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Part 57: Update 48 - Ending

Update 48 - Ending

The only thing left is to germinate the Great Seed. This cutscene looks way better in motion.
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Have I mentioned how hard it is to capture shaking in screenshots?

: Your wish is granted.

: It can't be...
: The world was originally separated into two in order to prevent its destruction. If it returns to its true form, the world lacks the mana to support itself. The dying.
: Whoopse.
: I don't need to know why it's dying! What do we need to do to stop it?
: Support the two worlds by linking them with the Giant Tree. That is the only way to stop the destruction of the land.
: We need to awaken the Giant Kharlan Tree!
: ...I get it!
: Lloyd, hurry! You must bathe the Great Seed in the mana of Derris-Kharlan before Derris-Kharlan leaves the gravitational field!
: All right, then! I'm counting on you, Eternal Sword!
: Derris-Kharlan is already at the edge of the gravitational field. Not even Yggdrasill...Mithos could stop this from happening. Do you still intend to try?
: Yeah.
: Even strengthened by your Exsphere, it is likely that your body will not withstand the forces. Are you certain of your decision?
: I said I'm doing it, so I'm doing it! It's not like we have a choice!
: ...Very well.

: Excuse me for a bit.

: The Great Seed is...already dead.

: Wait! Don't go! Please, wake up!

: Psst. Your whole "I want to die" mindset is killing the Great Seed.
: But...
: Lloyd is going to be here to try to revive it in about 30 seconds. Try to want to live a little by then, or it'll just get deflected again.

: This is...! Ok.

: It looks like Derris-Kharlan stopped moving away.
: Yeah, but why? The Eternal Sword is gone...
: Back.

: The Eternal Sword!...

: This is my final wish. Eternal Sword...
: Please...awaken the Great Seed!
: I beg you, please, wake up!
: ...Please!

: I exist... for a purpose.

: I... I know I'll fulfil it.

: I feel... So much better.

: I am Martel, and also the incarnation of the Great Seed itself. Lloyd, your hope, as well as those of many others, resurrected me.
: So you're Mithos' sister?!

: No. Mithos' sister Martel is only one of the many souls within me; I am Mana, and I am the Giant Tree; I am a symbol of the many lives sacrificed to the Great Seed; I am the new spirit born to accompany the Giant Tree, and now the Seed has awakened anew along with me.

: This is the Giant Kharlan Tree?!
: It's so beautiful and so grand!

: This is the future form of the Giant Tree. Right now, it is only a small seedling. In its current rate, the tree will wither and die.
: Well then, how do we protect it?!

: You must provide the tree with love and adoration. As long as those conditions are met, I shall always protect the seedling.
: I promise! If the tree starts to wither, I'll make sure, we won't let it die!

: Then Lloyd, on behalf of all living things, I want you to give this tree a new name, as a proof of the pact.

: What?
: The Giant Kharlan Tree was planted here by the elves when they first came as a guardian to watch over and protect them. This newly reborn tree protects elves, humans and the lives of all those who are caught in between. Therefore, this tree requires a new name.

: Lloyd, pick a name for us, a name for everyone's tree.
: So this tree is the link that connects the world. Okay, I got it! This tree's name is...

: A most interesting choice.

Viddler download
YouTube stream.

Viddler download
YouTube stream.

: Ohhhh! Chosen One!
: No, Grandmother, I'm not a Chosen anymore.
: Oh, yes...Colette, you have made us all proud.
: ...Welcome home, Colette.
: It's good to be home, Father.

: I see, so Kratos will travel with Derris-Kharlan, wherever it may go. What are you going to do? Go back to Iselia?
: ...No, we're going out to visit new lands.
: We're going around the world to try and make it easier for half-elves to be accepted.
: It sounds like you have a difficult journey ahead of you.
: We can return to Iselia when we're tired.
: We will always have a home there.

: Sheena! I'm so glad you're safe!
: Congratulations, Sheena!
: Don't congratulate me yet! A whole new world lies before us now. We have to inform everyone about the revival of the Igaguri style.
: Yes. And for when Kuchinawa returns as well.
: Yeah, come on everyone, let's work as hard as we can! We're gonna make the village of Mizuho into a ninja clan to be proud of!

: the whole world got messed up!
: Well then, Chosen One, what would you have me do?
: We'll send an emissary of peace to Iselia.
: Emissary? Who do you plan to send?
: How about Sheena from Mizuho? She's already involved.
: So the emissary of death becomes the emissary of peace...
: I won't let you say no. Until you do something about the Church of Martel, I still have the rights of the Chosen, remember?

: Time is finally starting to flow again from that night sixteen years ago. You know what? I'm twenty-eight years old now. Can you believe that?
: Were you...talking with Alicia?
: Yes...
: I just got back from overseeing the destruction of part of the mine. Now that that's done...we can rest assured that no new Exspheres will be excavated.
: That's good to hear. What are your plans now?
: I'm going to devote the full resources of my company to revitalization projects in order to build a new and better world.
: I'll help, too. I'm sure Alicia and Daddy would have wanted me to.

: If a half-elf of Cruxis remains here, the other half-elves will have no place to live. As a surviving member of Cruxis, I must bear the responsibility for what has happened.
: I'm going to collect all the Exspheres remaining in this land.
: ...And I will discard all of Cruxis' Exspheres into space. I've dragged you into this until the very end.
: It's okay...
: ...It's time for me to go. Please use that sword to send us to Derris-Kharlan.
: ...Goodbye...Dad!...
: ...

: ...Lloyd. You wanted to go with him, didn't you?
: No, I have my own path to follow. And Dad has his. ...And besides, I have a dad here already!
: I see. Then I won't say any more.
: ...Mom. I'll leave Dad's sword here beside you. Well...I'm off!

: It's so good to see the world like this. I... we... would not have believed it to be possible just a short while ago, on the day Colette received her oracle and Lloyd took a book in the face from his beloved teacher.

And now we can save a clear game save, which we load to create a new game+, bringing us right back around to the beginning.

Everything's OK now, but there's still some LP to go. Tune in next time for a very special epilogue, starring Kratos.