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Part 47: Update 42

Update 42

: I suppose it can't be put off forever.

: Your visitor has already entered Torent Forest, where Origin sleeps.
: ...Thank you.
: Then, we'll see you when you get back...
: Wait, Professor, Genis. Elder. Please let these two into the village! It's only for now. They're my close friends, and I want them to be there when I face off against Kratos!
: Unthinkable. No half-elf may enter our village.
: That's not very nice.
: ...That kind of attitude gave rise to Cruxis!
: What did you say?!
: Stop, both of you! The chasm that separates us from the half-elves is deep and dark. Nevertheless, there is reason in what you say. Thus, from now until Origin is released, I will grant these two entrance to the village.
: Thank you!
: However, they may not use any of our facilities. Is that clear?
: ...That's fine.
: ...Gee thanks.

: Lloyd, wait! You should relax a little first. You're about to fight your father, remember?
: I know that!
: ...Colette is right. Don't be hasty, Lloyd.
: The fate of the world rests on your battle with Kratos. Let's rest here tonight and you can sort out your feelings. ...This will be the end of our journey.
: ...All right.

And we get another "talk to your party members" segment.
: What is it?

: Are you feeling uneasy?
: What?
: If you don't kill Kratos, Origin will not be released. Even if you somehow manage to avoid fighting, you still have to release Origin. If you release Origin, Kratos may die and you're right back where you started.
: ...Yeah. I want to ask with him. I want to ask him if there isn't any other way.
: You must prepare yourself for the possibility that there isn't.
: ...Professor.
: I'm sorry. I always say things so coldly...
: No...You say the harsh things on purpose. It's for our benefit. Thank you.
: Lloyd...
: Tonight...I'll make up my mind about whether or not I will kill Kratos.

: Hairs? How do you chase hairs? You mean chase someone and grab 'em by the hair?
: ...You know, Lloyd, sometimes I think you are a true genius.
: Heh heh, thanks, Genis!
: That wasn't a compliment. What it means is, if you're greedy and try to get everything, you'll fail. Like me...
: Genis?
: I wanted to be friends with both you and Mithos. Mithos was the first friend I've ever had that was my race... But in the end, with my own hands I...
: I'm sorry, Genis. He was your friend, and I...
: I don't want you to apologize for that.

: Is this...Mithos' Cruxis Crystal?
: ...I'm sorry. I picked it up in the Tower of Salvation, but I just couldn't bring myself to destroy it. I took it with me. I thought, I'd at least show him the regenerated world...
: I don't think he'd be very happy with that. Rotting down to mindlessness inside an exsphere, alone...
: ...I see.
: Lloyd, don't do anything you'll regret. That's all I wanted to say.

: Wh...what are you talking about all of a sudden?
: ...I just can't accept the way he acts. You know, Kratos.
: I'm sorry...
: You don't need to apologize.
: Well, yeah, but...
: Well, I guess you are his son. But I gotta say, the way he's decided to leave the job of settling things up to you is just, like, really irresponsible. It's like he's trying to run away from the situation...
: Haha...When you start putting down people, even Kratos isn't safe.
: Lloyd. If you're having trouble finding the answer, just chant my special magic words.
: Special magic words?
: Whatever will be, will be.

: Yeah. If the Great Seed doesn't wake up, this world will...
: What we're doing may be against the laws of nature.
: What?
: People chose the path of destruction. What we're trying to do may be nothing more than meaninglessly extending the life span of the world...
: Are you saying it's better if the world is destroyed?
: ...I don't know. I don't think anyone knows what is best. That's why you're having difficulty deciding.
: Presea...
: There may not be a correct path. So please, choose what you really believe for yourself.
: Thanks, Presea.

: What? Yeah...
: ...Haha. Sorry. You're not someone who would answer that question with a "No"... I'm so stupid.
: Sheena...No, I'm really okay. I just have...hesitations.
: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Anyone would be confused. ...This thing with Kratos was so sudden.
: But there's no time for it. I have to decide. I can't waiver back and forth wanting to save both, like the way I was with Colette.
: A father and son battling to the's horrible.
: Sheena...You don't have to make yourself feel bad about it. Thank you...I'll think long and hard about it. I'll find an answer that won't make you feel that way again...
: I'm sorry I couldn't cheer you up...
: No, don't worry about it. Thanks.

: Really?
: Cruxis was destroyed, but a bigger problem still remains. It's only natural that you are fatigued.
: But this is the end, I didn't expect to fight Kratos in the end...
: I understand well your desire for wanting your father to live... And your desire to unite the worlds, as well.
: ...Yeah. If I don't do anything, the world will wither...and everyone will die.
: In times like this, you have two options: choose what you desire to do or what you must do.

: Are you ready to go to bed?
: Yeah.
: Then have a good night.

So when two characters in an RPG can't sleep at night...
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YouTube stream.

: Are you still up?
: ...I couldn't really get to sleep.
: In that case, would you like to join me outside?
: ...Okay then, just for a little while.

: What does?

: ...Huh?
: Oh, have you forgotten? Genis and I were born here.
: Oh yeah. That's right.
: I never realized that there were two separate worlds. ...Now all my research seems so meaningless.
: So the reason you were interested in old ruins was...
: ...I was searching for the images from my childhood. Heimdall, the Otherworldly Gate...everything was over here, in Tethe'alla.
: I'm glad you finally found it, Professor.
: Should I be glad?
: But this is the village you'd been searching for, right? You finally found your homeland.
: ...Yes. In the end, perhaps I should be glad...
: What's wrong? Did I say something bad?
: No. I'm glad I learned the truth instead of spending my entire life never knowing where my roots were.
: Your roots...I wonder where I was born.
: You should ask Kratos when you get the chance.
: ...Kratos? I couldn't talk to him about that...
: That man has risked his life to protect you. Think carefully what that means.
: But I don't understand what he's thinking! Why did he just go along with what Mithos told him to do?
: Who knows? But in protecting you, he acted against Mithos.
: He deceived us.
: People...change. For better or for worse.
: Then...then why does he still want to fight me?
: Adults are troublesome creatures. They aren't very good at admitting their mistakes. This is probably his way of settling things.
: ...Settling things... Once it's over, I wonder if I'll be able to ask him about my roots.

Note the tail of her coat clipping through the bench.
: ...If you do find out where you were born, would you like to go there together?
: ...Yeah. That sounds good. Along the way, we can collect all the Exspheres from around the world. I don't think these things should just be left about.
: Yes, it would be best if they never appear again.
: Right?

: When the worlds are reunited, we'll head for your birthplace together.
: Okay! That's a promise!
: That sounds a bit romantic to do with your teacher sir.

Skit #289: Next Step

: Wh...what's up all of a sudden?
: You talked the Elf Elder into letting Raine and I into the village!
: All you did was enter the village. The elves haven't accepted you.
: It's enough for us. As for the next step, we'll probably have to do it ourselves.
: ...Yeah.

: Yeah.
: Kratos traveled the world in search of the legendary ore, Aionis. He came here, too, of course. Do you know why?
: In order to allow a human to wield the Eternal Sword, right?
: ...So that you can wield it. But in the end, Aionis could not be found in this world. It had to be taken from Derris-Kharlan.
: ...So that's why he sent Zelos to get it.
: Even if you cannot avoid the battle, do not forget... Kratos was your ninth companion.
: ...I won't.
: Torent Forest lies this way. Speak to the watchman.
: Kratos should be in the deepest region of the forest. Be careful.

Skit #057: Forest of the Elves

: You used to live in Heimdall long ago, didn't you, Professor?
: Yes. But I hardly remember it at all, so...It's a strange feeling, both nostalgic and unfamiliar at the same time.
: I hope the day comes that anyone can just visit this forest normally.
: Yeah. I hope there'll be a world like that someday.
: Have you seen what's in this forest? All kinds of crazy-ass monsters.

So this dungeon fits on youtube.
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YouTube stream.
Some of you wanted me to change up the party lineup now, but I forgot to do that. Mea culpa. Don't worry, when I record again I'll do a lineup change.

This guy is the gimmick of this dungeon. You have to follow him. Paths won't lead to the next area until you follow him down them. If you try you just end up on the same map again.

Anyway he doesn't like you very much.

And hides in stumps.

Yeah he has a good reason to dislike you, you motivate him to go by SHOOTING HIM WITH FIRE.

And now we can go right.

Note that he jumps THROUGH the top of the stump.

Skit #291: As Long as Genis is Alive...

: Yes, so it seems. They say they live about a thousand years.
: It's hard to even imagine that....
: ...Yeah, I know what you mean. I'll...probably live that long, too.
: So half-elves are...long-lived as well.
: Then even after we die, you'll have to keep on living.
: ...Yeah.
: We shall live on as well.
: Our individual lifespans are 80 years at best.
: That's not what I mean. As long as Genis and Raine are alive, we too shall continue to live in their hearts.
: Yeah. I...I'll never forget you all.

Skit #290: Recognition

: Yeah... Say, Colette, have I gotten stronger?
: You're really strong, Lloyd!
: ...Even stronger than Kratos?
: Ah...well...
: We've fought him several times, but he was always holding back. If he holds back this time, I won't forgive him.
: Lloyd...
: I have to beat him for real.
: Is that because you want your father to recognize you?
: What?!
: I'm sure Kratos will understand your feelings. Don't worry. You'll be fine!

Play duelofthefates.mp3
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: ...Are you still thinking like that? You'll die if you fight me with any doubt left in your heart.

: ...You're going to fight alone?
: You're about to witness something remarkable... The sight of your own son surpassing you. Lloyd is...our hope.

This time I'm going easy on him. After defeating the Cameo Battle this is just weak.

Combo aggressively.

Block his attacks.

Grave is really easy to dodge.

You can use items in this battle, and I'm not going to try to win without using items, that'd be a pretty small margin for error.

You can hit Kratos to interrupt his spells.

At some point he starts using a slightly longer melee combo against you.

In overlimit you can't interrupt his spells (except with a Unison Attack, Hourglass, or Photon/Absolute).

The magic-block moves are really useful.

Grave isn't so easy to dodge when the invisible wall of the arena is behind you and you don't realize it. Note me running futilely to the right.

Yeah that's a bit of a close call.

He's not in too great shape either.


Kill yourself so we can summon Origin already.
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: Aren't you...going to finish me?
: I defeated Kratos, the angel, the one who betrayed us. And I give Kratos, the hero of the Ancient War, who helped us. That's all.
: Humph...and I thought I'd finally earned the right to die. ...But you're as softhearted as ever.
: H...hold on! You can't be...are you going to break the seal?
: ...That is what you desire, is it not?
: But then, you'll...

: Kratos!!

: ...Don't worry, he's alive. I gave him some of my mana.
: Da... ...Kratos. Are you really okay?

: You don't look so good. But you'll probably make it.
: You stupid jerk! You can die any time! But when you die, that's the end.
: You want him to live in eternal damnation?
: Who said anything like that?! What will you accomplish by dying? Nothing! There is no meaning in dying!!
: ...You're...right. To think, I had to have my son teach me such an obvious lesson.
: Kratos!
: Kratos will be fine. Form the pact with Origin.

: Origin. Are you bound by a pact with Mithos?
: My pact with Mithos was broken the moment I was freed. Never again shall anyone make use of my power.
: Even if we make a vow? We need the Eternal Sword!
: I want to use the Eternal Sword to reunite the two worlds and revive the Giant Kharlan Tree! Unless we do something, the worlds will never stop vying for mana and everyone will suffer!
: That situation was born from the weakness of creatures who are unable to accept those that are different.
: That may be true, but mistakes can be corrected.
: Some things cannot be corrected.
: Even so...we have to do everything we can.
: Exactly. I'm not gonna give up. From the moment they are born, everyone has the right to live. I want to reclaim that. Humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, and even Summon Spirits... Everyone has a right to life!
: I'm impressed by your attention to detail there. Even I have the right to life.
: Origin... For almost an eternity, I thought that the only way to save this world was to cling to Mithos' ideals. Just as you once agreed with Mithos' ideals, I, too, thought his was the only way. But Lloyd is different. He taught me that in order to change something, you must do it yourself. It is not enough to merely rely on someone else and go along with their ideals.
: ...You who possess the right of summoning. Make your vow.
: Origin! Then...
: I will try once more to believe in people. I shall do my duty in order to create a world you speak of--a world in which everyone can live equally.

: To reclaim a world in which everyone can live freely... A world in which no life is sacrificed meaninglessly! That's all.
: Then we shall create a pact upon that vow. Now, fight!

That's just excessive.

No variety here!

I don't recall any other opponent that uses Genis's Spiral Flare. Origin really likes Genis's Strike line.

Honestly after the Cameo Battle I'm pretty hard to impress. The so-called ultimate summon spirit isn't that tough.

He can teleport, which in theory enables him to sneak up on a spellcaster and murder the shit out of them.

He likes Thunder Arrow a lot. It's pretty much what he does when you summon him.

So far that's three seperate Genis Strike spells.

Rameesh is basically Thunder Arrow but over a bigger area. Yeah.

Sheena seems to default to Summon: Fire. After this I'll disable every summon except Origin.

That would have really been climactic and thematically appropriate if it'd done a bit more damage.

I got a bit sloppy and had too many deaths, so the grade is a bit low. Meh.

: Pact-maker Sheena...and Lloyd. I place my power in your hands. ...With that power, transform the Eternal Sword into a blade to save all life! However, the Eternal Sword remains, as by Mithos' pact, unusable by those who lack the blood of elves. You must master the sword by your own power and forge a new bond with it.

: Oh crap, I just remembered. I'd better go tell them about that.