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Part 21: Update 19

Update 19

Skit #010: They're Elves

: Indeed. You don't get the opportunity to fly through the sky very often.
: Or fall from the sky, either.
: It can't be helped. When you break the seals in Sylvarant, the mana over here grows thin.
: Even so, it's still a lot thicker over here than in Sylvarant.
: can tell that?
: Of course. 'Cause Genis and the Professor are elves.
: Why can elves tell that?
: Well...
: ...Because they're elves.
: ...
: ...

Skit #193: I'm a Hypocrite

: It looks like she can't even tell you're talking to her right now.
: Dammit! At that moment, facing the decision between Colette and the world... For a split second, I chose the world. Even though it's nothing but a false peace....
: Well, in general you SHOULD choose the world. Can't have a happy life with Colette if you run out of mana. That said, specific circumstances can alter the decision rather substantially.
: It was unavoidable. When a single decision you make could destroy the world, casually choosing your friend's life instead would have been a strange choice indeed.
: Still, at that moment, I abandoned Colette. I'm...a hypocrite. Dammit!

Skit #192: Flying

: Although we wound up falling....
: There was insufficient energy, so that couldn't be helped.
: Yeah. I really want to fly again, but. I guess now really isn't the time for that.
: Yes. We need to hurry.

Skit #191: Angel Yggdrasill

: Yes...I sensed a power unlike anything we've faced so far.
: Even I thought we were going to die that time.
: Yggdrasill...That's what Kratos called him.
: Yggdrasill, huh....

Skit #(WTF this isn't in the skit list): Tethe'alla's Chosen

: Hmmm, well, to sum him up in one word...
: Uh huh?
: He's an idiot.
: Huh?
: Well, you'll see for yourself.

Skit #187: Kratos, Our Enemy

: Kratos?
: Yes...I did think he seemed to know too much, but...
: As we blindly went ahead with the journey of regeneration, he was just laughing at us the whole time!
: ...I wonder. The things he said...especially...Lloyd? I felt a gentleness in the words he spoke to you.
: Kratos, gentle? You've got to be kidding.
: She's not kidding.
: ...Still, it's true, it's hard to believe that the things he said to us after we saw the Exsphere manufacturing at the Asgard ranch were spoken by a cold-hearted angel of Cruxis.
: Then why did he take Colette?
: ...I don't know.
: Right. All we know is that his goals and ours are not the same.
: ...Yeah.

The wildlife in Tethe'alla is pretty much the same as in Sylvarant, but more powerful due to the increased mana (or game mechanics).

: ...What the?! You're the one that said, "Let's go!" I thought you knew where you were going.
: How would I know? I'm from Sylvarant.
: Ah, yes, of course. I'm sorry. Meltokio, the Imperial City, the center of Tethe'alla. It's the city where the King of Tethe'alla resides.
: Is it far from here?
: It's not that far. Just north of here.
: Meltokio, huh? Okay, let's hurry up and go there!
: ...Ah...right.

Skit #013: Angry Noishe

: Noishe, what're you upset about?
: I would assume he's upset about the crash.
: Oh...I'm sorry, Noishe.
: Grrrrrrr!
: Hey, I'm trying to apologize!
: Grrrrrrr!
: Fine, whatever! No supper for you tonight, you hear me?!
: *Whine*
: He's mad about you not checking that he's with you while you were flying off on vehicles barely larger than him. Fortunately he managed to come along. You didn't even notice HOW.

: What? Why?
: Have you forgotten? I was trying to kill Colette. I have to report my failure to the Chief.
: Is this Chief person in this city?
: I'm from Mizuho. The people of Mizuho were chased from this land. We all live in hiding.
: If you go make that report, are you going to be all right?
: Don't worry about that. Anyway, I'd like you to deliver this letter for me.

: Tell him it's from Sheena of Mizuho. He'll grant you an audience right away.
: The King wants to kill Colette, right? Are you sure this is going to be all right?
: In order to stop that, I've written the details of everything that's happened and requested that they help heal Colette.
: I see...Thank you!
: Ah, no, don't have to thank me. It's nothing. Don't mention it. The Imperial Research Academy is under the control of the royal family. There isn't any other way, that's all!
: Are you embarrassed? You're funny, Sheena!
: Sh...shut up! I'm going now!
: ...We'll see you again, right?
: Hmmm. We might meet again, and we might not.
: Then, let's not say good-byes yet.
: Yeah. See you again.
: Yeah. See you again...someday!

Skit #014: Tethe'alla, the Flourishing World

: There's all sorts of things I've never seen in Sylvarant!
: I suppose it should be expected in the flourishing world. But as long as this world is flourishing, Sylvarant will be in decline....
: Oh're right.
: But how in the world did things wind up like that?
: Yes. That's a fascinating question. Hmmmm.

: Colette?! And she used to love dogs...

: ...Who in the world was that man?
: Rodyle. If you stuck around to snoop more you'd know this. Can't blame you though, the ranches were exploding and all.

A challenger appears!
Youtube backup.

There's no camera angle on the collision, so I went for the "flash" effect that indicate it occurs.

: Watch where you're going!
: Now, now, settle down, my daring hunnies! ? Hi there, my little cool beauty, are you hurt?

: Well! Master Zelos himself has deigned to speak to this girl, and yet look how she acts!
: Just look at her! It's not even festival time and yet she's dressed up in an angel costume. How stupid are you?
: Can you believe the nerve of this hag?
: ...What did you say?!
: ...Genis, let it go. She's obviously never looked in a mirror.
: ...You're all behaving like children.
: Now, now, settle down. Are you upset, my little angel? You know, I bet you're as cute as a button when you smile.

: Nice one.
: Ahhhhh! Master Zelos!!!

: Wow, that was surprise. You sure are strong, my little angel. You certainly startled me!
: Wh...who are you?...
: No offense, but I'm not interested in talking to guys.
: ...I hate this guy already.
: Ohhh! What's your name, beautiful?
: Give me your name, and I'll give you mine.
: Hey, you copied Lloyd!
: ...Now that I've heard someone say it, it sounds kind of arrogant.

: Master Zelos! Let's go!
: Oh, yes, yes, of course. Well then, I'll see you again, my lovely lady, my cute little angel, other people.
: What was that all about?
: What an ass. He was grinning like an idiot the entire time. What's wrong with that guy?
: ...He had an Exsphere on him.
: What?! No way!
: So that's how he reacted so fast...Just who is that guy?

While I'm here, I should show you the city a little. This is the colosseum, which we will surely not return to for some sort of battle minigame. Surely.

...I guess that was just a rumor.
Guess what this is a reference to.  FFVII and Aerith/Aeris 

This is the noble district.

This is the inside of a house in the noble district. Whoever said they didn't notice a difference between Tethe'alla and Sylvarant should see it now.

: We want to meet the King.
: His Majesty is ill and is not granting audiences. Now that you know, please leave.
: No! We have to see him!
: I'm sure you do, but until His Majesty is well, there is nothing that can be done. The Church of Martel is preparing a prayer ritual to pray for His Majesty's recovery, so try asking the priests in the church to ensure that he gets well as soon as possible.
: Your shift's up.
: All right...
: I guess we'll have to go to the church.

: Welcome to the Church of Martel. Oh, Presea. The prayers are to take place in the royal chambers. Please carry the sacred wood to the castle.

: ...She's cute.
: That girl he called Presea has an Exsphere, too. Is that a standard custom over here?
: Yeah. She's really cute.
: ...You're not listening at all, are you?
: You mentioned prayers. Are you praying for the recovery of the King?
: Yes. The Chosen and the Pope will pray before His Majesty and receive the assistance of Martel.
: You said the prayers will take place in the royal chambers, right?
: Yes, that's correct, but...
: Okay. Thanks! Guys! I've figured out how we're going to see the King!
: What? What are we going to do?
: We'll pretend to carry the sacred wood and sneak in.
: ...I thought you'd say that. But how are we going to get sacred wood?
: Let's have that Presea help us.
: What?! R...really?! I agree! That's a good plan! Let's do that!
: ...Well, all right. Let's try talking to her, at least.
: Then let's catch up to her.

A love interest appears!
Youtube backup.

: ...Understood.
: The plan is right on schedule. I must report to Lord Rodyle.
: ...Hey! Hang on a sec! Um...Presea!
: Could...we have a moment of your time?
: I'm Lloyd. This is Colette and Raine and...
: I...I'm Genis!
: ...Hey, Genis, why are you all flushed?
: Would you let us help you carry the sacred wood?
: ...
: W...wait!
: I'm sorry. I know this is a bit strange, but please hear us out. The truth is, we have a letter we wish to give to the King.
: Our friend's life depends on it. But we have a problem because the King is sick, and refuses to see anyone. It would really help us out if we could carry it for you.
: ...
: A...are you listening?
: ...Understood.
: Um, Presea?
: Please carry that.
: Oh! Okay! Leave it to us!
: Oh my g...w...wait a minute! Arrgh...this thing is heavy!
: I've lost all confidence as a man.
: Me too...
: ...Anyway, let's follow her.

: Wait! Is it not just Presea today?
: Who are you people?
: We are helping her deliver the sacred wood to use in the prayer ceremony.
: Today is...special...
: All right. You may pass.
: Excuse us.
: Coming through.
: Are lumberjacks all women and children these days?
: Hmm... But that Presea, who hardly ever talks, said so. It must be fine.

: What do we do with the sacred wood?
: ...Leave it here.
: Okay, now, let's go look for the royal chambers.
: What will you do, Presea?
: Yes, sending her back alone would be suspicious. Let's have her come with us.
: Would you do that for us?
: ...

: We brought the sacred wood, but then were asked to aid with preparations for the prayers...
: It was an order from the Pope.
: The Pope? Just a moment. I'll ask.

: Sorry about this!

: ...Huh? It's you people.
: Ah! You're the one we met in...
: Chosen, do you know them?
: Chosen?!
: Well, I dunno if I'd say I know them. Just what are you people doing here?
: So you're Tethe'alla's Chosen of Mana...
: What?!
: What?!
: This guy's the Chosen?!
: It would be hilarious to see Martel wake up in that guy's body. Well, more important concerns would override the whole "I have a wang now WTF!" thing but it's still a hilarious mental image.
: What do you mean "Tethe'alla's"?
: Are you...from Sylvarant?!
: ...Yes, we are.
: These are people from the declining world?!
: Princess, have no fear. Um...what's your name?
: Lloyd.
: Lloyd, for what purpose have you come here?
: We've come to deliver this letter. It's from Sheena of Mizuho to the King.
: Sheena? What's your relationship with Sheena?
: Sheena?!
: Your Majesty! Please forgive us for causing a disturbance in your presence.
: Lloyd...give me the letter.
: ...Here it is.
: People of Sylvarant, wait in the other room for a while.
: ...Pastor, show them to the Crimson Chamber.
: Yes, Your Eminence.

: They may be preparing to kill us. To them, Colette is an obstacle.
: ...If things turn out like that, what will become of Presea?
: We'll have to find some way to let her escape.
: I'm sorry for dragging you into this, Presea.
: ...

: So you read the letter.
: You want to use Tethe'allan technology to save the Chosen from your side...right?
: Colette has lost her soul. She'll lose her life as a human if she stays this way.
: But as long as the Chosen lives, our world teeters on the brink of destruction.
: It's just like Raine said...
: Wait, please! Listen to what we--
: I don't want to hear it! Get them!

: Ouch.

: Damn! They can't even scratch her!
: See? I told you. They have Exspheres. Of course they're powerful.
: Hmmm. You're not as dumb as you look.
: Impudent little brat...
: What would you say to making a deal?
: A deal?
: Colette lost her soul because she was being reborn as an angel in order to save Sylvarant. But as long as she does not become an angel, Sylvarant will not be saved.
: I see, so if we save the Chosen, Tethe'alla will be saved as well.
: That means you'll be abandoning Sylvarant.
: I don't care.
: Professor! What are you saying?!
: Our priority right now is to save Colette, is it not?
: But...abandoning Sylvarant...
: All right. That's fine.
: Is it okay to decide something like that so easily?
: Right now, the most important thing is to save Colette. That's why we came all the way to Tethe'alla, right?
: Is there internal discord?
: No...we'll do as the Professor suggested and make a deal. Please tell us how to save Colette.
: Say, Pope. If these guys don't go back to Sylvarant, then it doesn't matter if they're alive or dead. They can't complete the regeneration ritual. So I'll go along and keep tabs on them. That should be fine.
: ...If you insist, Chosen One.
: Then, you'll save Colette, right?
: Well, we'll do what we can, anyway, I swear on my name as Zelos, the Chosen.
: I'll give you permission to travel Tethe'alla, but only under the Chosen's observation.
: ...I guess we don't have much of a choice. Okay, that's fine.
: Then it's settled! I'm going to go get ready, so can we meet up later?
: Where do you want to meet?
: Hmmm. How about the Martel Cathedral?
: All right.
: Then, Chosen One, please report this to His Majesty.
: You got it. See you later, my gorgeous lady, cute Chosen, and tiny rosebud, oh, and you servant boys.

We're almost full up on party members!
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: Ah...Zelos, right?
: Yep yep. I am the great Zelos Wilder. But you can just call me Zelos.
: We're going to be traveling together for a while, so, um...let's be friends, mmmkay?
: He sounds like he doesn't take anything seriously.
: Let's see, putting aside the two guys...this gorgeous beauty is Raine, right? And then this cool cutie here would be Colette. And then who's this little one?
: Presea. She helped us sneak into the castle.
: The little one isn't from Sylvarant?
: ...Ozette.
: Ozette! That village out in the boondoc--...ah, I mean, out in the forest?! Oh, that's so sad. You're being used by these uncivilized barbarians.
: Who are you calling uncivilized barbarians?!
: Hey, hey, hey, don't get mad. Especially after all the trouble I went through to contact the Imperial Research Academy for you.
: Not bad, Zelos.
: I know. Using the Research Academy requires permission from the King, but when the great Zelos speaks, His Majesty listens.
: Since you're going to be keeping tabs on us, I'd certainly expect that much.
: You're an obnoxious brat, you know?
: Going to the Imperial Research Academy is fine, but can we have you free Presea? Surely you don't need to keep tabs on her as well.
: No. The Imperial Research Academy and Ozette are both on the continent across the sea. So we can just drop her off when we go.
: I...I agree! That's a great idea!!
: Is that okay with you, Presea?
: ...Yes.
: Okay then, where should we go?
: To Sybak. It's on the other side of the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge. It's northeast of here.
: The Imperial Research Academy... I'm getting excited just thinking about it! Let's go, everybody!

: Whoa! That's a huge bridge!

: This is the greatest drawbridge in the world. It connects the continents of Altamira and Fooji. Its control system incorporates 3,000 Exspheres.
: Three thousand...
: Three thousand...human lives...
: Hmm? What? What's wrong? What's with those faces?
: I suppose we'd better tell you.

: Do you think we'd make up something like that?
: ...
: Oh, well, even so, it's not like the dead are going to come back to life at this point. It's always best to look on the bright side of things!
: I can't tell if he's a positive thinker or just doesn't care about anything...
: Since we're on the subject, you and Presea both have Exspheres, too. Does everyone have Exspheres in this world? It didn't sound like it from the way Sheena talked about them.
: Hmm, nope. I got this from these guys who call themselves the Renegades. They distributed quite a few of them to Sheena and the Papal Knights and such.
: And Presea?
: Beats me. Well, little one?
: ...
: She's so talkative.

This katz is friends with some of the most evil children in the game. You've already met Kilia, so you know I'm not saying that lightly. We'll meet them later when I cover postgame content (assuming I don't decide to skip them from frustration).

Skit #367: Nicknames

: What are you talking about all of a sudden?
: You can call me, "Mr. Zelos."
: Presea will be "Little One." Colette is "Miss Angel."
: Lloyd is, "Hey You," and Genis is "Brat."
: Gee, you must have spent a long time thinking up Lloyd's and mine.
: Don't mention it. And then, Raine will be, "Gorgeous Ultra Cool Beauty."
: I don't want to be called something like that!
: Huh? Then, "Her Highness."
: Zelos...can't you come up with something a little more normal?
: The Professor is the Professor. What else would she be?
: Hmm? Hmmm... Professor... that does have a nice ring to it.
: The bewitching female teacher.... Hehehe.
: ...Oh, fine, whatever, I don't care any more.
: Okay then, "Professor Raine" it is! <3
: Whatever.

Skit #195: Ozette and Colette

: What about it?
: I have a feeling I've heard that name before.
: You sure you aren't thinking of Colette?
: ?
: Ozette and Colette sound kind of the same, you know?

: Owww! You don't have to hit me!

Skit #: Similar

: You think so?
: They hardly ever smile, you know? A girl's just not the same without a pretty smile!
: ...Colette can't smile even if she wanted to.
: So don't say things like that!
: I...I'm sorry. Sheesh, touchy, touchy.

So next time, we go to the academy, get some more plot dumped on us, and ACTUALLY FIGHT SOMETHING.