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Part 49: Update 43

Update 43

: There's no way I can make it in time it seems.
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: You did it, Lloyd...


: Lloyd's body will be taken over unless we do something!

: Don't just hold it!!

: We promised...that we'll go on a journey together when the world is reunited... Let her go!

Is this the secret plot of those who voted for Raine way back when? To force me to fight without her? ON MANIA? YOU BASTARDS!!! Zelos isn't half the healer she is. Anyway in case it's a bit confusing Raine/Mithos just teleported out.

: The Tower of Salvation is collapsing!
: It's Mithos! He's sealed off the route to Derris-Kharlan!
: Damn! We'll evacuate the elves for now! The entire village will be destroyed unless we do something!

Save Elves I Guess
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There's a cutscene just for this rock smashing the stairs up to the weapon shop. I don't know why they chose that specific thing for the cutscene.

Skit #294: Searching for Raine

: I wonder if she's all right.
: It's Mithos we're talking about. I don't think he'd hurt a fellow half-elf.
: Yeah. Mithos wouldn't do anything like that, right?
: So what we need to do now is get the Eternal Sword as quickly as we can. If we don't stay calm and rational, the Professor will laugh at us.
: Yeah. You're right.
: Won't do anything to a fellow half-elf??? Did you forget what he did to Pronyma? Hang on, how do I know what he did to Pronyma?

It's a bit hard to see, but he just swung his sword through a goddamn foot of rock.

: ...I cannot leave without the others of this village. I will remain in the village until the end.
: We're evacuating the remaining people. So run, now!
: ...I can't believe I'm being saved by humans and half-elves...
: How can you say things like that at a time like this?!
: ...Yes...We may have been foolish. I entrust my villagers to you...
: ...It appears that was the last remaining elf in the village. Lloyd, you should get out as well.

: Derris-Kharlan.
: ...Impossible! How can a planet exist in such close proximity?!
: It is the Eternal Sword that makes the impossible possible. It was hidden by the protective barrier projected from the Tower of Salvation. But it has always existed there, for four thousand years.

: And now, Mithos, with the Great Seed in hand, is trying to leave this land and take Derris-Kharlan with him.
: Tabatha! You're feeling better?
: ...Yes.
: Wait a minute. Derris-Kharlan is a mass of mana. And the Great Seed is the seed of the Giant Tree, right? If he takes both of them, what's gonna happen to this world?
: The world will die...due to insufficient mana.
: This is a much bigger problem than reuniting the worlds!

: What are we gonna do, Lloyd?!
: What else? We're going after Mithos!
: But the Tower of Salvation was destroyed.
: Use the Eternal Sword. If you really made a pact with Origin, with its power over time and space...
: But Altessa is not well enough to move. Who is going to craft the Ring of the Pact?
: ...Dad!
: Dirk?!
: Yeah. He's our only hope. We'll go to Sylvarant!
: Wait. I'm going with you.
: ...All right.

The overworld map has changed subtly.

It's changed on both "sides" to boot.

Lloyd has two dads now :3
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A dwarf who's losing his skills by living on the surface?
: There's no one else. The dwarf that has the skills is unable to move.
: Dad...please!
: ...I've gathered all of the necessary items.

: This is adamantite for polishing... Hmm? What's this piece of wood?
: Is this...sacred wood?
: This must fuel the fire.
: ...Is that why you were traveling all over Tethe'alla? To prepare all of this?...
: ...
: ...I see. So everything is set. I can't very well refuse after you've gone through so much trouble, now can I? And I suppose it won't hurt me to help out my dearest son. After all...I'm his father, too.

: All right, let's do it.

: Da...Kratos! What's wrong?!
: ...Lloyd, you've really grown stronger. I never expected you'd be able to inflict such a serious wound on my angelic form. ...Take this...and stop Mithos. I don't think I'll be able to help you anymore.
: ...Okay.

"That" refers to Kratos's Flamberge, which is the red sword. The blue one is called the "Vorpal Blade" but its name isn't mentioned much.
: Really?
: Take this with you. It's a present I promised you. Now that you've grown all up, I can entrust you with the greatest sword I ever forged.

: Thanks, Dad. And...Kratos.
And we get the Material Blade.
: ...I'm sorry I've forced everything upon you.
: I have great dads. One made a ring for his son using the lost arts, and another risked his life to protect his secrecy.
: ...Yeah. You've got great parents!
: Yeah!...Well, I'm off. Dad!

We can go back in to see DADCHAT though, so let's do that.
: Kratos. Your determination is admirable. ...Changing your way of life is a very difficult thing.
: I owe it partly to you, Dirk. You raised Lloyd to be a man who lives a pure and honest life. That's what changed me. Allow me to express my thanks.
: I'm his farther, too. There's no need to thank me. Don't mention it.

If you talk to Dirk again, he offers to make accessories for you. Some of them are pretty sweet.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of spare Faerie Rings.

Skit #058: Swords From Two Fathers

: That was really nice of him.
: That must be a great feeling, to receive a sword from each of your two fathers.
: ...Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Skit #301: Mithos' Crime and Sadness

: What do you mean?
: When Mithos possessed me, his memories flowed into me. Betrayed by countless people, he still tried to face forward and believe in people...
: And in the end, he gave up. The fallen hero, Mithos Yggdrasill.
: Zelos!
: I think Lloyd is the last person Mithos would want defending him.
: Listen to me, Lloyd. Don't make a mistake here. If you consider an-eye-for-an-eye to be justice, then Mithos has long since carried out sufficient revenge on those who deserved it. The humans who betrayed Mithos died 4,000 years ago.
: But people haven't changed.
: That's right. And neither have half-elves.
: Why is that? Because neither side has approached the other. They refused to make an effort. And that is Mithos' fault.
: I imagine a regular half-elf would be rather offended by that statement.
: ...Yeah, that's true.
: Now listen, what Mithos is doing is just slaughter. It's not something we can stand by and watch. You know better than to forget that, right?
: Yeah, I hear you. I won't hesitate anymore. I will destroy Mithos. ...To put an end to all this.
: Only germinating the Great Seed can truly put an end to this.

There's one more update from this batch of footage, it's got a ton of skits that aren't "canonical".