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Part 55: Update 47 - Final Boss

Update 47 - Final Boss

This is the cutscene you need to back out of for the last sidequests.
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: And the Great Seed should be there, too.
: This is it, everyone... Are you ready?
: I'm ready. I'm prepared to accept whatever happens in the coming battle...and we will win!
: Yeah. We're gonna win...for Mizuho, Corrine...and for all of you who believed in a coward like me.
: And...for myself, too. I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake I did. No one should have to think that he has to sacrifice his own life...
: Everyone should be able to live freely, no matter who they are. Humans and elves and even us... It's okay for us to be here, in this world.
: Yes. That's why we must recover the Great Seed from Mithos and revive the Giant Tree. Without it, not only will we be unable to restore peace between the different races...
: The world itself will die. We can't let that happen. We must reunite the worlds. Afterwards we shall make a new promise to the new world.
: The people that I like and the people that I don't both have the right to live in the same world as I do. Because that's the way things should be. So count me in. I won't run from this one.
: ...All right! Let's go! We're going to restore a world where everyone can live freely!
Press "A" for final boss.

He won't go quietly.
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: Mithos...listen to me! We don't have to fight! Please return the Great Seed to us so that we can reunite the worlds.
: ...Home...I'm going home...
: ...Something's wrong. He sounds like a puppet...

: I'm finally myself again.

: Mithos...Martel is already dead...
: That's not true! Martel is alive, just as I lived on in the Cruxis Crystal.
: That's not living. That's just existing as a lifeless being.
: Unfortunately. I thought for sure I'd have been absorbed by now.
: What's wrong with that?
: What?!
: After all, in our bodies flow the blood of humans and elves--the bloods of those that despise us. We're better off casting aside much filth and become lifeless beings.
: That's what you really want?
: Of course. Watch! When you become a lifeless being, you can even control your appearance and growth.

: I told you before. The only way to eliminate discrimination is for everyone to become the same race.
: What you hope for is nothing but a dream, Mithos. Discrimination comes from the heart.
: He's right, Mithos. It's the weakness of people's hearts that causes discrimination. Looking down upon others while placing themselves too high...
: You do the same thing! You look down on humans and elves, treating them like cattle. That's the weakness of your heart.
: Even if people become lifeless beings, nothing will change. Discrimination will continue.
: ...Then where should the half-elves go? We aren't accepted anywhere. We opened our hearts, but no one took us in. Where should we live?
: You can live anywhere you like.
: ...Don't make me laugh.
: I'm serious. Anywhere is fine. If you aren't doing anything wrong, you should just live proudly in the open.
: ...It's because we couldn't do that...that I...that we wanted a place of our own!
: Uh-uh. Sorry, but don't act like you're the only victim here. It doesn't even come close to justifying all the things that you've done.
: What you've done caused meaningless suffering and death to countless people. Can you feel their pain?
: People can change. Even if they don't change right away. Months, years--as time passes, change is inevitable.
: Maybe not everything can be forgiven. But one can try to atone for one's sins. Can't you feel it in your heart? The Goddess known as conscience...
: Do you think I'm going to beg for forgiveness? Ridiculous. There is no Goddess. So I will continue to pursue my ideals. If there is no place where I can live, and if I've been denied my Age of Lifeless Beings, then the only thing left for me is to build a new world on Derris-Kharlan. A world just for my sister and me!
: Don't...

This is it.
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Welp Mithos wasn't going to let himself be talked out of it by Martel, it was kind of stupid of us to expect it to work. Dude's basically Old Yeller at this point - he was once pretty cool, but now he's got rabies and needs be put to sleep.

Mithos is totally immune to light.

Mithos uses Absolute, which is one of the only things (the others being Photon and MAYBE Dark Sphere, which seems to be exactly the same but Dark) that can stun Presea through Glory.

I never quite got the timing on avoiding this spin attack. He also can do it immediately after casting in order to maximize his burst damage. Even in comparison with Abyssion, he's not a total joke (unless you use the Devil's Arms, but then anyone is).


Teleporting. He doesn't manage to kill Raine that I remember, but he doesn't seem to suddenly teleport away from someone he can instakill like Abyssion either.

Ground Dasher.

This is the big deal. Retribution inflicts random status effects. I've never seen it inflict Petrify (thank fuck) but it can inflict poison (which does a shitload of damage on Mania), sealed artes, and other bad things.

I get lucky on only getting one character with Poison.

A couple Miracle Bottles fix that right up.


I was trying to knock him out of his cast here, but instead he got it off and got knocked out of the Indignation.

Speaking of Indignation

It's kind of weird for the Bad Guy to use Indignation, since in the original Tales it was the spell that was specifically the anti-badguy spell. The main villain took extra damage from it. Not because he was weak to lightning, but because it was specifically good against him. Mithos isn't the first villain to use Indignation Judgement, though. It was in fact introduced as a bad-guy spell in Destiny 2(JP). He can use regular Indignation, even though I don't think he did at any point this battle.


He can do the same hold-out-his-hand-glowing-light-multihit-attack thing that the Judged/Neglected/Fugitive did.

That's a pretty thematic name. It also hits pretty hard and is hard to anticipate, so I died to it a fair bunch.

Like that. He's fairly dangerous to melee.


Remember what I said about "totally immune to light"?

That's a pretty bad Retribution.

KO isn't really a status effect, it's "your hp is zero".

Did I mention I don't like Rejection?

Lloyd gets the kill shot. How thematic.

Yeah I died an absolute ton and my grade is "only" -5.66.

: No... Give up... Don't do it...

You thought we'd get through this without a multistage boss? HAH! Last-minute cliche!
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So rather than admit defeat, Mithos merges with an armor thing like the Judged/Neglected/Fugitive. Or something, it's not entirely clear where his second form comes from.

It's like a thousand times easier though.

Where the hell does he expect to get with Tier 2 spells????

That extra HP won't help when he hits slower, hits weaker, doesn't have any status attacks, is bigger and thus easier to hit, and oh yeah is only resistant rather than immune to light. He resists dark but we basically have zero dark attacks outside of Sheena.

Notice how hard I comboed him without unison attacks. Also he has an Outburst-like tech.

Standard J/N/F glowing ball attack.

Too bad for him he's not immune to light anymore.

Oh look, finally a Tier 3 spell.


More glowing ball action.

Let's finish it.

Dammit Mithos you dick, let me be thematic too! In the end I'm not sure if Presea or Lloyd got him.

You also get an item, the EX Gem Max. It lets you select any EX Skill rather than just the skills of its level, like the level 1/2/3/4 gems. This is not totally pointless because you can carry it over into a new game+.

That's it.
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: Mithos is!...
: It's just like Alicia! Mithos will continue to live as long as the Cruxis Crystal exists!
: And eventually...I will be taken over by the crystal.
: Mithos...
: I'm tired of playing your game of good-and-evil. Hurry up and destroy the crystal. If you don't, Derris-Kharlan will continue to drift away.
: I guess he's just glad it's over. I feel the same way. Let's go on together.
: Mithos...
: Do it now! Before I, too, am no longer myself...

: Let him die while he's still himself!
: ...All right.
: Farewell, my shadow. You, who stand at the end of the path I chose not to follow. I wanted my own world, so I don't regret my choice. I would make the same choice all over again. I will continue to choose this path!

I think the animators goofed here. Lloyd misses.

Whatever that is swirls into Lloyd's exsphere.

: Damn it...
: Ultimately, he cared more about being right than anything else, even his sister or his own life.

: Uh, I think you forgot something...