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Part 31: Update 28

Update 28

So the game asked us if we were ready to go last time. That must mean something big is happening. Let's go shopping and do sidequests first!
City of Asgard...

: Not those guys again.
: I promise to regenerate the world and bring peace to everyone.
: Wow, the Chosen is very mature and determined....
: She's truly divine. Don't you agree?
: Ah, yes. She truly is.
: Hey...
: They're still pretending to be us.
: I s--said, donate to the Chosen's journey!
: Please, everyone, we need your support.
: Dammit! Stop! That's enough, you fakes!
: What? Who are you calling fakes?
: It's all right, Jude. When we complete the world regeneration, I'm sure these people will understand as well.
: The Chosen is so compassionate....
: I would retch if I could. These guys need a beatdown.
: Hey, you! Don't speak badly of the Chosen!
: And by "these guys" I mean our ultra-gullible friends here too.
: ...Ugh.
: Shut up! These guys are con-artists who tricked the Palmacosta government and took the Book of Regeneration!
: You buys are the ones we met earlier at Palmacosta....
: You mustn't trust those who insult our savior, the Chosen!
: Yeah. I can't believe they'd treat the Chosen like an imposter!
My spellchecker thinks this isn't the correct spelling of "impostor".
: Wait, everyone. Settle down and think for a moment. Would the compassionate Chosen who will save the world come to take money from people suffering at the hands of the Desians?
: What?!
: Don't say such things!
: Raine! It's you! Everyone, please wait! Raine is the one who eliminated the monster of the stone dais: this city owes her a debt of gratitude. She wouldn't just make things up!
: ...Now that you mention it, she was the one who served as the last acolyte.
: I see....Now that I think about it....
: Then, is this Chosen and her group imposters?
: This doesn't look good. Time to make a break for it!
: Yes.
: Ahh!

: B...big brother!
: Grab him.

: Are you all right?
: ...I...I...
: Are you hurt?
: I'm...okay....
: Will you give back the money you took from everyone?
: ...Oh...oh...okay.
: You mustn't trick people for money anymore. Please tell the others that, too.
: I...I'm not going to be...arrested?
: Yes.'s okay to go back to your brother. Right, everyone?
There's a choice here but I'm not enough of a hardass to say "no" and it'd just be a "but thou must" anyway.
: Well, all right. Get out of here.
: ...You're...kind, pretty, and a nice person...I... won't forget you.
: Here you go, it's everyone's money.
: Right.... But, I'm surprised you people are still wandering around the world during a dangerous time like this.
: Of course. Because our Colette is the real Chosen.
: ...What? Do you want money, too?
: doesn't matter if you don't believe it.
: Please look at the jewel below her neck. This is the jewel of mana that appears in ancient manuscripts. No one but the real chosen can wear it!
: It can't be.... Then, that girl is the real?...
: must be the Chosen's group!
: Um, well, yes, so it seems....
: Oh, no! We did not know, but still, we treated you extremely rudely. Please stop by my house.
:, please, it's all right. You don't have to act like that.
: But...
: We are in a hurry to complete the journey of regeneration. We will just take your thoughts of gratitude.
: Then please, at least stay here tonight. We'll reserve a room at the Cool Breeze Inn.
: A room? Hope the girls don't mind coed sleeping arrangements.
: ...Well, shall we accept their hospitality for one night?
: Yes.
: Oh right, the rooms there are suites with two bedrooms. That would have been interesting otherwise.

Wind Temple

: Hey, it's the imposters!
: Well, we've gotten what we can, let's go on to the next city.
: Hey there, imposter! We're leaving now. Bye!
: I...I'm sorry!
: They're still doing that?
: Yes. But I don't really think they're bad people...
: I'm documenting this for the world naivete records.
: Honestly, Colette, you are too optimistic!


: We're finally able to begin work in all districts. I'll keep working hard to rebuild the city!
Donated 40000
: Again, thank you so much. We will make good use of this money.
Leave and reenter.

: Everyone! We've rebuilt enough so basic everyday functions are now possible. But we're not there yet. I'll do my best to restore the city to its original beauty.
Donated 45000
: Again, thank you so much. We will make good use of this money.
Leave and reenter.

: Everyone! The city functions are almost completely restored. We just have a little more to go!
Donated 50000
: Again, thank you so much. We will make good use of this money.
Leave and reenter.

: We've done it! We've finally rebuilt Luin.
: This is incredible!
: We owe it to you. Thank you very much. Actually, I've talked with the people of the city, and we've made a plan to develop the city further to serve as a sign of resistance. Of course, only if we have the budget for it.
Donated 45000
: Again, thank you so much. We will make good use of this money.
Leave and reenter.

: The Luin expansion project is proceeding smoothly. We just have a bit more to go!
Donated 100000
: Again, thank you so much. We will make good use of this money.
Leave and reenter.

: How dare you claim to be the Chosen!
: Damn, this isn't good.
: Ah, look over there!
: Chosen One! These are the imposters!
: All right, we're not letting them get away this time!
: Dammit...

: Christopher!...I betrayed you once, but you still...
: Just go!
: Wow, touching.
: ...You're an idiot. Jude! Colleena! We're gonna run for it!
: Christopher, be careful!
: Lloyd! Let them go.
: You should just use your exspheres and teach these chumps a lesson. They'll never learn without a good reminder.
: Ah...okay...
: ...You're a nice person.... You saved me...but I'm still doing this. I'm sorry. But I...I want to be useful to my big brother....
: ...If you really care about your brother, you have to stop him from deceiving people and taking their money.
: sound like my mom.... ...I'll try and convince my brother.
: They may not change their ways again, Colette.
: But then again, they might.
: ...All right, all right. You really are too kind-hearted....
Go to Pietro
: The Luin expansion project is proceeding smoothly. We just have a bit more to go!
Donate 5000
Again, thank you so much. We will make good use of this money.
Leave, reenter, repeat 2 more times.
For this, you get statues of Lloyd, Raine, and Sheena.

: The Hero, Lloyd Irving, who devoted himself to the restoration of the city.

: Sheena Fujibayashi, a hero who saved the people from Desians.

: Raine Sage, the wise teacher who supported the hearts of the people.
: Thank you so much, everyone! Thanks to you, Luin has completely changed. And I feel I have been able to repay my debt to this city.
: Good job, Pietro!
: No, please say that to the people of this city. It was thanks to the strength of these people that we were able to rebuild and expand Luin. As soon as I finish my remaining duties, I intend to go on a journey. I want to save all those that are suffering at the hands of the Desians.
That's it for the restoration of Luin.

Now back to your regularly scheduled dungeon.
This is a dungeon movie. I trimmed some pauses where I looked at a map planned.

: Yeah, we're good to go.
: Then follow me.

: If you head straight, it should connect to the ranch.
: Gotcha.
: Ah, one more thing. It seems you've destroyed every ranch you've been to, but we need the mana reactor in order to sprout the Great Seed. Don't destroy this one.
: Hear that, Raine?
: ...It's not like I destroy them for fun, you know.
: In order to disable the Mana Cannon, we need to go to the control room.
: My intuition tells me it's probably the room farthest in. So for this place, that would be the top floor.
: You're amazing, Lloyd!
: Yeah, we've been to enough of these places already, so things like that should be pretty obvious.
: ...
: Well then, let's get going and look for that control room.

Author's note: I took a few tries at this because I am dumb . I'm not too dumb to remove them from the video though!
: Honestly, why not just have a keycard or something? These security systems are symptomatic of a delusional maniac.

: The machines in this facility resonate with the sound from the Sorcerer's Ring.
: I see. So this sound functions as a key for this place.
: Yeah, that's what I figured, too.
: ...
: ...

: Can't we go any higher?
: Hmm...As far as I can tell, this is the only elevator in this ranch. In other words, the Desians use this elevator to go higher than this. Which means the solution is simple.
: What do we do?
: We just have the Desians move it for us. In other words, we create a situation in which they have to move it.
: Right, so, like I said, what do we do?
: Let's create a disturbance. For instance...the captives start a revolt.
: And then we wait for the Desians to move the elevator.
: ...That's a sinister plan.
: ...Be quiet. Do you think we're in a position to play fair?
: I do feel a little bad for them, but let's do it.

: So you led the escape!

: Augh!
: It worked, Lloyd! We'd better hurry to the top floor with the elevator.

In this puzzle, you navigate a maze using the cart. The cart automatically takes the left or rightmost fork, depending on which light on it is lit up. The first few times I played it, I never noticed the lights so this section was a nightmare. It's still a bit annoying since you can't really see the path ahead if you're moving down (on the screen).

Fuck the teleport side-scrolling area. It's just looking at a map memorization. It's in the video if you really want to see it.

This is where you exit when you've opened all the locks. The save point can only mean one thing.


: You and Vharley...deceived me.
: Presea...I'd have treated you so much better had you made me a Cruxis Crystal in that little body of yours.
: ...Die!
: Ahahaha! Now, now, settle down. Have a look at the projector. I've got a special underwater show for you.

: No. NO!
: They'll all be killed!
: ...Damn you!

: It's too late. I know why you've come here. I'm sure you intend to shut down my Mana Cannon. But you won't succeed. I've filled the corridor leading to the Mana Cannon with sea water!
: This guy is close to being the second most fucked-up dude I've ever seen. That's very, very bad.
: You're going to kill all those people at the ranch just to stop us?!
: Who cares about the lives of pathetic inferior beings?! The Mana Cannon will be completed once I get the Cruxis Crystal. With Thor's Hammer in my possession, Yggdrasill and Cruxis will beg for my mercy! Even that eye-sore of a tower will fall before my cannon.
: What do you hope to accomplish by destroying the Tower of Salvation?!
: Heheheh, that's nothing you lower life forms need to concern yourselves with. The Cruxis Crystal is finally mine! Now, let's see. I think I'll test its power first by equipped it on myself.
: That doesn't seem to be a Cruxis...

: Whoops!

One major problem with this update schedule is that it means I often get out of practice.

He uses some of Genis's rock-elemental spells.

Thank you Zelos! And thank you whoever suggested the dual rabbit's foot setup to me.

This is his only special attack I noted. It's basically a strong physical attack.

Physical means you can block it.

Also I fucked up and forgot to bring enough life bottles. Fortunately Sheena has a move that lets dead people stand up at 0 HP - when it runs out if they're above 0 HP they're alive again.

It's over.

Surely nothing bad will happen now that we've won!

: Pronyma, you tricked me!
: Mana instability is a bitch with incomplete Cruxis crystals.

: No! He's activated the self-destruct system!
: Botta warned us not to destroy this place!
: Dammit! We have to stop it!
: Impossible. The only one among us who can handle this machinery is Raine...
: Most Tethe'allans don't really study the details of magitechnology very much.
: Professor!
: I know! But I can't do this by myself!
: We'll take over from here. The rest of you go and escape through the hatch over there.
: Botta! You're okay!
: There'll be plenty of time for chit-chat later. Leave, now. You'll only get in our way!
: ...Okay.

: Oh, no! We've got to open that door!

: Move!
: Botta did this on purpose. They knew the water was coming and locked it from the inside.
: Why would they do that?!
: If the door opens, this area will be flooded as well. And as you can see, the ceiling is covered by a dome. There's nowhere for the water to escape.
: ...They did save us?
: No! We have to do something!
: Dammit! Isn't there anything we can do?!...
: We've stopped the self-destruct system.
: Botta! Open the door! If we destroy the dome overhead...
: Our goal was to modify each ranch's mana reactor in order to fire mana at the Great Seed. Now that we've finished reprogramming this control room, our mission is complete. We need you to get the message to Yuan that we have succeeded.
: Tell him yourself! Open the door, now!
: We pray for your success in regenerating the world. Please see to it that Martel is finally allowed her eternal sleep, for Yuan's sake as well.
: This is all so sad. I can't actually cry or even sniffle though.

: No!!
: Man...
: Everyone, behind you!

: Wh...what are those things?!
: They look like transport dragons. Their cages probably opened when the self-destruct system was activated.
: Look out! Here they come!
: Dammit!

Back to back battles - fortunately this one is way easier.

These are pretty much the same as the ones we fought on the nest, except with no mother dragon to help out.

Sheena got a proc from her compound ex skill that made the last Unison Attack I killed Rodyle with not deplete the gauge. This is pretty much overkill.

Total, these things have 70% as much HP as Rodyle. Also, if you focus your attacks on one at a time they become manageable fast.

Some nice Efreet action. I need to get some stuff with the other Summons Spirits though.

It's not over.

: There are too many of them!
: Damn, they're tough!
: If we lose, we'll never be able to pass on Botta's message.
: ...Mithos!

: Wh...what was that?!

: Was that a Summon Spirit?
: Genis! Raine! Everybody!
: That's Mithos' voice!
: What's Mithos doing here?
: Please, get on these Rheairds!
: Let's worry about the how and why later.
: Let's just not forget to worry about the how and why later.
: All right.

: And how did you get a Rheaird?...
: I'm sorry. I was worried about all of you, and I just couldn't stay behind. So I asked the Renegades to let me borrow a Rheaird.
: But what was that powerful attack?
: That was a...actually, I don't know either. When I heard the flute, I tried my best to get inside, so I just started blasting the dome with fireballs. Then all of a sudden, a golden sparkling bird appeared and helped me.
: Golden sparkling bird? Could it be...Aska?!
: It can't be! Why would a Summon Spirit?...
: What do you mean?
: Do you think Genis called Aska when he played the flute?
: Aska always did like music.
: Mithos' flute?
: I wonder...We'll need to investigate the flute itself to find out the truth.
: But shouldn't you all rest first? Let's head back to Palmacosta. I must apologize to Neil...I left without telling him.
: All's not like we'll figure anything out by dwelling about it here. Let's head back.
: ...Yeah...
: Thank you, Mithos! We owe you our lives. I didn't realize how amazing you are!
: N...not...not at all.
: I'm so happy we're friends!
: ...Yes, me too.

: Everyone! You're back!
: Yeah, but barely.
: Neil, I'm sorry for leaving without telling you...
: I'm so relieved you're safe! I was so worried about you. As long as you're safe, that's all that matters.
: You can relax, the Palmacosta ranch is not operational.
: I see! That's good to hear. So what are you going to do now?
: Well, we need to continue the world regeneration journey...right, Colette?
: Ah, y...yes. We're...uh...working hard on it.
: I'm sure you are! We're all counting on you, Chosen One!
: Oh yeah. I need to give Mithos back his flute...Oh no!
: ...It's broken.
: I...I'm so sorry! I know how important it was!
: ... No, it's all right. The flute may be broken, but my memories of my sister are still intact.
: That's very mature of you.
: Mithos, I'm sorry. If I can fix it...
: It's all right. It was very old. But thank you.
: Mithos. Does this flute have some kind of special power?
: ...I...I don't know. But my sister said that it was made from the nut of a tree that become extinct long ago.
: Hmm. The nut of an extinct tree...
: That knowledge may be useful later on. Let's keep it in mind.
: So then, what now?
: We have to tell Yuan about Botta.
: ...
: Yeah. We also need to find out if we can use the Rheairds so Mithos can return to Tethe'alla.
: Shall we pay a visit to the Renegades, then?
: ...Ah...yes, of course.

Skit #040: My Exsphere

: Yeah. They're made with the lives of the people trapped there.
: My Exsphere...was made from the life of someone in this world, too.
: ...Probably.
: I...think there's something wrong with me.
: What do you mean?
: ...I...don't seem to feel sorry for those people.
: Huh? think it's okay for people to be made into Exspheres?
: ...There must be something wrong with me...

Skit #39: What is Best

: ...I can't. I couldn't do anything, but watch as people died right before my eyes.
: ...
: After all I said about not wanting any more victims, in the end, I'm still alive only because others sacrificed themselves for me.
: ...
: What am I supposed to do? I'm starting to get all confused again.
: I think...the only thing you can do is what you think is best.
: What I...think is best?
: I think Botta chose the way he believed was best. So let's do the same thing, find the best way we can. Even if it's painful...I'll help, too, okay?
: ...The best way...Yeah...I guess that's all we can do.

Skit #242: You're Not Alone

: ...No. I'm the same as always.
: Really? I mean...
: Presea. I'm just like you.
: What?
: I'm alone, too. I think there's a lot of people in this world like us.
: Yes...
: No, you're wrong! You two have us! I like you Mithos, and Presea, too.
: When you're lonely, I want to be with you Isn't that enough?
: Genis....Thank you. You're right. I have you and the others with me.
: But I...No, that's right. We're friends. Thank you, Genis.

Skit #038: Don't Betray Me

: I thought it was all over when I played that flute, but you came for us!
: Oh, it was nothing. I didn't really do very much.
: But you don't have an Exsphere. And you still put your own life in danger to come for us.
: Thank you so much!
: ...Genis.
: If you ever need help, I promise I'll go to help you.
: Thank you...I'll be counting on you.
: Yeah. I promise!
: Please don't betray me, Genis.

: Please, tell me what has happened to Chocolat.
: I'm sorry. It's my fault. Because of me, Chocolat is...
: What do you mean?
: I...Marble was...
: Lloyd saved Marble when she was assaulted at the Iselia ranch. But...
: I see....I didn't know such a thing happened to my mother....
: I'm sorry, I...
: I was prepared for something like this from the moment she was taken away to the ranch, but Chocolat was very close to her...
: ...
: What has become of Chocolat?
: She's alive. She was taken away to a different ranch, however.
: I promise I'll rescue Chocolat. I won't let her become like Marble. I swear it.
: ...I will continue to keep this store going, for her sake as well. my daughter.

: Mithos...
: Ah, no, it's not about the flute. I'm sorry.
: ...All right. It's dangerous, so don't leave this area.
: I won't.
: Then while we're at it, let's return the Rheaird that Mithos borrowed.
: ...What? Oh, yes. Please do.

: Yuan...Botta is...
: ...He died.
: Yes...He asked us to tell you that he completed his mission.
: I see... Then we'll activate the dimensional transfer system. You may go between the worlds as you like.
: Is that all you have to say?! Botta gave his life for the Renegades and--
: Lloyd!...It is not our place to speak.
: This guy has been with that Botta for a long time. Nothing we say will make a difference.
: ...Fine.
: Yuan has a lot of experience dealing with grief. He'll be... well not fine, but it won't affect him any.
: Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Our companion borrowed a Rheaird from you, so we'll return it to you now.
: Borrowed one of our Rheairds? We haven't...
: What's wrong?
: ...No, it's nothing. We'll take care of it. Ask the control room staff about procuring energy for the dimensional transfer system.
: ...Yuan. I'm sorry.
: All of our Rheairds are still in our hangar. ...What is going on?

: Welcome back. You're going back now, right?
: Yeah. We'll take you to Altessa's place.
: Thanks.

: Well, Mithos, have a good time with Altessa.
: You'll come and visit me, right?
: Of course.
: Take care.
: I'll be praying for your success in avenging your sister.
: ...Thank you.
: Avenging Presea's sister? What are you talking about?
: Oh, that's right. We haven't told Regal about it.
: Ahh! Um...hey, you know, that's not a topic we really need to drag out now, right?
: What are you talking about, Zelos?! This is important! Presea's sister was killed!
: Killed?
: Yes. It seems Presea's younger sister served under a noble named Bryant. ...But then, her master Bryant...
: He's a monster! How can he kill a child like that?!
: Sister?! It can't be! Presea, what was your sister's name?
: ...Alicia...
: ...I see.
: Do you know something about this?
: I may know who that murderer might be.
: ...Really?!
: ...Take me to Altamira.

Look inside real fast...
: Ah, hi, Tabatha.
: Ah, nothing special, really.
: Nah, that's okay. Don't worry about it. We won't stay long.
Acquired EX Gem Lv3, Metal Sphere, Onion, Exsphere Shard
: I'm not sure what some of this stuff is....But we'll take it. Thanks, Tabatha.

Skit #308: To Altamira

: I, too, second that request. ...I'm sorry for troubling you.

Skit #256: Memories of Corrine

: You've grown quite confident about this. Nothing like the way you used to be.
...It's all because of Corrine. Corrine gave me courage.
: Yes, to us, he was a dear friend, a trustworthy comrade...
: Raine...
: ...and a fascinating research subject!
:'re unbelievable!