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Part 25: The Girl Who Hates

Part XXV: The Girl Who Hates


Where's Elle?


He spotted the black splotch on Elle's nape. The same kind of splotch that Victor had...

She's becoming a catalyst!

But why would something like that even happen?! Unless the power really is within Elle!

We're not going to figure this out here. Let's find a room in Drellin.

This skit is pretty informative as to the exact mechanics of catalysts, and how one becomes one. Basically, Ludger has been unintentionally using Elle as a tool since the beginning, ever since the train incident when Ludger began using the Chromatus. Directly using the Chromatus to transform and gain access to that power, like Victor did, will gradually turn one into a divergence catalyst.

Also, the first skit of this video is one I got during the course of recording two updates ago, but I forgot about it until now. Here you are. It pops whenever you've made the chapter 11 payment, but only in Fennmont.

So, Ludger's going to be fine, but that's...we can't exactly say the same about Elle.

But there it is: the final Waymarker of Canaan, acquired from Victor. What moves are left to make, from all the performers in this grand design, I think it's safe to say they'll be made very shortly.

But, for now, we're headed for the inn.

The longest night

Is the catalyst sickening her?

No, she's just been traumatized. I mean, she just saw her father-- Oh, sorry! I know it's not like you had a choice in the matter.

I'm worried about her and you. How are you holding up?

Putting on a brave face will raise Milla's affection, but I can take a guess how Ludger is feeling right now. Not too often you engage in a bloody duel between yourself and an alternate you from another dimension and come out emotionally unscathed.

I know how you feel. Imagine how I felt when I learned I wasn't really Maxwell, but jsut a vessel he'd created for his convenience. But remember, Ludger. No matter what, you are still you. That hasn't changed and it isn't going to. Your duty hasn't changed, either. Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on.

Is it Spirius?

He hands the phone to Jude...

"Ludger, we've confirmed the retrieval of the final Waymarker. Please proceed to Rieze Harbor in Marksburg immediately."

What's the plan?

We'll depart tomorrow. Tonight, we should rest.

A wise course of action.

Ludger made us some tasty soup.

No. I don't want it! I only want my daddy's soup and this isn't it! It's never gonna be right! Just like you're never gonna be my daddy! I want my daddy! Why'd you have to do that to him?!

Ludger rushes forward to knock the pot away, but got a nasty burn from the still-hot soup. Today just gets better and better.

Are you okay?!

Are you--

She runs off...

It'll heal in no time. Wait, you're going to make more?


Only one thing can be on Ludger's mind at a time like this. Victor was as important to her as he was to Elle.


Do whatever you need to do.

I'll help if that's all right. Your arm is still injured.

Fade to black...

All done?


I'm sorry that I can't do more for you.

Jude doesn't want to change the subject, so L1 will increase his affection. Hey, we gotta look out for good 'ol Dr. Mathis.

*shakes head* I'm just happy knowing that a future like that might even be in the cards. It helps me believe I can do it. I can perfect spyrite technology. I was trying to cheer you up, but here you are making me feel better. You know... I think she'll understand someday.

Fade to black for a well-deserved dinner-time.

It's good. Ludger... I ran away 'cause I realized something. When somebody leaves you...when they never get to taste their cooking again.

What's to say in a situation like this? Maybe apologizing will bring Elle back to her senses, about what Ludger had to do back there.

*shakes head* You were just protecting me, weren't you? Keeping me safe...from my daddy.


Elle, are you okay?

Another phone call. I hope it's not--

Ludger... Hey, do you have a moment? Sorry to pester you again, but...

So, fun fact, I was playing an idol game while this scene was running and couldn't particularly focus on either choice's implication. I reached over and hit R1 in the middle of a combo, and miraculously, didn't break my combo. That's reflexes for ya.

I'm sorry. I know you do. Just doing my job.

Ludger hangs up...

Sad as it is, even at times like this, the world still marches on.

And considering our place in that world, we shouldn't expose Elle to any more danger. Rowen, can you find a safe place for Elle to stay while we see this through?

I'll see what I can come up with.

Are you leaving me behind 'cause I'm a fake?!

I wasn't as lucky this time with my idol combo. I broke it during this choice, which is why I took a bit longer than normal to choose. Went with L1 this time.

No one wants me. Even Daddy felt that way. He said he only wanted to be with...with the real Elle.

All right then. We'll take her with us.

Well, we've got another post-chapter payment period. I shouldn't have to mention the gald payment is going to be incredibly easy, thanks to Elite Monsters, AND a free 40000 gald you get just from finishing the chapter. There are a couple more skits after the above scene. In the first skit, you can raise Rowen's affection with R1, and in the second, you can learn an interesting secret about Ludger. In the second skit, R1 will raise Rowen and Alvin's affection, whereas L1 will raise Jude and Gaius'. It's a good 'un.

Alright, so, the plot says that Elle is in trouble because of Ludger's use of the Chromatus, and that's gonna be a big plot element going forward. HOWEVER, gameplay-wise, there's nothing stopping you from using the Chromatus as much as you want from this point on, just like before.

But, if you're trophy hunting, you're gonna want to not use the Chromatus more than 50 times before the end of the game. Now, the end of the game is still a fair bit off (to say nothing of the post-game content). If you're on the hunt, then once you get AN ending, you'll get another trophy for keeping the Chromatus under control.

Please note I said AN ending. That's because this is one of the very few Tales games that has multiple endings. 1 Bad Ending, 2 "Joke" endings, and 2 "Real" endings. It's pretty rad, and one of...I wanna say like 4 Tales games with multiple endings. The others are Tales of Destiny 2 (where if you won a certain fight, the game automatically ends with your dudes still happily adventuring along, instead of getting captured), Dawn of the New World (where depending on your actions / choices at various points throughout the game + your actions during the boss fight AFTER the final boss, you could get one of three endings), this game, and Tales of Zestiria (which is VERY odd. Basically at a certain point in the plot, you can find the main antagonist just chilling out in a certain field map. If you engaged and defeated him, then, well...let's just say you get the Bad Ending, but it is an ending).

And yeah, I guess Tales of Symphonia has up to 9 different endings, but that's not quite the same thing. It's like different flavors of the same ending, if you ask me.

But that's in the future. Before we get on with post-chapter 12 stuff, let's take a brief step back. This next part of the update brings us to the trail just outside of Fennmont, on the road to another Elite Monster.

In the Southwest branch, we have found our prey, namely the Krudis Eye.

Another ho-hum Elite Monster. Really nothing of worth to say about htis guy. Powerful attacks, long reach, etc. etc. nothing you haven't seen before. Though, this guy does have a tendency to get heavy stunned a lot.

That's it, though. A further survey of the area did not reveal any kitties, but we'll be back...eventually. This trail also leads to the Fennmont side of Fort Gandala, but yep...still closed.

Next order of business is the job Traces of Kinship, given by our old friend Aaron. Remember the Aaron job from way back? Me neither, but just accept the job and bring 3 Everblooms to the front of the Spirius Building.

I never thought that YOU'd be the one to go through all the trouble to get this for me.


There's a medicine I'm developing at the facility. And I needed Everbloom to counteract some of its negative side effects. Thanks to you, my patients are going to feel a lot better. It's strange... Back when I was in school, I had such high hopes! I thought I could do anything. But once I got into the real world, I realized it's not about wishing. It's about hard work. I put all my effort into my job. It's tough, and it takes up all my time... But that's how you know it's worth it. And I can't let anything, or anyone, jeopardize that... That's why I can't welcome you back like old times...

I'm sorry, Ludger. You can hate me if you want to.


Oh brother. Anyway, back to the present.

Remember the Voltea Woods? It was a quiet little sylvan glenn that we briefly visited a few updates ago. One branch leads to the Old Vicalle Mine, the other leads to the Felgana Mine, which you had to go to during the course of Xillia 1's events (to get a special ore that would help with a newly wheelchair-bound Milla. Long story).

Shocking, I know, the enviornment here. Instead of normal gathering points, you'll find these kinds of rocks, where you can harvest up to three different crafting materials from them. Let's get a move on. This place isn't as big as you thought, and if you get lost, you can always use the map to find your way around.

Soon after you arrive in the next area, you'll find this well-hidden kitty. Well, well-hidden, except for the part where it loudly meows in its sleep.

After a generic battle, I got a call from Nova about payment. I was only ~19,000 over the 150,000 gald line, but hey, might as well.

So it's come to this...the end of our long journey. Sure, we've got some loose ends, but we'll take care of them in Canaan, I think. Also, the choice during this skit doesn't matter.

Hey, remember this guy from the Nala Lava Tubes? He's also hanging out in the mines for some reason, and just like his weapon shop in the Tubes, it'll only open after winning a certain difficulty level in the coliseum. We'll just have to keep him in mind for when that day arrives.

One of the easiest cats to find, assuming you ever bother coming here in the first place, and heading to the deepest part of the mine. Not even for character quests, you NEVER need to come here, but hey. Not gonna say no to more cats.

Or Elite Monsters, ripe for the killing. Let's take this guy. Hammerzamm

Yeah...he was almost killed in a single combo. I got nothing for this guy, but based on the order of his appearance in the Elite Monster list, I guess it's not that inexcusable. We really were spoiled by Victor, huh? This guy lasted for 63 seconds. Don't worry, though. We're going to be getting an awesome boss next update.

Other than that, there's a couple chests in here. One has Peak, an Earth-based Extractor, and...Beetle Legs, in the other. Well, at least we cleared out this location fast.

Other business this update includes taking down 5 Blade Beaks for the next Tatalian Abyss Hassle job. Luckily, when it says "Defeat x (monster)" it means that. So, it's not five Blade Beaks wandering around in the field, which might take a while. If you're lucky enough to have 5 of them in a single fight, like I did for this one, you can complete the job in one fight.

Turning in the above jobs, as well as several others, got me way more gald than I was thinking. So, a forced payment for goodies in Ludger's mailbox. We'll get around to it. This is about the point in the game where you start getting 10-16k for a single job. Like, I turned in ONE Beautiful Feather for 15,810 gald and 3083. merit points I like that kinda math.

But, the reason we're in Fennmont is for Alvin's fourth chapter. Yikes, that far already, huh? He's only got one more.

A troubled man

Ah, it's you. What's up?

L1 will raise Little Alvie's affection, but it's not the one I went through in this timeline.

Really? Dunno why. I'm just the same ol' Alvin.

I thought you were done with lying?

Thankfully for Alvin, a phone call.

Duty calls. Better get that.

Department of Dimensional Affairs here. I'm calling because we've detected a new fractured dimension.

Knew it. Better highttail it over that and smash that thing.

Yes. Please do.


I've sent over the coordinates. We believe the rift is in Nia Khera. I'm counting on you.

That Vera is all business, huh?

Well, married to her job, and all...

Well, let's just hurry up and get to it.

*sigh* Yep.

A familiar fractured dimension

*nod* Over there.

Is that...

Hey, check out Presa's ring...

I think L1 goes without saying. The better question, of course, is...

Maybe? But i'm pretty sure we're supposed to destroy it. But why's Alvin with her?

This dimension... It's from the past. Me and my pals over there are about to attack Jude's group at the Nia Khera Hallowmont. Then my two companions will fall off the cliff...

If things play out the same way in this dimension, the divergence catalyst will go down with them.

Probably. We better not let them leave the city. I'll lure Presa over there. It's the only way.

How're you going to do that?

I'll just pretend to be me. Should be easy enough. Let's split up for now. Go wait at Milla's Shrine.

Be careful...

Alvin is correct about all that. The context for those three being in Nia Khera right now is that after the brouhaha on-board on the ESS Zenethra, the death of Gilland, and Milla's crossing over into the Spirit Realm (it was a busy day), Alvin and Jude ended up in Hamil, where they got into a fight. After a boss fight you (playing as Jude) could win or lose (though I lost my last time. Turns out when you're on Hard and all damage is x2, works against you), Jude's side of the party, which did not include Milla or Alvin, ended up heading to the Hallowmont to try and link up with Milla again.

Right about now, Jude's team is probably fighting Ivar and a Wyvern, who set up shop right in front of Milla's domicile. Obviously, they won, and proceeded up the mountain. Alvin did not join Presa and Agria for the battle at the summit, which, as noted before, ended with the death of those two.

Well, you can mess around in Nia Khera all you want, but we're headed to the shrine. Literally nothing of interest happened on the way there. Though, the shop here in Nia Khera has some nice weapons for Ludger, Elize, and Alvin (as well as Gaius, who I brought along for this fractured dimension), so yeah, upgrade if you have the cash and will to do so. Let's move on over to the Shrine already...

Oh, there was a skit on the way. First choice doesn't matter, but R1 on the second will raise Leia's affection.

The last farewell

Looks like I got here in the nick of time. Presa's on her way, so make yourself scarce.

Those two run off...

You changed your clothes? We're about to fight a major battle.

Yeah, well...

That's so like you, isn't it? So what is it?

The ring.


I'm afraid I'm gonna need it back.

Smooth... But to be fair, there's no easy way to do this.

Is this a joke?


So everything you've said to me was a lie?

Presa, listen...



Oh boy. This is...not gonna end well. For anyone.

Oh, creepy... You have a twin brother or something?

Hell if I know.

Two Als?

Presa! That man's an imposter! Get away from him! You don't believe me?!

Idiot. The line here is, "I want you to trust me."

I told you to get away from him!



What are you doing you moron!

I... I didn't mean to... Don't you dare move a muscle!


Enough! Now, who the hell are you?!

He fires again, but Ludger moves to block.

Hey, c'mon. Help her already.

Don't you--

Blah, blah, blah. I'm getting tired of this. Just shoot him already!

She's right. Let's do this.

Jesus. So, not only is Presa mortally wounded, but it's at the hands of a clearly emotionally disturbed Alvin, who has just come from fighting with his former comrades. There's no easy way out of this for anyone, but... This is a fractured dimension. It, all of its people, and its history, will be destroyed soon.

Well, although we've seen Agria in battle before, we haven't seen an enemy Alvin, except for when Alvin has been hit with Confusion, and I'm sorry, that just doesn't count. As you might expect, Alvin (Fractured) focuses on heavy, slow strikes, backed up by a considerable amount of gunfire. Even waiting for an opening is usually not good enough, because of how quickly he can switch between long and short range.

Of course, we can't forget about Agria, but she is definitely the weakest link here. I'd say focus your fire on Agria, take her out ASAP, then focus on Alvin. Alvin without any backup is asking for trouble, because his sluggish movement will afford ample opportunity to chase him down and back him into a corner.

Standard line about Power Combo MAs doing one whole hell of a lot of damage, just on their own. Actually, Leia's MA, Soulstroke Celebration, is another connection this game (will eventually) have to Tales of Zestiria. If you got the costume preorder DLC I mentioned a few updates ago, that set also included three Tales Classic Mystic Artes for Zestiria characters. One of those characters, a spearswoman known as Alisha, got Soulstroke as her Classic.

Still, even with Agria down, this fight will still take a bit, since Alvin has a lot of health and it doesn't go down quickly. Still, there's really nothing else to comment on here. Oh yeah, and if he goes into Over Limit and uses one of his Arcane Artes (indicated by a red ! above his head just before he uses it), and it connects with a character who is not blocking, he will launch his Mystic Arte, Terminus Pride. Nasty business, that.

However, it should be noted the enemy cannot launch their Mystic Artes during a Chromatus usage.

Actually, Xillia 1 Alvin went down thanks to a status effect I inflicted on him. Probably the one time this LP that'll happen. Anyway, don't see the next scene being much happier than the last...

Not again...

You still...not sure? Do you regret being with me... Do you regret our time together? I never regretted a single moment with you. Do you?

I... I don't regret it either. How could I possibly regret it at this point...

Al... When'd you get so bad at lying? Just take a moment to open your eyes. You've found your place.

Heh. Even at the're still thinking about me.

L1 will give you a mondo boost to Alvin's affection, so yeah, that's what we're gonna do.

From the moment we came in here, there was no way to avoid this. Don't mind me. Do it.


Presa, I did find my place. I won't leave.

Resolution at last

Sorry. Gonna step out for a bit. I figured it out, finally. What I gotta do.

I think even a damn fool could figure out R1 without having to say it, so we'll do our buddy a solid with L1. Whatever you gotta do.

Yeah. Anyway, I'll give our report on the fractured dimension while I'm out.

Update 25 alternate choice compilation
Update 24 / 25 victory compilation