!
: The world regeneration is finally going to take place.
: Is regeneration...really going to happen?...
: I shall do as you instruct, Lord Remiel.
: I shall await you at the final seal. daughter. There, you will become an angel, like me.
: Hmrph.
: The end is finally in sight. Let's head to the Tower of Salvation.
: Colette...Are you sure?
: ...Yes. I'm fine.
: ...Dammit!

Our first summon spirit!
Youtube backup.
: Well, now what? Shall we go ahead and make the pact with Undine now?
: Yeah, let's keep going, it'd be annoying to have to go and come back.... And I want to see how this pact thing works, too.
: Pact! Pact!
: Pact! Pact!
: I must admit, I'm interested as well.
: ...A summoning pact...hmm.
: It's not the kind of thing you see every day.
: It's easy for you to say. I...I might fail, you know....
: You'll do fine! I mean, I don't really know how it works, but...
: Lloyd's right! If anyone can do it, you can, Sheena!
: ...You don't even know anything about it.
: Fine, I'll do it. But don't blame me if something goes wrong and you get hurt!

: Heh, let's see what you do now.
: Mithos? The hero of the Kharlan War?
: Not only was Mithos a swordsman, he had the ability to summon as well?
: Mithos is a common boy's name. It's not necessarily Mithos the Hero.
: I am Sheena! I seek a pact with Undine!
: As things stand now...I cannot.
: Wh...why?!
: I am already bound by a pact. I cannot form two pacts at the same time.
: You mean your pact with that Mithos guy?...
: What am I supposed to do now?! They never said anything about this at the research institute!
: It's easy. Start by asking questions. Start with "Who is this Mithos guy anyway?" It's not like Undine is being uncooperative or something.
: Um...hmm. Can't you just get her to cancel the old pact?
: How?! We don't even have any idea where this Mithos person is!
: A Summon Spirit pact requires a vow. As long as the pact-maker upholds that vow, the pact remains valid.
: ...That is correct.
: I know about that. The Summon Spirit approves the pact-maker's vow and agrees to the pact.
: Exactly. Therefore, all you need to do is follow Lloyd's advice and request the annulment of the previous pact and form a new one. It's possible the previous pact-maker has broken his vow. Or he may have...already passed away.
: Is it really that simple?
: I suppose you could call it simple, but if the previous pact-maker is still alive and hasn't broken his vow, then there's nothing we can do about it.
: Okay, I'll give it a shot. Undine! I am Sheena! I ask that thou annulst thy pact with Mithos, and establish a new pact...with me.
: Before I can allow the formation of a new pact, I must test your worthiness as a pact-maker. Draw your weapons.
: Wha?...We have to fight?!
: Let it begin!

So I'm still not too hot with controlling Sheena.
Youtube backup.

Undine is a bit tougher than the previous fight.

Unless I missed an attack, she just spams Spread and occasionally attacks you with an FFX style water sword.

Despite being the Water Summon Spirit she has no lightning weakness. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure any of the summon spirits are weak to their opposing element. Fake Edit: Only _one_ is.

Oh and she can overlimit.

There's the water sword.

I think that might be a personal worst grade.

: Splendid. Now, swear your vow. Upon what vow do you form our pact?
: Right now, at this very moment, there are people who are suffering. I vow to save those people.
: Nice vow.
: Understood. I pledge my power to you, Sheena!
: Sheena, you did it!
: Yeah! Sheena, you're amazing!
: Heh, oh stop it...
: No, really, you rule! Oh, man, I can't wait until I get to see you summon Undine!
: You have a surprising breadth of knowledge, Kratos.
: I once had an acquaintance who was somewhat knowledgeable about Summon Spirits.
: I see...
: Nice to see someone who uses their brain in this group.

Skit #065: Summoner Sheena

: Wh...what are you talking about?
: Summon Spirits! What else? What was it again? You know, all that "thou" and "thy" stuff!
: Ah, yeah...
: That's so cool, making pacts with Summon Spirits!
: R...really?
: Say, what does it feel like?
: Hmmm feels like a great power, separate from myself, comes surging out from inside my body.
: I don't really understand, but it's so cool! I wish I was a summoner....
: ...Although...I hated being a summoner.
: Really?

I wanted to go a bit farther this update, but with 48 big images that'll have to wait. Here's three more big images for the bosses' stat blocks.

Frigging SHARK HANDS yo!

Undine is the weakest Summon Spirit, since she's the first one you can fight (it MIGHT be possible to fight Sylph first, but I didn't try - I did try to fight Efreet first, and the route is blocked; every other summon is totally inaccessible without... something).