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Part 51: Update 44

Update 44

There was a tower here. Now it is gone.

: ...It's the Eternal Sword.
: Lloyd, are we ready? This might be our last battle...

You might think by the line there and the option we're presented with that we can't go back after this point. We can, don't worry.

: You, who possess the new right. What do you ask of me?
: Carry us to Derris-Kharlan. To where Mithos and our dear friend are!
: Understood.
: Here we go, everyone!

Derris-Kharlan Dungeon Video
Viddler dungeon stream.

We're stuck with Zelos as our healer. YOU BASTARDS. Fortunately we don't need a healer THAT much.

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YouTube stream.

: Wh...what the?
: Is this...a trap?
: Lloyd, I'm sorry. It looks like I'm going to trouble you again...

: Lloyd, help us!
: Don't worry about me! Just take care of Mithos!
: I this is the...Lloyd! Get the Derris Emblem! With it, you can--
: This device is not life-threatening. Please...don't worry.
: Lloyd. As long as you're all right, we still haven't lost. You must get to the Great Seed!
: Guys! ...Damn! What the hell is going on?! What happened to everyone?...
: Everything is all right. I can feel the presence of your companions. They are somewhere in this city.
: All right. Let's go find them!

One Piece of Good News
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: Let me go.
: Professor Sage!
: ...Of course. I will eventually return you to Genis. But right now...
: Mithos! Get away from her!
: ...How dare you, human! You...son of Kratos! ...How dare you give me orders!!

: ...Martel!...How could you?!
: ...Human! Your kind must not be allowed to live!
: ...How far are you willing to go to take control of the mana?
: I'll never forgive you... You humans are all the same!

: What's going on? Mithos...Yuan... Dad!
: Lloyd, these images are Mithos' memory! Don't let them deceive you!
: I actually have no idea who killed Martel. She forgave whoever it was, and didn't care enough to remember it. Mithos doesn't care either, because he considers all humans equally guilty (except Kratos).
: ...Why do you interfere?! We both want the same thing! I just wanted to save the world and my sister! To have a world where no one will be persecuted!
: Professor Sage! Are you okay?
: Lloyd! Yes...I'm fine. I'm so glad you came to rescue me. ...You've grown so strong.
: think?
: Humans...grow up so fast...not like us. You'll eventually become an adult, and'll pass me by.
: Professor...I suppose your life span is really long, too, just like an elf.
: Yes...I'll be able to teach your children. And their children. ...And their children's children for generations to come.
: ...That's strange when you think about it.
: I'm sorry. Now's hardly the time to be sentimental. Where's everyone else?
: They got caught in a trap...and we all wound up separated.
: I see... I'm a little concerned that I can't remove this Cruxis Crystal, but right now, it's more important to find everyone.
: Okay, let's go!

Skit #142: Welcome Back, Raine

: Well, it feels good to be needed.
: There may be traps and puzzles ahead of us that I can't deal with.
: You make it sound like I'm around for convenience.
:, it's not like that! And besides, we promised we'd go on a journey together after this battle is over, right? And that's why I...I'm really so glad you're back.
: I know. order to fulfill our promise, let's make sure we all return alive, to our world.
: Yeah. Absolutely.

: It's becoming a ghost town. It must have been abandoned by Mithos.
: Let's go! We have to stop Mithos!

Colette is down in that holding cell.

It is a trap for the mind. That's why Lloyd isn't affected.
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: Why is the mayor?...
: ...Be careful. It's an illusion.
: You think I'm an illusion? This is exactly why everyone says half-elves are fools.
: Colette, you poor, poor Chosen. A despised Chosen who will destroy the world.
: Remiel!
: Half-elves have no place in this world.
: Why are you saying such cruel things?!
: Shut up, you failed Chosen!
: Humans and elves...neither side wants us!
: That's right. No one wants you!
: It is time for you to disappear from this world...
: Die. There is no meaning for you to live.
: Disappear!
: Die. Now!
: Neither Genis nor I chose to be born this way... Yet...
: It cannot be helped. He is a hated creature, unable to even become one of us.

: No, they are not wrong. Half-elves are despised and discriminated against for merely being alive. Our existence is a crime.
: Well, your stunts haven't helped the popular perception of half-elves any.
: No! It's not the half-elves' fault!
: But...
: ...
: People who can't accept those who are different are the ones to blame! It's because of their weak hearts!

: Hey you two. I came to getcha.
: Lloyd...
: Now let's go.
: A futile effort. Just what would the failed Chosen do upon returning? You lived in solitude because you were the Chosen. None would approach you.
: Lloyd...became my friend. He saved me countless times.
: That was because you were supposed to save the world...which you failed.
: ...No, you're wrong! Lloyd tried to find another way! It's true I lived a lonely life, but it wasn't because I was the Chosen. I didn't have the strength to approach anyone because I believed I would die as the Chosen. I'm going to cast away that weakness. It's because I was the Chosen and treated differently by everyone, that I was able to meet Lloyd and my precious friends. I'm glad I'm the Chosen. And I want to live as the Chosen and save the world.
: Genis, do you feel the same? Are you happy that you were born a half-elf?
: That's ridiculous. There's no world for half-elves.
: ...Because humans hate us, I hate humans.
: Genis!
: But I like you, Lloyd. And I like everyone we traveled with. Because...I think they all like me.
: You're an idiot! You're deluding yourself!
: I'm the same. Just like those that hate half-elves, I get mad at humans and elves just for being who they are... That's just going to make them hate me more! My heart was weak, too.
: Is it a sin to be weak hearted? Not everyone's strong. Not everyone can stand being despised.
: Well, it's something you should work to fix.
: ...Hey, you two!
: Lloyd! Thanks for coming!
: I'm sorry. I've been a burden on you again.

: Don't worry about it! We're friends, right? Hey, what's this thing that just came floating down?
: They're fragments of a mirror...
: Maybe they're symbols of the weakness of our hearts.
: You should hang onto it. It's proof that you guys beat that weird mirror.
: Okay!
: Yes. Let's do that.

There's a miniboss here.
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: Will you face your darkness?
: Yes.
: Then be devoured by darkness.

This guy isn't really a proper boss fight. Anyway, due to being forced to, I'm using Colette.

He's got very little HP.

He can cast spells, but nothing particularly scary.

: ...You have conquered your darkness. You have changed from shadow to light. That which was light will lose its power.

If you have a fear of spiders get out.
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YouTube stream.

: Lloyd!

: Where the heck is this funky place?
: Hang on a sec. Do you hear a strange sound?
: A strange sound?

: Aww crap! Let's get the hell outta here!

: Oww!
: this thing?
: What's that thing down there?!...

: Such a pathetic sight, Zelos.
: Wh...Why is Kuchinawa?...
: It's got to be an illusion. There's no way those two would be here.
: You're so stupid. You've shut your eyes to reality for so long that you can't even tell what's real anymore.
: You grew up in Mizuho, yet you still can't tell if I'm real or an illusion? You really are a failure.
: It's so sad. How did someone so unworthy become the Chosen? It's no wonder he betrayed his friends.
: Neither of you should have been born. Everyone would have been so much happier had you not been born! You brought misfortune upon the people of Mizuho.
: I...I haven't brought misfortune to--
: Can you really say you didn't? You, the coward who trembled before Volt and killed your comrades.
: One betrayed his friends and then came back shamelessly, and the other killed the people of her village... A fitting end.
: Now, if you think you can run, run! You'll be devoured by the darkness and die!
: Dammit! We're gonna be eaten by that monster unless we do something!
: You've gotta be kidding!
: Would you like me to save you, Zelos?
: Beg for our forgiveness.
: And pledge loyalty to Cruxis.

: If it devours you, you will neither live nor die. You will be trapped in the true darkness tormented in isolation forever.
: Forever...
: I can save you. Join us and defeat Lloyd. Then it will all be over.
: Lord Mithos has agreed to let the people of Mizuho live.
: And he'll remove the title and duties of the Chosen from you and transfer everything to me.
: ...Seles will gain the power of the Chosen?
: Yes! What I've wanted more than anything else, the power of the Chosen! You'll let me have it, won't you? Just imagine, your life will finally have meaning and value.
: All you have to do is pledge your allegiance to me. As soon as you do that, you will be saved from the shadow's grasp.
: The people of Mizuho...
: Seles will become the Chosen...
: Listen to me, both of you! I've come for you guys, I'm right down below.

: Lloyd, don't tell me you were eaten by that monster!
: That Lloyd is the real illusion. The monster is mimicking his voice to lure you.
: I'm not an illusion! Do you think it's better for the people of Mizuho to become part of the Age of Lifeless Beings? Do you think it's okay for Seles to become the next Chosen who could be sacrificed at any time?
: I...
: But...

: Both of you have to decide for yourselves. But I have faith in you. I know you won't run away, even if what we're trying to do is difficult! Don't forget. Your lives have value just by being alive and being there!
: Just by being life has value?
: ...A traitor like me has value?
: Of course not. No life has any value just by being alive.
: Shut up! There's a significance in being born. But if that's not good enough for you, I'll give them another value. They're both valuable because they're my friends!
: Heh, that's a pretty pathetic value, but I suppose it'll do.
: You reject my offer?
: You know what I wish for, yet you still interfere?!
: Sorry, but I've got no choice. The guy who decided my value believes in me and tells me not to run away!

: I trust you, Lloyd. I, the sorta valuable Zelos, am headed your way!
: Tch. Looks like he beat me to it.
: Are you running away again?!
: I'll raze the entire village of Mizuho!

: Betraying that trust would truly be running away! Damnation or salvation...guess there's only one way to find out.

: It's not like I can really run away from the fact that I was born.
: Exactly. Especially since we now have out new found pathetic value and all. I'm gonna try and face my challenges head on.
: Yeah. Running won't solve anything.

: Sometimes running is the only way to save yourself. Humans arrogant.

: ...What is that?
: A spider figurine?
: But it's broken in half. It's kind of creepy.
: Maybe it's an admonition to not run away.
: Heh. I guess that's one way to look at it.
: Maybe it is, I'm gonna hang on to it as a reminder.

It is a mini boss.
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YouTube stream.

: Will you offer your selfishness to me?
: Yes.
: Fall into dark, pleasant sleep inside of me.

This version has slightly more tricks. Also, similar to how Presea's formal suit causes her to sometimes wield a bunny, Zelos sometimes wields flowers.

Spark Wave.

Its main "physical" attack is this glowing ball in front of it. The first one had that too, but I couldn't get a good shot of it.


Aqua Laser. Where the hell does it expect to get with second-tier spells?

It can also fire balls of light in an arcing trajectory.

There's an actual good spell.

Not that it helps too much.
: ...Light fled into darkness, and you are now the new light. The coward who fled into darkness has lost his power.
: Lay off the symbolism a bit, k?

I want a reality distortion field like that.
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: I thought I just saw Lloyd.
: Yes...he disappeared. What could...

: Even if it is, remaining here indefinitely...
: ...Would not be particularly meaningful. Let us search for Lloyd.

: Alicia...
: Impossible...
: Please wait. I'll take you to Lloyd.
: It's an illusion! Alicia is...dead!
: ...Yes. She was murdered.
: ...Yes.
: Then what am I, Presea? Even though I'm right here, breathing, my very own sister insists that I'm dead?
: I...
: It's true that I was murdered by Regal. But here I am alive in front of you. Isn't that enough?
: ...It's only an illusion! Be gone!
: Ahh!

: We...don't know for certain it's an illusion.
: believe me, don't you?! Thank you!
: You!...

: Regal, I can't believe you'd try to kill me... I can't believe it...
: Silence, phantom! Presea, move!
: ...If you want to kill Alicia, you must face me first. Prepare yourself!
: Stop it, both of you!

: But...there's blood...
: I feel an evil presence from that blood! Be careful, Presea!
: What's going on? What is real?...

: Why are you fighting each other! You're supposed to be friends!

: You...aren't an illusion?
: Why did you stop attacking?! You hate the one who murdered me, don't you?!
: But...
: And Regal...why won't you just let yourself be killed? You've always felt guilty about killing me.
: ...
: Here's your chance to end it all!

: If you killed him, you will have your revenge. Crimes must be punished.
: Both of you! Get a hold of yourselves! Don't confuse who you should be fighting! Dying won't settle anything! Killing won't solve anything!
: That is merely logic. People are not moved by logic. If the one you love is killed, you hate the murderer...And murderers must be punished.
: But if you keep killing people like that, it will only spawn new hate and new revenge!'re just running away if you die. You'll forget the murder and the pain of that crime.
: ...Spawn new hate...
: ...Running away from my crime...
: ...What about my feelings?! You murdered me!
: It is true that Alicia died. But I know she doesn't want things to end like this. What you're both doing is selfish!
: ...You're...the real Lloyd.
: ...And that Alicia is a fake. Alicia wouldn't say things like that...
: Are you...going to kill me?!
: Stop deceiving my friends!!

: I came to get you guys...
: ...I'm sorry. I...lost the will to atone for my crimes by taking comfort in the feeling of being punished. Death is not punishment. Punishment is living with one's crime and working to atone for it.
: ...I closed off my heart and turned away from people who were trying to atone for their crimes because it was easier to hate then to forgive.
: There are so many things you can do before you die. And I don't think everything has to be forgiven. But no matter how painful things may be, you just can't dwell on the past.
: ...You're right.
: ...I...will stop allowing myself to be trapped in the past.
: One cannot seek a new world while dragging the past along.

: The countless lives that were lost...and the pain of those that suffered. Crimes must be met with punishment.
: What's that?
: A knife?
: There are nicks all over the blade.

: Let us think of it that way.
: that we may never fight amongst ourselves again.

It is a mini boss, again.
Viddler download
YouTube stream.

: Yes.
: Then sinners, be judged.

This is the last variant of this miniboss.

Air Thrust.

This unnamed attack is similar to Yggdrasill's Outburst attack.


The standard ball of light attack.

: ...Light fell into darkness along with sin. You bear your sin and are the new light. The power of darkness has now ended.
: OK I think they get it now.

Skit #059: Pitiful Mithos

: Why do you say that all of a sudden?
: Even though he led all those half-elves...he no longer has any friends left that he actually trusted.
: ...Yeah. I think loneliness can corrupt one's decisions.
: Leading to arbitrary judgment and tyranny, leading to further loneliness.
: ...Let's make sure we value our friends.
: ...Yes.

A bit 'o voice acting..
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YouTube stream.

: This is...
: This is...the Derris Emblem!
: Derris Emblem?
: It's a seal that blocks the path to Mithos' castle. Although I didn't know where it was.
: Then, with this...
: The trap should be deactivated. Let's keep going.
: Okay, let's go!
Somehow we take the Derris Emblem with us.

Skit #61: Derris Emblem

: The Derris Emblem? It stimulated the negative emotions that reside in everyone's hearts.
: ...Yes. Even knowing that what we saw before us was fake, we still couldn't stop ourselves from being affected by it....
: But we all managed to win against it.
: Thanks to Lloyd.
: Lloyd wasn't pulled in by the illusions that the Derris Emblem creates. The Eternal Sword must have amazing power. It's truly fascinating...
: I don't think that's all it was. I think it was also because Lloyd himself was strong.
: ...Yes. You're right.
: No, he's too stupid. He's not actually capable of thinking dark enough thoughts.

Skit #60: No Turning Back

: Oh well, at least now we've got the Derris Emblem. Now we just need to do something about Mithos and we'll be set.
: ...Yeah
: It may be difficult, but we cannot back down.
: Yeah. Neither side can back down, and that's why things have wound up like this.
: ...We won't get anywhere just thinking about it. We don't have time for that.
: ...Yeah. It's okay. I'm okay. Let's go.
: Man, Genis is really reluctant to kill Mithos. I guess he empathizes with him more than anyone else. Not that he deserves it.
: Okay! Time to reclaim the Great Seed!
The title of this skit is funny when you realize I was running off to do the next bit of the update.
Skit #374: Proof for Maxwell

: I wonder if these jewels we got when we fought the Summon Spirits have anything to do with it.
: Yes! That's it! We just need each of us to equip ruby, aquamarine, garnet, and opal, and then call him out!
: Why didn't I realize that before?! Haha! Great work, Genis!
: Then all we have to do now is...
: Yeah! Just head for the monument where Maxwell sleeps!

Maxwell, it is your time.
Viddler download
YouTube stream.

: I suppose it's time for me to get up.
: Will you lend us your power?
: Hahaha! Only if you show me yours. Get ready!

This dude is pretty tough. Well, he would be if I wasn't comparing him to the Cameo Battle and a couple levels higher now.

It doesn't look like he's doing anything, but right now he's attacking Genis.

Thunder Arrow.

His "regular" melee attack is to spin the blades of his chair like a blender and rush someone. This is actually pretty powerful and can kill you if you're hurt and don't block.

This is the attack he was using on Genis earlier, he points his staff and a column of light knocks you into the air.

I put the Black Onyx back on over the items I wore to summon him because I'm a cheater. Cheater.

He can teleport.

I used a Unison Attack to try to get rid of this Thunder Arrow.

That was kind of silly, since he just cast it again when I finished.


That could be dangerous if he got lucky and I wasn't using Black Onyx

I kind of miss Gravity Well, even if the damage it did wasn't that great. It looked awesome, which is important.

Raging Mist not so much.

Speaking of looking awesome I kinda like that impact there.

Dreaded Wave

Party Comboist is a title you get for having Sheena start two unison attacks in a single battle.
: Hahaha! I surrender. I have seen your strengths.
: Sheena, time for the pact!
: You got it!
: ...Er, wait a minute. We heard that Maxwell formed a pact with the first leader of this city....
: Hmmm. Is that how the story goes? The passing of time is amusing.
: You haven't?
: I have a pact with Mithos. Mithos used my power for the sake of the half-elves.
: I see....So that was it....
: ...Maxwell. I'll take you off of Mithos's hands. I am Sheena! I ask that thou annulst thy pact with Mithos, and establish a new pact with me.
: It would be hilarious if Mithos's vow wasn't broken.
: Hahaha! Very well. Make your vow.
: Although I imagine that the summon spirits are interested in interpretations that would have it be broken, given Mithos's "total dick" nature.
: For the creation of a world in which all life can live freely in the open... A world where half-elves are no longer forced to hide like this... please, lend me your power!
: All right. Let's see how well you use my power, the power to control matter itself.
: Oh...and even after forming the pact with me, please keep this city floating in the sky until the day all people can accept the half-elves....
: Hahaha! I understand.
: You did it, Sheena!

: You rule, Sheena! We'll be counting on you!
: Leave it to me!
We get the Turquoise accessory, Sheena learns Summon Birth, and gets the title Master Summoner.

Skit #052: Pact with Maxwell

: He was pretty strong for an old geezer...
: That's because although he looks like an old man, he's not.
: Hmmm...I see...
: Summon Spirits don't have gender, either. It may be that they just take on those forms to make it easy for people to recognize them.
: I don't really understand,
: but in other words, they're really incredible and stuff, right?
: *Sigh* ...Oh, well....
: Anyway, it's certainly true that Maxwell has incredible power! I think our battles will get a lot easier, too!
: Yeah! Show us what you can do!

Here's a little bonus video of Maxwell's summon.
Viddler download
YouTube stream.
The Meteor Storm he uses is actually a little stronger than Genis's. He buffs magic power as well.

After that little interruption, it's time to take the fight to Mithos's house. Literally.
Viddler dungeon stream.

Welcome to Vinheim, Mithos's castle. In theory we could run right up those stairs, fight the penultimate "boss", then fight the final boss. Instead I go around opening treasure chests to grab two stones.

: There is something written here...It says... "What can be seen in the past is anger that seeps out from the depths of darkness. What can char this frozen heart is this burning hatred, like the fires of hell. Bring down upon them the lightning of judgment."
: Is that some old poem?
: The Future Stone is...

: says... "Will the future be one of a bountiful earth, caressed by the blessing of the wind? Will it be one of swirling, terrible water that wishes away all in its path? Is there a ray of light in our future?"
So we need to push the blocks onto the panels in the correct order. It's a little tricky because some of the colors you might expect (lightning being yellow, earth being green) are wrong. Who the hell decided wind would be green, anyway?

Anyway you have to push the blocks onto the panels, then you and the block teleport to a room.

In the room you push them into the bridge path.

If you put the wrong block in it shrinks and teleports back.

The fourth block in each set goes into a hole.

When we fill both holes the force field goes away.

Our reward is the sacred stone, which lets us teleport directly from the stairs to the Tower of Salvation entrance, and a few other things. It also unlocks a few sidequests.

Which would make sense if the ending wasn't literally steps away.

A dragon boss should be awesome, right? Right?
Viddler download
YouTube stream.

They actually give you a yes/no option box here.
: Let's go!

Somehow he has LESS health than the minibosses we faced earlier. He doesn't have any named special attacks, but breaths some weird pink fire.

He's also really, really easy to hit.


I got him in a bit over half a minute.

In that room is the final boss. We have some sidequests to do first though.