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Part 30: Update 27

Update 27

Skit #246: Their Relationship

: Beats me. It sure seems like Regal has her on his mind, though.
: ...I wonder if he has a crush on her?
: No way. Their age difference is way too great. It's an adult and a child.
: Y...yeah, I guess you're right.
: I wouldn't be so sure about that.
: Wh...what do you mean?
: Age difference has no meaning in love. I know a countess who married a man 30 years younger than she is.
: Grrr! Presea's mine!
: I won't give her up!
: I'm sure outbursts like that will help you win her heart.

Skit that isn't in the skit viewer: Secret of Ozette

: Maybe it was because the village hated half-elves.
: If that's all it was, it seems strange they'd suddenly do this now.
: I'd tend to think it was more incidental than that.
: What do you mean?
: They may have been searching for something or perhaps had something they wanted to hide. In such a case, destroying the village would serve to conceal their actions.
: ...That's very possible. Ozette may contain some sort of secret.

Skit #028: Let's Be Friends

: That's right.
: Where are your mother and father?
: ...They're both dead.
: Just like mine...
: Really? We're kind of alike, aren't we?
: Yeah, we are. I think we can be good friends.
: ...Friends? Really?
: Yeah. Let's be friends, okay?
: ...Thanks!

: So you're on the side of the angels...of Yggdrasill!
: You know Lord Yggdrasill?!
: Know him?! Because of him, Sylvarant and Tethe'alla were twisted into worlds that fight for each other's mana!
: That's a Cruxis Crystal... ...I see. You must be the Chosen of the declining world. This may be fate. ...What happened to Ozette was my fault...
: you mean?
: I came to hate the work I did, for it was indirectly taking people's lives. I ran from Cruxis and had myself in Ozette. But I was found by a Desian named Rodyle. He ordered me to create a Cruxis Crystal in exchange for my life.
: So that means that the research on Presea was organized by Rodyle and the Pope, who then had you and Kate carry it out?
: ...Right. Rodyle, while a Desian in service of Cruxis, was also planning to revolt against Cruxis. Because I supported him it that...Lord Yggdrasill grew angry and he... He destroyed the town of Ozette, which had protected me!
: So this is how Presea...this girl who reflects my distant memories... ...This is how she was caught up in this... This is terrible beyond words.
: I'm sorry. I can never apologize enough, but...apologizing is all I can do now.
: ...My time...will not come back. ...The people of the village and Daddy will not come back.
: Presea...
: I'm sorry...
: ...Don't apologize. Even if you apologize...I can't forgive you right now.
: I...can understand Presea's feelings a little. Some things...never came back... Even if he apologizes...even if you want to forgive, you can't control those feelings.
: You'll need to, though.
: Not being forgiven...that may be punishment.
: ...I don't think that's right. Forgiving or not forgiving isn't a punishment...I can't really explain it well, but...
: Ah, well, anyway, let's not get into a philosophical discussion right now. Presea doesn't need to force herself to forgive him or anything. Let's just think about what we can do now.
: Yes, you're right. As for me, I think we should take this opportunity to ask Altessa all he knows about Cruxis. We currently don't have enough information. Wouldn't you agree?
: Yeah...Presea, would you rather wait here?
: ...No...I'll listen as well.

Skit #247: Mithos the Hero

: I'm glad. He hasn't had any friends his own age. And his name, Mithos, the same as that of the hero of the Ancient War. It's a wonderful name, don't you think?
: The hero Mithos, of the Ancient War... He was certainly a great man. But I'm not Mithos. So the way I do things is going to be different, but I still want to save the world, just like Mithos.

: What the? What are you talking about?...
: My big brother ain't back, so I'm looking' for him.
: Actually, your brother has already gone home.
: Really?! Really?!
: Really.
: Now they're probably looking for you. You should go back home.
: Really?! I'm going home!

: Can you tell us about Cruxis?
: ...It'll be a long story.
: That's okay.

: So there are other dwarves besides you and my Dad?
: Their objectives are to begin the Age of Half-elves and the revival of Martel. For that purpose, they make use of the Church of Martel and try to fuse the Chosen with Martel's consciousness.
: But if that's true, then why do the Desians try to kill the Chosen?
: Exspheres and Cruxis Crystals awaken when stimulated by people's fear and suffering. Also by their combat instincts. That is why the Desians disrupt the declining world. In order to facilitate the angel transformation, they deliberately put the Chosen in danger.
: Rodyle...what is he scheming?
: The revival of the Mana Cannon. He obtained the plans to the Mana Cannon somehow and is constructing it in Sylvarant. He's also the master of his own ranch. It's likely he's using his captives in the construction of the cannon. Once it's complete, he probably intends to build his own empire.
: How can he make everyone suffer for such a thing?...
: I blame his upbringing.
: Say, then, is it true that Yggdrasill made the two worlds?
: Well, that's how I heard it. That he anchored the two worlds, which are never to come in contact, via four mana links, and placed the Great Seed in the center between them to guard it.
: ...The Great Seed? Where have I heard that before?...
: It comes up in the stories of the hero, Mithos. That's what people called the soul of Mithos, who died on the Holy Ground of Kharlan after the close of the Ancient War.
: ...Wait a minute. That's true, but... Why does the same legend of Mithos from Sylvarant also exist over here? I've been wondering about this for a while now. There are two Holy Grounds of Kharlan, two Towers of Salvation, and now the legend of Mithos is the same, too?
: It seems it's possible to travel between the two worlds at their poles. I don't know where those poles would be, but perhaps that person we know as Mithos used that to travel between the worlds?
: ...Bipolar...yes...that's it...
: Professor? What is it?
: This is my theory. Perhaps the Ancient War was in fact a war between Tethe'alla and Sylvarant, and the hero Mithos arranged the truce that ended the war.
: And so that would be why the legend of Mithos exists in both worlds.
: Yes. And if we assume that one of the two poles is the Holy Ground of Kharlan, then we can understand the meaning of the existence of two Holy Grounds. That's the door between the two worlds.
: ...Yes, that makes sense. I've heard many ideas regarding the bipolar structure of the worlds, but yours works from a logical standpoint.
: What other ideas have there been?
: There is a legend passed down in Altamira about something called the Otherworldly Gate. Some say that, that is a pole.
: The Otherworldly Gate...
: So what is the Great Seed?
: I don't know that either. But Lord Yggdrasill said that it was more important than his life.
: ...I can't wrap my head around all of this stuff at once...
: You all must be tired by now. Why don't you rest here for the night? Mithos...right? If you don't have anywhere else to go, you should stay here at my place for a while.
: Are you sure that's okay? I'm a half-elf...
: The only ones living here are Tabatha, who I made, and me, a dwarf.
: You made Tabatha?
: Yes. Tabatha is an automated doll. So having a half-elf here isn't a problem at all.
: Tabatha is a...doll...
: Android is the proper term, but pretty much none of those guys would know it.
: ...Okay.
: We'll stay here for the night, too. Is that okay with you, Presea?
: ...Please don't worry about me.

: Yeah! Let's play together! ...You're the first half-elf friend I've had!
: You' my friend?
: Of course!
: ...Thank you!

: ...Wake up! Lloyd! Wake up! The Professor's gone!

: It seems Raine left a note saying she had something she wanted to investigate and then left.
: in the direction of Altamira...
: Now that you mention it, Her Highness was acting just a bit strange yesterday. She was going on and on about the Otherworldly Gate.
: What should be do, Lloyd?
: I'm worried about her being by herself...
: Let's go find her. It's not good for us to be separated right now.
: you take me with you?
: What are you talking about? It's dangerous.
: I know that, but I'm worried about her. There are monsters all over Tethe'alla right now. This is the first time I've met another half-elf besides me, so...I want her to be okay.
They give you a choice here to take Mithos or not but it doesn't matter a bit - if you don't want to Genis persuades Lloyd to do it.
: All right, come on.
: Thank you, Lloyd!
: Don't worry about it. Any friend of Genis is a friend of mine.
: ...Okay! Let's do our best, Genis!
: Mithos...thank you.
: Genis, let him ride on your Rheaird.
: Okay!

: A Key Crest...
: ...It's hardly enough to call it an apology, but I went ahead and made one. It will be more reliable than that make shift one she has now.
: Presea. Let's accept it.
: ...O...okay.

But first, a small detour to the Temple of Earth

: Oh! Everyone's here! Here we go, losers!

: Then, this is...
: Okay, let's try opening it.
Gates of Hell was found.
: I thought so! It's a Devil's Arm!
This is Sheena's Devil's Arm.

Small voice acted bit here - I didn't actually think it was worth a video, but I made one to test things and here it is.
: I'm sorry, but I'm going to wait here.
: What's up?
: ...
: Won't say why, huh? Well, if you don't want to talk about it, that's your business. Lloyd, let him do what he wants.
: All right. We'll catch you on the way out.

Voice acting you say?
Youtube backup.

: You...know Alicia?!
: What? Wait, then who?...
: Alicia is my...sister.
: Ohh...I see. Ah, of course... Alicia passed away quite some time ago. She couldn't possibly be standing here, now.
: ...Passed away?!
: What happened?
: Alicia came to work in the service of the noble Bryant family, but she was caught up in an unfortunate incident that resulted in her death.
: She died? How?!...
: I dare not speak of the details. Please forgive me. Alicia's grave lies in the Sky Terrace of the Lezareno Company headquarters. Please stop by there if you have the time. Alicia would surely be pleased to receive a visit from her younger sister. If you show this to the receptionists, they should let you through.
: Younger sister? I thought Presea was the older one.
: That's strange. Presea said she had a younger sister...
: Oh, I know! Maybe there are three sisters in all!
: Oh, come on...

Inn Rest Skit: Older Sister

: Yeah...I've been doing some thinking.
: We...
: What?
: We're kind of alike, aren't we? I was raised by my older sister, too.
: Ah...
: But my sister longer with me. I was sad when she died. But even more than that, I was angry. I couldn't forgive the humans who killed her!
: Wh...what?!
: You understand my feelings, don't you?
: Y...yeah, but...
: I'm sorry, this wasn't what I meant to say. I'm going to go walk for a bit.
: Mithos...
I tried to rest at the inn to get to the nighttime Altamira stuff but no dice, I guess you need all 8 party members like a lot of other stuff.

Let's show you the layout of this place really quickly. This is the tram that takes you to the other parts of the resort. Note that the buildings and stuff are built on the water.

That's the amusement park section. You can ride some of the rides, but it's not terribly interesting. In the PS2 version I think you can ride the roller coaster.

Here's the Lezareno Company building, where we need to go to advance the plot.

: I'm sorry, but may I ask your reason for visiting our company today?
: We want to go to the Sky Terrace.
: This is George's!... My deepest apologies. Please, go on inside.

Kinda creepy having a grave on the top of an office building
Youtube backup.
: Alicia...what happened to you?
: ...What's this?
: Hey, there's an Exsphere embedded here!
: Why is there an Exsphere?...

: Oh no. Not that...
: Presea...sis! It's you, isn't it?
: Alicia?!
: Look!
: I'm so happy I can see you again before I disappear...
: What's going on? Are you still alive?
: I...I exist only in the Exsphere. Soon, even my consciousness will be gone. The Exsphere killed my body and absorbed my consciousness.
: ...I can't believe you've become a victim of the Exsphere as well...
: Presea, please grant me my request. Before I disappear...please find my master. Please find Master Bryant!
: Bryant? The noble you went to serve?
: Yes. By killing me, he...

: ...Please...Presea...
: Ten gald that the missing words in that sentence are important.
: Lloyd, please, help me find Alicia's killer.
: ...Of course. We'll beat this Bryant guy to a pulp and drag him back here!
: Yeah! I won't let him get away with killing your sister!
: ...Thank you.
: What's wrong?
: ...Exspheres are terrible things, aren't they?...
: Of course.
: Yeah...
: Hey, time to go.
: ...Okay.

: Man, I don't like thinking about that. It could suck us over into the hellish land of Sylvarant.
: Lloyd! Did you hear that?
: Yeah.
: Excuse me. That Otherworldly Gate you were talking about just now, where is it?
: Who the heck are you?
: I apologize. We'd like to go see the Otherworldly Gate. Would you be kind enough to tell us where it is?
: Ah, well, if you're looking for the Otherworldly Gate, it's to the east of this city, across the sea.
: Um...are there any landmarks?
: There are huge rocks all over it. You can't miss it. But tonight's a full moon. If the legend is true, then the gate will open and you'll be sucked into the world of Sylvarant!
: I wonder if Raine is there.
: I don't know. But it's the only clue we have. Let's at least take a look.
: Otherwordly Gate? I know that place. I wonder if HE will show up. Granted, it's 50/50 odds whether he'll help out or try to destroy the world WORSE.

Skit #250: Otherworldly Gate

: I can't believe she left without even saying a word to me...
: Don't look so sad, you two. This is the Professor we're talking about. She's probably just interested in that ruin and just had to go see it for herself. So let's hurry up and catch her and tell her not to go off on her own like that.
: Yes. We should hurry.
: Yeah.

: Yeah.

The truth about ruin mode revealed!
Youtube Backup.

: Why do you think we're here? We were worried about you!
: It's dangerous to come here alone. As a fellow half-elf, I can't just leave you here by yourself.
: Why did you come to this place?
: ...This is where Genis and I were abandoned.
: ...What are you talking about? You two are from Sylvarant.
: ...No. I happened to catch sight of this place when we rescued Colette and it's been on my mind ever since. Then, when I heard the story about the two poles which connect the two worlds, I became certain. The images in my memory...the ruin I've been searching for all this time is this place.
: So what are you saying? The two of you were born in Tethe'alla?
: It can't be! All my memories are of Iselia! I don't know this place at all.
: ...We were born and raised in the village of the elves, from which we were eventually ostracized. We were abandoned here because this place was said to be the path to the legendary Sylvarant.
: The village of the elves? The secret village said to be off-limits to anyone except elvenkind?
: More like village of the douchebags.
: Yes. I don't know the details of what happened, but I'm positive that I was left here along with Genis when he was just a newborn. And we eventually ended up in Sylvarant.
: Then this time, let me send you to hell instead!

: Kuchinawa! What are you talking about?...
: My chance to avenge my parents' deaths has finally arrived.

: ...Avenge your parents?
: Correct. You will die for killing my parents along with countless others of our village when you failed to control Volt.
: ...Wh...what?!
: That was an accident! Why are you doing this now?
: Accident?! I could have accepted things if she just failed to make a pact with a Summon Spirit. But then, she failed to assassinate the Chosen of Sylvarant, thereby placing Mizuho in danger. Yet look at her now. She's made pacts with Summon Spirits just like that.
: You have it all wrong!
: Do I?! I think she wasn't really trying during the first pact-making! Because of that, she killed my parents and our people.
: Kuchinawa isn't good at revenge or dramatics.
: I did the best I could! I...
: Enough excuses!

Even though Raine's technically in your party, you don't get a chance to add her. On the plus side, Kuchinawa is too big a pussy to actually fight us himself. Most likely because he knows what would happen if he did.

CRY SOME MORE! They really should have put Kuchinawa in there, Papal Knights are easy and boring.

: Damn, there's too many of them!
No there's not, we could keep going all night, especially if the game gave me a chance to swap Raine in.
: Kuchinawa! Please! Don't drag them into this! I'm the one you despise right? Then I'm the only one you need to kill!
: I can't decide if that's more melodramatic or stupid. Here's a hint - the Pope is the one who you need to deal with.
: Sheena, stop talking like that!
: It's okay. Kuchinawa...please!
: Fine.

: ...You've got to be kiddin' me! Enough of this, Sheena!

: Ahh!
: Lloyd! Come on!

: Everybody, into the gate!
: Damn! The guardian signature trail disappeared! They've escaped into Sylvarant.

: Whew, no Ratatosk. For once the worst-case scenario failed to manifest.
: Ahh!
: ...Where are we?
: ...Probably on the outskirts of Palmacosta.
: We're back in Sylvarant?
: ...The mana level seems to have risen, but it's definitely Sylvarant.
: Phew, man, I never thought I'd wind up coming over to this side like that.
: Zelos, why did you butt in?!
: Excuse me? Don't tell me you actually wanted to die back there.
: Well...
: Besides, those guys would have come after us regardless of whether or not you died. Pope's orders and all.
: Are you saying Kuchinawa is working for the Pope?
: It's likely. Those assassins he had with him were the Pope's men, aren't they?
: I'm certain of it.
: ...Sheena, please don't do something like that again. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Nothing good will come of you sacrificing your life.
: It's not the same at all.
: Colette's absolutely right. You should thank Zelos, Sheena.
: Th...thanks.
: Come on now, would it hurt you to give me a kiss or two?
: ...Zelos, you're horrible.
: ...Oh...ouch.
: But what are we gonna do now?
: Well, since we're back in Sylvarant, why don't we find out what the Desians are up to?
: What about Mithos? We can't drag him into this.
: Maybe we could ask the Palmacosta government to take care of him for a while.
: Neil, huh? Hmm...I guess that's a good idea.
: I wanna fight, too!
: What are you saying? This journey is dangerous even if you had an Exsphere.
: He's right, Mithos. We do appreciate your sentiment, though.
: ...I suppose you're right. I understand.

Skit #033: Traitors

: I'm certainly not looking for you to cheer me up.
: There you go, that's the spirit!
: That Kuchinawa...
: Ah, well, don't give him too hard of a time, now....
: Just leave me alone! I hate traitors more than anything else.
: Oooh, scary, scary. There's nothing worse than a hysteric woman.
: Sexism increments up one.
: Would you please leave me alone?!
: You should stop and consider who betrayed whom first, don'tcha think?
: What the hell do you mean by that? Asshole.
: What did you just say?!
: Uh oh, retreat, retreat!
Zelos exits.
: I...I...

: Ah, well...actually...
: Uh, e...everything's going well! Anyway, we were wondering if you could take care of him for a while.
: Hmm? I certainly don't mind, but who is he?
: He's traveling with us for a moment, but we're heading to an area that is too dangerous for him.
: Are you heading to the Palmacosta Ranch?!
: What are you talking about? That was destroyed.
: Oh, you're not? We've recently received reports that Desians are wandering inside the ruins of the ranch. We've increased our security.
: I wonder if Magnius came back?
: Unlikely. Not very many people know Resurrection Artes, and they'd have to be applied fairly rapidly after critical injuries. Also he got blown into a million pieces and you can't come back from THAT.
: I don't know if it's related, but there are also reports that Desians are attacking the sea route between Izoold and Palmacosta. They seem to be constructing some sort of giant infrastructure on the ocean floor.
: The Remote Island Human Ranch is located in that region.
: I wonder what's going on over there? Maybe it's the Mana Cannon that Rodyle is building.
: Well, if you're worried about it, why don't we go take a look?
: Even if it's not the Mana Cannon, this city will become the next Luin if the Palmacosta ranch is operational again.
: Yeah. Let's check out the Palmacosta ranch.
: ...Well, it seems our plans are set. We'll come back for Mithos later.
: I see. I understand.
: Genis. Be careful. And Raine and Lloyd and everyone else, too.
: Yeah. Just wait here for a little while. Is that okay, Mithos?
: Sure. Genis. Please take this with you.
: What's this?
: It's...a memento of my sister who passed away.
: I can't take that!
: If you find yourself in danger, play it. I don't know what it can do, but it may just be able to save you.
: ...
: Okay...thank you. I promise I'll come back and return it to you.

Skit #: Human Ranch Rebuilt

: Yes. They'll attack the city again, and kill more innocent people.
: And...make more Exspheres.
: Exsphere manufacture... I'd heard the stories, but...Human ranches are an abomination.
: Yeah. I don't want to see any more people killed for the sake of Exspheres.
Everyone but Regal exits.
: ...Indeed. There must be no more victims like Alicia. Never again.

Time for a plotdump!
Youtube Backup.

: So that's it. Neil and the others couldn't tell the difference between the Desians and the Renegades.
: We've been waiting for you.
: Are you saying you were expecting us to come here?
: Does it really matter? We have more important things to discus, such as joining forces.
: ...Unbelievable. You actually expect us to trust you after all you've done to Lloyd and Colette?
: The circumstances have changed.
: Yuan!
: Do you know of the Giant Kharlan Tree?
: The legendary Giant Tree said to have existed in the Holy Ground of Kharlan, right? It's the tree of life, which produces infinite mana.
: Isn't that just a fairy tale?
: The Giant Kharlan Tree indeed existed. But the Kharlan War exhausted its mana supply and the tree wilted away. And now all that remains is its seed left in the Holy Ground of Kharlan.
: Yeah, thanks to the damn mana cannon!
: The seed of the Giant Tree is in the final seal?
: It is known as the Great Seed.
: Are you talking about the Soul of Mithos?
: Now that is a fairy tale. The Great Seed, the source of the world's mana, is the seed of the Giant Tree.
: The Great Seed is absolutely vital in order to reunite the two worlds.
: Reunite the two worlds?!
: You're on the right track...
: I believe I told you before, Yggdrasill is the creator of the two worlds. Originally, the world was one, but Yggdrasill ripped it asunder.
: How is it even possible for someone to split the world apart?...
: It was possible for Yggdrasill. The two worlds have managed to survive by vying for the small amount of mana seeping from the Great Seed.
: So that's why the cycle of flourishing and declining continues, and the Chosen goes on a journey of regeneration...
: But if the Great Seed germinates, the Giant Tree will be restored and the cycle will come to an end.
: How do we resurrect the Giant Tree?
: The Great Seed is nearly dead. We must expose it to a large amount of mana in order to save it.
: There's no supply of mana like that to be found anywhere in the world.
: Cruxis' base, Derris-Kharlan, is a comet made from a giant mass of mana. It lies suspended in the sky high above this land. All we have to do is use that.
: If that's true, why doesn't Yggdrasill revive the Giant Tree?
: All of Derris-Kharlan's mana is being given to Martel for the sake of resurrecting her.
: What?...
: By using the power of a Cruxis Crystal, Martel's soul lives on, existing as a part of the Great Seed.
: If Martel awakens, the Great Seed will be absorbed into her and disappear. The reverse also holds true. In order to prevent that from happening, Yggdrasill protects the Great Seed with the seals of the Summon Spirits.
: So that's why the Renegades are trying to stop Martel's revival.
: Yes. We will make the Great Seed germinate. As a result, Martel will be absorbed by the seed, and then...
: The Giant Kharlan Tree will be reborn.
: If that happens, will the two worlds become one again?
: That I don't know. The only certainty is that the world will end if the seed is lost.
: So, you're gonna have Miss Martel be a good little girl and disappear.
: Martel is already dead. If it weren't for Derris-Kharlan's mana, her soul would have disappeared a long time ago.
: Why is Yggdrasill so obsessed with Martel?
: That doesn't matter. What's important is that we see to it that the Great Seed germinates.
: Nice Dodge!
: Up till now, the Great Seed has been protected by the Summon Spirits of the declining world.
: The mana links.
: Correct. Now that the links have begun to unravel, the Great Seed's protection has weakened.
: ...Because we have been forming pacts with the Summon Spirits of both worlds.
: Now I understand why you want us to join you. It's because we have Sheena, a summoner.
: Yuan, are you with Cruxis? Or are you with the Renegades?
: ...I am with Cruxis, and I am also the leader of the Renegades.
: A double-agent?...
: In other words, a traitor.
: So, what's your decision?
: ...Okay.
: Lloyd, you're going to trust him?
: ...Yeah. He's revealed the fact that he is a traitor. He's putting himself on the line. That has to mean something.
: ...I'll trust him, too.
: You were headed towards Rodyle's ranch, correct?
: You sure know a lot about what we're doing. Do you have a spy watching us or something?
: No kidding. But either way, we have to stop that Mana Cannon thing before it's completed.
: We also have a debt to pay back to Rodyle.
: The ranch and Mana Cannon systems should be interlinked. Disabling the control room should be our first priority.
: You seem to know...quite a lot about them.
: We have a reason to infiltrate Rodyle's ranch as well. We can guide you to the entrance, if you'd like.
: We're teaming up, right? Of course, please take us there.
: Why are you going to the ranch?
: We need to make preparations to fire mana at the Great Seed. Oh, by the way, the Rheaird dimensional transfer system will be offline while we make our preparations. You'll have to wait until after we infiltrate the ranch if you want to get back to Tethe'alla.
: Got it.
: Talk to Botta when you're ready. I'll leave the rest to you, Botta.
: Understood.
: I doubt this will rejoin the worlds successfully. No, we need to do it right.

Skit #036: Better to be Deceived

: Yes. But don't let your guard down. We might be stabbed in the back the moment we show it to them.
: I see you're as untrusting as ever, Mistress Raine.
: I prefer you call it prudence. You're all too softhearted and quick to trust. We need at least one person with some discretion.
: Hahaha. That's true, Lloyd does just believe everybody he meets.
: Wh...what? Dwarven Vow #18: It's better to be deceived than to deceive.
: Well then, I think I'll try deceiving Lloyd here next time.
: ...Zelos
: Yes?
: If you betray Lloyd...your life is forfeit.
: was just a joke. Don't take it seriously.
: ...I think.
: Raine certainly isn't joking.