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Part 39: Update 35

Update 35

A while ago on Tales of Symphonia posted:

: Welcome back, everyone.
: Mithos, here...
: What's this?...
: A flute made from a Linkite Nut.
: We'd like you to have it.
: But...
: It was our fault that the memento of your sister was broken.
: ...Thank you!

Let's start this out with a nice little bit of plot.
Youtube backup.

: ...Could this be the Eternal Sword?
: Haha, no way. Nobody'd leave a sword that important in a place like this.
: How about we take it to Heimdall and show it to the Elder?
: Good idea. That way we'd know for sure.

: A waste of effort.

: Awww crud.
: The Eternal Sword cannot be touched by those who lack the right.

: He must be talking about the pact with Origin! That's the sword Yggdrasill tricked Origin into giving him!
: Hahahaha! You really are a pathetic bunch. *Sigh* It matters not. Origin is under Kratos' seal. Either way, it is impossible for you to wield that sword. And without the power of the Eternal Sword, you cannot reunite the worlds. Your journey is futile.
: Futile?...You're the one who's making futile attempts to bring back the dead! Besides, what does splitting the world in two even have to do with that?!
: ...The worlds still exist only because they were separated into two.
: No! It's because of being split in two that there's not enough mana and countless people are suffering!
: Think for a moment. Why is there a shortage of mana? Well? What do you think, my fellow kinsman?
: Oh boy.

: Um...because the development of magitechnology resulted in a large consumption of mana?
: Yes...and that magitechnology led to a great war. War consumes an abhorrent amount of mana.
: Don't change the subject. There's a mana shortage because you won't let the Great Seed germinate.
: I am not changing the subject. Even if the Giant Tree were to be revived, another war would make it wither and die. Wars are caused by two opposing forces. That is why I split the world in two: To isolate the powers that caused that foolish Kharlan War into the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.
: By alternating between prosperity and dearth, the development of magitechnology is subdued. ...So that was your plan.
: Although, at the moment, Tethe'alla has prospered for a little too long.
: You're lying. You're sacrificing the Great Seed just to save Martel.
: That's right. The same way you abandoned the declining world of Sylvarant in order to save Colette.
: ...That's...
: What you're doing is exactly the same.
: No, it's not!
: Yes it is.
: No it's not!! Lloyd isn't like you!
: What?...
: Lloyd is looking for a way to save both Colette and the world! You're a coward who gave up!
: It is the same thing. I am trying to create a world without discrimination. That is the way to save the world.
: A world without discrimination? That's...
: People fear and hate what is not normal. They are scared of those that are different. Then the solution is for everyone to become the same. By using the Exspheres to eliminate the different bloods that flow through elves and humans, everyone on this earth will become the same lifeless beings. Discrimination will vanish. That is the grand age I strive for.
: Everyone...the same...
: Yes. Desians and Cruxis both exist for this purpose. The conflicts between the races born from discrimination will disappear, Genis.
: ...People will stop treating us differently? Really?
: Genis! Don't fall for it! Think about how the Exspheres are made! They're made at the cost of people's lives, like Marble. Don't you see what's wrong with that?!
: ...With revolution comes sacrifice. If you cannot understand that, then you deserve to die with the others.

: ...No! I won't let you!
: You have no choice.

Yggdrasill has more HP than anything we've fought and is weak to Dark (Sheena can deal dark damage but not very well) and strong to light (we have a shitton of light attacks).

Like this one. I overuse Prism Stars as my compound special attack because it's good and it adds 30 hits to a combo, which is also pretty nice. Having a high combo gives you bonus XP and I think Bonus Grade.

Well it would if he wasn't totally immune to it. Fucker. Note the lack of any damage numbers at all.

At least it hurt him a little.

Outburst is really really annoying.

Fortunately the fight ends here with a draw.

: Uh-oh. Is it too late?

: I don't believe it.
: W...why?
: L...Lord Yggdrasill!
: Pronyma! Why are you here?
: ...Sir. activity in regards to that certain matter has...
: ...Understood. Not always is there a way to save everyone. Remember that. Lloyd, the path you seek is nothing but an illusion.

: Why did he let us go?

: What's wrong, Genis?
: N...nothing.
: Lloyd, we must treat Colette as quickly as possible.
: Right. Let's head back for now.

Skit #267: Genis Disturbed

: ...Y...yeah...
: You've been acting depressed since a little while ago.
: Don't worry. Altessa's going to take care of Colette.
: ...Ah...yeah. He will, right?...
: I hope she gets better soon.
: ...It doesn't sound like Colette was what's on his mind.
: ...Yeah.

: What's wrong?
: Colette's collapsed!

: You found out how to cure it?! But what can I do?...
: We want you to make something called a Rune Crest! I remember the process as described in the book.
: ...All right. Everyone else, go outside.

: We've done everything we can.

: I can't eat at a time like this!
: Don't say that. How about some carrots? Or a potato?
: ...I really don't want any.
: Hey, what's with you and Genis? Why are you both acting so gloomy?
: Yes, what's wrong, Genis?
: How's Colette?!
: She's sleeping now. When she awakens, her body will be back to normal. And the Cruxis Crystal should be fully controlled by the Rune Crest.
: ...That's good to hear.
: I see...Now Colette doesn't have to suffer anymore.
: Okay, then! Let's have dinner in celebration of Colette's full recovery.
: ...What's with you and wanting to eat so much?

: I'm worried about you. You've got to be tired.
: It looks like you're good friends.
: Yep! Doesn't it, though?
: Are you tired, too, Genis?
: Mithos...we're friends, right?
: ...What? Of course. What are you talking about?
: We're really friends, right?
: Y...yeah...
: I believe you, okay?
: ...

: Now I feel sleepy all of a sudden. I'm going to bed.
: It's not good for your digestion if you sleep right after eating.
: Are you all right? Your fatigue may have finally caught up with you.
: Hoo boy.
: I'm fine. I'm just going to lie down for a little while.

Hideo Kojima? Is that you?
Youtube backup.

: My body...I can't move.

: ...Do you want to meet your father?
: !! What have you done with my dad?!

: Quiet. ...Of course, the drug should have everyone sleeping soundly.
: You idiot, you Ratatosk-damned idiot. Stop this. Think for a damn minute.
: Drug?! ...Where's my dad? If you've done anything to my dad, I'll tear every last one of you to pieces!
: Now, now, is that the way to act when you're about to meet your father for the first time?
: So it was you. You were the assassin who tried to kill me at Hima.
: Kratos. If you value your son's life at all, do as we say.
: What are you...talking about?
: Release Origin's seal. Otherwise, Lloyd will die right here.
: Dammit Yuan this isn't necessary.
: No...Kratos can't be my dad. I c...I can't believe that... I won't believe that!
: How does it feel to have your own son reject you like that?
: ...Humph.
: ...I'd guess from your attitude, you don't plan on releasing Origin... If that's the way it's going to be, then you'll just have to die!
: Ugh!!
: One move, and your son dies!
: You changed once you got a family. Just like that time fifteen years ago. When Anna was transformed into a monster, you lost your ability to fight back.
: ...What?
: If she hadn't been together with you, she would have never turned out like that. Such an unfortunate woman.
: That's pretty low Yuan.

: Don't mock my mom!

: ...Kratos?
: ...Are you all right?...Good.

: ...Uh...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

: Surprise! That drug doesn't work at all on people who use Cruxis Crystals. You don't have me to research all this stuff, you need to do it yourself.
: What am I...what am I supposed to believe?!
: Lloyd, calm down!
: It's not true! Kratos can't be... The man who betrayed us and made you suffer, he couldn't possibly dad.
: Lloyd, don't lose sight of who you are! No matter who your parents are, no matter your background, you're still you!
: I'
: You're the one who told me that no matter what I look like, even if I become an angel, I'm still me...

: ...Yeah, you're right.

: ...
: But I still can't call you Dad.
: Lloyd...
: I hate what you...what Cruxis does. Too many people have died. People from Sylvarant, people from Tethe'alla...Desians and Renegades and members of Cruxis... They're all victims. I refuse to accept the idea that it's okay to sacrifice people for a cause. It's not okay to lose your life. No life should be born for the sole purpose of dying. I won't sacrifice the world to save Colette. I'm not giving up until I find a way for everyone to live.

: Oh no...

: Did you think I didn't notice what was going on? How pathetic. I had Pronyma keep tabs on Kratos, since it seemed he was leaking information to Lloyd's group.

: What?!
: That was a pretty amusing scheme you had going. Hard to believe those filthy Renegades that were always getting in my way...were actually led by you. If it weren't for my sister's wishes to spare your life, I'd kill you right now.
: That's... thoughtful, I guess.

Yes I sat there to see if he would stop kicking Yuan.

: Stop it! Wh...what are you?...

: Yeah that's a pretty lousy drug. Almost as lousy as the plans you come up with without me around.
: it's true...
: ...What's true? That you shouldn't have trusted me? Good guess, Genis. Because I didn't trust you either!

: Shut up!!

: How could you do that?! You even risked your life to save her!
: Mithos, why? Why are you doing this? How could you hurt Tabatha and Altessa! You got along so well with them!
: Tabatha! That doll looks so disturbingly like my sister... I never could stand her! She's a failed vessel who couldn't accept my sister's soul! Just looking at her makes me sick!
: ...You little bastard! How dare you betray my best friend!

: Please! You're both my friends!
: Uh, I'm pretty sure one of them isn't a very good friend.

: Lord Yggdrasill, your wounds are not yet healed. Please leave this to the angels.

: ...All right.

: Out of the way!

Uh, I guess it's a boss fight.
Youtube backup.

The guy between the little girl angels uses fire spells and isn't nearly as much a melee powerhouse as the girls. Or indeed any boss we've been facing since disc 2 started. I can't tell you what spell the female angels were trying to get off, since they got hit every time they tried to cast it. It looks like it's a holy or water spell depending on the color calibration you use.

Even though they're just a pumped-up trash fight, they still can all individually overlimit.

The "big" guy favors this spell. It's one of Genis's mid tier fire spells.

These guys aren't too hard. I had a little difficulty due to Regal being a dumby with trying to heal when it wasn't needed and me being terrible at using Sheena. With Lloyd or Presea in slot 1 and Regal's heals disabled this would have probably been easier.


: What do you think those Exspheres are that you're using?

: ...Are you all right?
: With this, all of our efforts have been rendered useless...
: You planned to form the pact with Origin and use the Eternal Sword.
: Correct. And then, we would use the Mana Cannon to destroy that infernal tower, allowing the Great Seed to sprout. That was our plan. Upon learning of your existence from a Desian insider. I was certain I would be able to force Kratos to participate.
: You...didn't approve of Mithos' Age of Half-elves?
: That plan was the result of a twisted perception of Martel's last wish. It's not what she truly desired.
: What was Martel's last wish?
: She said she wanted to see a world free from discrimination.
: You shouldn't move.
: No, there's no time. I must evacuate the Renegades before they are killed by Yggdrasill.
: Wait. Is Kratos really the only one who can release Origin's seal?
: Yes. The seal will be released upon freeing the mana from his body.
: If he does that, he's likely to lose his life.
: Yes. The seal is based on his own life.
: Kratos' Are you saying we have to trade his life in order to get the Eternal Sword?!
: ...Lloyd. You won't be able to use the Eternal Sword. It does not require the power of a summoner. You must merely be acknowledged by Origin. However, there is one thing you cannot do anything about.
: What do you mean? Yggdrasill...Mithos said that, too.
: Only half-elves can wield it. That sword was created by Origin for Mithos.
: ...What?!

: ...WEL...COME...PLEA...SE...STA...TE...STA...TE...

: ...Oh...Lloyd...

: Altessa saved me! Please, Professor! Please save him!
: I'm doing everything I can.
: Mithos...why?...Why did he do this?...
: Without an exsphere, healing magic won't help him too much. Even a Life Bottle or an Elixer may not do the job.

Next morning...
: Is Altessa...going to be all right?

: but we should bring a doctor as soon as we can.
: Yeah, unlike us, Altessa isn't using an Exsphere. Healing arts won't be very effective.
: I know a good doctor. We called him from Flanoir when our chief suffered a serious injury.
: Let's go there, Lloyd. Let's call the doctor for Altessa.
: Okay, Flanoir right? Let's go!

Skit #049: He Was My Friend

: Genis, you knew it, didn't you? Why didn't you say anything?
: ...Because I didn't want to believe it. ...He was my friend...He was so nice....
: ...Genis. Don't let him trouble you. Don't let him lead you astray. Do you understand?
: ...I know. I know, but...The tears just won't stop....