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Part 61: Fake Update 52 - It's finally over.

Fake Update 52 - It's finally over.

: Everything with the Great Seed worked as you've already seen. The worlds were reunited. Martel became the new spirit of Mana. But...
: But...
: Zelos's death changed the course of those close to him. The only person who loved him. And three years later...

: Give it up for Lloyd the Great, folks!
: I've still got it!
: Look forward to Lloyd again, once we find something worthy of facing him!

: That time is now.

: If that's what you want....
: Begin!

: *Huff* *Puff* You're... really... strong.
: Oh yes.

: How did you get this powerful?
: It's all thanks to my dear brother. His will left me everything. I've spent every gald I could and all my time this past three years preparing for this day.
: Is revenge really worth this?
: It's not just about revenge. If it was, I'd kill more than just Sheena and you.
: What did you do to Sheena!?!!?
: I didn't do anything to her. The pit and the spikes did everything.

: Damn you!!



: Yeah that was fairly predictible.
: You're not even fazed?
: Eh, I can regret those hits later.

: That was actually a pretty sweet move. Ok, time to get serious.

: Not going to work twice!

: Your little trinket can't keep you alive forever!
: Your spells keep missing!
: Oh, you asked for it. Want to see why Sheena had to die? I summon thee! Come, Origin!
: My apologies.
: Oh no...

: Only one chance now...

: Wow, that really hurt!
: You're still standing?
: And it seems you're not.

: There's nothing you can do to affect this.
: Oh, right - this is just some simulation you did or something.

: Ma'am, stop. The fight's over. You're not allowed to actually finish people off here.
: ...
: Now, where were we. Oh, right. I figured before I kill you I should explain what I'm doing. After you reunited the worlds, I hired some people to research ways to bring back my brother. Two of them in particular have done a great job helping me piece together everything. I'm going to wield the Eternal Sword, and then...
: I do not recommend this course of action.
: ...
: Awww, you didn't get to hear all of it because Origin interrupted. Oh fine. Eternal Sword!
: *Sigh* The old master of the pact is no more. What does the new master wish of me?
: You know what I want, just do it.
: You can't possibly survive this.
: I have to try. Thank you for everything, Tokunaga. Be sure to pay Mr. Abend and his partner for me.

: Tomorrow's the big day, eh?
: Seles!?!! Is that you?
: Ugh. Yeah, it's me big brother. I'm three years older and a bit beat up though. Time travel is hard it turns out.
: Don't talk. You're badly hurt.
: It doesn't matter. If I succeed, I change the past and this will have never happened. I need you to...
: To what??!!?
: Not die on me...
: Seles? SELES!
: Dammit.
: Well, if she loves me that much, I guess I have to stay alive for her. You sure won't let me take the easy way out, sister.

: Huh? The body... vanished? Does this mean I changed the future?

: Uh... Does this have anything to do with that weird feeling I got when I went to go meet with Lloyd?
: Well, whatever it was sure was scary, eh? Anyway, let's be glad that history has taken its proper course and we're all happy now.
: But did that really happen or not?
: In the context of what you've just seen with time travel and all, what does "really happened" mean?

So you're probably all wondering "WTF" now. Originally I had planned to do the Kratos path FIRST and pull something like this to segue into the normal path. Since I had it mapped out already I didn't really want to create a new "capstone" for the thread, so I repurposed it via Norn's time-tourism. I'll explain more after the jump. Here's the actual course of the Seles revenge fight.

: Wait a moment! Your opponent is...Seles!
: I will avenge my brother! Now, fight me!
: If that's what you want....
: Begin!

The fight goes exactly the same as normal.

You get a second Last Fencer and Elemental Circlet.
: No...I can't believe I lost....
: Seles! This must be some kind of mistake!
: ...It's all right, Tokunaga. I was...not strong enough....
: So you're the ones that just came barging in here! Now come with me!
: Please, wait just a minute!
: ...I have nothing to say to you, I don't even want to see your face.
: Please understand Seles' feelings. ...She has lost her dear brother. Please don't be angry. Farewell...
If you lose, you get this dialog instead.
: I can't believe the ones who killed my brother are this weak! You're just playing with me!
: So you're the ones that just came barging in here! Now come with me!
: Please, wait just a minute!
: ...I have nothing to say to you, I don't even want to see your face.
: Please understand Seles' feelings. ...She has lost her dear brother. Please don't be angry. Farewell...
As you might have guessed, there's a lot of text duplicated here and with the "normal" Seles fights.

Video of the fight, youtube only since I'm still mad at viddler.
Kratos Arena and loss to Seles.
Lloyd defeats Seles.

The genesis of the idea here was mostly the revenge fight existing and how goddamn hard Seles is in comparison with everything else in the game for me. To me, this means Seles makes a perfect "unstoppable monstrosity out of nowhere". Since she's 1/4 elf she can become a summoner and thereby get control of the Eternal Sword away from Lloyd - but only if she kills Sheena and him.

Anyway, since spotting what's fake in this update isn't too hard, try spotting the references to other Tales games.