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Part 25: Update 23

Update 23

: It's sealed by some type of power. You shouldn't fiddle with it. I don't like the looks of it.
: Oh my. Good thing it's locked away.

: Lloyd! We have to follow her!
: Huh? Yeah...

: Welcome to Ozette.

: If I sell to half-elves, they'll get mad at me.
: Man, these guys lay it on a bit thick, even by the standards I'm used to.

Next stop, creepy little cottage.
Youtube backup.

: Oh, I see...
: Presea! We have to make a Key Crest for you!
: My job awaits...goodbye...
: Only Presea can retrieve the sacred wood used in the ritual at the church. I'm quite pleased that she has finally returned. Hehehehe.
: That man...he's a half-elf.
: He is? Now that you mention it, didn't we see him in Meltokio, too?...
: He's creepy...

: I mean he has to deal with the fact that there are magnificent specimens of males around like me. Hehe.
: I'd say you two are on the same level.
: ...I heard that, you little twerp!
: At any rate, we should have a talk with Presea.
: Yeah.

: ...Oh horrible.
: What the...this is not cool.
: How could this happen?

: Presea has no idea what's become of the person in that bed.
: How could that...
: Presea. Are you not coming with us?
: I my job...
: ...Let's leave Presea here for now.
: Here?!
: If we try to move her, she will just fight back. Let's go see Altessa by ourselves to ask him about repairing the Key Crest.
: ...Yeah.

Skit #020: Weird Guest

: Yeah. I have a bad feeling about this.
: ...I can sense the smell of blood on him.
: Let's hurry to Altessa's place. It's dangerous to leave Presea with that man.

: ...Ahh! Y...yeah. I stumbled. Hehe. I'm clumsy.
: Are you hurt?
: No, I'm fine. ...I'm fine...
: No, she's not fine. You moron.

You think Presea is a robot girl? You haven't seen anything.
Youtube backup.

: Ah, excuse us. We've heard that there is a dwarf living here. Is there any chance we could see him?

: A tail? That's out of place.

: Who are you people?
: My name is Lloyd. We've come in regards to Presea. We heard about you from Kate in Sybak.
: ...Leave!
: What?
: I don't want anything more to do with that girl! Get out of here!

: Why?... He doesn't care if she dies?!
: Then please, save Presea! All she needs is for her Key Crest to be fixed.

: Why? How could anything be worse than living in that cruel condition while waiting to die?!
: Presea's Key Crest isn't made out of inhibitor ore?
: Tabatha! What are you doing? Get rid of them!

: I've heard it's mined in the mountain range that extends between Altamira and the Ymir Forest. I would like to help if you're going to create a Key Crest for Presea. I can lead you to the mine.
: Just what is your relation to Presea, anyway?
: There is none.
: Yet you sure seem concerned about her.
: Well, either way, you haven't done anything suspicious so far. You're welcome to come along with us.
: Inhibitor ore is found relatively near the surface of the Exsphere mine. The mine I know of is across the sea from here, on the southern continent.
: You said Altamira, right? That place is awesome! Let's stop by there on the way!
: We don't have time to hang out at that gaudy resort!
: The sea?...We're going out to sea again?
: Okay, then. Let's go!
: Yeah! Let's hurry.

: ...Fine, ignore me. Not very friendly, are ya?

Skit #022: Is Tabatha an Angel?

: Really?
: How should I put it...She reminds me of you when you had lost your heart as part of the angel transformation.
: Perhaps it is because she did not engage in respiration.
: What? Are you saying she wasn't breathing?
: Are you serious?
: So it appeared. I suppose she could have undergone heavy training to breathe silently, but...
: Don't tell me she's an angel, too?
: She didn't seem like a bad person.
: We can't be too careful.

Skit #021: Use Your Head

: What? Something wrong with that?
: Surely you know about it, too. Exsphere mines in the vicinity of Altamira...What else is there besides the Toize Valley Mine?
: Ah, that one that's connected by tunnel to Moria?
: And if that's the one, think for a moment about who it is that owns the mountains in that area.
: ...I guess it'd have to be the Lezareno Company. what?
: ...Oh, brother. Is your chest the only part of you that's well-endowed?
: You better shut up or I'll smack you!
: Don't say it after you've smacked me! Sheesh...

: All right...
: I told you I hate this... I mean, we should do this place later!

Skit #219: Homesick

: Altessa is the only one I know of.
: So he's alone? He must be lonely.
: ...
: Hey, what's wrong?
: Ah, no, I was just wondering what Dad's doing right now.
: Ahaha, Lloyd's getting homesick!
: I'm not!

Skit #218: Dirk and Altessa

: How should I know?
: As far as I can tell, Altessa possesses more advanced skills.
: Heart is more important that skills. Dad would never abandon someone in need.
: Heheh. You're getting upset just because he's your father.

Skit #206: Two Chosens

: What?
: You know...being the Chosen.
: It's your own life. Don't you wish you could live it the way you want to?
: I'm living freely. Everyone is searching for a way so I don't have to sacrifice myself.
: ...But...what if there isn't any way?
: ...We'll worry about that when the time comes. Even if I lose my body, my heart will still be free.
: So I want the world to become a happy place, just like my heart desires.
: You're amazing, Colette. I could never be like that.
: ...No. I just talk like that. If it really came down to it, I'm sure I couldn't do it. Hehehe, I'm a pretty pathetic Chosen.
: ...No, you really are amazing.
: Compared to you, I...
: ...are male, and thus a pretty lousy replacement body.

: Wow! So this is that sealed mine! It sure looks like it might house a ghost or two, don't you think? Hmm?
: Argh! Will you just be quiet for a little while?!
: What's with you? Don't get mad, Sheena.
: ...This isn't good.
: What's wrong, Regal?
: The door's guard system is out of control. Someone must have destroyed it when trying to force their way through.
: Then let's bust it up even more!
: That's our Lloyd! That's an easy to understand plan!
: Yeah. I'm fine with that, too.
: Well, if Lloyd says so, it's fine with me.
: ...Are you sure? Don't blame me if it goes wrong.
: ...Honestly!

Boss fight is a video!
Youtube backup!

I think 8 is the maximum number of enemies the engine can handle. Anyway, the kill order is repair unit -> Orbits -> Defense System. I'm pretty sure you can't damage the guard arms.

At some point in the fight the guard arms activate and come out and pummel you. The defense system itself can't attack you. Also, the repair unit will respawn and need to get killed again.

Shot of the arms attacking - they've got quite a reach.

I forgot about the repair system

I really could have done better, but I was panicky due to not having saved recently.

: Okay, good work everyone! Now, let's go get that whatchamacallit.
: Inhibitor ore!
: Yeah, that! Come on, let's go!
: ...They're all so violent.

: No, that boulder's in the way.

Skit #224: Mine from Ancient Times

: This was a mine from the ancient times. These machines are also from that time.
: What?! Rather than preserving ancient relics, they're still actively using them here?!
: Well, I suppose you could look at it that way but--
: Blasphemy! This cannot be allowed! Bring me the one responsible, now!
: I...I'm sorry.

So you ride this machine across, and fire the sorcerer's ring to flip the directional switch to pick your destination.

Skit #223: Machines That Are Still Alive

: This is an automated mine, so it runs by itself.
: Wow, I don't really understand, but it sounds convenient.
: Oh! I simply must disassemble and analyze this!
: ...So, anyway, ignoring her for a minute, where's this inhibitor ore?
: The tunnel with the inhibitor ore is up ahead. If we get on that elevator platform, it should take us there.

: We can't keep going with that in the way!
: What now, Mr. Regal?
: In case something like this happens, a special item has been prepared in this mine. I'm sorry, but please go back to the previous tunnel. "It" should be in there somewhere.
: "What do you mean, "it"?
: Come on, let's go
: Hey, don't leave me behind! Is it just me, or has his personality changed since we got here?

: Let's try it out.
: Wait. The Sorcerer's Ring was used here to blast rock. Don't use it carelessly.
: Blast? How?
: When you use the Sorcerer's Ring, a condensed ball of mana appears. Three seconds later, the ball of mana explodes. If we're next to it, we'll be caught in the explosion.
: Gotcha. Let's use it carefully and boldly!
This ring is serious business. Normally when we hit a random encounter with the ring, it turns blue and won't aggro on us.

In this case, the encounter is BLOWN TO BITS and is now GONE. As in, no longer there.

Skit #222: Bomber Ring

: Yes. I don't understand the details, but apparently that's how it works.
: I wish I had a magic spell like that.
: Yeah, you can't break boulders with your fireballs, or push buttons, either.
: ...But I can turn you into toast! Want me to give it a try?
: Whoa, hey, stop!

: Damn! There's a gate here, too.
: ...Relax. The inhibitor ore is not that way.
: How do you know that?
: ...I've worked in this mine before.
: ...I see. Then let's be on our way.
: Hmm. You worked in a mine? Yeah, right...
: Zelos?
: Ah, nothing, nothing, just talking to myself. Come on, now, let's go, Lloyd! To help my cute Presea! <3

We activate some machinery and blow up some boulders. Nothing terribly interesting.

: Hey, you losers.
: Man, those things are always annoying.
: Whoa! It talks!
: Of course I talk! You'd better watch your mouth!
: He's not very civilized...
: I'm on a journey to find and eat some potion.
: Eat? Are you sure you're talking about potion?
: It's something that's only for adults that makes them feel good.
: It seems he really does mean potion.
: Do you losers have any?

: Is this it?! Is this the potion? You losers did a good job!
: Whoa, he even ate the bottle.
: It doesn't taste like anything. Is this what I've been traveling for all this time? This is lame! I'm going home. Later.
: What the heck was that all about?

: Whoa, that was close! What was that?
: I'm sorry, I had forgotten. That's a trap to stop intruders.
: Pay attention to what you're doing!
: There's a switch on the wall ahead. If you press it, the boulders should stop coming out.

: Whoa?! What's that spinning thing?

: That's a Naploosa Bacura.
: can't mean the great Professor Naploosa's...
: Yes. It's a device made of concentrated mana in physical form. Normal attacks cannot harm it.
: Then we can't get past!
: I'm sorry...But if we could strike it with a powerful impact...
: A powerful impact, huh? Hmm...
So we have to lure the Naploosa Bacura back to the trap and get it smashed. It won't follow you much past the corner and returns to its starting point when you get out of range, so you have to be fast.

If you get too close it spins real fast and slaps you.

It can't win though.

: So which one is inhibitor ore?
: Hmm...let's search the area. There may be some left over in the wooden boxes.
: Oh, please, I'm not going to go through all those boxes! Let's just blow them all up!
: I agree!

Some demo work later...
: This is inhibitor ore.
: We did it, Lloyd. Now we can save Presea.
: Yeah. All I need to do now is prepare this.
: How long will it take?
: To be honest, only a dwarf could do it right. But if I carve the charm directly into this, I think it'll serve in place of a Key Crest. If that's all right, I can make it right away. Wait just a little bit.
Brief fadeout here.
: ...I think this will do. Later, once Presea has returned to her normal self, let's have Dad or Altessa make a real one.
: I understand. Then, let's return. It is unbearable to leave Presea in that house steeped with the stench of death.
: Yeah.

: Oh, my precious sample...
: ...Professor, what are you doing picking up the fragments?
: Shut up! ...Hmm?
: What is it, Professor?
: I wonder what this is.
: It looks like a chakram. Let's go ahead and take it.
: What the hell. You morons. You're carrying around a Devil's Arm! If only I could speak to them...

: ...Vharley!
: Regal! So you're the one who destroyed the guard system outside.
: Who's that?
: That's...Vharley, the Exsphere broker. What's he doing here?
: Why are you here?! Why has the Pope let you stay free? That's not what I agreed to!
: Hahaha! Did you think the Pope would really keep a promise to a murderer? And you forgotten your promise to bring us Colette! You joined with them instead!
: Silence! If the Pope will not fulfill his promise, then I will punish you myself!
: No way! I'm getting' out of here!
: Regal, who is that man?
: He called you a murderer...
: I am a prisoner serving time for the crime of murder. I won't blame you if you look down on me.
: What happened?
: Explaining would be an excuse. I committed a crime. That's all that needs to be said.
: ...My stupid actions have killed many people. ...I don't know what you did, and your crime won't go away, but when you're suffering, it's all right at least say so.
: Um, I don't know how to explain it very well, but I think we have the Goddess inside all our hearts. So I think the Goddess also bears the burden of your sins with you. Um...that's all.
: ...Perhaps someday I will have the opportunity to tell the story... I apologize...

Skit #220: You and I are...

: ...That's correct.
: Oh boo hoo you killed one person. Go add some zeros to the end and we can talk about really bad things.
: ...
: ...I apologize. I imagine it's not easy traveling with a criminal. I hope you can tolerate me for a short while. Just long enough for us to save Presea from the curse of her Exsphere.
: ...I...I'm a murderer, too.
: ...What?
: I've hurt countless people in order to protect myself.
: Join the club.
: ...
: I don't know what it was you did...But I won't tell you to leave just because you've killed people.
: ...I see.
: Because, we're all the same.
: Thank you.
: But that doesn't mean I like you, understand?!
: I see.