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Part 41: Update 36

Update 36

: What's wrong with him? Why is he wandering off at a time like this?!
: We don't have a choice.

Skit #048: Good Doctor

: If you want just any doctor regardless of skill, there's plenty available. But with a severe wound like that...There's only a few who could save him.
: We won't get anywhere by standing around talking about it. We need to hurry.
: Yeah, I know. Hang in there, Altessa.

: ...Aionis is that weird rock they had me ingest. Use that to make the ring of the pact...hmm. Can I...really do this?
: Zelos! There you are! Why are you mumbling to yourself?
: What? Lloyd, you're late.

: Oh, my, if it isn't Sheena. It's been a while. How is everyone in Mizuho?
: It's an emergency! We have someone who's about to die.
: Oh, my, it sounds like things aren't quiet and peaceful.
: Stop standing there chatting and hurry up and get ready to go!
: ...It'll cost you.
: How can you talk about money at a time like this!
: I'm not running my business as a charity.
: You...
: We'll pay anything! So please, hurry...
: ...You're taking advantage of people when they're in need! Fine, we'll give you as much as you like! How much do you want?!
: Have you ever seen the cost of earning a medical doctorate? Eat a dick, Lloyd.
: Let's make it payment upon success. First, I need to see the patient. Travel expenses and hazard pay will be billed separately.
: Fine! Whatever!
: Then please give me an escort. Let's see...

I have no idea why he says "three" and not "four" there. Four people go with him. Anyway the big decision thingy of the game is here. The four people with the lowest affection for Lloyd bug off with the Doc, while the three people with highest affection, well, you'll see.
: Do you mind if we have this doctor ride on your Rheaird?
: Yeah, okay. I guess I'll wait here in this city.

And the winner is... Raine. I also got Raine as my character with the highest affection (characters come visit Lloyd in decreasing order of affection), presumably because I chose her for many things and never chose Colette.
Youtube version.

: Could I speak with you for a moment?
: Hey Professor, what's up?
: I wanted to go outside to see the snow. Would you like to accompany me?
: Sure.

: Hard to believe you would say something like that.

: Hehehehe.
: You're going overboard on the laughter.
: Sorry.
: Lloyd, what are you planning to do now?
: We...need to go to Derris-Kharlan.
: Yes, it's time we settled this.
: Yeah, I know what I have to do. Release Origin's seal, acquire the right to wield the Eternal Sword, and use it to reunite the worlds. ...Although, they say humans can't use the Eternal Sword.
: That's not the only problem. In order to accomplish your goal, you must defeat not only Mithos, but Kratos as well.
: ...I wonder if there's another way, like with Colette.
: Before, I would have simply stated that there is none.
: Really?
: Yes. I used to believe that there are things that can't be changed in this world.
: And now you don't?
: ...I still think there are things that can't be changed.
: Ah...
: But I don't think it's such a bad thing to believe in possibilities. Although I'm a little nervous about this change in myself.
: I wonder what it was that changed you?
: Do you remember studying about snowflakes? How when viewed under a magnifying glass, you can see that they have complex crystalline shapes?
: Uhhh, wh...what? Did they?
: Yes they do. They're beautiful crystals that resemble conifers.
: Coni...fers?
: ...Never mind. Anyway, depending on the temperature and humidity, snow crystals become completely different shapes.
: And so?...
: They all look like the same cold snow, but in reality, they're very sensitive to the environment around them.
: Oh, yeah. I get that, but...
: In other words, the temperature around me has changed.
: Oh! I see, you're saying that there's something that has changed you!
: Hehe, although it would seem that my heat source hasn't realized it at all.
: Are you hitting on one of your students? That's just wrong.
: Huh? Huh?

: for tomorrow may be our last battle.
: Y...yeah, I guess.

: We left the doctor there just in case, but it seems that he's fine for a moment. People from Mizuho are tending to him as well.
: Good. I need to speak with everyone. The world is never gonna change if we just wait for Cruxis to make the next move, right? So this time, we're going to strike them first.
: Well, so you're finally ready to do it! We're gonna raid Cruxis!
: Yeah. I have two objectives: Prevent the establishment of Mithos' new Age...and release Origin.
: But if you release Origin, what about Kratos?
: ...I don't really know yet. We don't know for certain that he'll actually die. We also don't know if he'll side with us or not. We don't have the time to worry about things we're not sure of.
: What do you intend to do about the Eternal Sword? Even if you break Origin's seal, you can't wield it, remember? And I doubt either Genis or I would be able to handle a sword...
: Don't worry about that. I've got it covered.
: What are you talking about?
: Why do you think I can use magic swords? I received magic injections with the latest in Tethe'alla technology. In other words, I'm a human with elven blood in me. That should work, shouldn't it?
: Then I guess this will be the final battle.
: Understood. Let us end this.
: ...For the sake of uniting the worlds.
: ...Yeah.
: I'll do my best, too!
: ...Colette, I need you to stay behind.
: ...Why?
: No. No! NO!
: They want you as Martel's vessel. We'll have either Mizuho or the Renegades hide you.
: If...that's what you want...
: ...No, I'm going, too!
: But...
: Heh, I get it. You don't think you can protect her. That is so sad...
: Wh...what did you say?
: Don't worry, Colette! I, the great Zelos, swear to protect you!
: Zelos!
: Take her along, Lloyd. They're gonna be after her no matter where she is. You ought to know that by now. Be a man, show her what you're made of!
: Wow, we actually have the same opinion for once. Sorry, Lloyd, but I agree with Zelos this time.
: ...All right, Colette will come with us, okay?
: Whew.
: Thank you, Lloyd. And everyone else, too.

: ...It sure does...for some weird reason.

: ...Zelos, I trust you.
: Wh...what are you talking about? Well, of course, I can understand that you're counting on me. Just place your faith in me!
: Faith, huh. I hope so.
: Yeah, yeah, come on, let's go!

In the JPN-PS2 version, there's a bunch of stuff you can get later depending on who you pick here. Whoever you went out with later obtains a costume of some sort. For certain characters, they pair up and the buddy gets a costume too.
Colette can get Lloyd's clothes (he offers a set to her when she falls into some water).
Genis and Presea can get winter outfits or something, if you pick Presea only she gets one, if you pick Genis both get one.
Sheena and Zelos get biker outfits. Once again you have to pick the guy if you want both to get their outfit.
Regal gets a noble's outfit.
Raine can become a bunny girl (!!) and work as an employee at Altamira.

I know a lot of you were disappointed your favorite didn't win or I wasn't able to get your favorite into the running. So here's everyone else's conversations! With video! Watch the video!

Colette's scene.
Youtube version.
: Look, look! You can see out over the city! It's so beautiful!
: Yeah.
: you remember what Kratos said?
: ...What was it?
: He said we can throw the Exspheres away at any time. But right now, we need to carry the burden of the hopes and dreams of the victims and fight on their behalf.
: ...Oh, that. That was when we saw Exspheres being made at the human ranch in Sylvarant.
: He was talking about your mother, wasn't he?
: But he works willingly for the boss of the guy responsible for turning my mom into a monster!
: I don't think that's true. Kratos saved us over and over again. And he protected you, too, Lloyd.
: Yeah, but...
: And so, I'm sure he cares about both you and your mother. He's a wonderful father, don't you think?
: ...Is that why you brought me out here? To tell me that?
: Um, hmm...yeah, I guess that was part of it.
: ...Thanks. But it's okay. I'm not really shocked about the fact that he's my father anymore.
: But...
: Origin's seal?
: I'm sorry for bringing it up. But it he unleashes all the mana from his body, then not even he could...
: I know. No one knows if he'll survive or not.
: ...And that's why we need to find a way to release Origin without Kratos losing his life! Just like the way you saved me!
: ...Colette.
: I'm sure everyone will understand. Okay? Please?
: Thanks, Colette. But I look at it this way. Kratos has his reasons for siding with Mithos, and I want to hear what those are. Anything else I do is going to wait until after that.
: ...You're going, aren't you? To Derris-Kharlan.
: ...Yeah. I plan to go after we check on Altessa's condition tomorrow. I agree with Mithos' vision...I have to prevent it from happening. I'm going to fight him.
: ...Is it okay...if I come a little closer?
: ...Um, sure.
: I don't want to see this beautiful scenery ruined the way Sylvarant was.
: I won't let that happen.
: This time, we're going to protect it, right?
: Yeah. Do you know the seventh Dwarven Vow?
: Hehe, the one you hate the most, right?
: Goodness and love will always win! ...I really hope that's true.
: Are you worried? Then...take this.
: What's this?
: It's a charm. A Flanoir snow bunny. They say it brings good luck. I had them take one to Altessa earlier. And this one's for you.
: ...Thanks.
: ...Lloyd, we're all with you. Now that you have a charm, too, everything will work out okay!
: Yeah, you're right.

Genis's scene.
Youtube version.
: It's me! Have you looked outside? It's snowing.
: I was wondering why it was so cold.
: Let's go outside for a bit! Come on, it'll be fun!
: Sure.
: Wow! Everything is so quiet when it's snowing.
: Yeah. It's kinda creepy, huh?
: We hardly ever see snow in Iselia since it's so warm.
: Wow, this is so cool!
: Hey, you're gonna trip and fall!
: Don't worry, I'll be fine!
: See, I told you!
: okay?!
: ...Yeah, I'm okay.
: ...Are you crying? Did you hurt yourself?
: Huh? Heheh, no, it's not like that. I just got a little scared.
: Of what?
: I just thought about Mithos as an angel...He probably wouldn't notice that it's so cold.
: ...Maybe. Maybe he just wants to reject everything about who he is. Being human, being elven...even being half-elven.
: Tomorrow, after we make sure Altessa's okay, we're going to finally put an end to all this, aren't we?
: Huh? Why do you ask? Yeah, that's the plan anyway.
: Then, is it okay for me to take Mithos' side for just a minute?
: What?
: I can kind of understand how he feels. Just a little.
: Really?
: When we were chased out of Iselia, I...I cursed the fact that I was part human. I couldn't stand it.
: I see.
: When Raine and I were refused at Heimdall, I was so embarrassed and frustrated.
: Yeah...
: I'm neither human or elf. Neither side will accept me. Yet, unless I belong to one of them, neither will recognize my very existence!
: Are you opposed to fighting Mithos?
: ...No, it's not like that. I certainly can't forgive him for the things he's doing.
: But it pains you, right?
: Well...Even if we defeat Mithos, I don't think we'll truly have defeated him.
: Yeah. ...Humans, elves, and half-elves...all of us have to change.
: Can everyone really change?
: We can't give up. Everyone has the right to live in this world--to see this scenery. ...At least, that's what I think.
: You're right. You've been really stubborn about not giving up.
: Can't you think of a better word than stubborn?
: Maybe I'll try being a little stubborn, too.
: You sure know how to push a guy's buttons. Hehe, oh well.
: ...Achoo!
: It's getting pretty cold. Wanna head back inside?
: Yeah, sounds good. Thanks, Lloyd.
: Huh? For what?
: For just treating me like...
: Treating you like what?
: ...Nah, never mind.
: What was that about? Dork.

Sheena's scene. I found a save from my original run through of the game back when it came out, and Sheena was possible from there.
Youtube version.
: Hey, do you have a sec?
: Sheena! What's up?
: Wanna come outside with me? It's snowing, and it's really pretty.
: Sure.
: Everyone's asleep. The world looks so peaceful when you stand here like this.
: Yeah. Even though up above us, Cruxis is busy planning its absurd Age of Lifeless Beings.
: Lifeless beings... Do you think discrimination would really go away if everyone became lifeless beings?
: ...I doubt it would.
: Yeah. I agree. I'm human. But the people of Mizuho and the other humans of Tethe'alla have always had a gap separating them. Even inside Mizuho, I always stood out.
: Maybe Mithos despises the blood of both races that course through his body.
: Maybe so. I can kind of understand that, too.
: Because you're from Mizuho?
: Well, since I can make pacts with Summon Spirits, I probably... I probably have elves in my ancestry somewhere in the distant past.
: Really?
: Apparently, only those of elven blood can call forth Summon Spirits. Not just magic, but also any technique that uses the mana of the natural world requires some elven blood to be flowing through you.
: Then, Kratos and Zelos, too?
: They might have some elven blood in them. Just like me.
: ...I see.
: The instant I made the pact with Corrine, people around me started to look at me differently. And I thought to myself, this is what it must be like for half-elves all the time.
: Did you...ever wish you were different?
: ...I've lost count of all the times I've wished it. Especially since I caused the deaths of the people in my village. But it's because I have this power that I met Corrine and all of you.
: Yeah, if you didn't have your summoning abilities, someone else might have come to kill Colette instead.
: When I think about it that way, I think that everything a person possesses is important in some way.
: In other words, you have your summoning abilities because they're needed.
: Yeah. My power, Colette's power, Raine and Genis' elven blood... And everything you've received from your parents. They're all needed, and that's why they're there. We're all needed, and that's why we're here.
: ...I think you're right. I think every single life has meaning.
: Me, too. I've started thinking that way lately. And when I did, it's like a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. To know that it's okay just to be know?
: Well, yeah, that's a given, isn't it?
: It wasn't a given for me. I failed in my duties and ran from making pacts. I always thought of myself as a burden.
: I see.
: But after seeing you say exactly what you mean, not holding anything back, time and time again, I started to think that maybe I could myself.
: Really? I don't quite get it.
: Really. I think I started to think that way because you live your life in such earnest.
: Heh, I think that's a compliment.
: ...I wish Mithos could feel that, too.
: Mithos...
: If he lived his life as earnestly as you do, maybe he wouldn't be able to snuff out the lives of those who are trying just as hard to live.
: ...I don't know if we can get that across to him or not, but I'm going to fight him...For the sake of creating a world where we can live our lives the way we want to.
: Are you planning to make the next move?
: Yeah. I don't see the situation improving by allowing Cruxis to go about their merry way.
: I agree. I don't like just sitting around and waiting to see what happens.
: Right? You and I think a lot alike, Sheena! I think we could become great friends.
: ...Great...friends.
: Oh, you don't want to?
: ...Idiot!

I wasn't able to record Zelos's Scene, so here have a youtube guy's recording. You should still watch it, it's not like he used a camera pointed at the screen or something.
: Hey man, you awake?
: ...I just got sleepy right now. G'night.
: Whoa whoa whoa! Don't be like that! Come on, let's go talk outside for a bit.
: Sure.
: ...On that day, Meltokio had a record snowfall. It looked just like this city.
: What are you talking about all of a sudden?
: Ah, just a story about the past. I suddenly felt like talking about it.
: Well, if you want to talk, I'm all ears.
: I was so excited to see snow for the first time, and I made a snowman in the garden with my mother. Then suddenly, the snowman fell apart. Before I knew what was going on, red snow began to fall.
: ...Red...snow?
: It was my mother's blood. She was murdered.
: ...
: As she fell, she grabbed my shoulder and told me, "You should never have been born."
: That's...that's horrible!
: My mother probably loved somebody else. But because of the oracle from Cruxis, she had to marry the Chosen at the time--my father. And the old man had another woman as well.
: But none of that was your fault!
: ...The magic that killed my mother was meant for me.
: What?
: They targeted me because I was the next Chosen. My mother was caught in the crossfire.
: ...
: The one who tried to kill me was Seles' mother. They executed her and Seles was placed under house arrest in the abbey.
: So that's what happened.
: I never wanted to be the Chosen. I spent every moment of my life wishing I could just run away.
: ...Chosens lead really difficult lives. I can only imagine what it's like. But I can still understand how hard it must be.
: ...Sorry. Kinda hard to think of anything to say to a story like that, right?
: Don't worry about it. But why did you suddenly decide to tell me?
: I should've never been born.
: Wh...why do you say that?!
: I'm not saying I still think that way now. But all my life, I've been rejected by my parents, shunned by the Church, and viewed as a threat by the royal family... ...I just wanted to run away.
: But you're here with us, now, right?
: I dunno. Even now, to tell the truth, I get tired of all the problems. Sometimes I think it'd be easier if everyone and everything were just destroyed.
: Zelos! How can you say that?!
: ...Did I piss you off?
: Hell yes! Of course! It'd be a huge problem for me if everything was destroyed.
: But think about it. If everything was destroyed, you'd vanish, too.
: I refuse to vanish. And so I don't want anyone else to be destroyed...I want you to live, too, Zelos.
: ...I think I'm gonna cry.
: Don't make fun of what I'm saying. Tomorrow, once we're sure that Altessa is okay, I'm going to challenge Mithos to a final battle. But if that's the way you feel, I'll be too worried to bring you along.
: You're going to fight? Do you really think you can unite the worlds?
: I can and I will. I'm not going to run away.
: All right, all right, I hear ya. I swear, your fervent enthusiasm is enough to melt all the snow in Flanoir. ...I'm in. I guess I'll give this not running away thing a shot.
: Haha. Once the world is at peace, you can run away all you like.
: Gee, thanks. Man, I can't believe I'm joining the weaker side. This isn't like me at all.
: What are you talking about?
: Nothing, just talking to myself. Anyway, let's get back. It's way too cold out here.
: Yeah.
Next morning.
: Hmm? Did Zelos drop this? Hey, there's a letter attached...
: This is a symbol of my trust. Hang on to it for me, okay? I don't have the right to ask for your forgiveness, but I still want you to forgive me. P.S. Don't tell the others.
: What the?...Man, what the heck is he trying to say? He should make it easier to understand!

I wasn't able to record Presea's Scene, so here have a youtube guy's recording. You should still watch it, it's not like he used a camera pointed at the screen or something.
: It is me.
: This is unusual. What's up?
: Would you like to go see the snow?
: Sure.
: Wow! I've never seen this much snow before.
: I have...hardly ever seen snow, feels strange.
: Really?
: My memories from the time when my soul was missing are...not very clear. And, also, I've never been anywhere besides Ozette and Meltokio.
: ...I see. I understand. I'm the same way. Before all this happened, I'd hardly ever left Iselia.
: Snow melts away so quickly.
: Yeah. It's...just basically ice.
: I always thought of it as something that remained for a long, long time. But instead, it is fleeting.
: Yeah. When you talk about it that way, it's kind of sad.
: But that's the way things are. ...Trees, grass, and flowers all eventually wilt away. People are no different.
: All life eventually dies. And so now disappears as well.
: Altessa will not disappear yet...right?
: Presea...
: I...I still haven't forgiven him. And yet, if he were to pass away, I...
: It'll turn out okay.
: ...That is not absolute. I wish you wouldn't say things like that so casually.
: If it was absolute, I wouldn't say, "It'll turn out okay."
: What do you mean? Those kinds of words are meant for when we feel that there is no need to worry.
: There's nothing in this world that's absolute. And I think that's precisely why we say things like that to ourselves. Stuff like, "I know I can do it!" "I know it'll be okay!"
: Perhaps so.
: Honestly, I don't know if Altessa will be all right. The only thing I can do is believe in Altessa's will to live.
: Believe...
: Yeah. And that's why I say, "It'll be okay." I'm going to keep saying it and keep believing it. Human will is a powerful thing. ...I'm gonna use that power to keep Altessa in this world.
: It must be that power of will that makes you so strong.
: Ah, I dunno about that...
: When I look at you, the things I thought were completely hopeless feel as though they may actually be easy to overcome.
: ...I'm simple-minded, so I don't think too hard about things. I just figure it'll all work out somehow as long as I don't give up.
: Do you think you can win against Mithos?
: ...Yeah. I'm going to win. I won't be able to fight him unless I have that mindset.
: Is it because you were friends with him for a little while?
: I'm not sure. Maybe. But I can't sympathize with him.
: Yes, he has done many terrible things to humans, elves, and to the land itself.
: And to half-elves. He took his own pain and forced it on everyone around him, and got the entire half-elf race caught up in the process.
: Yes. That's true.
: The fact is that humans and elves have both done bad things. And I'm sure that Mithos tolerated it as long as he could. But that's only an excuse for all the things he's done.
: Lloyd, you will win.
: Huh?
: That is how I feel after talking to you. If your will and Mithos' will were to collide, I'm certain that yours will overcome his. Because you are not denying your true self.
: ...Thanks. Just hearing you say that gives me the courage to take on Cruxis tomorrow.
: Tomorrow?
: Yup. After we make sure Altessa's okay, I'm going to put an end to all of this.
: You are going to defeat Mithos and unite the worlds.
: Yeah. That's the only way.
: Lloyd. I'm sure everything will be okay. I can win.
: Hey, you're being positive.
: Yes. I will lend you the power of my will as well.
: ...Okay! I'll make good use of it!

Regal's scene.
Youtube version.
: Pardon me.
: Regal? What are you doing up at this hour?
: I apologize for coming late. Would you mind if we stepped outside for a moment? I'd like to have a word with you.
: Sure.
: Snow...this place is clearly affected by Celsius' presence.
: It's pretty to look at, but I bet the people that live here have a rough time.
: Indeed. The only way to survive in this area is through tourism.
: Hey, your company's main business is tourism, right? Do you own any buildings in Flanoir?
: There should be several ski resorts and hotels of ours in this area.
: ...Whoa, you really are rich.
: I'm not the one that built the company. It was someone in my family many generations ago.
: Wow, your family's been around for a long time.
: The Exsphere mine produced a great deal of wealth for the family. They most likely sold the Exspheres through a broker who passed them onto the Desians. The fortunes I possess were paid for by the blood of the people of Sylvarant.
: ...Yeah, I suppose so.
: I'm sorry.
: It's not your fault.
: Ignorance is no excuse. If anything, it itself is a crime.
: Well, maybe so, but...
: That may be part of the reason why Mithos oppresses all life on the planet.
: What do you mean?
: Humans are ignorant of their sins, while elves turn a blind eye to them. That frustrates Mithos.
: Even if that's true, what he's doing is dragging the whole world into a quest for revenge. That's not something that can be forgiven.
: If so...I, too, cannot be forgiven.
: What? Why?
: For I am on a quest for vengeance against the Cruxis.
: That's different.
: No, it's not. If the ones who turned Alicia into a monster had been human, I might have followed the same path as Mithos.
: Your conscience will usually kick in before you get to that point. At least that's what the Professor said.
: Yes, I'd imagine so. But even still, what, what we are doing is no different than Mithos.
: ...No different than Mithos?
: We are eliminating those who do not share our ideals and those who stand in our way by force.
: Well, yeah, if you're gonna put it that way.
: Mithos knows that. That explains why he said the things about the Exspheres as he was leaving. About the hypocrisy of our protest against sacrificing lives while using these stones that have consumed people's lives.
: He's really starting to get to me.
: Are you sure that's not because what he said is true?
: Maybe. But just because the logic is sound, that doesn't make it right.
: Hmm.
: I can't stand what he's doing. That's all there is to it.
: ...Yes, perhaps that is all that needs to be said. By putting myself in Mithos' place, I may have been subconsciously trying to legitimize my own justice.
: You always think about the complicated stuff. No one wants to be the bad guy, and no one wants to have to put up with things they don't like.
: Everyone thinks the same that what you're saying?
: If you stop and think about the fact that others are the same as you, then you won't do the kind of things Mithos does. So...
: You're going to fight him.
: Tomorrow, after we check on Altessa's condition, I'm going to put an end to all of this.
: ...Very well. This chain of tragedy must be broken as soon as possible.
: Yeah. I'm counting on your support.
: You have it.