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Part 40: "Mini"-Affection and Special Overworld Skits

"Mini"-Update 4: Affection and Special Overworld Skits

Hello, folks. Today's update is a special update that deals with the affection system. As everyone who's played the game knows, next update we're going to get a big choice and our options are limited by the affection system.

Simply put, affection is a number that rates how much a party member likes you. You can raise it or lower it by taking different options in dialogs throughout the game. Whenever Lloyd is given a choice of what to say, normally the only real effect is to change how much certain members of the party like Lloyd. In general it's pretty easy to figure out who likes what response: Colette likes idealism, Raine likes pragmatism, etc.

Anyway, there's a few things you can do to boost character relationships in a more direct way. For example, all characters like being picked to do things with Lloyd, or just in general. So they get affection bonuses for being taken to the Mana Reactor at Iselia Human Ranch, or for being chosen to make Curry for the Gnomelette. There's also sidequests where you get boosts for completing them, like the one with Presea recently where she talks to the people she used to babysit.

Finally, there's the special overworld skits. As you can guess from the name, they're found on the overworld map. They use the skit portraits, but rather than the way skits display text, they use normal dialog boxes and advance by hitting the A button as is customary. They also have choices in them. Each choice has a "right" and "wrong" answer, and if you select the right answer the party member you're talking to gets an affection bonus. I think Regal gets a larger than normal bonus from these skits, since I managed to take him from very low affection to #3 using only his skits. Anyway, most of the skits can only be reached by air, so now was a fairly good time to go around and see them all. Or rather most of them, since a couple of them (one for Colette and one for Genis) proved really damn hard to find and I gave up eventually. Skit points can't be located from the air, or even while riding Noishe. This makes it extra-tedious to search for them. At least you can see them from a fair distance - unless they're in a forest! Haha if that's the case. Some of them aren't where the affection guide on GameFAQs says they are, just for added "FUCK YOU" factor.

Here's a picture of one.

Skit #366: All Guys are the Same!

: Attractive? Rich? Influential? Ya.
: Huh?
: Ah, well, yeah, she's pretty.
: ...I knew it...
: But you know, Colette, you're cuter than she is.
: R-really? Really really?
: Yeah. Zelos is always saying, beautiful girls just seem to gather around me. When I was going to school back in the village, I was too embarrassed to say anything about it, but
: I actually wanted to join the Professor Raine fan club.
: ...O, oh...I see....
: Sheena has her quirks, but she's still got a feminine side, and Presea's cute when she smiles, you know?
: So it doesn't matter to you...
: Huh? What doesn't?
: That's all I need to hear. I've learned quite well that you're just like Zelos.
: ..Hey! What's that supposed to mean, Colette??

Also in the Overworld are chests. Like Skit points, you can't see them unless you're walking along. They're even more goddamn invisible in forested areas.

Presea 1

: ...What?!
: Um...Professor Raine said that Genis likes me. Then...if that's the case, what about you?
: I...haven't really thought about stuff like that. I like everyone. You guys are all my friends.
: Then... Colette, Sheena, and Professor Raine are...
: They're all friends. Colette, I've known since childhood. Sheena's like a pal, and the Professor is, well, the Professor.
: ...And me?
: You? Well, maybe like a younger sister.
: ...I see. I understand. So no one in particular... is special to you.
: Huh? But you're all special. You're my friends.
: Yes, you're right. I think that's fine for now.

Presea 2

: What's wrong?
: I'm sometimes frightened by thoughts of death.
: Personally I'm kind of looking forward to it. I won't have to put up with all this anymore.
: Isn't that normal?
: Lloyd...are you afraid as well?
: Of course I'm afraid. You don't know what's going to happen. But I know that when you die, you can no longer do things that you could've done when you were alive.
: ...Then isn't it good to stop aging with Exspheres?
: Hmm...because you won't die?
: Yes. If everyone stops aging, then no one will be left behind by time, like me.
: ...If that's what everyone wants, then maybe.
: Then, is what we're doing...
: But Presea, there's one thing you can't forget. In order to awaken the Exspheres, many people will have to lose their lives.
: Even if everyone in the world wants to stop time, half of them will have to die in order to make the Exspheres.
: Everyone is afraid of dying. But is it all right to sacrifice half the population for the other half?
: You're right. I forgot about the most important thing. So it's all right to be afraid.... I'm glad.
: Yeah. I think that's fine.
: Yes.

Presea 3

: I am making cuffs of the Altamira bird of paradise.
: ...Altamira bird of what?
: It's a charm for flying. We wouldn't want an accident while flying on the Rheairds.
: Wow. Thanks. I didn't know that Tethe'alla had that many charms.
: No...There isn't a charm for flying, so I thought of one.
: ...Huh?
: In Meltokio...everyone bought the charms that I came up with, so... I am hoping that they have some effect.
: Oh, I see. ...Maybe that's what charms are in the first place.
: Placebo? Yeah.

Presea 4

: Sure.
: How old do you think I am?
: Um, you're about the same age as Genis, right? So twelve? Oh, wait. You had that Exsphere on you, so... maybe about the same age as me?
: I see...I understand.
: Huh? So how old are you?
: For the time being... think of me as the same age as you.
: You met adults that remembered Presea as being older than them, you dumbass.
: "For the time being"? Wait, now you're making me really curious!

Presea 5

: Is something wrong? You look sad.
: ...No. I'm just uneasy.
: About what?
: My time has started to move forward. My body is going to grow older now, and that...scares me.
: Why? It's a good thing.
: I look...twelve, but I am really... I'm afraid that the gap between my real age and my appearance will eventually become a burden.
: Well, as you get older it will become relatively less. So I don't see how that works.
: Umm...I can't really explain it well, but I think it depends on the person.
: What?
: People say I'm a kid, but I think it's because I haven't experienced a lot of things yet.
: Actually, it's about frontal lobe development. Which you seem to be a bit behind on.
: Yes...
: So you're the same, too. Time doesn't make you an adult, right? It's the experience. So things like your actual age don't matter.
: Let's experience things together!
: With you?
: Yes...thank you.

Skit #364: Dirk's Way of Memorization

: What was our homework again?
: Memorizing the preamble to the Palmacosta Charter.
: Oh yeah... man, I have trouble with memorizing.
: You have trouble with all forms of study, you mean.
: Shut up.
: But Lloyd's memorized all the Dwarven Vows. It's amazing!
: R-really?
: Really! Tell me, how did you learn them?
: Since I was a child, I memorized one before each meal and was tested on it.
: And if I couldn't say it, I didn't get to eat.
: Oh, I see.... There must have been Dwarven Vow memory ingredients in the food.
: What.
: Huh? R...really?
: I wonder if I can memorize all the Dwarven Vows if I eat Dirk's cooking.
: No, Colette, that's not it. Lloyd's desire for food temporarily strengthened his memory.
: Oh... So Dirk's food has powers like an Exsphere to increase people's abilities.
: I see!
: Why does the topic of conversation go out the window when talking to Colette?...
: Inbreeding leading to some sort of brain defect is my guess.

Regal 1

: It was difficult at first. I fell on numerous occasions.
: That's hard to imagine. I can't see you falling.
: Really? But it all comes down to getting used to it and training your lower body. Even if you have a sense of balance, it is useless if your muscles are unable to react.
: So that's why you're so buff. I wonder if I'll get more muscles if I train a lot.
: Hmm. Then would you like to do some early morning training with me?
: Yeah! So what time should I wake up?
: Usually a little after four.
: ...Uh, forget it.

Regal 2

: You consider me cool? That is a misunderstanding.
: No, it's not. You're very mature and pretty cool.
: Putting cool or not aside, people mature each day. There is a difference between who you were yesterday and who you are today and tomorrow. Do not worry. You are maturing and will continue to mature.
: ...Yeah! Heh heh. I thought of you as an older brother, but talking to you like this, you feel like more of a dad.
: Dad...huh...
: Yeah. You're refined and dependable....
: And settled?
: Yeah, that's right. Huh? You seem down.
: No, I'm sure you meant it as a compliment.... Let me just warn you. Men start to worry about age at 30, and women at 25.
: Huh? I don't really get it, but all right.
: ...

Regal 3

: Oh...thank you. Praises like that make it worthwhile to cook.
: you know, Genis is a good cook, too.... I guess guys are better at cooking, huh?
: Hmm. Now that you mention it, most chefs are males.
: Maybe it has to do with strength? Cooking is pretty labor intensive.
: But if that's the case, then women are said to be more suited for fighting.
: What?! They are?
: It's something I've read. The reasoning is because women are not afraid of blood.
: Oh come on.
: I didn't know that. Man, women are scary. But I guess I get a little scared when there's blood.
: Yes. Also, we mustn't forget that some women in our group are stronger than us. We must work harder, so that we are not a burden.
: Yeah, you're right.
: Let's work hard, together.

Regal 4

: There is no such thing as a world where no one is sacrificed. It's too idealistic.
: Yeah.
:'re probably right.
: Then what we're doing is...
: Ideals are abstract. In reality, people are unable to live without sacrifices. There are sacrifices in something even as simple as consuming food.
: Maybe it's impossible. But...I still don't want a world that accepts the fact that someone is going to suffer.
: Do not think too broadly. Even if someone is sacrificed, there is still meaning in being kind to others. For instance, you greet your friend with a smile in the morning. That might ease the friend's mind if they were anxious about something.
: ...Yeah. You're right. I guess I shouldn't try to make the world perfectly peaceful at once.
: You do not know what will make each person happy. So this is why we cannot allow a system that ignores the voice[sic] of some. ...That is how I feel.
: You really are mature.
: No, this is probably your influence.
: Mine?
: Your pure viewpoint has probably rubbed off on me.
: Yeah, it's made you stop talking about revenge and sin for a bit.

Regal 5

: What's on your mind?
: I was thinking about the funds necessary if the world is indeed saved.
: Oh...yeah. Just because we defeat Cruxis, doesn't mean that's the end.
: Reconstruction is vital. But we have yet to cooperate with a large organization that can handle such a grand project.
: Desians stomped all of them out.
: A large organization? Like the Renegades?
: No, a political organization. What kind of a political system governs Sylvarant?
: Hmm? Let's see...A long time ago, I heard there was a kingdom in Palmacosta. And before that, there was a king in Asgard....
: Hm... So the Desians managed to destroy political organizations as well.
: So...there's no one who can take charge of the reconstruction.
: Tethe'alla has His Highness. But in will be difficult.
: But that's really amazing that you think about things like that.
: I have been taught to think this way ever since I was young.
Incidentally, this conversation is basically where a fair portion the sequel comes from.

Sheena 1

: ...School? I guess you could call that a school.
: Huh? You didn't go?
: I studied a bit at the Elemental Research Academy, where they research Summon Spirits.
: Oh there. So did the teacher make you hold buckets and throw erasers at you?
: Of course not. That happened to you?
: Uh...yeah. Anyway, what did you study?
: Hmm...let's the structure of Summon Spirits and lore. How mana is used in the body and things like that.
: I'm getting sleepy just listening to you.
: Ha ha. I guess you're really not good at these things.
: It's because I don't understand theories and stuff.
: Still, being able to survive without understanding is a talent in itself.

Sheena 2

: Oh, I'm a guardian user. I fight with special cards infused with powers.
: Guardian user, huh? When I first met you, I was surprised how you could fight with a piece of paper.
: When dwarves create accessories they carve charms into them, right? It's similar to that.
: I see. So if I buy some paper and draw some charms on it...
: It won't work. It's a secret art.
: Darn...
: If you really want to learn it, you could become one of us.
: How do I do that?
: But your heart belongs to Zelos!
: Okay.
: ...What?!
: I just need to marry, right?
: Um...I... mean... want to... then...
: I just need to marry someone in your village, right?
: ...You're so insensitive.

Sheena 3

: Huh? Are you crying?
: What?!, I'm not crying. I just...remembered the past.
: The past?
: Yeah... Hey, Lloyd. You were banished from your village, right? How did you feel when it happened? Was it painful?
: Well...yeah. But it was my own fault. My pain is nothing compared to the people that died because of me.
: That's true. But if it's still painful and it hurts...what're you supposed to do?
: You thinking about the whole "Volt" thing?
: Just cry. We're friends, aren't we? If something painful happened, I'll be there for you.
: Thanks, Lloyd.

Sheena 4

: Yeah. Well, you could call it the Irving-way of fighting.
: Losing... sympathy... rapidly...
: I'm amazed how strong you got all by yourself.
: What about you? Did you train?
: Yeah. Everything is training when I'm in the village.
: Wait. While you're sleeping and eating, too?
: Of course. We can't let our guard down at any time. That's the fate of those who live in the shadows, like us.
: But you let your guard down a lot though.
: ...What?!
: Well, you always fall into traps.
: Like you're one to talk.

Sheena 5
This skit is probably intended to be accessed earlier since you can reach it on foot before your first visit to the Tower of Salvation, more or less right after Sheena joins.

: I was your enemy, but now I'm traveling with you guys.
: Yeah. Probably because you're trusting.
: Look who's talking! You're pretty trusting, too.
: I think all of us are like that. If we weren't, we wouldn't be on this journey.
: Yeah. Then I'll have to thank everyone for being trusting.
: Why?
: I...I wanted friends. I wanted friends who have nothing to do with the rules of the village.
: Heh heh. Me too. We're kind of alike.
: Yeah. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to conspire with you. That's not what friends do.
: Yeah, I know! Welcome aboard Sheena.
: Hehe, thanks.
Zelos 1

: I was both handsome and smart. A prodigy.
: Prod easy? You were easily prodded?
: ...The fact that you're serious is what makes you scary.
: Hey, don't make fun of me.
: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I was an idol known throughout Meltokio.
: That's what I don't get. You're funny, but why do girls go for you?
: Are you jealous, Lloyd?
: No, it's not that.
: ...I didn't understand it either, but I did find out soon enough.
: Why?
: It's because...I'm the Chosen.
: So?
: Heh, surrounded by women who care about your position but not you. Fun times.
: I don't think it matters if you're the Chosen or not.

: ...Heh heh. Those are such cajoling words.

: If you want to think that way, then that's fine.

Zelos 2

: Yeah. In Tethe'alla, the lineage of the Chosen is powerful, second only to the royal family.
: In Sylvarant, peoples' quality of life didn't vary too much. But here, there's a huge gap between the rich and the poor. I was totally surprised.
: Sylvarant doesn't have any wealth to be accumulated.
: Your side will change once it starts to flourish. There'll be a gap between the rich and the poor. Colette's family will probably get really rich.
: But...if Colette succeeds in regenerating the world, she's not going to be around anymore. So who's going to get rich?
: Colette's cousin's family will become the main lineage of the Chosen. The Chosen lineage has lots of relatives to make sure that the bloodline continues.
: But she didn't have any relatives in the village.
: Of course not. If a natural disaster struck, they'd all die if they lived in the same place. That's why none of my relatives are in Meltokio.
: Being the chosen is tough, huh?
: Yup. No good comes from being the Chosen.
: He seems to really be serious on that last bit.

Zelos 3

: What? The village I grew up in didn't have casinos or bars, but I still had a lot of fun.
: You back country hick. Do you really think that kind of a healthy lifestyle suits me?
: But you don't fool around as much as you claim you do.
: Excuse me?
: Well, if you really hated being on a journey and wanted to quit, you'd have done so already.
: ...
: Why did you get all quiet?
: You're pretty sharp sometimes. I guess I should head back.
: What?! Are you serious?
: No, of course not. I've got reasons of my own to stay with you guys.
: Oh, I see. But it'd be lonely if someone left, even if it was you.
: ...Ok, now I'm really reconsidering my decision.

Zelos 4

: Hmm? What is it, bud? If you have a question, I'll answer it for 100 Gald.
: I'll pay you when I get rich.
: You're going to get rich?
: That's not the point. Anyway, what do I need to do to attract girls?
: Huh? You want to get chicks?
: Maybe puberty finally kicked in.
: I didn't think about it before, but... during this journey, people mention how cool everyone else is, so I thought maybe I'm not.
: So before you thought you were the man.
: I thought I was cool.
: Lloyd, I just gained new respect for you.
: And that's supposed to make me happy?
: Yep. Take pride in the fact that thanks to you, people like me shine even more!
: Oh, that's a compliment!
: Huh?
: 'Cause Sheena said that you were a complete moron!
: ...

Zelos 5

: Very unlike you to be brooding.
: Hey, what are you trying to say?
: Well, you act like there's nothing wrong even when there is.
: !!
: What?
: You really seem to... I, forget it.
: What? Come on, Zelos, you can tell me.
: No, no, no. It's not like me. Anyway, you just totally impressed me with what you just said.
: Oh.
: "Oh"? That's all you have to say?

Zelos Kid Event; this gets you affection with Zelos, Colette, and possibly Regal.
: What's wrong?
: ...My mom is lost.

: ...You're an aristocrat. Why is an aristocrat talking to me?!
: I'm not an aristocrat.
: That's right. You got seperated from your mother, right?
: ...Yeah.
: Let's look for his mother, Lloyd.
: Yeah.
: Eww...We're going to look after this little brat?
: You shouldn't say things like that. Let's look for her, okay?
: Fine, fine.
: Hey that child is from the Meltokio slums, yes? Does he have permission to enter here?
: Isn't he from the Meltokio slums? The smell will stick, so I'd rather you didn't bring him close to me.
: I'm afraid I don't know.... By the way, has that child ever taken a bath? He smells terrible.

: Yeah...
: It's all right. We poor people are treated like that.
: ...I see. So there is discrimination between the aristocracy and the commoners as well.
: Wouldn't you know this kind of thing?
: Half-elves and humans, aristocrats and commoners... There's more discrimination in Tethe'alla than in Sylvarant.
: ...Humph. I guess so.
: So you're the ones that have been dragging around a slum child and disturbing the peace.
: What?!
: We're not doing anything like that. This child is lost so...
: No excuses! This filthy little brat!
: Owww! Let me go!
: Silence! It seems someone stole some food from the shop ahead. I'll bet it was you.
: It wasn't me! It wasn't me!
: Stop!
: Argh! Don't make Tethe'alla look any worse than it already does! Let that child go!
: dare you talk to me like that?! You look like an aristocrat, but if you disturb the peace of this city...
: Shut up! Can't you see this?
: Th...that's the Jewel of the Chosen!
: Just who the hell do you think I am? I am Zelos, the Chosen of Mana of the noble Mana Lineage! Get back!
: Ah...I...Our most humblest apologies for not recognizing you and for our indiscretions.
: Kid. You haven't done anything, right?
: ...I haven't done anything!
: ...You heard him. This child is lost. Find his mother, now!
: Yes, sir! Understood!
: Wow, that was amazing!
: In this country, the Chosen is a noble just below the royal family in rank.
: Higher than you, Regal?
: Much higher.
: ...You're the Chosen?
: ...Yep.
: ...It's because you aren't doing your job that the Church won't help poor people.
: ...You're right.
: If you think so, then do something!
: Don't rely on other people to do stuff for you. If you don't like being poor, then work.
: Ah, the "bootstraps" approach.
: Wh...How can you say that?!
: Then, what? I should tell the Church to give enough charity so the poor won't have trouble living? That's not fair to the people who work hard.
: How about providing running water to the slums so they can stop smelling that bad?
: ...We poor...can't even find a place to work. That's why Mom has to keep going from one city to the next....
: Then, what can you do?
: Wha? I...I'm a child, so...
: Don't use that as an excuse. There are jobs that children can do. Don't talk like you know everything until you've done what you can do.
: We've found his mother! It seems she was pestering a teacher up ahead for a job.
: I...I'm sorry, Chosen.... This child has caused trouble for...
: So did you get a job?
: No....It seems they will not hire people who are dirty like us.
: ...Go to my house in Meltokio.
: What?
: I'm sure you can at least do laundry. Tell the butler my name and get some work.
: Really?!
: But if your work is no good, you'll be fired. Work hard.
: Th...thank you so much! I will never forget this debt! Thank you so much!
: Okay, okay, just hurry up and go.
: I understand. Let's go, now.
: ...Thank you, Chosen....
: Ah, I shall excuse myself now.
: ...Zelos. You're not such a bad guy after all.
: ...Hahaha, nah, she was pretty, so I just showed her some pity, that's all.
: The Chosen is more modest than I expected.
: ...Yeah. And those words he said... "Don't rely on other people to do stuff for you" ...Those were a little painful on my ears.
: Yeah. Let's not forget that.

Raine 1

: I...I can swim.
: Liar. You're afraid of the water.
: I am not afraid.
: Why do you try to act tough?
: ...
: I remember having to put on a brave face for Mithos. It was pretty hard before we met Kratos and Yuan.
: Professor?
: When I was with my mother and father... We were being chased, so we fled onto a ship. But...the pursuers soon caught up to us and... I fell into the ocean. It was winter and the water was painfully cold. I was swept away by the currents, and I thought I was going to die....
: ...I'm sorry Professor. I didn't realize you had such a big reason for your fear.
: Don't worry. If something like that happens again, I'll save you.
: I'm a pretty good swimmer.
: Well...thank you, Lloyd. I'm counting on you.

Raine 2

: What's wrong, Professor?
: I don't understand. I'm cooking exactly according to the recipe that Genis gave me, but it's not going well.
: Oh, it's your wacky cooking.
: What do you mean by "wacky"?
: Heh heh.... But if you're following Genis's recipe, it should turn out a little better.
: Hmm. I guess I shouldn't have tried to put my own spin on it.
: Spin?
: Well, for instance, cakes. Cake is sweet no matter who bakes it, right? So wouldn't a spicy cake be a breakthrough?
: I think I know why your cooking is dangerous....

Raine 3

: What's wrong, Professor? You look troubled.
: I'm questioning why a lot of researchers mix pure science and magitechnology.
: ...Huh?
: The power of magic that is at the root of magitechnology has never been proved by science. But still they...
: Yes it has. It's just that not a lot of records survived, well, Mithos.
: Professor...
: ...Yes?
: Aren't you going to question why you're talking to someone who has no clue as to what you're talking about?
: Lloyd!
: Wh...what?
: That's a very good question. I'm basically straightening out my thoughts regarding the question by talking to someone.
: ...So you're just gonna keep on talking, aren't you?

Raine 4

: was it at some really big school somewhere?
: I've never been to school. I took several tests, but I never attended a formal school due to various circumstances.
: Wow. I never realized that people can get smart like you without going to school.
: As long as you have the will, you can study anywhere.
: I get it. Since I don't have the will, I don't understand what you teach in class.
: Don't sound so proud about it. I know that you can do it if you just try harder.
: I mean, you're able to learn intricate crafting techniques.
: Oh, heh, well, I have the will to do that.
: ...I guess it's fine. Even I sometimes can't achieve the desired end results.
: Like cooking?
: ...I hate to admit it, but yes. If there's a cooking school, I'd love to attend it.
: You'll get better eventually.
: ...Thank you, Lloyd. Even if it is only to console me.

Raine 5

: What is?
: You. When I first met you, you were only about Genis's height.
: Yeah, I guess so.
: And your voice hadn't changed.
: Oh yeah... Soon I'll be the same age as you when we first met.
: *Sigh*
: What's wrong? Why are you sighing?
: Well... Compared to each other, I was more childish than Genis at his age, and still more childish than you when you were my age.
: Well, it means you've grown up.
: Why?
: Children steadfastly believe they are adults and are desperate to be recognized.
: I see...I hope so.
: It is so. Having the power of objectivity is the first step to being an adult.

Genis 1

: What's wrong?
: Huh?
: Why are you sighing?
: Oh...uh...I was just thinking that I've changed.
: You have?
: I think I've become more stubborn because of you.
: That's good.
: No, it's not! We only need one person who's stubborn.
: Hey. Like the Professor says, you shouldn't give up on this so easily.
: That's true, but you do get bored with things pretty easily.
: No I don't. I don't give up on anything.
: Liar. Then why did you stop trying to memorize the Summon Spirit relational chart?
: Th...that's another matter. Anyway, let's go. I'm getting bored of this place.
: don't follow what you say.

Genis 2

: Anything's fine.
: Come on, that's not fun.
: But I like everything you make.
: Really? Hehehe.
: You're really a good cook.
: Well yeah. I do most of the chores around the house.
: Then when do you study.
: At school.
: No way. Then you grades should be the same as mine.
: Hey. You don't study even at school. You're only awake during lunch and PE.
: I'm also awake during art.
: Is that something to be proud of? You'd do a lot better just by paying attention in class.
: Bah, studying is for chumps.
: Huh?
: What's the point of school anyway? I mean, do I really need to know math?
: Of course! You use it every day!

Genis 3

: What're you doing?
: Did you do your homework?
: Do we really have to do our homework? I mean, come on...
: You haven't done it yet? Raine's gonna get mad.
: ...Hey, Genis.
: No. Raine would know if I did your homework.
: It'll be fine. I'll write it down myself.
: It won't work.
: I can't make the crazy mistakes that you make.
: You can be a real punk sometimes....

Genis 4

: No. We won't know if it's meaningless until we do it.
: A very simple-minded answer.
: ...Hey.
: I doubt that there'll ever be an ending that'll satisfy everyone.
: W...well, there...might be...Maybe...
: See? You agree with me too. But I guess since I'm like this, that's why you and I make a good team. I like how you always force yourself to be optimistic.
: Why do I feel like that's not a compliment?...

Colette 1

: Nope, never.
: I've been on one once.
: Wow! How was it?
: It's really fun! I've only done it once, but your body shakes with every step the dragon takes!
: Seems like a rough ride.
: There's a trick to it.... You need to feel the rhythm. So I tried really hard to match the tempo and...
: And?
: I got sick....
: That
: No.
: But you had fun, right?
: Yeah!
: Okay...I don't get it.

Colette 2

: Like how?
: no one would be hungry, and they'd all wear really nice clothes and always be smiling....
: They're wearing nice clothes.
: But there are people who look dirtier than us. ...I guess Tethe'alla isn't a perfect world after all.
: Yeah. You're right. There are humans, elves, and half-elves...and not everything is perfect.
: What's that supposed to mean?
: I guess that's reality.
: I...I'm going to work harder.
: Huh?
: This is reality, but I want the world to be a happier place. So I'm going to work hard at it.
: Yeah, let's do it together.

Colette 3

: Hehe, I know.
: Yeah. I'm so jealous.
: You want a pet, too?
: Yeah, a big dog. And a small one, too. I'm going to get lots of them.
: You really like dogs.
: I like cats, too. Fishes are cute as well--lizards and turtles too!
: I don't know about the latter....
: They're cute! When turtles close their eyes, their eyelids come up from the bottom!
: Uh...huh.
: You're cute, too, when you're sleeping.
: She watches him sleep? Creepy much?
: What am I...a turtle?

Colette 4

: What's wrong?

: Oh, um, I'm sorry.
: Come on, you can tell me.
: Um...well, when I was really young... I thought that everyone became an angel when they died. But when I found out that I was the only one, it felt lonely. I realized that I was different.
: You weren't afraid of dying?
: ...No. I didn't really understand what it meant to die. I didn't fear death until I met you, Lloyd. I began to fear death once I had friends.
: Colette, I'm happy for you.
: What?
: If you're afraid of dying, it means you're happy to be alive.
: ...Yeah!
: It works in reverse too.

By the way, I fought a ton of woodland creatures tracking down some of the more elusive skit points. Here's a short video showing some summons that I did during this time.
Youtube version is maybe better quality