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Part 58: Fake Update 49

Fake Update 49

: ...and that's what's happened.
: Well, it's four thousand years late, but we did it.
: Technically Lloyd and Sheena did most of it.
: The important part is that it's done.
: No question there. Now, what will you do? There's no more need for the Renegades in this new world.
: Why even ask? You're alive now. My place is here.
: Yuan... I'm not the Martel you once knew. She's only one of the many souls within me.
: She's in there somewhere, though. And given your appearance, I suspect she's rather more important than any other soul.
: Yuan... I'm a Summon Spirit, a World Tree Guardian. I don't even have a gender anymore.
: An awesome man once said, "Love knows no boundaries, nationalities, or genders!"
: Yuan... My cute little idiot...

: OK, now that you've turned in your Exspheres, the next phase is to increase individuality.
: Yes sir, we're all individuals sir!
: ...
: Ok. Why don't you guys take a break while we wait for your life processes to make you more lively.
: Yes sir.

: I'm... not sure how well this will work. The angels seem too far gone. I hope one day I can turn them into a new society for Derris-Kharlan. Otherwise being here by myself will be far too lonely.
: You're not by yourself.
: Norn! You surprised me. I thought for sure the next time we met would be you killing me in my sleep.
: That does explain why you always slept in the lower levels of the Tower of Salvation for the past 4,000 years. Not that would actually be an obstacle, I've been practicing my teleportation. I think I can make it all the way from one planet to another.
: Then why didn't you assassinate me? I mean, we both know after Martel died I...
: It was Mithos's fault. Sure you were weak-willed enough to go along with it, but I'm not particularly vengeful. I might have tried to take Mithos given the opportunity, but as a World Tree Guardian dying is generally "really bad" even more so than for mortals.
: So, why are you here?
: I'm a bit lonely too, to be honest. I mean Ratatosk was never exactly a great conversationalist. I could talk with Martel in the seed if I'd wanted to, but she was a bit bitter about watching Mithos do all that for four thousand years, and in a very foul mood; if we had a chat it'd be almost entirely her demanding I stop Mithos. Now, Martel is down there, but... well, you understand right?
: Neither of you wish to be away from your tree.
: Good. Anyway, I have something to show you. Have you wondered what would have happened had you found your courage earlier?
: What?
: If you'd been able to find your courage earlier, and fight alongside your son against Yggdrassil.
: I've wondered about that every second since then.
: Let us begin.

I fight Celes a bit early because something. Here's Zelos in the arena.
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YouTube stream.

Zelos vs Celes.
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YouTube stream.
Zelos vs Celes. Even on NORMAL difficulty, I have a ton of trouble with her. I leveled up by a modified version of the grind method I'd used in the book dungeon. I held the control sticks a bit off-center while plugging in my controller, which caused my party to wander in circles with the sticks neutral. Then I turned on turbo and tied down the A button and left it on for 24 hours. Even massively overleveled like this, even on Normal difficulty, Celes is no joke.

Flanoir at Night. If you reject all three party members...
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YouTube stream.
: I remember this.
: Yes, it's the point of divergence.

: I remember I was going to go talk to him, but I got spooked by a teleportation signature. I'm such a coward.
: Eh, it was ok. If it had been Mithos and you ran into him, you'd have been slaughtered.
: So what was it?
: Well, it wasn't Mithos.
: You're going to be cryptic, but it'd be hypocritical of me to object.
: Did someone just call my name?...

: ...Lloyd.

: ...I realized it when I found Anna's grave at your house.
: How did Mom die? You know, don't you?...
: Like Presea, Anna was a research subject of the Angelus Project. They were trying to create a Cruxis Crystal inside her body. When I learned of Mithos' plan to create an Age of Lifeless Beings, I turned against him and descended upon this land, where I met Anna.
: ...So Mom was an experimental subject, just like Presea...
: After meeting Anna, I realized my mistake in believing that accepting Mithos' vision would be the fastest route to reunite the worlds. I began to search for a way for a human to wield the Eternal Sword.
: ...So you can unite the worlds?
: Yes. However, Anna and I were pursued by Cruxis. We traveled from place to place, and when you were born, with you as well, but we were finally caught by Kvar.
: And then Mom was turned into a monster...
: Her Exsphere was removed. Lacking a Key Crest, the mana in her body went out of control, and she turned into a monster. ...When it tried to devour you, Noishe protected you, and Anna regained control of herself...momentarily.
: ...Noishe saved me?
: That's probably when Noishe became sensitive to monsters. Noishe and Anna are both wounded. You mother begged me to kill her.
: ...I've heard enough.
: Anna went out of control again and turned on you. Then I...
: That's enough!
: I...killed her.
: I said, that's enough!
: After that, Kvar attacked, then you and Noishe fell down the cliff along with the Exsphere. ...I fought off Kvar and his men, and descended the cliff, but all that was left were the Desian corpses, half-eaten by monsters. ...I thought there was no way you could still be alive.
: ...Is that when you returned to Cruxis?
: I am the Origin seal itself. Since killing me would break the seal, Yggdrasill couldn't just leave me alone.
: And you were okay with that? Even though you opposed what he was doing?!
: Everything felt meaningless. Mithos said he would reunite the worlds as soon as Martel was revived. I came to think that as long as the land would return to normal, that would be enough... Until I met you.
: Me?
: You remind me of Mithos. Just like you, Mithos was desperately trying to save the world. He didn't give up. No matter how much he was oppressed, he was hopeful...until the day Martel was killed.
: A hero...that's what people called him.
: Yes, but there is a clear difference between you and Mithos.
: Our race?
: No, not that. You realize that you are capable of making mistakes. Or rather, if you make a mistake, you are capable of acknowledging it. That takes courage. Mithos, as well as I...were unable to do that.
: The courage to acknowledge one's mistakes...
: We were incapable of correcting our flawed path. We gave up on correcting our mistakes. You didn't give up.
: If you feel that way, then you must have realized it by now! Mistakes can be corrected. It's not too late. Let's look for a way to release Origin without sacrificing your life...together.
: ...I still have something I must do. Until I am able to entrust it to you, I cannot fight alongside you.
: Something you have to do?
: The Eternal Sword. Until I am able to entrust it to not die, Lloyd.
: Kratos! Where are you going?
: ...Do not allow Yggdrasill to continue as he pleases. He is capable of sacrificing any number of lives. Stop Yggdrasill...stop Mithos...before Colette is taken from you again.
: ...I'll stop him. I'll head to Derris-Kharlan and put an end to this.

: Oh, Noishe. What's that in your mouth?
: *Whine*
: A pendant? What is?... It's Kratos and...Mom? Then this baby must
: *Whine*
: Kratos gave this to you, didn't he?
: *Whine*
: ...Okay, I'll hang on to it.

: Guys! How's Altessa?!
: ...Well, he managed to pull through. Some dudes from Mizuho are hanging out there to guard him, so everything is all right.
: Good. I need to speak with everyone. The world is never gonna change if we just wait for Cruxis to make the next move, right? So this time, we're going to strike them first.
: Well, so you're finally ready to do it! We're gonna raid Cruxis!
: Yeah. I have two objectives: Prevent the establishment of Mithos' new Age...and release Origin.
: But if you release Origin, what about Kratos?
: ...I don't really know yet. We don't know for certain that he'll actually die. We also don't know if he'll side with us or not. We don't have the time to worry about things we're not sure of.
: What do you intend to do about the Eternal Sword? Even if you break Origin's seal, you can't wield it, remember? And I doubt either Genis or I would be able to handle a sword...
: Don't worry about that. I've got it covered.
: What are you talking about?
: Why do you think I can use magic swords? I received magic injections with the latest in Tethe'alla technology. In other words, I'm a human with elven blood in me. That should work, shouldn't it?
: Then I guess this will be the final battle.
: Understood. Let us end this.
: ...For the sake of uniting the worlds.
: ...Yeah.
: I'll do my best, too!
: ...Colette, I need you to stay behind.
: ...Why?
: They want you as Martel's vessel. We'll have either Mizuho or the Renegades hide you.
: If...that's what you want...
: ...No, I'm going, too!
: But...
: Heh, I get it. You don't think you can protect her. That is so sad...
: Wh...what did you say?
: Don't worry, Colette! I, the great Zelos, swear to protect you!
: Zelos!
: Take her along, Lloyd. They're gonna be after her no matter where she is. You ought to know that by now. Be a man, show her what you're made of!
: Wow, we actually have the same opinion for once. Sorry, Lloyd, but I agree with Zelos this time.
: ...All right, Colette will come with us, okay?
: Thank you, Lloyd. And everyone else, too.

: Does Tethe'alla really have a technology like that?
: ...It sure does...for some weird reason.

: All right, let's go kick come Cruxis butt, Lloyd!
: ...Zelos, can I really trust you?
: What are you saying? Of course you can trust me! I'm the type that responds to people's trust.
: Really?
: Really! Really, really, come on, let's go!

The Tower
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: ...Leave this to me.
: Leave it to you? What are you gonna do?
: I figured something like this might happen, so I prepared a little something the last time we were here. Colette, come here for a second.
: Huh? Oh, okay.

: Good work, Chosen. Now, bring her to me.
: Sure thing.

: Zelos!!
: What the hell are you doing?!

: What you're trying to do is hopeless and meaningless. What's the big deal? Colette wanted to be a sacrifice, remember?
: Zelos! You traitor!
: It's so funny that you would say that. It's not like you trusted me in the first place.
: Betray you? How amusing. Zelos was our spy from the very beginning. Isn't that right, Zelos?
: Is that true?
: It's not true, is it? Please say that she's lying...
: I side with the strongest. It was a simple matter of weighing the Renegades, Cruxis, and all of you.
: You were leaking information to the Renegades, too?! I can't believe you! You were always a pervert, but I never doubted that you were a good person when it came down to it.
: Why, thank you, my sweet, voluptuous hunny. But in the end, I choose this side, because Mithos promised to release me from my fate as a Chosen of Mana.
: You hate being the Chosen so much that you would betray your friends?
: Oh, yeah, I do. It's because of that title that my life has been a total joke. I can't stand it. I can't wait for Seles to become the Chosen instead.
: ...You're lying! I still trust you, you hear me?! You're the one that told me I could trust you!
: What are you, stupid? Lady Pronyma! <3 Hurry and take Colette.
: I leave the rest to you.

: ...Why Zelos? You were our friend!
: Friend...huh?...I never did get you to trust me, though.
: That was...
: Don't feel bad about it. I mean, I did deceive you, after all.
: There's got to be some sort of explanation for all this. This is just another joke, right?
: ...Haha, I don't know what to tell ya. I'm just a weak, lazy bum.

Viddler download
YouTube stream.

We outlevel this fight a bit. I mean, we're at a higher level than either of the first two parties I fought Mithos with. It sucks, but I had to do it to beat Celes. I would go back through and fight him again with my pre-level-up party but it doesn't seem worth the effort, since he still managed to use his full moveset and even killed a few party members.

Zelos has more or less the same moveset under your control and not under your control.

: I still can't understand how he could stand up to so much punishment. I mean, when he was fighting against Celes, that kind of hit sequence would leave him in the dirt instantly, Exsphere or no.
: He's disabled the limiters on the Exsphere. If you don't care what kind of shape your body's in afterwards, you can fight much harder. I did the same thing each time I fought my son and his party. There's no way you could fight anymore any time soon after you do that, win or lose.
: Why didn't you do that when you said you weren't going to hold back?
: After the beatings I'd taken recently, I probably wouldn't be able to make it through the entire fight in that state. I'd prepared to accept death on the end of a blade or by releasing all my mana, but a heart attack in the middle of a fight would be undignified and having Lloyd win by default would be closer to going easy on him.

Genis took multiple hits of Judgement and dropped.

This is fairly fun to play, but it's not so much fun to talk about, since you know most of his moveset and all. Watch the video I guess.

If I ever play this game again, I'm going to give Genis a title that grants a bit more HP. His "glass cannon" setup is a bit too glass.

Holy shit he killed a non-Genis character.

Sheena actually has a res spell, although it reses you with ZERO HP. You gotta get them up quick.

He got Raine. No mercy.

Ironically he got us those Energy Tablets.

In another bit of irony, his girlfriend is the one who kills him.

Positive Grade that time.

: Th...that was pretty good...
: Zelos...
: ...It's okay. To tell you the truth, I was getting pretty tired of living anyway...
: ...Don't talk like that!
: Oh yeah, about Colette... She's below, in the hall of the Great Seed. Make sure you save her...
: W...why did you fight us?!

: But...once I'm gone...Seles happier and...they'll finally let her out of that abbey...
: Don't tell me that's why you...
: Heheheh...nah, that's just a bonus... ...Make sure you destroy my Cruxis...Crys...tal...

: ...Damned...idiot...
: This was... suicide. He desired this end. But with him dead, how did they survive the tower?
: It's not hard to guess.

: ...Looks like it. Let's go!

What's FAKE in this update?
Who's this Norn character anyway? Spoilers for Narikiri Dungeon, which will never ever be released in English.
 Norn is from Narikiri Dungeon, and is the world tree guardian for Derris-Kharlan, which has a mana tree despite being a giant ball of mana. Her world tree doesn't have as much output as the old world tree did or the new one will, so using it to power the world was never a consideration. She has various ill-defined but rather awesome powers of fucking with time and space, and literally teleported from where Derris-Kharlan eventually ends up back here later on.