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Part 24: The Man Who Mirrors

Part XXIV: The Man Who Mirrors

So, I did do some stuff prior to beginning this next chapter, but trust me, we're gonna have more than enough shit go down this time. Count on that.

The end of the beginning

As I recall, I only asked for Ludger and Maxwell.

We don't trust you Spirius people.

Why don't you tell me how you really feel, Dr. Mathis! I didn't expect that much spine from one who claims to support both spyrix and spirits.

The accord 'twixt the two nations has been ratified. Adversity can be a strong foundation for peace.

How selfless of you to come all this way to give me your report. Both as a CEO and a citizen, I'm overjoyed.

I take it that you're Bisley Bakur. Looking at you, you do appear to be a formidable man.

And you, I would presume to be the true Maxwell.

My Milla was true too, you know!

*hand over Elle's mouth* You are correct.

Every inch as proud as I'd expect from the Lord of Spirits.

The dimensional abyss has stabilized.

*nod* Then I shall transfer you the coordinates of the fractured dimension containing the final Waymarker.

No. That said, you should find it easily enough. Focus your search on the divergence catalyst, as in any other case. If Dr. Mathis and his friends are willing to cooperate, you are sure to succeed.

I'll cooperate with Ludger. But I do it on my own terms, to fulfill my duty.

Indeed. We cooperate because we want to, not because we are ordered to.

Exercising your own free will, huh? That is humanity's strength. You have some steadfast friends, Ludger.


All of the Spirius goons then decided to salute, with some doing it with their left hand! For shame.

The final Waymarker is within our grasp. In this grand endeavor, I wish you godspeed.

You put a lot of trust in Ludger.

With good reason. The Key of Kresnik is mankind's last hope. Only he can overcome Origin's Trial.

But no pressure, right?


Before we jump back into this fateful dimension, an affection skit from the Lord of Spirits. Kinda weird timing, but there ya go.

That deviation number is pretty damn low, which means it's pretty close to the Prime Dimension's history. Oh boy.

Unfamiliar familiarity

It takes me back to when we all first met.

Conductor Ilbert?

Yes. I am Rowen Ilbert. I was once the steward for House Sharil. A pleasure to see you again.

How dare you!

How dare I what?

You take me for an idiot? I dunno who put together that costume of yours, pal, but it's not fooling me!


That's...yeah, this is starting to get real ugly.

Uh...let's just hold on a minute, buddy.

Where've you been? it was a big deal in Rieze Maxia. King Gaius threw him a state funeral and everything.


Who murdered him?

No one knows. They found the body floating in Lake Epsilla in Elympios.

Lake... Epsilla.

Now, I've had enough of your sick little joke. Buzz off!

Intriguing. A fractured dimension in which I've been murdered.

But if everyone here already knows about Elympios, and Rowen died eight years ago... This fractured dimension must be several years ahead of the prime dimension. Anyway, let's investigate the murder scene.

There's a skit shortly after to take some of the edge off the previous scene, but more important is Elle suggesting we check on the time capsules we buried in front of Sharil Manor. After all, if this dimension's history is very close to the Prime, then they'll be there. Do note, however, you will need to have completed Rowen chapter 2 to make it show up.

As another heads up, this fractured dimension has a LOT of new weapons and armor for you to pick up if you want. I would strongly advise this course of action.

Buried secrets

Correct. Burying them here was Lady Driselle's idea.

Should we dig them up?

Well, although we'll increase Rowen, Elle's, and Elize's affection by choosing L1, you get some really nice stuff with R1. Feels like cheating, though, since it's only been EIGHT years since these were buried, at least.

Very well. No need to feel guilt over an unsightly hole. This world will be gone soon enough.

You're gonna open mine, too?

Told ya it was quite a haul. The Dread Needle is a good weapon for Rowen, the Pink Emerald (obviously buried by Elize) is a crafting material you can otherwise get from Kitty Dispatch Tatalian Abyss, Dull Colored Gemstone is obviously left by Elle (since she mentions in a victory quote she puts "pretty little stones [she's] found" in her backpack.

The Hallowed Doll is a really unique item you can only get here, and it was probably left by Driselle. What it is is that it's a 50% chance to revive from KO, and unlike the Reverse Doll item, it will NEVER break. It's quite the get-out-of-jail-free card. Finally, the Spirius Fangs were...not left by Ludger! We left the Spirius Blades, but, this is where that choice so long ago makes a difference. If you put the Spirius Hammer in here, you'll get the Obsidian Sledge, and if you put the Spirius Shot in here, you'll get the Spirius Tacticals instead. All are *considerable* improvements over what you put in there.

As it happens, I got the Fangs, which are Earth-elemental *and* have a chance to revive from KO. That's on top of the Hallowed Doll, so...

These are exactly the same time capsules that we buried.

Hm, interesting.

This dimension's history was identical to the prime's until some point in the past.

Perhaps my death was the point at which the two split.

The death of a nation's prime minister would certainly leave a mark on history.

Rowen, don't you want to meet this dimension's Driselle?

I'd better not. Nothing good would come of it.

True, that. Well, since fast travel is disabled in fractured dimensions, and nothing at all interesting happened on the way to Marksburg (our route is Sapstrath Seahaven -> Marksburg), let's skip right on over there. Specifically, the Bridge of Unity.

A future of hope?

What a cute little...glowy dog thing.

Well, we aren't jerks.

It's a spyrite!

Whew, found you! Don't go running off like that.

Excuse me, but is that a spyrite?

Huh? Yeah, what else would it be?

Does it ever, you know, lose control of itself?

Good heavens, no. I mean, he gets into trouble once in a while, but he's a good little spyrite.

Where might we learn more about spyrite technology?

Well... You could try the Spirius Corporation, I guess. But I doubt they'll tell you anything worthwhile. It's not really in their interest to spill any secrets. They have a total monopoly on the spyrite market.

Spyrite technology is everywhere in this world!

Perhaps the Jude of this dimension could tell us the secret to making spyrite technology viable.

*nod* One more question: Have you ever heard the name Jude Mathis?

Sure, in school. He's the guy who brought spyrite technology to the masses.

How 'bout that, Jude?!

Pipe down, Elle...

Shame how he died, though.

All those bodies bobbing in Lake Epsilla... Ugh.


Boy, this dimension's recent history just gets better and better, eh?

Wait, I'm dead, too?

Clearly we need to get to this Lake Epsilla. It's turning out to be quite the crime scene.

Uh, yeah. Can only imagine how much WORSE it could be right now, though. There's a skit in the next area where you can increase Jude's affection with R1. I am sure I'll found out in what amusing way Ludger decided to do that when I record alternate choices, though. For our road in the near future, though, thankfully you don't have to pass through Trigleph. The train in Marksburg will take you straight to Drellin, though, of course, we'll have to make the trip to the lake on-foot.

The mystery of the lake

Nature seems to be bouncing back.

Jude... *nod*


Your choice when it comes to raising affection: L1 for Jude, and R1 for Milla. We'll be helping our protagonist friend, though.


Well, alright then.

This is simply the way Jude is. Please try and understand.

Wait, so you found something strange in Lake Epsilla?

While I was fishing, I reeled it in by accident.

Wait a minute, I know that thing. This is the stuffed animal the governor of Sharilton asked us to look for.

Right. Apparently it was that poor little girl's most prized possession.

Uh oh...

Why did it show up now? She's been dead for years.

Oh...oh my, this is getting worse by the moment. Jude, Rowen, AND Elize are dead.


Which means the murdered girl was none other than...


What in the world happened at that lake?!

Let's make haste for Lake Epsilla. The culprit must be long gone, but perhaps we can obtain some more information about the deed.

The lake...

Have a feeling shit's about get pretty real VERY soon.

There's more equipment you might feel like buying here in Drellin, including upgraded equipment for Ludger, Milla, Jude, and Rowen (funny how that works, huh?), so once you're done shopping, time to hit the trails. Let's make haste, indeed.

Well, would you look at this place. Looks like Elympios really is on the rebound, and spyrite technology definitely is viable. Of course, would be great if we knew the secret to making it work in the Prime Dimension, but hey. Baby steps. Also, there's a skit that pops up shortly after you get here.

I would bore you with the details of my trip to Lake Epsilla, but that would require something interesting to have happened on the way. Nothing of interest to me or anyone else did happen, so let's skip right on to the main event, shall we?

House by the lake

Everything is so lush.

Now's not the time to joke around, Ludger!

It's quite the mystery house, I should say.

It's not a mystery. Because that's where I live. That's my house! I live there with my daddy! Daddy!

So yes, this is all very well and good, and we've FINALLY found Elle's dad, but doesn't this stink to anyone else? Elle recognizes this house, and her dad, fine. But we're in a fractured dimension that happens to be very similar to the Prime Dimension's timeline. We saw this place in the opening movie, so that must mean...

Well, we'll find out the truth shortly. Draw your own conclusions for now.

Welcome home, Elle.

Where are the bad guys?

They're gone now.

Are you okay?


A mask.

So that's Elle's father.

Well, R1 Ludger has a point. Seems Elle's just too overcome to remember this.

Right, it's easy to forget sometimes.

In our dimension, this house didn't even exist.

Could he be the catalyst?

Seems my girl's been in good hands. I'm Victor.

It's been too long since I've had guests. Please, join me for dinner.


Ever had that feeling where the hair just stands up on the back of your neck? I think Ludger's getting a nasty case of that right now.

I hope it sufficed.

Yes, thank you. You delivered quite a feast.

It's pretty tasty stuff, huh?

Ludger ain't losing to no one, not on the battlefield or in the kitchen. Not gonna start admitting defeat now.

It's a close call. You both use similar seasonings in your cooking, so it's tough. But I'm going to say Victor. The taste just has more depth.

Incidentally, the song playing over this scene is called Elle is Elle, which happens to sound very similar in parts to Sorey's Theme -Purity-, from Tales of Zestiria.

The latter is a really good song, I'll have you know. Just has that feeling of "You're about to go on an awesome adventure" vibe to it. In fact, Sorey is so cool, evidently, that he needed a second theme song. I believe he's the first Tales character to get 2 theme songs that are entirely different. In Symphonia and Dawn of the New World, a few characters had two themes, but they were different tempo versions of the same composition. For example, Colette had a normal, happy theme, but a slower, more downbeat version in sad scenes. Sorey gets two.


These bold flavors and delicate accents are the mark of a true artist.

Oh, stop.

Ludger! You should take some cooking lessons from daddy.

I think it's Daddy's fault for making my favorites.

You earned them all, my dear.

Elle goes to sleep. But no one else does...odd.

Victor. There's something I'd like to ask you.

You're curious about the mask, I'd wager. My face was scarred in battle long ago.

Not that.

What is it, then?

I have a feeling I know what is answer will be, but hey, let's humor him with R1. We could use some answers, too. Something very off about this guy.

Elle's father, of course.

In a sense, but--

But I'm from this dimension... Is that it?

Let me dispel any doubts. I really am this Elle's father.

That would mean Elle...

Yes. My daughter was born with a power that only a few Kresniks have ever possessed. She can manipulate space and time, a skill lost in the prime dimension.

She's the Key of Kresnik?!

So the power was never Ludger's to manifest?

He knew the truth of it all along.

What are you planning to do with the Key?

You see, the key has its limits.

I don't want to wake my daughter. Let's step out.

There's a chest with a Revival Ring here, a little hidden behind a shelf, but...I think we're gonna need to take this outside. I think our friend Victor here has a few more things to show us...

The following video is a *serious* pro-watch. This is definitely one of the best parts of the entire game.

Distant Mirror

Has spyrite technology been perfected in this dimension?

It has, and you perfected it eight years ago.

I see...

Why in the world would you do that?!

I didn't stop at Jude, either. I killed you in this dimension, as well. Alvin, Leia, and even Elize. I killed you all. You tried to stop me from killing Bisley. Even Julius took your side. Bisley made a grave mistake when he tried to take Elle from me.

I'll ask you again. What are you plotting?

I simply wish to live in peace with the real Elle. But that will never happen as long as he exists.

Exactly! I'm the future version of you! And now I shall become the real you!

Hey... What's everybody doing here?

Go back inside, honey. We're just having a little talk.

He proceeds to slap Elle by accident, but his writhing causes his mask to fall off...

No need to be frightened, Elle. If we go to the Land of Canaan, I can make this all go away. I promise. You and I can live happily ever after, Elle.

We really can?

Yeah, Elle, for the sake of raising your affection AND keeping you out of a bloodbath, you might want to take a few thousand steps back...

And Elle will be with me, of course. Reborn as my daughter in the prime dimension.

I'll be reborn?

That makes no sense! You'll be different people!

But we will still be together!


Everything will be fine. We'll make brand new memories. Come here. This time Mommy will be with us, too.

No... I don't want that! No!


Seems these two are completely evenly matched...

So you lured Ludger into this dimension to trade places with him! Using your own daughter!

...I am the final Waymarker!

What the hell do you know!

What in the--

Now it's time to fight...Victor. He is one tough customer, as you might be imagining by this point.

The most important point is, being a fractured version of Ludger, he has access to ALL of Ludger's potential artes, Hammer, Guns, and Swords. That means he'll always be throwing something new at you, and he's plenty dangerous at any range. Since he has access to all of Ludger's artes, that means he can also throw out every status effect under the sun.

Also, he always starts out in, and will use every now and then, his Chromatus form. Victor Chromatus is *incredibly* dangerous, as is Ludger's. But this time, it's dangerous to us. While you can combo him like normal while he's in his Chromatus, his attacks will hit a very wide area / a single target for a lot of damage. He's not gonna pull any punches.

Being Ludger, he has access to Form Destroyer in his Chromatus form, and Ritual of Destruction in his normal form. If you ever see him throw out Grand Cleaver, and you're the target, immediately block. He can't activate Form Destroyer if you block Grand Cleaver.

Victor is very fast and powerful, so you'll need to choose your openings carefully. When he brings out his guns, that's your best chance. When he's focusing his attention on your buddies, he can't pay attention to you, so that's your chance to rush in and start a Power Combo.

Very much beware of Ritual of Destruction if Victor is in Over Limit and he has his hammer out. Magical Destruction hits a very wide area, and if you're not blocking, even for a moment, and he'll have his opening.

Requiem is the same story, but for guns. Very dangerous, even on its own.

We've...defeated ourselves...


Damn! I'm already out of time. Listen, Ludger! There is a limit to how much you can use your power.

A limit?

Wait, does that mean...

You've become a divergence catalyst?

All power comes with a price to pay. That's just the way it is. You see?

So that's why you chose to be reborn.


Stay down, dammit!

What are you going to choose?!

...There's only one way this can end.


Please take care of Elle. Open the path to Canaan. Complete Origin's Trial.


And the world falls away...

Update 24 alternate choice compilation

The following posts are from the thread. They'll help explain what Victor's deal is in much better detail than the game goes into. There's a lot of supplemental material for this game's plot that admittedly I don't have 100% knowledge of, or have ready access to. These posts come with my stamp of approval. However, McTimmy's post does have an end-game spoiler in it, so once we're done with the plot, you can come back for the full explanation on Victor, this fractured dimension, and Elle.

McTimmy posted:

SUPER SPOILERS BE HERE! Victor's Dimension proceeds nearly parallel to the adventure X2 has. Victor finds an Elle of his own, she's the Key, they collect the Waymarkers. That Elle dies along the way, and the waymarkers accomplish nothing because FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY! Eventually Victor fathers his own Elle, who's also a Key. Bisley, Julius and the PCs want to use Elle-Key to bargain with the Prime. Victor flips out and murders everyone, save Gaius whom he cripples, and Milla/Muzet who are in the spirit world. Elle's mother dies from the stress and Victor starts his own plan, which you have correct. He becomes the Dimensional Catalyst host (Bisley was the prior host) and takes Bisley's watch. He enacts the Elle-to-Prime plan and sends her with his watch, while he keeps Bisley's which grants him the Full Chromatus and the final waymarker requiring Prime Ludger to come to him.

wdarkk posted:

Pretty much. Obviously MEGA SPOILERS.

The Xillia 1 cast of Victor's universe were hoping to wish to make their universe the Prime Universe. It turns out that's not a thing that they could do. They actually had gathered all the waymarkers but it didn't work because of, well, Canaan.