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Part 24: Update 22

Update 22

Oh hey someone to greet us.
Youtube backup.
: Kratos!

: ...I have no intention of fighting you inside the city.

: You still lack the skills to defeat me.
: Don't insult me!
: I merely speak the truth. Chosen One. If you wish to live, you must remove that worthless Key Crest.
: ...No. I'm never taking it off. Lloyd gave this to me.
: ...Foolish sentiments.
: He wasn't after Colette?
: Man, what an arrogant SOB. Talking as if he knows everything...
: While we're on the subject of ways of talking, why don'tcha do something about the vulgar language?
: Hehehehehe!
: Anyway, Lloyd, we must go see this Kate person.
: ...Yeah. Let's get going.

: We've saved our friends and came back with Presea just like we promised.

: ...Yes, you're right. The strange mana produced by the fusion of elven and human blood... You really do have half-elf friends.
: He's a pretty friendly guy.
: I've heard the story. Presea's creating a Cruxis Crystal inside her body?
: Yes, that's correct. We call it the Angelus Project.
: The Angelus Project! That's...the Project my Mom was involved in.

: The Exsphere itself is nothing special. It just has a special Key Crest placed on it. This Key Crest delays the Exsphere's parasitic process, which can take place over a few days or up to several decades. It seems this can cause Exspheres to mutate into Cruxis Crystals.
: Is the parasitic infection of the Exsphere the reason why Presea's emotional response is so subdued?
: So she's just like Colette.
: If we leave Presea like this, what will happen to her?
: When the parasitic process is complete...she will die.
: It's more than just dying, it's a terrible living death.
: That's horrible! Please save her! What did she ever do to you?!
: ...Nothing. She hasn't done anything. She just matched in the compatibility test.
: ...You promised. You're going to save her, right?
: ...Yes. I know. You didn't discriminate against half-elves...I'll keep my promise.
: Kate! Are you sure?! If you do that, you'll...
: A promise is a promise. In order to save Presea, speak to a dwarf named Altessa who lives deep in Gaoracchia Forest.
: There are dwarves in this world, too?!
: Yes. He and I participated in this experiment by the order of the Pope.
: Sheesh, not that pathetic old man again.
: ...Don't call him a pathetic old man!
: Oh, my. That's unusual, a half-elf siding with the Pope.
: ...I'm...not siding with him. Anyway, have Altessa repair Presea's Key Crest.
: Lloyd, can't you fix it?
: ...To be honest, I can't even tell the difference between this and a normal Key Crest. It'd probably be faster to search for that dwarf, Altessa.
: Then it's settled. Shall we head for Gaoracchia Forest?
: Yeah...though could there be a connection between the Pope and the Desians?
: ...Yes, I'm wondering about that, too.

: Wow! It's dark.
: Colette, you're awfully cheery...
: Heh heh. Sorry.

: Zelos, the Chosen. You are in the way of the Pope.
: Heh. I've known that since I was a kid.
: Then that makes things simple. It is time for you to die.

: Those knights are suicidal if they think they can go 3 on 4.

: We won, but what are we going to do now?
: What else? Before they bring in reinforcements...
: We'll get the heck out of here. But to where?
: Perhaps Altessa's place?
: Exactly!

This is a dungeon, so we get a Sorcerer's ring puzzle.

: It's like a lamp.
: What do we use it for?
: The forest is dark, so there may be some plants that react strongly to light.

So you stand in the beams of sunlight to charge up the beam.

Then you shine it on the plants to get them to peel back.

Skit #369: Labyrinth Forest

: Oh, really.
: But then, one day, a thief hid a stolen treasure deep in the forest.
: Treasure?... What kind of treasure?
: It was a jewel worth several billion Gald. So anyway, he slaughtered everyone who came looking for it.
: Whoa... That's horrible....
: Over time, the forest became stained with blood, transforming into a cursed place, haunted by the lingering resentment of the people killed here.
: ...Ugh... Are you serious?
: ...Ah, haha, you're just trying to scare us... right?
: Even now, when travelers enter the forest, the thief's ghost comes to kill them. And the ones he killed also seek to increase their numbers...

: Uaaaahh!!
: Uaaaahh!!
: ...Sheesh, not even three-year-olds believe stories like that these days.
: I could tell you some stories about this place that are actually true.
 Based on necessarily limited analysis of Tales of Fandom 2, it appears Gaoracchia forest really was a normal forest in the past. If you know anything more about Tales of Fandom 2, PM me so I can check my conclusions. 

It sounds like a boss fight approaching.
Youtube backup.

: I don't hear anything.
: Colette still has her angel senses.
: Their definitely footsteps. Also, the sound of clinking armor. There are lots of them. It's coming from that direction.
: That can't be good. Altessa lives over there. Could it be more of the same guys from earlier?
: I'll send Corrine out to scout.

: That's the guy from the Meltokio sewer!
: Man, it's just one thing after another with the Pope! Am I really that much of a problem to him?
: I do not wish to fight you. I just want to speak with that girl.
: With Presea?
: You've got to be kidding! Or did you forget that you tried to kill us?
: I cannot speak for any others, however, I, at least, never intended to take your lives. My orders were to retrieve a girl named Colette.
: ...Me?
: I will do you no harm. her name, correct? Please let me speak with her.

: Presea's in danger!
: I don't know what the heck is going on, but we have to stop this guy!

This guy has a small number of attacks which he chains. He's kind of like a really wimpy version of the Kratos fight.

He goes Spin Kick -> Crescent Moon -> Eagle Dive a lot.

It doesn't help him much.

: Sheena! There were a lot of soldiers and they're all coming this way! Run away, quickly!
: Looks like Colette was right.
: The footsteps...keep getting louder.
: Uhh...shouldn't we get out of here?
: But the Papal Knights are waiting for us if we go back.
: ...It looks like we have no choice. I'll take you to the village of Mizuho.
: Whoa there, Sheena. Isn't Mizuho a hidden village, kept secret from outsiders?
: But we'll be trapped from both sides if we don't do something. There's nothing we can do but take shelter in the village.
: Okay. Please show us the way, Sheena.
: Hey, Zelos, carry the big guy for us.
: Me?! You want me to carry this ogre by myself? Are you kidding me?
: Here, I'll help. Zelos will have a hard time by himself.
: Aww, you're so nice, Colette! ? We Chosens have to look out for each other, right?
: Yeah!

: Oh, he's light then I thought. I can carry him myself.
: Haha...I see...
: Men are so useless these days.
: Come on, we need to go!

Skit #019: Pretty Boys Die Young

: I can't tell you that. We'll be there soon anyway, so just be patient.
: I see you Mizuho people are as secretive as ever.
: It's to protect our unique culture. If you don't like it, you can wait in the forest.
: You've got to be kidding! I'll pass on being left behind in the Forest of Death!
: The odds of surviving alone in Gaoracchia Forest...Twenty-five percent.
: Ouch. Don't say stuff like that, Preseaaaa....
: You'll be fine. You look like the type that just won't die.
: I'll second that.
: What? You know what they say -- the pretty boys die young.
: ...Incorrect usage detected. Correction necessary.
: Preseaaa!

Skit #207: Mizuho, Kingdom of Gold

: According to what I've heard, the buildings are made out of gold.
: Wow, it must be really bright and hard to see.
: I bet it is. I also heard that men are called "samurai" and women are called "geisha."
: Then Sheena's a geisha, too!
: And me, and the Professor, too.
: No, no, I heard that girls are called "maiko."
: I see. So I'm a maiko.
: So, Genis and I are samurai. Heheh, this is kind of fun!

On the RPG Cliche List, this is Rule 104.
Youtube backup.

: I'm prepared to accept my punishment. Inform the Vice-Chief. I've brought the travelers from Sylvarant.
: From Sylvarant? You are from the dying world of Sylvarant?
: Well, except for me.
: I see. Sheena, come with me. The rest of you, wait in front of the Chief's house.

: ?...
: Oh, he's awake.
: Wh...where am I?
: You're our prisoner. Don't try anything funny.
: I like to think that I'm smart enough not to start trouble when I don't understand the situation.

Let's talk about plot.
Youtube backup.
: The Vice-Chief is ready to see you.

: Thank you.

: Because Sheena failed to kill you, we, the people of Mizuho, now faces persecution from the Tethe'alla Royal Family and the Church of Martel.
: Is that true?
: Yes. At least from what I've heard. Now I have a question. People of Sylvarant, what do you plan to do in Tethe'alla, the land of your enemies?
: I've been thinking about that for a long time. Someone asked me why I came all the way to Tethe'alla...what it is that I want to do. I want a world where everyone can have a normal life. I'm tired of people having to become sacrifices. I'm tired of discrimination. I'm tired of people becoming victims. I'm tired of it all.
: You are an idealist. The worlds of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant flourish only by victimizing the others. So long as that structure remains the same, anything you say is mere sophistry.
: Then we need to change that structure! This world was made by that Yggdrasill guy, right?! If a human or elf built this, then we should be able to change it as well!

: He was a sublime idealist. He ended the Ancient War by insisting there was a way for the two warring countries to coexist in peace. Are you saying you can become the next Mithos?
: I'm not Mithos. I want to save the two worlds my way, with the help of my friends.
: ...I see. In other words, you aren't worried about following past methods. Well then, we shall search for a new path as well.
: Vice-Chief, do you mean...
: Yes. We will use our information network to aid you. In return, when the path of prosperity for both worlds has been found, we wish to move our people to Sylvarant.
: But I don't have any right to decide something like that.
: All we need is for you to aid us in our move.
: Well, it's not like there's a Sylvarant Dynasty anymore to say you can't.
: ...Is everyone okay with us joining forces with the people of Mizuho?
: If it will change the relationship of the two worlds.
: Well, it doesn't sound like a bad deal.
: Let's hurry up and decide, so we can go rescue Presea.
: As long as Tethe'alla is safe, I don't care what you guys do.
: Okay then, it's settled. We're going to look for a way to change the two worlds. Let's work together.
: Agreed. Then I hereby order Sheena to continue to accompany you. This time, however, not just as an observer, but as a representative. Make us proud.
: Yes, sir!
: But Tiga, you sure you wanna turn the Royals and the Church against you like that?
: How about if I ask you? Given a choice between the forces which wish to sacrifice one of the worlds, and the force that wishes to preserve both worlds, which would you side with?
: I'd like to say, "the one that's likely to win," but I suppose I'd want to help the side that wants to preserve both worlds.
: Exactly. Now, the first thing we shall do is devote all our resources to locating the Rheairds. Fortunately, it appears that Sheena attached a guardian to the Rheairds, so we should be able to locate them shortly.
: Understood. Thank you for your help.
: Is he for real?...

: ...Regal.
: Regal, huh? I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to keep you prisoner for a bit longer.
: Lloyd. How about lettin' pops here fight, too?
: Even though he might betray us?
: He has business with Presea, right? Then, he's not going to try anything before he gets a chance to speak with her, you know?
: Actually, that's not a bad idea.
: Raine!
: I dunno about this, but I won't make a fuss. I also started off as your enemy.
: ...Well? Will you fight alongside us for now?
: All right. I swear upon my good name, and these shackles that bind me, I shall not betray you.
: If you do anything even the slightest bit suspicious, I'll burn you to a crisp, got it?
: Well, then, welcome to our group, Regal!

: All right, let's head for Altessa's place right away...
: ...I...want to go home to my village.
: Ah, right...Ozette first, then.
: Yes, Presea's parents are probably worried about her. We should head to Ozette.
We have two things to finish up in the forest, first. One I'll get to this update.

Skit #215: Mizuho's Information Network

: Mizuho's intelligence network is nothing to sneeze at. They'll find them for sure.
: Yeah, I've heard some incredible stuff about the Mizuho Intelligence Network. Supposedly, they know the location of all the treasures in Tethe'alla.
: You bet. When we really want to, there's nothing we can't find out.
: Sounds like a great thing to have on our side.
: *Sigh* I wonder if they could research the measurements of all the girls in Tethe'alla for me.
: You stupid Chosen!

Skit #214: Small Knight

: ...
: H...hey! Get away from her!
: I apologize. So you're her little knight...
: Don't make fun of me! I've got magic, you hear me?!
: Genis.
: Wh...what is it? Don't worry, I'll protect you!
: He bears no hostility. There is no need for combat.
: Ah...oh...
: Also, I have no need for your protection.
: ...Oh.

I bet you thought I'd do the other thing this update.
Youtube backup.

: exist.... STRONG OnE...fiGHt ME! waGeR yOUR LiFE and COME!
This guy needs a new shift key.

Subtle. Anyway he hasn't changed much other than getting his stats amped. I don't remember if he used flame lance before but you've seen it a million times. Presea has taken over the "meat wall" role from Lloyd due to tanking better. If I'd remembered to set up her EX Skills I could maybe have done an even better job. I find her incredibly awkward to attack with though.

I had no idea you could steal as part of a unison attack before. Given Colette's tendency to be positioned wrong for theft, I might use this in the future.

That was 2 or 3 levels for each character. Even factoring out the double XP that's insane.
: I...I...I reMEMber! I AM the... sTronG ones, I...WAiT nExt time...NEXT time...

: Could it be...recovering more of its former power every time we fight it?...
: Looks like it. Still not back up to its full strength though.
: It'll probably come out again. And it'll be even stronger than it is now.
: What can we do?!
: A wandering spirit that seeks only combat... When it has fully restored its power and if we best it, it's likely that it will deplete itself in the fight, and its soul will vanish.
: So we have to become even stronger than its true power and force it to give up...

Skit #212: Reasons for the Shackles

: ...These are the symbol of my crime.
: ...A crime symbolized by handcuffs?
: ...
: I know! You're a handcuff thief!
: ...
: Dumbass. It's obviously a serious crime, like treason or murder or both.
: ...Oh, that's not it? Hmmm... Then, you ran around causing trouble by putting handcuffs on people?...
: ...I'm sorry. I suppose I should have said it in a way that was easier to understand.