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Part 26: Update 24

Update 24

I strongly recommend watching the videos in this update (except maybe the puzzles one).
So we return to Ozette...
Youtube backup.

: Ah crap, not the Papal Knights again!
: Why do they always show up where we're going?!
: Well, well, if it isn't Master Zelos. I trust you are well.
: Dammit!
: Remember, capture Colette alive!

Papal Knights continue to be worthless.

: We managed to win...
: It's my fault again. I'm so sorry, everyone.
: Don't be silly. They're after my life, too. The Professor and Genis are wanted because they're half-elves. Sheena is from Mizuho, now considered a village of traitors. And Regal is considered a traitor as well.
: ...Thanks.
: Stop thinking everything's your fault.
: I'm sorry Lloyd.
: You don't need to apologize for it...

: Dammit. She should have paid more attention to the Unicorn.
: Colette?! Professor! Colette's!...
: She's running a fever. But what could be causing this much pain?
: ...Move...please leave me...
: Presea? A...all right.

: Good work, Presea.

: Damn! Corrine!

: I hope you don't mind me taking the Chosen One. Hehehehehe!
: Desian? Why are the Desians in Tethe'alla?!

: Colette!
: Well, that was a pretty major whelp. Nice going there.

: ...Yeah. I've carved the charm. With us, she should return to her real self.
: ?...
: Presea? Are you okay?
: ...What? What am I doing? Where's my daddy?

This is what Tabatha meant about being better off without her soul...
Youtube backup.

: Have you calmed down a little?
: *nod* I've...been a great burden on you all.
: You remember?
: Yes...mostly...
: Why did you have an Exsphere like that on you?
: I received it from a person named Vharley.
: I knew it...Vharley!
: I wanted to save my sick daddy. I wanted to learn how to wield an ax, so I could work in my daddy's place. So Vharley introduced me to Rodyle, and I was taken to the Research Academy in Sybak.
: The experiments on you were carried out by order of the Pope, right?
: Which means that Desian is in league with the Pope!
: Presea. Do you have an older sister?
: No.
: Do you have any other family?
: I have a younger sister. She left to go into service for a noble and that was the last I saw of her. And my mommy died when I was a child.
: When you were a child? Heh, you're still a child now.
: Oh...yes, of course. That's right.
: At any rate, we can't just leave you here in this village by yourself if you have no one to turn to.
: Yes, the people of this village seem to avoid her.
: I...uh...I'd like to go with all of you if that would be all right.
: Huh? Why?
: ...It's my fault that Colette was taken away. So please, let me help in her rescue.
: Please allow me to come along as well. It seems that my fate is linked to your enemy.
: Is this okay with everyone else?
: We've come all this way together. Do you even need to ask at this point?
: Exactly.
: I'm okay with it.
: ...Truthfully, I'd like to oppose this, but I already knew it would end up like this.
: ...Well, there you go. Lend us your help.
: I will!
: Thank you. I'm in your debt. I shall not betray your trust.
: Now let's hurry and find Colette.
: All right, they headed east.

: You again! What have you done with Colette?!
: Rodyle is ignoring our orders and acting on his own. I know nothing of it.
: Internal strife? How pathetic.
: Say what you will. Either way, he will have no choice but to abandon the Chosen.
: What do you mean?
: The Chosen is useless as she is now. You can let her be.
: You got to be kidding me! We're going to rescue Colette no matter what! And if you get in our way...

: You can't hit Kratos with a weak-ass move like that, come on.
: ...Then, I suggest you seek the Rheairds and head for the eastern skies. I'm sure the people of Mizuho have located the Rheairds by now.
: ...What's that guy trying to do?
: Ah, well, who cares? If he's useful, make use of him.
: I agree. Anyway, let's head back to Mizuho for now.
: Okay, then, just to make it official, welcome to the group, Presea!
: Thank you.
: My cute little Presea, I'll protect you, okay? ?
: Thank you, Zelos.
: Oh! Oh! I'll...I'll...
: Come on, let's go!
: I'll protect you too...
: GRRR! Stupid, stupid Lloyd!!

Skit #229: Colette's Secret

: What what means? Have you figured out something about Cruxis' schemes?
: Just recently, they've been saying that the Chosen is useless. They keep saying that. Yet Colette is supposed to possess the necessary properties to become Martel's vessel. So what are they talking about?
: ...Now that you mention it, you're right. I mean, I'd understand it if they said Zelos was useless.
: Hmmmm, yeah, you're right.

: ...Wait, hey! What's that second comment supposed to mean?
: Quit joking around, you two!
: This may mean that Colette is still hiding something.
: ...Yeah.

: What is it?
: We've located the Rheairds.
: It's just like Kratos said.
: Why does he do things like that to help us, if he's our enemy?
: But now...we can save Colette.
: Sheena, before you recover the Rheairds, I must give you a test.
: A test, Vice-Chief?
: Yes. Even if we recover the Rheairds, if Volt's mana runs out, they will crash again. Thus, before recovering the Rheairds, you are going to form a pact with Volt. I know it's hard, but it is a test you must overcome.
: I...I can't!

: Sheena failed to form a pact with Volt once before.

After this, you get another "chat with each of your party members" scene.
: It's a pretty famous incident. A quarter of Mizuho's population died. She puts on a strong face, but she's really alone in this village. Go cheer her up, man. She seems to have a thing for you.

: Sheena looked like she was about to cry. But I believe...the deeper the wound, the more important it is to overcome it...

: So that's why Sheena didn't want to form the pacts. Lloyd, let's cheer her up somehow...

: Sheena is still too young...too frail to accept the cruel fate forced upon her. ...Lend her your strength.

: You understand the pain of involving others in an incident you caused. ...Go to her.

: Don't worry! If it comes down to it, I'll save you! Just like you saved me a long time ago.
: I can't...
Lloyd shows up.
: I can't do it. You heard, didn't you? So many people died because I failed to make a pact with Volt.
: We heard. What about it?
: So I may wind up killing you, too.
: We won't die.
: Why?
: Because you're going to succeed.
: How do you know that? I already failed once.
: You'll succeed. We've been helped by your Summon Spirits countless times.
: ...
: You are not the old Sheena. You've already made pacts with other Summon Spirits. It'll be fine. You'll do great. I guarantee it.
: Yeah, Sheena! I'll help, too!
: ...And if Volt goes berserk again?
: I'll cut him down myself. And that will be the end of that. Okay?
: Big talk.
: ...All right. I'll try it.

: As for the whereabouts of the Rheairds, I'll send Orochi to the temple later. Ask him about them. The Temple of Lightning is north of here. Take care.

Skit #024: Sheena's Real Name

: They're both old Mizuho words for "snake." But those aren't their real names.
: Are they aliases?
: Not exactly...
: In Mizuho, we have a tradition of giving people an additional name, while hiding our real names.
: Really? What are their real names?
: Beats me. Only they, their parents, and the Chief know. And whomever they marry.
: Is your name a second name as well?
: Yeah, that's right.
: Presea, I know Sheena's real name.
: What?! How could you know?!
: Sheena's real name is Violent Demonic Banshee.
: ...Zelos!
: See? See? I told you she's a violent banshee!

: And I don't see an oracle stone anywhere...
: This is the flourishing world. It probably isn't functioning as a seal right now.

Skit #025: Do Your Best

: ...Well, yeah, of course.
: Don't worry. If anything goes wrong, I'll protect you, okay?
: ...I appreciate that, but I don't have that kind of power. Or me, either, of course...
: You mustn't talk like that! I'm going to do my best, so you should, too, okay?
: ...Yeah.

Skit #234: Beautiful Mutual Trust

: ...We have to believe in her. If we don't, who will?
: Ah, what beautiful mutual trust.
: Stop making a joke out of it!
: I'm not! Just think for a moment, if I were the one that was about to make that pact now, even Lloyd wouldn't be able to freely put all his trust in me, right?
: No kidding.
: The brat can shut up, thank you.
: So anyway, I was just thinking how you have a beautiful mutual trust born of the time you've spent together.
: Sheena's our partner. Of course we trust her.
: ...And so are you, after all. I trust you, too.
: ...Hmmm.

If you care about the puzzles in the Temple, watch this. Otherwise don't.

Those lightning things don't show up properly sometimes - I think it's a bug you get playing on the Wii.
If you're wondering how I did the dark room puzzles, it's by adjusting the brightness and contrast. This no longer works in the PS2 version.

Volt isn't exactly a chill dude. Watching the video is recommended.
Youtube backup part 1.
Youtube backup part 2.

: ...Here I go!
: ...
: ...It's just like before! What the hell is he saying?!
: Sheena, calm down. I'll translate. "I am one who is bound to Mithos. Who are you?"
: Mithos again? How could he make pacts with Summon Spirits in both Tethe'alla and Sylvarant?
: Hmm, yeah. Maybe Mithos went back and forth between the worlds with a Rheaird as well.
: I am Sheena! I ask that thou annulst thy pact with Mithos and establish a new pact with me.
: ...
: He says that his pact with Mithos is broken. But he no longer desires a pact.
: ...Why?!
: ...
: "I will have no more dealings with people, therefore I desire no pact."

: Threatening someone you need help from. Great job.
: Sheena! Be careful!

: Everyone, watch out! This is just like before!

: ...Corrine! Corrine!! Why?!

: Sheena! Get a hold of yourself!
: ...But!!

: Make your vow and try forming a pact one more time. You can do it, Sheena!
: Corrine!

: Sheena! Subdue Volt by force! Don't let Corrine's effort go to waste! Otherwise, you'll spend the rest of your life haunted by Volt's shadow!

Aaaand after all that we're finally fighting Volt.

Volt's most basic attack is Strike, which hits for lightning damage in front of him.

Unfortunately Volt is not only not weak to his opposing element (Water) but is too high off the ground to be hit at all by Tidal Wave.

When in overlimit, he uses Master Field.

Master Field isn't THAT hard-hitting though.

Cardinal Strike is the non-overlimit version of Master Field, and is basically what Volt used on us before the battle (only with less knockback).

He also uses Genis's Thunder Blade...

...and Spark Wave spells.

He wasn't a pushover, but far from the hardest thing we've fought so far (The Sylph Sisters, unless you want to count Yggdrassil instagibbing me).

: ...
: Volt says, "Make your vow."

: ...
: "The vow has been made. I entrust my power to the pact-maker, Sheena!"

: That was all very moving.

: Wait a second. It seems like...

: ...What's happening?

: Oh boy. I need to run the calculations on this. Too bad I have to do all the math in my head.

: Wait. I'll translate. The two opposing forces of mana were...severed just now?
: What does it mean for the mana flow to be severed?
: Mana flows from the world in which the Summon Spirits sleep to the world in which the Summon Spirits are awake. This is the first time the Summon Spirits have been awakened in both worlds at the same time. Because of this, the mana connecting the two worlds has been eliminated.
: Does that mean that Sylvarant and Tethe'alla have stopped competing for each other's mana?
: ...
: "I do not know. The only thing certain is that the flow of mana between the worlds has been severed."
: Yes. Eventually the worlds shall separate...
: You mean the two worlds will split apart?
: That's perfect! Then they'll stop competing for each other's mana!
: There are five seals in Sylvarant. And since there wasn't a Summon Spirit at the fifth seal, we should be able to sever all of the mana if we awaken the Summon Spirits that correspond to the other four seals. ...Maybe.
: So if we awaken Tethe'alla's Summon Spirits, we'll save Sylvarant without having Tethe'alla go into decline, right?
: At the least, the mana connecting the worlds will disappear and the two worlds will separate.
: I see. So the seals serve as a link between the two worlds.
: ...We owe it all to you, Sheena...and Corrine as well.
: ...Huh?
: Because the two of you risked your lives to form the pact with Volt, we now know what the seals do.
: That's right. It's thanks to both of you.
: ...Corrine...thank you...

: ...Orochi, thank you.
: Now, the whereabouts of the Rheairds. Take a look at this map. The signal from Sheena's guardian was detected under the sea, southeast of here. A fjord-like area covered in ice is located there. That must be the entrance to the Renegade base.
: If it's underwater, does that mean we'll have to dive into the sea?
: Don't worry about that. I'll go on ahead and make preparations. You guys join me later on.
: Okay, let's get going!
: ...Yes. To rescue Colette as well.
: Yeah. I hope Colette is all right.
: Yes.

Skit #237: For Depressed People

: ...Don't you have any decency at all? At a time like this, when Sheena's depressed...
: What are you talking about? There's no point in worrying about stuff that's already over.
: ...How can like that?...
: Sheena's sadness is deep and painful...
: Please, Zelos, just be quiet for a while!
Genis, Presea, and Regal exit.
: Okay, okay. ...If everyone around her is walking on eggshells like that, she's just going to get more depressed, idiots.