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Part 27: Mini-Skits for Temple of Lightning and Colette's Kidnapping

Mini-Update 3: Skits for Temple of Lightning and Colette's Kidnapping

You might notice the background. The skit viewer is located on an island. We'll talk about it later.

Skit #235: Born as a Half-elf...

:'s ironic.
: My human blood spurs my intellectual curiosity, and my elven blood provides me with the years I need to satisfy it. It's almost as if I'm acknowledging being happy that I was born a half-elf. Even though, up until now, I've never once thought such a thing before....

Skit #233: Pact with Volt

: ...What do you mean?
: According to what I've read, the words Volt speaks are extremely unusual and indecipherable to humans.
: If that's true, that would mean the ritual of the pact can't succeed.
: Yes...I hope I am able to translate his words.
: As a half-elf and a scholar I'm sure you can translate it well.

Skit #230: Presea's Wish Tag

: ...Don't worry about me. Colette's the one we should worry about.
: It's okay. She's got strong luck. She'll be fine. I guarantee it.
: Sheena's right. If you're depressed, Colette will get worried about you.
: ...But it's my fault. I don't think I can forgive myself until I rescue Colette.
: ...Well, then, how about making a wish tag?
: A wish tag?...
: In Mizuho we write a wish on a wooden tag and offer it up to our god. Our god isn't the same as Cruxis' goddess. How about it? Want to try making a wish?
: ...I'll try it.
: I'll help, too. I'm good at that sort of detailed handiwork.

Skit #231: Wish Tag from Sacred Wood

: It's nothing. It's...
: It's certainly not nothing!
: Ah, it's just...I thought I'd make my wish tag from sacred wood....
: You went to get sacred wood? It doesn't grow anywhere except in the poison marsh....
: ...Sacred wood is...a holy wood, so... I thought it might be more effective.
: You mustn't push yourself so hard, Presea. If you fell ill, it would make Colette sad.
: ...Presea's just so cute.

Skit #232: When the Wish Comes True

: ...It's amazing. It has an angel carved into it.
: You went to all that trouble of getting the sacred wood.
: So I carved it with all my heart, wishing for Colette to come back. And because of that, I haven't slept for three days.
: It looks great. Now, write the wish on it.
: Yes.
: Yeah. We wish for Colette to come back safely...It's done.
: When your wish comes true, you break it and set it adrift in a river. Until then, take good care of it.
: break it?
: That's right. That's how you use a wish tag.
: Why didn't you say that to begin with?! And I spent all that time on it....

Skit #225: I'm Not a Kid

: Uh? Wh...where?
: I'll...fix it.
: Th...thanks.
: ...You're...still a child, it seems.
: What? I...I'm not a child! I'm grown up, too!
: Ah, the tragedy of a child warrior, forced to grow up before his time by murder and death all around him.
: ...Ah? Oh...right. You're an adult. Okay, Genis. We can call you that.
: Hey, you're treating me like a kid again! It's not like you're any older than I am!
: Ah...right...