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Part 32: Update 29

Update 29

: At Alicia's grave, in the Sky Terrace of a company called Lezareno.
: ...I see. Let's go there, then.

: Wh...whoa?! What happened?
: What's going on?

: Vharley!... He must pay...
: ...Ugh!
: Let's go on in.

Voice Acted Reveals (You already guessed this)
YouTube version

: Tell me the password to the inner area of the Toize Valley Mine! Now!
: ...I don't know anything about it.
: Wrong answer!

: Master Regal! What are you doing here?
: ...So the president himself decided to pay a visit. Perfect.
: President?
: The route to the Toize Valley Mine opens by my voice print and cornea scan. Forcing it open would undoubtedly cause the Exsphere mine area to collapse.
: Is that so? In that case, Regal, you're just going to have to come open it for us! I'm gonna be out of business if I don't get my hands on some more Exspheres.
: I think not. Besides, Rodyle is dead. You don't have anyone to unload huge numbers of Exspheres on.
: Are you stupid? I don't need Rodyle. I've got the Pope himself on my side! And there's plenty of people around who'd love to get their hands on some Exspheres!
: The Pope isn't going to mean anything, he's got no chance in the long game. The only people who matter are Cruxis, Lloyd and Friends, the Renegades, and maybe me if things go well. Things never go well though, so just the first three.
: That's enough. I cannot forgive you for killing an innocent person.

: Kuchinawa! You're working with this guy?!
: Soon, the King will die and the Pope will take over. And when that happens, I'm going to grind your pathetic Lezareno Company into the ground!
: Assuming this whole Mana-Link business doesn't end up doing something totally game changing. Which it will.
: Are you all right, George?
: Yes, Master Regal. Thank you.
: My name is Regal Bryant. I was granted the title of Duke by His Highness, and also the president of Lezareno Company. Although, it would seem that the Chosen already knows me.
: I saw you at one of the Princess' birthday parties.
: Oh, yeah...I'd forgotten that this guy's actually a member of high society, too.
: Heheheh.
: Then, Alicia's killer, Bryant, is...
: W...wait, it can't be...Regal...
: Alicia!

: Master, I'm so happy to see you again before I disappear...
: I'm sorry. Even after death, you still suffer...
: It's all right. It's not your fault.
: Alicia...what do you mean?
: Alicia and I were in love.
: Then I, his servant, interfered...and forced them apart.
: Alicia was handed over to Vharley. He wanted to use her in an Exsphere experiment.
: Wait, George handed over Alicia to medical research? THE FUCK? Was she a slave or something?
: Was he...trying to create Cruxis Crystals?
: It seems so. But the experiment failed.

: ...Sure thing, bub. You can have her. I don't have any use for a failed piece of work like that, anyway.

: Wh...what?...
: This is Alicia! She wasn't compatible with the Exsphere experiment. It worked just fine on another from her family.
: Master Regal...please...kill me!
: I...I can't. I could never kill you with my own hands!
: It's because I love you that I want you to do it!

: Master Regal killed me in order to save me. It was the only way.
: The only way? Bullshit. Really powerful healing techniques could have reversed it. Granted, those are pretty rare. There's like 1 and a half living practitioners of them powerful enough.
: Just like Marble...
: I'm so glad I got to see you again in the end. I have no regrets, now. So please, Regal, stop punishing yourself.
: Alicia...but with my own hands, I...
: I will disappear very soon. So please, don't leave me anything to worry about. You don't need those shackles. You've suffered enough.
: ...I took the life of the one I love. These are the symbol of my crime, as well as my punishment.
: ...You don't need that punishment anymore. Please, Regal...
: ...
: Genis and I once experienced the same thing you did. And I also imagined what it must have been like...for my dad. When my mom turned into a monster, and he struck her down, he must have suffered as well.
: Oh yeah he did.
: ...Your father did the same thing?
: ...That's what I heard. I don't know if the decisions you or my dad made were correct, but I don't think my mom would have wanted my dad to punish himself and live the way you have.
: ...Is that true?
: ...Yes. It's just as he says. At least, I don't want you to live like that.
: ...All right. But I will never use these hands as tools of death. I swear that to you. To you and to Lloyd. And once we have defeated those who use Exspheres to toy with people's lives, I shall remove these bonds.
: ...Thank you, Master. Presea...I think I can finally rest in peace. Please destroy the crystal before I am totally absorbed into the Exsphere.
: Why? Can't you stay like you are now?
: If I stay like this, I will live on forever. An isolated consciousness, unable to even speak, existing for eternity... It would be true hell...
: You know nothing of hell, little girl. That said, yeah you're pretty much screwed while the Exsphere continues to exist.
: ...Presea, Regal, what do we do?
: Please, set her free.
: ...Yes. Goodbye, Alicia.
: ...Thank you. Presea, please forgive Master Regal. Please.

: I'm sorry I never said anything about this until now. I'm a criminal.
: Master Regal confessed to killing Alicia and went to prison on his own will.
: While I was in prison, the Pope promised to arrest Vharley in exchange for kidnapping Colette. I believed him and agreed to do it.
: So that's why you were after us.
: Yes... Please, I ask you to postpone my final judgment until we defeat Cruxis...and stop them from using Exspheres to toy with people's lives.
: As long as it's okay with Presea. Anyway, we'd already thought of Regal as a friend.
: ...Vharley was responsible for Alicia's death as well. Okay. I'll...try not to think of you as my enemy. I'm not sure I can change right away, but...
: ...I'm sorry.
: It was Alicia's last request, so...I won't say a word about it anymore.

Skit #254: Avenged

: ...We killed Rodyle...but nothing will come back. Alicia, Botta and all those other people...and my lost time.
: Time merely marches on. No matter what happens, it flows from the past to the future. But what's important is whether you simply allow yourself to be pulled along, or walk forward of your own will.
: I...want to walk forward into the future, with my own legs...with my own will. Up until now, I'd simply spent my time drifting along idly.
: And I, too, must change the way I have merely drifted through life. For Alicia's sake as well. She continued to try to save me even after death.
: Yeah. We can't change the past, but we can change the future. I'll work together, with you.
: ...You have my thanks.
: Thank you.

Skit #080: President's Job

: If you're the president of Lezareno, then we must have met before. Trying to pretend you didn't know me...
: I am a criminal. I did not want to cause difficulty for Lezareno. I'm sorry.
: Wow, a company president! You're really important!
: By the way, what's a president exactly?
: What are you talking about? A president's a president. He's important.
: Yeah, so, what does he do?
: ...Uh...
: ah,
: Come on, tell me, what does he do?
: ...I...just remembered I have something to do.
Sheena exits.
: I...have something to talk to Colette about, heheh.
Zelos exits.
: ...What? Hey, come on! Why won't you tell me?
: ...It would seem that few people know what my job is.

I tried to find the guy who sells Disaster but no luck, I guess I have to come back later. I can't remember when they actually become available because I always do that at the very last bit.

Summon Spirits: 6/8, going on 7/8

: It seems that the power of the Summon Spirit of Darkness has a strong effect on this area.
: Man, it's so dark. Whoa!
: Owww! My precious foot!
: We can't proceed like this.
: Let's try the Elemental Research Laboratory. They've supposedly done research here before, so they should know a way to light this darkness.
: Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Come on, everyone. Let's go back outside.
: Okay!
: foot...

: Lloyd, you mustn't forget that we're wanted as criminals. Don't approach areas that are under heavy guard. Do you understand?
: I know.

: I heard that sacred wood only grows in the area near Ozette. Is that correct?
: Holy shit Kratos is actually doing it right. I can't believe it.
: Y...yes...
: Then, does that mean that sacred wood no longer exists?
: ...The wood I cut is stored in the church.
: So that really is all that is left... It seems I have no choice.
: Wait! Why is Cruxis worried about sacred wood?
: Because it is necessary. ...What other reason could there be?
: Necessary for what?!
: I do not feel the need to tell you that now. By the way, Lloyd. The Summon Spirit pacts you are currently must stop.
: ...Do you think we'll stop because you said so?!
: It is dangerous to engage in activities in which you cannot predict the outcome. It may result in something that you cannot undo.
: Kratos: most competent Seraphim.
: But if there is no other way to save both worlds, then we have to do it!
: ...Be patient, Lloyd.
: ...What does that mean?
: It means wait, you stupid goon. How the hell are you so stupid? I mean, seriously. Did you fall on your head at that cliff?

: We have a bit of a favor to ask you all, it it's all right. You see, Shadow's dungeon...
: Ah, I see. In that case, the blue candle should be of use to you.
: Blue candle?
: It's a holy candlestick that negates the power of darkness. You have that here?
: Yes. Relying on ancient documents, we succeeded in creating it here in our lab.
: Then, could we borrow one?
: Of course, we'd be--
: Hey! It's these guys' fault that Kate was arrested! We can't help them!
: But they're Sheena's friends.
: Kate? What about Kate?
: Kate is going to be executed for harboring criminals and helping them escape.
: Because of us...Dammit!
: Lloyd! Please, let's save Kate!
: Lloyd...I...I want to save her, as well.
: Yeah, but how?...
: How about participating in the matches being held at the Coliseum?
: The Coliseum? What for?
: It was originally constructed to watch fights between prisoners and wild beasts. There is a passage inside the prison which allows prisoners to be taken into the Coliseum.
: ...Oh, that's right. You were in there before...
: Then, let's hurry up and rescue her...
: Okay, gotcha. Everyone, let's hurry to the arena.

Let's get ready to ruuuumbblllleeeeee!!!

Whoever you suggest gets a bonus to liking Lloyd. Presea is in last place and also personally connected to Kate so why not.
: ...Me?
: Do you want me to take your place?
: I don't mind taking your place.
: ...No. It's all right. I'll go.
: Good luck. Presea.
: Thank you... I will enter.
: Okay. The registration fee is 5,000 Gald.
: You can do it!
: Be careful.
: Thank you. Well, here I go.
: Be careful!
If you pick anyone but Zelos or Presea, the receptionist is worried about the whole "wanted criminal" thing. If it's not Zelos, Raine bribes her with 10,000 Gald. This doesn't actually cost you anything as far as I can tell. If you pick Zelos he wears a mask but gets recognized anyway; however the receptionist is female so Zelos simply asks her to pretend she doesn't recognize him.

You might have noticed you're slightly outnumbered here. This is the primary factor that makes me really bad at this particular fight. I can learn patterns and such if I really have to, but three guy's patterns at once is a bit tricky. I decided "to hell with this" and stopped banging my head against the Mania wall and dropped it to merely "Hard" for Lloyd. You'll notice I'm fighting them with Presea on easy. That's because I have a separate Hard difficuly Lloyd video.

: I've come to rescue you. ...Let's go.
: Thank you,'s all right. ...I experimented on you.
: ...No...that is not all right. You are here because of unjust reason.
: ...All right.

: Now that we've rescued her, what is he going to do?
: Do you have any family?
: My mother passed away. My father
: No? What do you mean?
: ...I have a favor to ask you. Please take me to Ozette.
: Ozette? It's in ruins now. Are you sure?
: Yes...please. That's where I was born.
: All right.

: We're here because you helped us escape and you were about to be executed because of that, so we had to save you.
: Even if you know who I really am?
: Who you really are?
: My mother was an elf. My father is human, currently the Pope of the Church of Martel.
: Your father is...the Pope?
: You're lucky you took after your mother.
: Nah, she's not nearly enough of an asshole to be taking after an elf. Anyway, it's weird how the Elf of the pair seems to always die faster. I bet those assholes kill 'em.
: that all you can say?! He tried to have his own daughter executed! That's awful!
: But it was the Pope who ruled that all half-elves who commit crimes are to be punished by death.
: What?! Why did he do something like that when his own daughter is a half-elf?!
: That must make family reunions awkward.
: Hey, hey, don't get angry with me.
: I swear he'll pay for this.
: W...wait...Don't do anything bad to my father.
: Just because you're related to him doesn't mean he doesn't need an ass-kicking.
: Why?! He's done bad things to you!
: But...he's still my father... When my father ordered me to perform experiments to turn Exspheres into Cruxis Crystals. I was very happy. My father finally needed me...
: I don't understand! I can't understand that!
: Genis, calm down.
: But!
: ...I think I understand a little.
: Colette.
: When I thought that Remiel might be my father, I was happy that my father had finally come to see me, even though I knew that the journey would end in death.
: ...I'm going to think by myself for a while about my father and half-elves... Thank you so much for saving me. And...Presea...
: ...Yes?
: ...I'm sorry.
: ...This is...sad. Why do things wind up like this?
: Two forces will always oppose each other. Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, elves and humans, heaven and earth...
: And those in the middle are sacrificed. Half-elves, the Great Seed, and the Chosen as well.
: It's wrong to say that someone can be sacrificed.
: But anytime there are two people one will be sacrificed by the establishment of superiority. It's the same way with countries and worlds. an illusion.
: Birth, status, appearance,'re engulfed by these things.
: But...everyone has the same heart. Everyone hurts when they're rejected. But people forget that.
: The same...heart...
: Yes. If only everyone could live thinking about each other like that...
: Little by little...people can change.
: ...The only thing we can do is to believe in that and start doing what we can.
: Yes. What we can do right now is to release the Summon Spirits' mana links.
: UGH you ruined a perfectly good idealist speech with your dumb plan.
: Yeah. Let's get the blue candle from the Elemental Research Laboratory so we can form a pact with Shadow.

: Welcome back, everyone!
: We escorted Kate to Ozette at her request.
: I see. There's been a terrible commotion here as well. Because of Kate's escape, the Pope suffered a great loss of face. We've all been incredibly worried about being arrested.
: I see. We were already gone from here when that was going on.
: Here's candle. ...Thank you.
: ...No, thank you.
: Now we can go to Shadow.
: Yeah. Thanks. We'll make good use of it.
: Good luck, Sheena.

Skit #082: The Life She Chose

: I'm sure she wants to be alone. She has much to think about.
: She, too, is suffering because she's a half-elf.
: Yes...But she didn't choose the way she lived because she was a half-elf.
: Really?
: Yes....She participated in the experiment on Presea because she wanted to earn the love of her father, the Pope. It's not fair to place the blame for that on her blood.
: I guess that's true, but I still feel sorry for her.
: You're too softhearted...No, perhaps that soft heart is part of what makes you you.

Dungeon Video! This one isn't too long because I cut out pauses other than myself using save points. If you want to know why I don't rehearse this beforehand so I don't faff about so much, it's simple. Many of these dungeons suck balls and I don't want to play them repeatedly (or at all in the worst cases). This one isn't even close to the worst. Watch it to see horrible, horrible pathfinding.

: But it's...kind of...
: Yeah, the feeling of the mana here...The power feels unstable compared to the previous seals.
: We'll find out what's going on once we get further inside.
:Maybe they'll find Tenebie... OOPS! I mean Tenebrae. He hates it when I call him Tenebie. He was always the most level-headed of the Centurions, so maybe he could help with the whole "DON'T FUCK WITH MANA LINKS YOU IDIOTS" bit.

You have to make these guys follow you to a specific point in the room, where they'll "save" their position and you can exit the room without them resetting. They have some of the worst pathfinding I've ever seen. Fuck them.
: Is this...a monster?
: No...this is...a Summon Spirit!
: This is the Summon Spirit of Darkness, Shadow?
: It feels weaker than all the previous Summon Spirits. About one-fifth the power. And the mana feels even more unstable than it did outside.
: My hand goes right through it... Could it be that the power of the Summon Spirit has leaked out from the seal and taken on this physical form? Does this mean that if we don't bring this fragment of Shadow to the seal, we won't be able to form a pact with Shadow?

: Sis...
: Lloyd, look. It looks like this little fellow can't go into the light.
: Ah-hah! It's the Summon Spirit of Darkness, so it doesn't like light!
: Then we have to search for a way to put out that light and lead the Summon Spirit into the core.
: Maybe if we corral all five of them into that wide open area below this floor, we can take them from there down to the seal without them getting separated.
: Okay, then. Let's get started and see what we can do. Professor! We're going now!
: But I'm not done studying it!
: Fuck my life. No sign of Tenebrae. I guess he's asleep due to the mana levels. Good thing he won't be able to wake up for what's coming. He'd be almost as upset about it as me.

: Are you going by yourself? Are you going to be okay?
: Haha, don't worry. I'll be right back. Wait here.

: I wonder what it does. I'll try it first!
: Ha!
: Did...anything change?...

You use the sorcerer's ring to fire beams of dark that put handles on those blocks with faces, and to turn off light crystals.

Skit #357: Another Side of Lloyd

: I hope we get to see the sun again soon.
: Why are the seals on Tethe'alla's side so much harder to release?
: Lloyd!
: Whoa! Professor, are you in ruin-mode again?!
: Lloyd. You don't take your lessons seriously, but your powers of observation are always astute! You have what it takes to be an archeologist!
: Ahhhh...
: What's with that look?!
: Archeology is great!
: Lloyd, of all the temples in Tethe'alla, this Temple of Darkness is a rare example of one that largely retains its original form. It's the perfect chance to investigate whether the seals on Tethe'alla's side are more difficult to release.
: Colette, run!
: O...okay!
: Hey! Stop, you two!

Our 7th Summon Spirit Fight!

: Yeah. But...why do you ask?
: Well, Luna was saying she wanted us to bring Aska, so...
: Yes...considering the time we'll need to spend to find Aska, we should save the Summon Spirit of Light for last.
I have no idea why they talk about this here. I'm guessing it's part of some thing to ensure you do Luna/Aska last, but it makes no sense to have the conversation here.
: I wonder why Aska left the Guardian Tower of Mana?
: He probably just ran away to find some chicks.
: You're confusing him with yourself, Zelos. Anyway, here we go.

: It's funny how Darkness gets the most talkative Centurion and the least talkative Summon Spirit.
: Mithos... We're doing the same thing that the legendary hero once did...
: I am Sheena! I ask that thou annulst thy pact with Mithos, and establish a new pact with me.
: ...Fight.
: He's coming!

Bloody Lance is identical to Holy Lance except it deals dark rather than light damage.

Dark Shower is a fast multihit attack that instakilled Sheena a lot. Here it sent Sheena into Overlimit and then killed her, wasting the Overlimit.

Holy shit is Sheena lucky for once.

This is the Dark copy of Photon, just like Pronyma had. Apparently there's a hack to give Raine access to it and Bloody Lance, but I'm not sure I can get it to work.

: Vow...
: You don't waste any words, do you? Umm...for the sake of creating a place in which the two worlds must no longer sacrifice one another, I ask that you lend me your power.
: ...Agreed.
: Now all we need to do is form the pact with the Summon Spirit of Light, and we can sever another mana link. All right, we're counting on you for the next one too, Sheena!
: You got it!
: Dammit, someone stop them!

Skit #093: Darkness Beam

: Really? All it does is make it pitch black. It's not any fun at all.
: You're an idiot, Lloyd.
: What?! Why?!
: Darkness is great! It's the best chance to make your moves on a girl!
: What...?
: You can do all sorts of things to them, as much as you like! Hehehehehe.
: ...Hey, Sheena! Zelos just said he's the one who had his hand on your butt!
: Sometimes I think he only acts dumb.
: ...Wh-what did you just say?!
: Whoa! Wait, stop, it's a misunderstanding! I haven't touched you yet! ...Aaaaah!
: Yet?

Skit #092: When the Worlds Split Apart

: Then what will happen?
: I get very upset.
: The worlds will split apart, right? Isn't that fine? I can't imagine things getting any worse than they are now.
How can you be so easygoing about this? Aren't you worried at all? About what it'll be like after the worlds split!
: Fucked, that's what it'll be like. Not the fun kind of fucking either.
: Hmmm, well, yeah. I would rather be on the side with the most cute hunnies...

: I should have known better than to ask you!

Skit #081: Shameful Knowledge

: It is a shameful thing that I knew that.
: Well, but thanks to that, we were able to rescue Kate, so don't worry about it.
: Even if you searched all of Tethe'alla, you wouldn't find another noble who's got connections to high society, big business, and the jail cell.
: Hey, hey, Zelos, knock it off!
: ...A truly...shameful thing.

We return to Sylvarant. While wandering around, we visit Hima briefly.

: ...It''s you.
: What are you doing?
: ...Nothing.
: I bet you're looking for something really important, hmm?
: Chosen!...Idle talk will bring your downfall.
: Well, he has a right to be upset I guess. He's still a dumbass for suggesting this plan in the first place though.

Skit #098: Where Shall We Live? Sylvarant Team

: ...I wonder which world Presea and the others will remain in.
: What are you and the Professor going to do?
: Oh yeah. You two were born in Tethe'alla, too.
: I...want to stay in Sylvarant, 'cause Lloyd and everyone else are there.
: ...I...I'm sorry. Let me think for a while.
: Raine!
: I'm sorry....It's very important. I can't decide immediately.
: Yes, I understand.
: I want you two to stay, but I'll wait for you to make a decision.
: ...Thank you.

Skit #373: Again on a Journey of Regeneration

: What are you talking about all of a sudden?
: I mean, I just quit in the middle of the journey, even though the people of Sylvarant were all cheering me on.
: It couldn't be helped. We did what we had to do.
: But when I got my soul back, I was so happy, I completely forgot about Sylvarant and just got all excited. I forgot how much the people of this world are suffering...
: Even the Chosen smiles when she's happy, and cries when she's sad. You don't have to bear all the burden by yourself. And also, Colette, as long as you continue to care about the people in this world, you are the Chosen of Regeneration. At least that's what I think.
: Professor Raine...
: Tomorrow, let's start our journey again. The journey to save save this land.
: Yes.

Skit #094: Aska...Fascinating...

: It's truly a fascinating subject....
: If only I could find a way to capture and study it...
Hey! I won't let you do anything like that! Corrine hated that!
: I know....I know, but...
: I can't help my scholarly curiosity...
: *Sigh* I hope Aska doesn't run away because of this...

On a stop in Izoold, the fishing village...

: Stop!
: Not you again! If you interfere, we'll take you out, too!
: No, it's not what you think! Professor, please!
: I know.
: She's good. Really good.

: Clara, right? Can you hear me?
: Yes...yes! Thank you so much! I've finally returned to my original form!
: Thank goodness! Oh, I'm so glad!
: Wh...who...what? Why did the monster turn into a human?
: Are you stupid? She was a human to begin with, but she was turned into a monster by the Desians.
: How can I possibly thank you? I have only a vague memory of when I was a monster, but I still remember that you saved Palmacosta.
: Please show the people of Palmacosta that you are well as soon as possible.
: I want to return to the city as quickly as I can, but how can I get back?

Skit #097: Where Shall We Live? Tethe'alla Team

: We from Tethe'alla will have to think about what we're going to do now.
: In other words, whether we're going to remain in Sylvarant or Tethe'alla.
: I...don't care which one I'm in. I'm alone in either world.
: I...think I'll be moving to Sylvarant along with the people of Mizuho.
: I...hmmm. Sylvarant is kind of inconvenient, but I think Tethe'alla would be more peaceful without me.
: ...That leaves me as the only one attached to Tethe'alla.
: I don't know. I think we all have all sorts of attachments. We still have some time. We should all think carefully.
: ...Yeah.

Skit #096: Trust

: Why?
: They're both Summon Spirits of Light, but Aska spends his time flying around the world without returning to her.
: It may be because they trust each other.
: Trust?...
: Yes. Maybe they both understand each other, and even when they're far away, their hearts are always connected.
: Trust....believing in one another...I will try to think about trust.
: I wish more people trusted each other.

Well, I'm pretty sure that's enough information to identify Mysterious Narrator now!
Anyway, you're probably wondering what that "other reason" I was talking about to suspect that everything won't exactly be made all better by this plan.

You know what that means. Next update will be extra-big for the big moment.