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Part 42: Update 37

Update 37

Skit: #272: Mind Over Matter

: You're such a wimp, Lloyd.
: It doesn't matter if I'm a wimp or not. It's still cold!
: Just don't think about it.
: And while I'm on the subject, how can you not be cold wearing short sleeves and shorts?
: What?! Now that you mention it...
: I'm starting to feel really cold.
: I see what you mean about thinking about it.

Welcome to the sidequest update! A lot of stuff is unlocked after the Flanoir Doctor scenes, which is kind of ironic because a lot of the provide affection boosts. Yeah that could have been useful literally five minutes ago. Thanks, Tales Studio.

Altamira: Missing Girls Quest

: Um, what's wrong?
: My daughters are lost.... What should I do?
: Lloyd, let's help her look for them.
: Sure.
: Thanks, Lloyd!
: They haven't left Altamira, right?
: Yes, that's for certain.
: Okay, then, time to find some lost kids!

: Don't worry, I can go back on my own.

: She's a little laid back, so she many not return unless you talk to her several times.

: Though I'm impressed you realized that I was a girl.

: I'll stay here until the others return.
: *Sigh* I was just thinking it was about time to go home. Thank you.

: Oh, everyone's back. Fine, I'll go home.

: Ah, don't mention it...
: I have something for you as my thanks. I've sent word to the manager of that hotel, so please pick it up. Farewell...
: Thanks, huh? Let's go have a look.
: What the heck are they doing wasting time here after all that "we're gonna save the world tomorrow" stuff?

A package has arrived.
: Oh, that must be her "thanks".
: I wonder what it is.
I'm told that they are swimsuits. We've prepared rooms for you to change. Please come this way.
: ...And your reward is clothes.

We get Lloyd's "Beach Boy" costume automatically. Switching in this title changes his outfit to a swimsuit but doesn't give him any bonus stat gains at all (this is true for all costumes and I've probably said it before, but this is the update where we get people their costumes). Abyss is much nicer about this.
Mr. Lloyd, your companion is waiting for you.
: I wonder who it is?

You get whoever you pick here and the two other people with the highest affection their swimsuits. This incidentally is why I don't have swimsuits for some characters yet. I decide to pick up Presea's, since Raine is already in the high slot. After this, the only character I haven't got a swimsuit for is Zelos AFAICR.
: Is it Presea?

Presea's swimsuit is called "First-timer at Sea".
: The ocean is salty, right? I'm so excited!
: ...I've changed, but I'm not getting in the water, do you understand?!
And Raine's is called "No, Not the Sun!". Surprisingly it doesn't have a straw hat.
: Hmm? Where are the others?
: The others are going to stay in their rooms and restore their physical conditions.
: Hmmm. They're no fun. Oh well. Let's go to the beach!

: Yeah, it's baked by the sun.
: I'm surprised he knows that the sun heats things.
: What does one the sea?
: Mostly swimming, I guess.
: I understand. Then...I will make Octagon-Shell Turtle Twins
: Huh?
: A pair of Octagon-Shell Turtles...
: Octa...what-sit turtles?
: It's a charm to ward off danger at sea.
: Haha...I see....

: Really? Hmm, yeah I guess it's always just been Genis and me.
: Yeah. I always envied you two. You could go play at far places, but they wouldn't let me go out of the village.
: Then I'll teach you all the things the two of us did!
: Yeah!
: There's jumping, and diving, and catching clams and eating them... Oh, but you're a girl, so I guess we shouldn't do anything too rough.
: I can do it! We used to play sword games in the village, remember?
: Gotcha. Then let's go, Private Colette!
: Yes, sir!
: Today we'll play until we get all wrinkled!

: Th...that's quite all right...
: It's gonna be fine. I heard that this entire area is pretty shallow.
: Don't be foolish! People can drown even when the water is only knee deep.
: But you aren't human, Professor.

: Don't nit-pick!
: Talk about the wrong thing to say, dumbass. Besides, it's not like a half-elf has gills or something.
: Owww....

Previously on Tales of Symphonia posted:

: I was...she lied to me. Rosa...she chose a rich noble over a poor student like me.

: Is this true?! In order to pay back the debt, she?... Then that was a lie....

: She's at the house of a noble named Cromwell, in Meltokio.
: Thank you!
: Is Joshua going to be all right? Maybe we should help him....

: Thank you so much for intervening that time!
: Joshua!
: And Rosa! Why are you here?
: We were banished.
: I went to Viscount Cromwell in order to take her back.... And ended up confronting him.
: Joshua was expelled from the academy.... And he lost use of his right hand.
: That's awful!
: That sounds like something a man would do.
: Now we're completely penniless. Haha.
: Is that something to laugh about?
: It's all right. I'll just start over again. I have Rosa with me now. With her, I think I can start over.
: ...Here...
Returned Pink Pearl Ring.
: This is the ring I gave to you!
: Your sweetheart returned. I think the ring would like to return to its original owner as well.
: ...Thank you.
: I'll take good care of both the ring and him.
: Hang in there. If you have any trouble in this city, you can rely on the Chosen for help.
: Hey! Don't just go using my name like that!
: Then, he is Zelos, the Chosen?!
: Ah...well....I think you'll be better off asking Duke Bryant for help.
: When we have the chance, we will ask His Majesty about the possibility of readmitting you to the academy.
: Oh, no, I do not deserve such kindness!
: ...Well, Regal wants to do that, so just go ahead and accept it. After all, even if you're readmitted, what happens after that will be up to you.
: I'm happy for the two of you.
: Thank you.
: I'll never forget you.
: Do your best, now.
: We will.
: We will.

: Hey, there was someone chasing a Katz just now!
: What? I wasn't looking.
: Honestly, Lloyd! I think he ran off that way....
: Hey, Genis! Don't go running off on your own!
: That kid was... oh.

Just so we're clear, this isn't the kid Zelos helped recently. He's got the same model (and hence portrait) though.
: What's wrong? Why are you chasing a Katz?
: ...What? Ah, my Grandpa wants to see a Katz. So I thought I'd get one to see him. Grandpa is sick and can't move....
: I see.
: But no matter how much I beg those Katz, they refuse to come see Grandpa.
: Why does your grandfather want to see Katz?
: I dunno. He says he used to study them a long time ago.
: I see.... Well, if I see any Katz, I'll take them to your grandfather.
: Really?! Grandpa lives at the back of the slums. And my name's Vice.
: I'm Genis. Nice to meet you.
: Genis, huh? Thanks for your help!

: Genis! We've been looking all over for you.
: Say, Lloyd, I have a favor to ask.
: So we just need to bring a Katz here, then?
: Katz. A non-human life-form that exists throughout the world....
: What I want to know is how they go between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. I've never seen one do it, but I know they can, and that they don't work for Cruxis.
: If I'm not mistaken, there are some in this city.
: Then, let's go talk to them.

While we're looking for Katz, we drop by the arena.

: Would you like to test the techniques you've honed in the arena?
: What? Girl, you work at the arena?
: She's behind a desk in the arena lobby you moron.
: Well, you know, like, life's kinda hard, like, without money and stuff.
: You just slipped back into your regular self.
Oh, whoops. Teehee. Well, how about it? Would you like to participate?
: Hmmm, shall I?
: Would you like to hear an explanation?
: What would you like to do?
: If you wish to enter, please speak to me again.
I'm sure you all would love me to fight in the arena, but it's a giant pain for me (I suck at solo character battles, and the arena disallows items as well). So I'll do it later.

: ...Do you mean Noah?
: I don't know his name, but he used to study Katz and he has a grandson named Vice.
: Meow. That's Noah. I don't want to see Noah.
: Why not?
: I just don't. And I'm sure the others will say the same thing.
: You can at least tell us the reason.
: ...Meow. Ask the elder in our village.
: Village...Katz Village?
: Yes. But I won't tell a friend of Noah where it is. You'll have to find it for yourselves.
: Fine! We'll find ourselves, meanie!

The Katz Village is in Sylvarant, so I'm going there.


: If you're going through the desert, you should be careful.

: emitting a terrible evil aura in the Triet Ruins. He tried to cross the desert in order to seal it away, but he was attacked and eaten by a giant monster. It's a bit of a tall tale though.
: Not when you cross-reference it with the first guy.

Oh hey a skit poi... UHOH.
YouTube Backup.

I manage not to waste one of these because it's next to magic lens - this time.

A sandworm that's weak to water? What is this, Dune?

It has a "breath" attack.

If you try to get under its mouth to avoid that it'll smack you.

Also it burrows and comes up out of the sand.

This thing is a joke.

Somehow I totally missed it with a Unison Attack

: Why is it here in Sylvarant?

Katz Village is on an island inaccessible to anything other than Air travel (not really, but we don't get to tool around in a boat on Sylvarant).

Apostrophes do not work that way!

: Meow. Long ago, Noah hunted our kind in the name of research. It seemed he wanted to study how to make us into pets for humans.
: What
: ...So that's why the Katz don't like him.
: I doubt anyone will go to Noah.
: But Noah is sick. They could at least go see him....
: Kid, if people who oppressed half-elves were sick, would you go pay them a visit?
: Depends on a lot of things.
: ...That's...
: Meow. Then, I shall give you this.
: What's this?
: It is the suit Noah wore when he hunted us in the past. With this, you can become an imposter Katz.
: Come on, the odds of that working even if the guy can't see are abysmal.
: ...Okay. Thanks.
: I wonder if Noah will be fooled by this.
: I don't know, but let's talk to Vice about it.
By the way, the Katz Elder also serves as the skit viewer for this game. When you talk to him, he'll let you select from every "normal" skit in the game. He's also in ToS2, but doesn't serve as a skit viewer. AFAIK there is none, which is a major reason ToS2 sucks.

There are 380 "normal" skits, which are most definitely not arranged in chronological order. You've seen both of those already though.

Previously on Tales of Symphonia posted:

: Do you see anyone else here? I'd like you to deliver this letter for me to Aifread in Luin.

: What?
: If you act now, I'll sell this boat for only 3,000 Gald. Well? Don't you want to buy it?
: This is 3,000 Gald?
: We can't make it out to sea with a boat like this.
: This is called a houseboat. They're popular in Izoold right now.
: I didn't see anything like that in Izoold.
: What? Ah, I mean, it's about to become popular.
: Wow, this guy is shady.
: How about it? It's for your future dream house.
: ...For my future, huh...
: It's a home away from home. A place where you can get all lovey-dovey with a certain girl. Come on, buy it.
: Okay, I'll take it.
: Good boy! Let's write up a contract right now.
Scene Transition
: Okay, here's the contract. Don't lose it. See you around. Hahaha!
: Lloyd, show me that contract. ...This is!...I knew he was trying to trick you!
: What? What is it?
: Look at this. It says it's a lease. You just rented this boat for 3,000 Gald from a person named Aifread.
: ...Wh...what?!
: Hey...isn't Aifread...the one Lyla asked us to give her letter to?
: Wait, it can't be! That was Aifread?! Dammit! When I see him next time I'll...

: You! Aifread!
: Hey, you know my name.
: That's not important! You tricked us!
: Hey, it's your fault for not checking the contract.
: Indeed...contracts are absolute.
: ...Regal, whose side are you on?
: Okay, okay, fine. Then let's do this. Let's make a new contract. Come with me on an adventure across the seven seas.
: What the heck are you talking about?
: I'm searching for the legendary treasure left behind by Spiritua. If you help me find that, I'll give you that boat.
: Okay.
: What happened to going to fight Mithos tomorrow, Lloyd?
: Are you sure, Lloyd? You're just going to get tricked again.
: Dwarven Vow #18: It's better to be deceived than to deceive. I'm going to try trusting him.
: Okay, then, let's make the contract.
: ...Not again!
: This time I'll look at it as well.
: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
: I don't see any problems.
: Okay, then I'll sign.
: All right, we've got a contract. Time to go, crew!
: Wh...what are you talking about?
: What else? From this point on, you're my crew.
: What? We're just going to help you hunt for some treasure.
: That's why you guys are amateurs. Read the contract carefully.
: Back in my day, this trick was actually illegal and you could get the contract nullified. I guess things have slipped legal-protection-wise.
: Hey, this contract is an application to become a pirate.
: That's impossible!
: That was careless....It must have been double-layered.
: That's called fraud.
: Lloyd signed to become a pirate without realizing it.
: Hahaha! With this, our contract is sealed. Now, crew, change out of those flashy clothes.

: What the...why just me?
: ...Sorry, I'm low on funds. You'll have to represent all of us as a pirate.
: ...
: What? You got a problem?
: ...You know, this outfit isn't half bad.
: Oh! Well, hey! I think we'll get along well, Lloyd!
: ...Lloyd's taste in clothing is...
: Absolutely terrible...
Pirate Costume Title: "Arrgh, Me Hearties".
: All right. Begin the search at once.
: Begin the search where?
: Where else? Search anything related to the Church of Martel from top to bottom. I'll be waiting for you in Hima.
: Are you gonna make us do all the work?!
: Stop grumbling. My boat was damaged by the recent earthquake. Now, listen. If you have any clues, come to Hima!
: Dammit...Fine, we'll go look for them.
: Let's check out the Houses of Salvation. Okay, Lloyd?
: ...Yeah, I guess that's all we can do....

While we're in Luin I'm going to upgrade my weapons a bit. These "joke" weapons are actually among the best you can buy. They only show up after you've rebuilt Luin to a large extent.

Skit #042: The Conman

: He's quite the conman.
: It's your fault, too, for falling for it.
: You fell for it too.
: By your logic, it sounds like you're saying that someone who gets robbed is more at fault than the guy who robbed him.
: I said, "too." At any rate, now that we've made a contract with him, we have to aid him in his treasure hunt.
: Man...what are we going to have to go through now?...

: The ring Spiritua wore on her first pilgrimage is very valuable. Now that you mention it, one of the descendants of the Seven Disciples of Spiritua was on a pilgrimage. Being a descendent of the Seven Saints, he would most likely know about the treasure which you speak of....
: Kind of funny how Spiritua travelled in a posse of eight people like these guys. Maybe if we'd done that we wouldn't have messed up so badly. Maybe I wouldn't have messed up so badly.
: He seems to be visiting Houses of Salvation, so you may run into him eventually.

: So High Priest Auguste is a descendent of the Seven Saints.
: You know him?
: The priests all come to train under Grandmother, so...
: Auguste said he was going to make an offering of the treasure passed down from Spiritua at the final location of his pilgrimage. He then headed for the next House.
: Okay, let's go.

: Since the Chosen went on her journey, instead of getting better, the city got destroyed! When will Martel awake and save us?!
: Dammit. I feel bad whenever people say stuff like that.
: Martel saves those who walk on their own two legs and go awaken her.
: I'm tired of hearing that speech! I want my son back!
: Would you prefer the truth? That your son died for a farce, and I can't even save myself or my own?
:'re the Chosen! Please, give me back my son! When Palmacosta was destroyed by the monster, my son son was!...
: I...I can't....
: If you're the Chosen, you can do something! Go meet Martel and have her bring my son back to life!
: Well, the first part is doable at least.
: Are you saying can't even do that?! You're a failure just like they say!
: Stop.
: My son is dead! He died believing that the world was about to be regenerated! This is too cruel!
: Chosen...I apologize.
: No....It's my fault. It's because I couldn't save the world....
: Really, that applies to me more than you.
: It's not over yet. Our journey's not over. Colette and us, we haven't abandoned the world.
: ...Yes. We believe in you. By the way, what brings you here today?
: We're looking for someone named Auguste who has the treasure of Spiritua.
: High Priest Auguste is at the House of Salvation by the Thoda Island boat dock. He was asked to conduct prayers by someone named Aifread.
: Is this some kind of trap? Is Aifread really some devious bastard? Well, I mean more than we already know he is.
: By Aifread?...
: Lloyd, let's go.
: Yeah....

: Yes.
: During the recent great disaster, many people lost their lives. Even those that survived are filled with despair because of the disappearance of the Tower of Salvation.
: ...Yes.
: I am on a journey to appease those lost lives, and to guide those who survived towards hope. And while on this journey, I met a man.
: Aifread?
: Yes. He was seeking the treasure of Spiritua in order to benefit those who are unsatisfied with the complete lack of progress in the world regeneration. However, along the way, that great disaster occurred. His boat was destroyed and all of his companions were lost at sea.... He asked me to pray for them, and for those who believed in the world regeneration, and the future....
: What can I...What can I do? It's true...that I...failed.
: But there's still a path. We're searching for a way to save everyone!
: All you can do is what you are able to do. And...when the world has been regenerated, think back on all of those who have lost their lives.
: ...Yes. If we...just stay here and lament, the situation will only worsen.
: I'm sure it is painful for you...but people must keep looking forward.
: Yes....
: Please give this to Aifread.
Acquired Spiritua's Ring.
: This is!...
: A ring known to be Spiritua's greatest treasure. Aifread said that he wanted me to find the Chosen and have you pray for his companions, and at the end of my pilgrimage, inform you of the meaning behind this pilgrimage.
: I understand. I will go meet Aifread.
: Chosen...I'm counting on you to take care of Aifread... and the world.

: ...I...because of my incompetence... I apologize.
: No. You don't need to apologize to me. I am alive. If you're going to apologize, apologize to my dead crew.
: ...Yes.

It's hard to see but Colette's kneeling in prayer.
: Colette didn't abandon Sylvarant. We just--
: Don't say anything. That doesn't just sound like an excuse, it is an excuse.
: !
: I just wanted the Chosen to go on a pilgrimage for my crew.
: ...Yes.
: I'm sure you all worked hard for world regeneration. I understand that, but I also understand the feelings of those who blame you.
: Yes. I...betrayed their expectations....
: As long as you understand that, then it's fine. There's still a path to world regeneration, right?
: Yes. That's why we're on this journey. Searching for a better way...
: Good. I'm relieved to hear that. I'll dispose of the contract. You can use the boat in Luin as you please. Same goes for Spiritua's Ring.
: Wow. He's a decent guy after all?
: What are you going to do?
: I think I'll get a boat and look for a new island that's not on any map.
: Oh, hey, Lloyd! We have that letter, remember?
: Oh yeah, right. Aifread, we have a letter for you.
: This...this is...
: Lyla's been looking for you for a while. You two must be close.
: ...Ah, no...Hey, will you take this to Lyla for me?
Acquired Aifread's Letter.
: What? Give it to her yourself.
: Sh...shut up. I have my reasons. I'm counting on you! Later!
: Hmmm.
: Oh, brother. Fine, let's go to Izoold.

: ...What?! Just what do you think you're up to?!
: Huh? What are you talking about?
: Read this letter.
: To Lyla: I'm sorry, but I am unable to return you the money I borrowed by the due date. I am going on a new journey. My first mate, Lloyd, who delivered you this letter, will pay off all of the money I owe you. Thank you for all you've done for me. Farewell.
: All right pay me back the money!
: HAHAHAH. I guess even pirates can be religious.
: Hey, hey, hey...girl, aren't you this Aifread guy's girlfriend?
: You've got to be kidding! I'd never date a bandit like that! I'm a money-lender. He said he was going to find the legendary treasure of Mithos or something, and then ran off after borrowing money from me.
: Um, by the way, how much does he owe you?
: It's 100,000,000 Gald with interest.
: No way interest adds up to a round number like that, she's pulling a fast one. Damn usurer.
: hundred million...
: Now, give it back!
: We don't have that kind of money!
: We'll give you Spiritua's treasure instead.
: I suppose it might have some value to a collector....
: I know! How about selling that to Koton!
: Yeah! Lyla, wait just a little. We're going to go make some money.
: All right...
: Is it true that a letter came from Aifread?!
: Then, take Max with you.
: What?
: I can't let you run away. Give the money to Max.
: ...I don't quite understand, but, okay....
: Now, hurry up and make that money.
: Okay, okay. We're off to Hakonesia Peak!

I should point out they don't make you travel to Hakonesia Peak, you just appear there then appear back with Lyla. Nice of them to give you a break from pointless running around. Did I mention you can't get random encounters on the Rheairds? Because you can't. That's fairly normal for airships though.

: Hmm. So this ring was worn by Spiritua.... All right. How much?
: 100,000,000 Gald.
: That's ridiculous! I can't pay that!
: Oh...well, then, we'll just throw this[sic] Spiritua's Ring into the sea.
: What?
: We're leaving now, Lloyd.
: All right, all right! But 100,000,000 Gald is too much for just that. Throw something else in to match that price.
: All right, we'll give you a road pass.
: Wh...what?!
: You're the one that was selling these for 100,000,000 Gald. So it's worth that, right?
: Someone doesn't understand the concept of license I guess.
: Grrrr... T...take it!
: ...I...I'm nervous holding this much money. What if I drop it?
: Don't worry, just take it.
: Okay...
: Okay, now we can pay her back! We'll tell Lyla.

: Welcome back my 100,000,000 Gald. <3 ...Oh, and you, too, Max. ...I've received your payment. With this, I'll mark the debt as paid. I hope you learn from this to never trust a scoundrel like that again.

: Thanks, guys!
: Why are you thanking us? We didn't do anything.
: Now, Lyla will surely look at me. Here is a token of my thanks.
Acquired Aifread's Hat. I have no idea how he got it.
: I'm really grateful to you! Thank you so much!

: Oh! Raine!
: Oh, Aisha. What's wrong?
: Oh, I'm so glad I found you. I've been searching forever.
: For me?
: Yes. Would you please come see the mayor?
: All right.

: What is it?
: Tourists who saw you perform the ritual on the stone dais are demanding that we show it to them again.... Would you please step up upon the dais as an acolyte?
: ...Hmmm.
: Come on, Professor, do it.
: Yes. I'd like to see it, too.
: Didn't you see it last time?
: And those of us from Tethe'alla have only heard about it. How 'bout it? Show us your beautiful form, Raine.
: ...All right. But just this once.
: Thank you so much. Let us go the dais at once....

: Oh, the acolyte is so beautiful.
: Yeah! I think I'm gonna be her fan.
: Oh...Raine. You're such a wonderful person.
: Wow, she's got more fans.
: It's because they don't know what she's really like.
Raine obtains the "Maiden" title which gives her the outfit she wears on the dais.

Finally completing that Katz quest.

: Genis! How'd it go?
: Vice!
: ?
: Genis, figure it out.
: I'm sorry. The Katz hate Noah and don't want to see him.
: I see....
: But I got a Katz suit, so I'll meet with Noah with this.

: I'd certainly be cautious about it.
: ...No, please go see him. It's this way.
: Lloyd, let's go.
: ...Listen, Genis.
: Holy crap I think Lloyd figured it out.
: What? We're going to lose sight of Vice!
: ...No, it's nothing.
: Honestly...Come on, hurry!

: Genis. Please talk to him.
: Right. Noah...
...Who's there?
: I'm a Katz...meow.
Oh! I'm sorry, could you come closer? I can't see anymore.

: Wh...what?
...Nothing....Thank you! ...Now I can finally go to Martel.
: I don't think you want to be here, it's really boring.
: What?!
My time is drawing to a close. And it seems my guide has come for me.
: No!
Thank you...child....Seeing that Katz suit brought back many memories.
: You knew!
I am a Katz researcher.... I can tell that much....

Katz! ...Thank you... Thank you. You came to me.... I tried to capture you.... Child, thank you, as well. Now I truly have no regrets.
: Raine! Save him!
: Here it comes.
: ...I'm sorry. It's already...
...It's all right. Vice has come for me. Good-bye...

: ...Thank you, Genis.
: Vice...
: Now I can go together with Grandpa.
: What? What are you talking about?
: I've been dead for a long time.... You're the only one that was able to see me.
: Well, other than "the goddess" heh.
: I couldn't even get Katz to notice me.
: Then you're...a ghost?
: ...Thank you. And, good-bye...

: ...So he was a ghost.
: You all couldn't see Vice?
: That's right....
: I see.... Vice....Have fun with your grandfather....
: Meow. We'll bury Noah.
: I'm sure he'll appreciate that.
: Yeah.
Genis obtains the "Katz Katz Katz" title. I think you can figure out the details.

I don't think I've ever actually done this event before. That kind of surprised me, since I knew it existed.

: What's wrong?
: Her mother collapsed due to illness.
: I want to go see her right now, but we're short on people today....
: That's terrible! I'll help.
: Colette will?! Whoa whoa whoa!
: What are you so surprised about?
: If Colette works in her place, then she will be able to visit her mother.
: That's true, but...
: I'll work as hard as I can in your place!
: This should be good.
: ...I hope the castle doesn't wind up with any holes in it.
; I'm worried....
: Then, please take my place.

: Carry the food from the kitchen.
: Yes, ma'am!

: Ms. Colette! What are you doing?!
: I'm sorry.
: Carry it again.
: Y...yes, ma'am!

: That's enough! Bring a bucket and clean this place!
: Y...yes ma'am! I'm sorry!

: Argh, what are you doing?!
: I'm sorry!

: You were totally useless....
: My, this corridor is polished much more than it was this morning.
: Yes, your Highness!
; It's because of your excellent training that everyone works as hard as they do. You have my compliments.
: Thank you, your Highness.
Scene Transition
: ...
: Umm...
: Ms. Colette, thank you for your help today. You worked very hard. As a reward, I'll give you 100 Gald and that uniform.
: Wow, thank you!
Acquired 100 Gald. Yeah. It's a totally trivial sum and I don't think you can do this sidequest before now soooo....
Colette also gets the "Maid" title which lets her wear that green maid uniform. I'll try to show it off at some point.

: Ms. Colette! Thank you so much.
: Was your mother all right?
: Yes thank you....Um, Ms. Grace seemed to be in a rather good mood.
: Yes. She was happy being complimented by the Princess.
: Ahh...that's because, if the Princess compliments her, her pay goes up. Oh, also, your companions are waiting for you at the entrance to the castle.
: Ah, okay. Thank you.

: Did you mess up?
: Did you make any holes in the castle?
: Um...Ms. Grace complimented me, her pay went up, I got new clothes, and I earned money.
: I see! That's great.
: ...I don't understand you at all!
: Colette has the devil's own luck.

: Zelos. <3 You never come by here anymore. I've been so worried about you.
: Hey, this girl is the one that was dressed as an angel! Why is she with Zelos?!
: Ah, yes. I'm sorry.
: Oh! And Sheena is with him, too! I thought I told you people from Mizuho not to approach Zelos!
: I'm not with him because I want to be! He's always jabbering away obnoxiously....
: Haha, oh, my. As vulgar as ever. You talk like a middle-aged woman.
: Wh...what?!
: My cute hunnies. If you all love me, you have to get along, understand?
: But Zelos!
: Okay, okay. Then, I'll drop by all of your houses later, so let's split up for now, okay? You understand, right? I only have one body. I can't express my love for all of you at the same time.
: Zelos, make sure you keep your promise!
: I'll be waiting for you!
: ...I had heard the rumors of the Chosen's debauchery, but...
: Um, Duke Bryant, the last time we met, I was six years old. So how did you hear anything like that about me?
: Your reputation precedes you. I didn't have to meet you to hear about your escapades. Even after I went to prison, the guards said that you're quite the man about town.
: ...Oh...
: He can do whatever he wants with whomever he wants as far as I'm concerned, but I'm tired of putting up with this every time we come to Meltokio! Do something!
: It can't be helped. The little birds flock to my beauty....
: Then, let us cover your face.
: What?

This is where that weird mask I've had him wear comes from. You can also see it if you enter him in the colosseum to rescue Kate, since he's wanted at the time.
: Ahaha, too bad no one can see the beauty that you're so proud of.
: Oh, no, no. My beauty shines from within and cannot be hidden by a mask. From now on, call me the Mysterious Masked Handsome Warrior Zelos.
: What is that ugly mask? This is why I can't stand country folk.
: *Sigh* A woman's love is so shallow....
You get the "Masked Swordsman" title for Zelos.

Previously on Tales of Symphonia posted:

: Zelos. To celebrate my safe return and the restoration of the Chosen's name, a party will be held. You will participate, won't you?
: Yes, yes, that's right. Both the Chosen and his attendants have done well. I have ordered the royal designer to make your outfits. When they are finished, I shall have them sent to the Chosen's house.
: We will inform you of the date of the party later. Please join us.
: You have truly done well, everyone. I thank you.

: Oh, yeah, the celebration or whatever it was.
: Outfits and invitations for everyone have arrived.
: Wow! I wonder what kind of outfits they are! I can't wait to try them on!
: The party will be held this evening at the reception center.
: I've never been to a party before. I'm nervous.
: Yes. The reception center is only for nobles. ...Is it all right for us to go?
: It's fine. Don't worry about it. Now, let's get ready! So where's my stuff?
: Ah...I'm afraid there was a mistake and Sir Bud's did not arrive.
: NO, listen, it's "Lloyd".... What? There's none for me?
: Yes. I am about to send a messenger to the castle....
: Humph. I'll go to the castle and get it myself. You all go on ahead without me.
: Okay, don't get lost now, bumpkin.
: Who are you calling a bumpkin?!

: His Majesty has already left for the reception center.
: My outfit didn't show up. What's going on?
: What? Wait just a moment. I will make an inquiry.
: I'm sorry to keep you waiting. They were left in this dressing room.
: I shall assist you in changing. Please come this way.
: What? No, that's okay. I can change by myself.
: He probably has no idea how to put on a tuxedo.
: That will not do. Come now, the party will start soon.
: Please hurry.

So you get Lloyd's formal outfit automatically.
: My, it suits you well!
: R...really?
: Well, then, we will escort you to the party hall.
: I can go by myself!
: Now now, don't say that. Here we go, everyone.
: Ahhhh!
: ...That was bad.
: Anyway, this place sure is luxurious.

You get a scene with whoever we talk to, and their costume. I already have all the formal costumes so I picked Raine, the voters' choice.
The other guests are also anxiously awaiting your arrival, Mr. Lloyd. How about speaking to them before heading to the terrace?
: Yeah, I suppose I could talk to three of them or so.

: Well, what do you think of me all dressed up?
: Yeah, you look cool.
: Don't I? After all, I'm the most stylish guy in the kingdom.
: ...No matter what you're wearing, you're still a Narcissist.
Zelos obtained the title of "Narcissist".
: Hey, Lloyd! Sheena looked at my outfit and made fun of me, saying I look like I'm dressed for Easter Sunday!
: What's Easter Sunday?
: It seems it's a children's ritual in Mizuho.
Genis obtained the title of "Easter Sunday".
: ...
: Hmm? Your face is red.
: Well, the Chosen has been calling me a Dandy, so everyone is now looking at me suspiciously.
: Ahh...but you really do have a feeling of dandiness about you.
: ...Do I?
Regal obtained the title of "Dandy".
: I think I should head over to the terrace.

: ...
: What's wrong? You seem out of it.
: Ah, it' look really pretty.
: My...thank you. You look charming, too, Lloyd.
: Th...thanks...
: Lloyd, look down.
: Hmm? Is there something there?
: If you subtract the number of males from the hall, how many would that be?
: I think 9.
: ...Uh-oh.
: It's simple arithmetic. Even you can...
: Augh! I'm leaving. I'm leaving.
: What are you saying? If you don't study sometimes, your brain will turn to mush.
: Aw, come on!
Raine obtained the tile of "Glamorous Beauty".

: Well, it's not something poor folk usually do.
: I told you not to call us poor!