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Part 18: Update 16

Update 16

Bad things happen after seals.
Youtube backup.

: Professor Sage! It's Colette's Angel Toxicosis...
: I see. Let's rest here for today.
: ... ?...
: What's wrong, Colette?
: ...I would assume she's lost her voice.
: What?!
: !!

: Huh?
: I want to explain to everyone why I was trying to assassinate the Chosen.
: All right. We're listening. Tell us about your homeland. A land that doesn't exist in this world.
: You knew?!
: No. But you said it yourself that Sylvarant will be saved. That must mean you aren't from Sylvarant.
: know, it's really a shame that your intellect's being wasted here. You're right. My homeland is not here, not in Sylvarant.
: What does that mean?
: My world is called Tethe'alla.

: Haha, of course not. My world isn't on the moon.
: Even I really don't understand the specifics, but there is another world that lies entwined with Sylvarant, as shadow is to light. That's Tethe' world.
: Two entwined worlds?
: The two worlds lie directly adjacent to each other. They just can't see one another. Our scholars say they exist on shifted dimensions. Anyway, the two worlds can't see or touch each other, but they do in fact exist next to and affect each other.
: What do you mean, "affect each other"?
: They vie for the supply of mana. When one world weakens, the mana from that world flows to the other. As a result, one world is always flourishing, and the other waning. Sort of like an hourglass.
: Wait, so, right now Sylvarant is...
: Yeah. Sylvarant's mana is flowing to Tethe'alla. Therefore, Sylvarant is in decline. Without mana, crops won't grow and magic becomes unusable. If there is no mana, the Summon Spirits that protect the world alongside the Goddess Martel can't survive in Sylvarant either. As a result, the world slips even further down the path of destruction.
: Then the Chosen's world regeneration is actually the process of reversing the mana flow?
: Exactly. When the Chosen breaks the seal, the mana flow reverses, and the Summon Spirit that governs the seal awakens. I was sent to prevent the world regeneration from happening.
: I broke through the supposedly impassable dimensional fissure for the sake of protecting Tethe'alla.
: In other words, to assure the decline and destruction of Sylvarant?
: You can say that, but your journey of regeneration is also an attempt to destroy Tethe'alla. We're both doing the same thing.
: It's hard for me to believe all of this.
: I'm the proof. I possess summoning arts that have been lost from this world.
: ...
: ...Please don't look at me like that, Colette. I know that wasn't your intention. I don't know what I should do either. I came here to protect Tethe'alla, but this world is impoverished and everyone is suffering. But if I allow the world regeneration to occur, then Tethe'alla will become just like this.
: But right now, you're helping us, right?
: Yes, but that doesn't mean I can just abandon Tethe'alla! I...I don't know what to do. Isn't there any other way? A way for Sylvarant, Tethe'alla, and Colette to all be happy?!
: I want to know, too!
: Have you considered that perhaps nothing that convenient exists in the real world?
: ...The best thing we can do right now is to save Sylvarant from its current crisis.
: What if we don't regenerate the world and just defeat the Desians?
: Although we succeeded in destroying a ranch, we cannot possibly eliminate all the Desians. The mana will eventually be exhausted.
: Is mana really that important?
: I suppose only magic users and scholars worry about it. But mana is even more important to life than water. Without it, the land will die. Mana is the source material which composers everything. At least that's what I've been taught.
: Unfortunately, the Giant Tree of ever-flowing mana in fairy tales doesn't exist in the real world. We live by chipping away at the limited amount of available mana. Why do you think the ancient magitechnology was lost?
: Because mana disappeared from the world.
: Correct. Magitechnology consumes large amounts of mana. If things continue the way they are now, Sylvarant will eventually lose its mana just as it lost its magitechnology, and be destroyed.
: Colette? R...e...m...i... ...Ah! You're trying to spell something, right?
: I'll...try...asking...Remiel...if...there' two...worlds.
: If it doesn't work out, I may have to kill you after all.
: Sheena!
: ...I understand. You intend to become an angel, no matter what, don't you?

: Is it true that you are looking for Chocolat?
: Yes, of course.
: The please search the Iselia Human Ranch! One of the people who returned from the Palmacosta ranch said that there was someone who looked very much like Chocolat among the people sent to the Iselia ranch.
: Really?!
: Iselia... If we aren't careful, they might attack the village again....
: In addition, because of your transgressions, they may have increased security at the ranch.
: No doubt.
: If we continue the world regeneration, we should eventually get the opportunity to deal with the Iselia ranch. We just have to wait until that chance comes.
: Yes, I have to feel sorry for her, but we have to have her hang on for a little while longer.
: Please, save Chocolat as soon as you can!

: Oh! This is indeed the Spiritua Statue! Give it to me!
: In exchange for the Book of Regeneration.
: I know, I know. Just be sure you remember, I'm only letting you look at it.
We give it to him.
: Ah, wonderful! Now, you may look at the Book of Regeneration as much as you like.
: All right!
: Let's start reading it right away.

: What does it say?
: There's quite a large volume of text. I'll read aloud the parts that concern the seals, but please be aware that I don't understand it as well as Colette.
: That's not a problem. We've already finished releasing the seals.
: Here I go... Raging flames in an ancient city deep within clouds of sand overlook the city, lighting the darkness. Pure, flowing water floating... in an isolated a giant pillar... Sublime wind, ancient city, the world's...giant...seals lurks evil, impersonating a holy force. ...gazing up at the summit of the gods giving praise to the pillar of the world...ancient gods... ...That's the best I can do.
: What does it mean?
: This indicates the locations of the seals. But it sounds like they all indicate places we have already visited.
: Of course. Our next destination is the Tower of Salvation.
: Is that true, Colette?
: *Nod*
: Okay. Thanks, Gramps.
: Come back whenever you like if you want to look at it again.
: You say this staring directly at Sheena's chest.

Back up north through the pass now, and time to say hi to the unicorn again! Surprisingly, there's no voice acting, so I decided to not bother with a video.

: ...Wait. That's not going to work.
: Why not?
: The unicorn...can only be approached by a pure maiden.
: It's so very inconvenient.
: At the very least, Lloyd, Genis, and I are out.
: Hmmm. So only females can go?
: So then, just Raine and...
: I'll...pass. But I don't know what we're going to do. We can't send Colette alone while she's like this...
: Hey! Are you saying that I'm not qualified?!
: Qualified?
: Qualified?
: You don't have to both say it at once!
: ...Then we shall send Colette and Sheena.
: Why can't the Professor go?
: Because I'm an adult.
: Hmm?
: Someone needs "the talk".
: O...okay then, I'm going to summon now!
: I call upon the Maiden of the Mist. I summon thee... Come, Undine!

: Take us to the unicorn.
: As you wish. To the lake...

: Martel? You mean the Goddess Martel?

: You can hear Colette's voice?
: Yes...but you are not Martel? This presence, this mana...and this sickness... Even in my blindness it is clear. You are Martel.
: Ohfuck...
: ...
: I exist to save the awakened Martel from her sickness... To cure the sickness you have.
: Then, please, save Colette. The horn of a unicorn has that kind of power, right?

: You are here not for yourself, but to save a human with whom you have made a promise? So that's it, you're the Chosen of Regeneration... Take it.
: Is it a good thing for Colette to use it or not? I honestly never considered this possibility.
: What's wrong?!

: Do not be troubled. A new life will be born from me. And when that new life ends, yet another will be born. In so doing, we live on...forever.

: ...Sheena, are you crying?
: The unicorn...gave us his horn.
: ...I see. Then the unicorn is dead.
: You knew?!
: When a unicorn loses its horn, it dies. By dying, a new unicorn is born. That's why the unicorn is the symbol of death and rebirth.
: ...A new unicorn will be born?
: Yes. I'm sure one has been.
: ...The unicorn gave us this horn at the cost of his life. We must make good use of it.
: Yeah, Colette! Now we might be able to get you back to normal!
: *Shakes Head*
: Why?!
: ..."I still haven't finished regenerating the world, so please use this for Pietro and Clara"? But Colette...
: I suppose that's for the best.
: ...All right. If that's what you want. Professor, here...
: It seems I've acquired some new healing arts thanks to this horn.
Raine gains the "Resurrection" spell from this, which is one of the ONLY TWO revive spells in the game. The other one (Sheena's Purgatory Seal) is much worse, because it revives someone with ZERO HP. If you're wondering how it works, there's a small grace period to get your HP above zero before you fall back over. Also, we can actually use Resurrection in cutscenes (although not on totally dead people).
: Now, with this, we can save Clara...
: Yes, with this Unicorn Horn and Boltzman's Book, I'm sure we can save her this time.
: And Pietro, I assume.
: Where is this Clara person?
Apparently Sheena forgot about meeting Clara. They didn't really bother to make three variants of this (there's this one, and a different one if Colette can still talk IIRC).
: We'll just have to look for her.
: ...The only thing we can do is analyze her previous actions and search for her.
: Yeah.
: Wait just a little longer, Colette. I promise we'll fulfill your wish.

: ...

: Yeah, you're right. We promised.
: I should be able to save him now. Let's go.

: We found it.
: I'm going to try it now, all right?
: Yes! Please!
: Resurrection!
: Where am...
: He woke up! Thank goodness!
: Sophia! Then...I reached Hima?!
: Yes, Pietro! Sheena... She saved you.
: Yes, I remember! After leaving Luin, I was attacked by Desians... Then she...Thank you so much!
: Ah, don't mention it...and besides, the reason you regained consciousness is because of Raine here. If you're going to thank someone, thank her.
: Oh, I see...Thank you so much. Now I can await the Chosen.
: The Chosen? What do you mean?
: The reason I broke out of the ranch was because I have something I need to tell the Chosen.
: If you're looking for the Chosen, she's right here.
: What?'re the Chosen?!
: Oh, Goddess Martel! Thank you!
: ...Goddess, huh?... Man...
: The Desians are trying to revive something called the Angelus Project. They're also developing a weapon called the Mana Cannon.
: Mana Cannon? Do you mean Thor's Hammer, from the Ancient War?
: I don't know the details. They are using things called Exspheres in these sinister experiments. Please, stop this Angelus Project with the power of the Chosen, and save us all!
: Relax. We defeated Kvar. And we rescued the people who were held captive.
: It's because of that jewel you had.
: Is that true?! I knew we could count on the Chosen!
: But I'm concerned about the Mana Cannon.
: I imagine everyone who knows about it is, with the exception of the guy nuts enough to create it.
: Yeah. But we won't get anywhere pondering it here.
: Could this technique be used to save Clara as well?
: Yes. I'm sure we will be able to save that poor woman when we have the time.
: Thank you very much. But because of me, Luin is... I want to use this life that you saved to rebuild Luin.

Skit #315: Do Goddesses Get Sick?

: ...That's what they call her.
: Do goddesses get sick, too?
: I guess they do.
: That's silly....
: But look, if you think about how Colette can become an angel, humans and angels can't be all that different.
: And angels serve Martel.
: Hmm, I guess. I still think it sounds kind of strange for a goddess to catch a cold.
: Well...yeah, that's true.

So now we're back in the temple of fire to earn the right to summon Efreet. First though, let's look in this chest I didn't get last time.
It's the Mimic! Err, Fake.
Youtube backup.

The Fake is ignores all non-elemental damage. Weapon techs that don't deal elemental damage just plain don't work. Including stealing, unfortunately. Except... when Sheena learns a summon, she learns a seal that aligns your weapon with that element. So slap "S Seal: Water" on Colette and go to town! After you've stolen, run off and repeat for a very nice item. This is considered a bug, because they "fixed" it in the PS2 version. I'm going to exploit it, because I probably won't need that many all divides anyway. What's that, you say? I'll explain later, when I talk about Sylph.

Skit #149: Why is Colette...

: I don't know...
: What do you mean, you don't know?! You're always talking like you know everything! Don't you even know of a way to save Colette?
: ...It may be that the Chosen's role is to save the world in exchange for giving up her humanity.
: What?! How can you talk like that?! How can you be so cold?!
: Just what is it you want me to do?!
: ...Raine...
: It's not that I care about Colette any less than you do! But if she doesn't become an angel, the world will be destroyed! What about you?! Didn't you come here to kill Colette in order to save Tethe'alla?!
: ...I'm sorry.
: ...No, I'm sorry. It seems I got a little excited.
:'s painful for you, too.
: The one suffering the Colette herself.

This time for real.
Youtube backup.

I stole 29 All Divides, then killed the Fake for the 30th one.

Hi there second Summon Spirit.
Youtube backup.

: Mithos...
: I am Sheena. I seek a pact with Efreet. I ask that thou annulst thy pact with Mithos, and establish a new pact with me.
: I shall test whether you are worthy of forming a pact.

Efreet isn't that much worse than Undine.

Notice how the Unison Attack bar is still red. That's because one of the EX Skills I'm using on Sheena sometimes causes using Unison Attack to NOT DEPLETE THE GAGUE. This allowed me to get off THREE attacks from one bar this fight. Yeah, this skill owns.

Efreet uses Genis's Explosion and Eruption techs.

Flames of Destruction grabs you and then BLOWS YOU THE HELL UP. It's not enough to kill you from full, but it hurts.

Raging Mist is another spell of Genis's that he uses.

I mentioned Eruption before.

Burst Fall is his other unique move, he punches the ground and there's a super-sized Explosion. I think it might be Mania-Only or Overlimit-Only (he can Overlimit, from now on just assume every boss can so I don't need to waste pictures on it).

: ...Your power is admirable. Very well. Speak your vow.
: Right now, at this very moment, there are people who are suffering. I vow to save those people. I ask thou to grant me thy power!
: I bestow upon you my raging inferno.
: That was so cool, Sheena! Man, I wish I could conjure Summon Spirits, too!
: ...And say cool things like, "Burn to oblivion!"
: Knowing Lloyd, he's more likely to end up setting one of us on fire.
: ...What's that supposed to mean?

Skit #079: Just Another Pact

: Ah, hehehe...It's not that big of a deal.
: Yes it is! Right, Lloyd?
: ...Uh?
: What do you mean, "uh?" I'm talking about how cool it is that Sheena can make pacts with Summon Spirits!
: Ah?...yeah, I guess so.
: What? Last time you were all excited and asked me what it felt like.
: Yeah. It's just, well, it's the second time now and I've kind of gotten used to it.
: Oh, brother. You get bored with everything, Lloyd.

Skit #332: Chicken or the Egg

: Yes. It's said that they're almost entirely composed of half-elves.
: Why'd you bring that up all of a sudden?
: I was just thinking, they're of the same blood I am. How can they do such terrible things?
: Ah, that's're an elf.
: Y...yeah...
: Yeah, I know what you mean. When I think about how they're at least half-human, I have to wonder how they can do the things they do.
: Don't you think it's because they've been persecuted?
: That's because they treat us like cattle!
: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?...
: What?
: ...Nothing.

Let's see if anything's happening in Luin (remember it, the city that got wrecked that was NOT our fault?)

: I didn't realize it was this bad...But I won't give up. I swear I'll rebuild this city for those who were killed, as well. But in order to accomplish that, I need both people...and money.
So we give him 5k gald.
: Th...this money is...
: We'll help rebuild the city, too.
: No, I couldn't! I can't take money from you! This money should be used for your journey of world regeneration...
: We can't save the world is we can't even save a town, can we? We want to help everyone in need.
Also we have almost 40 million.
: Lloyd... Thank you very much. I will make good use of it.
So if we leave and reenter, give him another 12k there's a new resident.

21.5k gald...

15k gald

20k gald

25k gald

35k gald

That's all we can do for now.

Now it's time for Sylph. Seriously fuck Sylph.
Hi Sylph.
Youtube backup.
: Sheena, we're counting on you with Sylph!
: A...all right, let's go!

: I am Sheena! I ask that thou annulst thy pact with Mithos, and establish a new pact with me.
: Ah, so the next pact-maker's finally here.
: Okay then, we'll test out your power!

This is what happened the first time I did Sylph.
Youtube backup.

The three Sylphs have devastating melee attacks, except for the one with the bow, who has a devastating RANGED attack. The one with a shield is also a spellcaster. Air Thrust is a spell Genis can learn.

With three of them it's inevitable they'll run around oneshotting people.

They don't finish you off if you lose though.

Skit #314: I want to Save Colette

You might notice the background is a bit odd, I hit record a second too late so I did... something.
: About what?
: Whether or not this "world regeneration" is really right or not.
: Was it that much of a shock that the Chosen lost her voice?
: You?!... Don't you ever feel anything?!
: The Chosen becomes an angel and regenerates the world. Her current condition is a test. Remiel said that as well.
: Then why, if they're both angels, are they so different from each other like this?!
: One would assume that is because she is not yet completely an angel.
: If she becomes a complete angel, will she return to normal?
: Who knows?
: You!...
: Taking our your frustrations on me won't help anything. Well then, would you have her stop the journey of regeneration? And sacrifice all life in Sylvarant?
: ...I know, I know. We can't do that. But... I want to save her!

Sylph vs All-Divide.
Youtube backup.

This is the All-Divide. It is awesome. When you use one, for the REST OF THE FIGHT damage is reduced by 50%. All damage, including the damage you do. This is still fairly advantageous when one-shotting can happen to you and not them. Despite this I _STILL_ die a lot.

Here we summon Efreet. He does a lot of fire damage and also buffs physical attack on people near his target.

: Wow! You're strong!
: I'm impressed, too.
: Yes, you shall have what you seek. Now, make your vow.
: Right now, at this very moment, there are people who are suffering. I vow to save those people.
: Understood. But please...keep to your vow. We do not wish to be betrayed again.
: You know, most people would stop to chat about the whole "betrayed" thing. I guess you just don't see summon spirits as people. Hmph.

Bonus Vid: Summoning Undine.
Youtube backup.

Bonus Vid: Summoning Sylph.
Youtube backup.

Bonus images: Boss Statblocks

Notice that while Sylph's combined HP isn't much higher than Efreet's, each of them has a higher attack. Just to add a little extra pain to the fight.