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Part 44: Update 39

Update 39

Here's a video of the gauntlet if you care.
Youtube version.

: From here on out, looks like it's a one way road...

Youtube version.

: ...What's this? Is it some king of trap? And...what is this thing? ...Damn. There's no time to be worrying. I've got to rescue Colette, for everyone's sake!
: I guess he doesn't think it'll work. I hope he's wrong.

: It is finally time, dearest sister. This body has the closet match to your mana signature.

: The mana charge is complete, my lord.
: Good. Do it.
: Let her go!

: Lloyd?! How did you get in here?! The lock to this room can only be opened by a member of the Cruxis high order!
: None of your business!

: A futile effort...

: I told you I wouldn't miss the main event!
: You did not want to share the same pain I do, correct?
: I can't possibly miss seeing the new world that's about to be made.
: I can still fight. As long as I can fight, I will stay by your side.
: Heheheh, pretty good, huh?
: Everyone!...All right! Let's take him on together!
: Whoa, what's going on?
: I thought it would be better for Lloyd to tell you, but it's moot now. They got out of the deathtraps somehow.
: *Sigh* What a sorry lot. Pronyma, it is your fault they're still alive. Kill them!
: Y...yes, sir!

Pronyma Boss Battle
Youtube version.

I know Lloyd's paper fan looks a bit ridiculous, but it's his best weapon right now by a good bit. In hindsight I could probably have used a party member other than Sheena here.

That's 108,000 HP we have to burn through, or a good 28,000 more than Yggdrassil has had in our past fights. This is probably much the third-most HP we'll have to burn through for a single boss fight in the entire game, including optional bosses.

As before, Pronyma uses spread. As always, Sheena dies way too much.

Lloyd is afflicted by "Curse" status in this screenshot. Curse is a magical status effect. I've never really talked about statuses (other than poison) much, since they rarely ever come up. Magical statuses are a seperate group from Physical statuses like Poison. Anyway, the only the only statuses that really matter are Poison (because on Mania it will kill you before Raine finishes Purify in many cases) and Seal (because not being able to do Techs is bullshit). Seal is a magical status, but I don't think it's been inflicted by anything in the course of this LP.

So yeah, the adds here put all kinds of status effects on you. Even their regular hits can causes statuses I think (I was a bit panicky to test it). I pretty much thought I was gonna lose there.

Eventually Pronyma is alone.

Light Vulnerability means Genis and Raine's compound special attack will tear her a new one.

In addition to the attacks she used last time she fought us in Update 20, she's got Prism Sword, which is a spell you'll see Genis use later. It's light elemental, making her one of the few enemies that casts a spell they're weak to, and I think the only boss.

She also uses a mass debuff called Acid Rain, that lowers our defense. That would have been really useful to her when the adds were up, but it's a bit late now.


Is it too late?
Youtube version.

: No going back now, I'm all in. Remember what I told you Colette.
: Ok ok.

: Lord Yggdrasill...Mithos...please...

: Only my former companions can call me by that name! Get out of my sight!

: That's pretty bad, but I'm not going to give up just because of that.
: That's so cruel...

: Dear've finally come back to me!
: No...Colette...It can't be true!

: Martel? Oh, you mean my body. I hastened my growth to have an appearance befitting the leader of Cruxis. Wait just a moment. I'll switch back to my old form.

: I've been watching all this time. Unable to move, unable to do anything, I watched all those foolish things you've done. Have you forgotten everything? We stopped the Ancient War because we dreamt of a world where humans, elves, and those in between could live in harmony.
: What are you saying? This after all the trouble I went to prepare a new body for you? But I don't like that one, do you?
: Mithos, please. Listen to me. What you have wrong. It is not what we strived for.
: ...Wrong? Are you rejecting me?
: No, I want you to remember. Please stop this and become your old self again...
: Martel, even you reject me? No...Martel would never say something like that... Haha...hahaha...ahahahahahaha!


: Thanks. Now I should be able to leave once I'm done.
: What are you doing?!

: That was aimed at me. He tried to kill me. Ffffff....
: I thought you wanted me to set you free of your fate as a Chosen!
: Oh, you know what? I changed my mind.
: That won't matter after we beat the snot out of you anyway.
: Zelos! I knew you'd come back to us!
: Sorry about all that. It was the only way I could get my hands on this. Here.

: and it'll let even a human use the Eternal Sword!
: You...are you saying you did all that just to get this?
: That's right. This stupid Chosen released us from those traps back there.
: Huh, I guess someone showed him how to use the teleporters.
: But it is true that I deceived you. I've held you guys back for a long time. I figured I'd at least have to do something like that to make up for it.
: If you want to make it up to us, hurry up and fight!
: You got it!
: Damn you! Give me back my sister!
: I won't give up on talking him out of it. One last shot.
: Goodbye, Mithos. This is my final wish. Please, return this twisted world back to its original form.
: No! Martel! Don't go!
: If things were going to end up like this, perhaps the elves should never have left Derris-Kharlan. If they hadn't, people like us would never have been born...

: Time to swap places again Colette.
: Too bad it doesn't seem to have worked.

: that was it...aha...ahahahaha... Martel, you just wanted to leave this filthy world and return to Derris-Kharlan... Yes, of course. That world is the homeland of all elven blood.
: What. That was not what I said.

: Yes, dearest sister...let's forget these filthy creatures and return home together. To Derris-Kharlan...
: That's it then. I give up.

: Please don't make everyone suffer any longer! End his delusions.
: Everyone, we have to stop Mithos! Martel is calling to me! Martel wants us to stop him!
: Shut up! Martel would never say something like that. You...miserable failure!

: She was crying! She said, "Please don't make everyone suffer any longer!"

: Lloyd, you understand, right? If we lose the Great Seed, we'll betray the Renegades' hope.
: And we of Mizuho won't stand it, either.
: Without it, the Giant Tree will not germinate.
: Without mana, the land will die.
: If your goal is the reunification of the world, then...

: ...Let's go!
: I won't let you interfere.
: I will kill you all!

If you recall earlier, Prism Stars won't work on him since he's immune to light.

: Colette... one piece of advice... he can't guard his shins properly.

We are fighting Mithos Yggdrassil OHSHIT.
Youtube version.

That dark weakness isn't going to do us too much good - there is Sheena's T Seal: Darkness, which applies Dark element to a weapon, but it targets one person and has a cast time. I might have used it but this is probably the only fight in the game you'd ever want to and thus it's pretty hard to remember to do it.

Death Eater is kind of like Judgement except it's a Tech rather than a spell, he puts his hand down and wham. Strangely, I don't think Mithos has Judgement even though it's the Cruxis spell.

Ground Dasher you've seen before on a lot of other people and from Genis.

Ray you've seen a lot, mostly from Raine.

Holy Lance is Ray's opposite on the S vs T tech lineup, which I plan to talk about in more detail soon. Also you can see the joke I made about his shins - since he's flying, most of Lloyd and Sheena's attacks will land on his shins.

Thunder arrow has been used on us before too.

He takes damage a lot slower than Pronyma, despite having less total health.

Prism Sword you saw just now from Pronyma.

Outburst got used a few times before on us when we "fought" him.

Indignation is traditionally a rather big deal in Tales games. In the first game, Tales of Phantasia, it was the spell that beat Dhaos. He took extra damage from it, and it already dealt massive damage. It's emblematic of fighting against evil, befitting Mithos's past as a great hero.

The fight lasts long enough for a second unison attack.

Ultimately though he's not as challenging as Pronyma and co., mostly due to how Mania makes multi-enemy fights vastly more deadly in comparison to other fights. The increased attack power makes everything a potential threat, and Raine, Genis, and Sheena can die easily.

My GRADE is higher too.
: Don't worry little brother, we'll be together soon. We can rest together.

Is it... is it over?
Youtube version.

: ...How?...I cannot lose...I'm going home...I'm going home with my sister...

: Be sure to...

: ...It's over.
: Is it?

: Good timing. I wanted to ask you something. What was it that you saw in Mithos? Why did you help him seal Origin?
: Mithos apprentice and a valuable friend. Isn't that enough?
: Do you forgive anything someone does, no matter how horrible, just because he's your friend?!
: ...I don't see a need to explain myself further. If you want to release Origin's seal, you must defeat me.
: Kratos! Wait!
: ...I'll be waiting for you before the seal.
: Lloyd, let's head back first. Okay?

: where did you learn a method for humans to equip the Eternal Sword?
: ...I really think it'd be better if I didn't say.
: What are you talking about?
: Yeah, that's a strange thing to say.
: Go to Heimdall. Everything should become clear there.
: ...All right.