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Part 59: Fake Update 50

Fake Update 50

: OK, how WOULD they get through all the traps with Zelos dead?
: Watch and learn.

: Ugh!

: Do you think this is funny?
: Hush, it's not over by a long shot.

: Kratos' pendant... He protected me.... Dad...

: That was Zelos's sword last time, but his was yellow. This one is blue which means...
: OH!

: It is finally time, dearest sister. This body has the closet match to your mana signature.

: The mana charge is complete, my lord.
: Good. Do it.
: Let her go!

: Lloyd?! How did you get in here?! The lock to this room can only be opened by a member of the Cruxis high order!
: None of your business!

: A futile effort...

: I told you I wouldn't miss the main event!
: You did not want to share the same pain I do, correct?
: I can't possibly miss seeing the new world that's about to be made.
: I can still fight. As long as I can fight, I will stay by your side.
: Heheheh, pretty good, huh?
: Everyone!...All right! Let's take him on together!
: *Sigh* What a sorry lot. Pronyma, it is your fault they're still alive. Kill them!
: Y...yes, sir!

New Pronyma Fight.
YouTube stream.
This Pronyma fight is a little different so I put it up.

: Lord Yggdrasill...Mithos...please...

: Only my former companions can call me by that name! Get out of my sight!

: That's so cruel...
Bit of different dialog.
YouTube stream.

: Dear've finally come back to me!
: No...Colette...It can't be true!

: Martel? Oh, you mean my body. I hastened my growth to have an appearance befitting the leader of Cruxis. Wait just a moment. I'll switch back to my old form.

: I've been watching all this time. Unable to move, unable to do anything, I watched all those foolish things you've done. Have you forgotten everything? We stopped the Ancient War because we dreamt of a world where humans, elves, and those in between could live in harmony.
: What are you saying? This after all the trouble I went to prepare a new body for you? But I don't like that one, do you?
: Mithos, please. Listen to me. What you have wrong. It is not what we strived for.
: ...Wrong? Are you rejecting me?
: No, I want you to remember. Please stop this and become your old self again...
: Martel, even you reject me? No...Martel would never say something like that... Haha...hahaha...ahahahahahaha!

: Kratos! You betray me...again?!
: ...I do not mean to betray you. I am full of regret. Regret that I could not stop you.
: I'm not sure I entirely get the sentiment you're expressing there.
: I think "I" mean that I should have never been on his side for this in the first place.
: Kratos! I knew you'd come back to us!
: That's right, Lloyd. He saved us from the impossible situations we were in.
: ...I wish to atone for my sins alongside you.
: Damn you! Give me back my sister!
: Goodbye, Mithos. This is my final wish. Please, return this twisted world back to its original form.
: No! Martel! Don't go!
: If things were going to end up like this, perhaps the elves should never have left Derris-Kharlan. If they hadn't, people like us would never have been born...
: that was it...aha...ahahahaha... Martel, you just wanted to leave this filthy world and return to Derris-Kharlan... Yes, of course. That world is the homeland of all elven blood.
: Mithos?...
: Yes, dearest sister...let's forget these filthy creatures and return home together. To Derris-Kharlan...
: Everyone, we have to stop Mithos! Martel is calling to me! Martel wants us to stop him!
: Shut up! Martel would never say something like that. You...miserable failure!
: She did say it! She was crying! She said, "Please don't make everyone suffer any longer!"
: Lloyd, do you understand? If we lose the Great Seed, we'll betray everyone's hopes!
: And we of Mizuho won't stand it, either.
: Without it, the Giant Tree will not germinate.
: Without mana, the land will die.
: If your goal is the reunification of the world, then...
: I know! We're gonna stop Mithos with everything we've got! ...Let's go!
: I won't let you interfere.
: I will kill you all!

New Yggdrasill Fight.
Viddler download
YouTube stream.
It's basically the same, just we have Kratos in my party.

: ...How?...I cannot lose...I'm going home...I'm going home with my sister...
: ...It's over.
: No, it's not. The worlds are still split. The Giant Tree has still not yet germinated. You must release...Origin.
: ...Do you know what that means? You might die!
: I tried to run from everything. I still need to pay for my past sins. For the sake of releasing Origin's seal, as well as for the sake of settling my past, must defeat me.
: You think I'm just gonna go along with that?!
: ...I'll be waiting for you before the seal.
: Lloyd, let's head back first. Okay?

: What are you going to do, Lloyd? Are you going to...fight Kratos?
: ...I don't know. At any rate, I'll go to Heimdall.

Heimdall mostly goes the same way up until you actually reach Kratos. One thing I did forget last time was Colette's pre-rest conversation. Surprisingly the game script doesn't have it so I didn't get it when I double-checked. You have to say "no" when she asks you if you're ready to sleep.

: Lloyd, it'll be all right.
: Wh...what are you saying all of a sudden?
: Um, well, see, I have good luck. Even though I was a Chosen who was supposed to die, thanks to you, I'm here, alive.
: yeah....
: When you and the others are sad, I'm sad. And so, to make sure I don't get sad, you won't let anything sad happen to you.
: You sure are optimistic....
: Heheh, sorry.
: Don't apologize. ...Thanks.
: No...I'm really sorry I don't have anything else I can say.
Since Kratos can't very well talk with you at night without messing up the next day's scene, nobody talks to you at night.

Kratos Fight. Now with fan-swords.
Viddler download
YouTube stream.
: ...So you've come.
: Is there no other way?
: ...Are you still thinking like that? You'll die if you fight me with any doubt left in your heart. If you want the pact with Origin, then you must defeat me.
: So...that's your way. Everyone. Leave this to me.
: ...You're going to fight alone?
: ...If it's your wish to settle things with your past, then it's my duty as your son to see it through. Get ready!

For some reason I had a lot more trouble with this fight than before, despite being higher level.

The next part is mostly the same as before.
Origin and a non-Raine abduction sequence.
YouTube stream.
: Lloyd!

: Mithos! Stop!
: never really understood me. I won't return this body.
: Colette! Wait! Let her go!
: Ahahaha! What do I care? I'm leaving this filthy world behind!

Derris-Kharlan, and Kratos Joins the Party
YouTube stream.
: This is a much bigger problem than reuniting the worlds!
: Who cares?! Our friend just got kidnapped! What should we do, Lloyd?!
These two lines back to back really shouldn't be said by the SAME CHARACTER, Namco Tales Studio. They screwed up their "different people say these based on who's gone" trick.

: ...So you want me to forge the Ring of the Pact? A dwarf who's losing his skills by living on the surface?
: There's no one else. The dwarf that has the skills is unable to move.
: Dad...please!
: ...I've gathered all of the necessary items.
: This is adamantite for polishing... Hmm? What's this piece of wood?
: Is this...sacred wood?
: This must fuel the fire.
: ...Is that why you were traveling all over Tethe'alla? To prepare all of this?...
: ...
: ...I see. So everything is set. I can't very well refuse after you've gone through so much trouble, now can I? And I suppose it won't hurt me to help out my dearest son. After all...I'm his father, too. Dwarven Vow #1: Work together for the sake of a peaceful world. All right, let's do it.
: ...With this, I'll be able to use the Eternal Sword, right?
: Lloyd, I have a favor to ask.
: What is it?
: Would you allow me to join your journey once more?
: ...Of course. I was hoping you'd say that.
: ...Then, use this. We'll stop Mithos together.
: ...Okay.
: That's a marvelous blade. I doubt you have a sword in your possession to match it.
: Really?
: Take this with you. It's a present I promised you. Now that you've grown all up, I can entrust you with the greatest sword I ever forged.

: Wow...I'll become even stronger with these two swords. Thanks, Dad. And...Kratos.
: ...Well then, let's be on our way. The final battle awaits.
: Yeah. Everyone's waiting outside. Let's go, Kratos!
: Be careful.
: Right! Everyone, let's go!