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Part 31: The Woman Who Schemes

Part XXXI: The Woman Who Schemes

Now that that drama's all out of the way, things are wide open for you to proceed. Sure, we could head right on into the breach and into the Land of Canaan, but we've got a whole mess to character chapters to do. Indeed, all of the last character chapters have spawned now, and it's up to us to complete them.

So let's begin with something completely different. Bringing some Princessia Flowers to Vera. You'll need 3 of 'em.

Thank you for bringing me the Princessia flowers that I'd requested. This time, I have a special reward for you.

What're you gonna use the Princessias for?

Bisley asked me to decorate his wife's grave with some of these. Today's the twenty-two-year anniversary of Cornelia's passing.

Are they both for her?

No, the second bunch of flowers is for Cornelia's younger sister... Claudia Kresnik.


Did she say "Kresnik"?!

Is she a relative of yours, Ludger?

I don't know.

Kresnik is a rather common surname on Elympios, actually. Several of the more well-known households, like Bakur and Marta, have also adopted titles such as "Scion of Kresnik".

Even after two thousands years, some things never go out of fashion.

[IMG][/IMG Although, what's in a name? Very few people today are actually able to summon the power of the chromatus.

Has Claudia Kresnik also...passed away?

Both Claudia and Cornelia served the Bakur residence. Claudia vanished without a trace, almost 21 years ago.

One year after her sister died, huh? That's odd...

Up until this year, President Bisley has only ever honored Cornelia with these flowers... So it makes me wonder, why now? Why would he suddenly ask for flowers for both of them?

Because Claudia is Ludger's mom. Bisley wasn't really aware of Ludger's existence until they met on the train.

Heck if I know, but I'll bet she meant a lot to Bisley!

In the flower-tongue, "Princessia" means "priceless treasure", after all.

Even so...

Anyways, I must thank you all again for helping me carry out President Bisley's request. I'm in your debt.

And we're off to bigger and better things. First stop? Drellin, and Muzet's second chapter.

Friendship plans

Hmm... Tee hee hee! Hmm... Tee hee hee! (If only I were more popular with Milla's friends. If they loved me more, then I bet Milla would, too! I could try giving them all presents. But what would they even like?) Hmm... Tee hee hee!

She's having one of those days, but if we ask her about, we'll get the straight dope, AND raise her affection. Win-win. I still find it amusing Ludger can dive into Muzet's mind, and she has no idea that we can. I wonder what would if a man were to follow behind Muzet all day and just see how her mind wanders.

Hm? Tee hee. I'm trying to think of a present to give to Milla's dear friends. They mean so much to her. I'm her big sister, after all! I have so many responsibilities.



You intend to give presents to Milla's friends?

Of course. It's a big sister's job to look out for her younger sibling. What would make a good present?

Both choices will raise her affection, so just choose the one you think Muzet would most like to hear. Personally, I think the personal touch will go a long way in Muzet's endeavor. It never ceases to amuse me how Gaius chooses to use a lot of his time hanging around Muzet. Even the ultimate straight man finds her entertaining enough to hang around with, and indulge her occasional bouts of goofiness.

Handmade... Then it would have a personal touch.

Nia Khera is known for its traditional handmade ornaments. Those who give them are greatly admired for their taste, and the recipients are always grateful.

How can I get ahold of them?

They're fashioned from harpy feathers, apparently.

Harpies? Where can I find those?

They're said to inhabit Bermia Gorge.

Another phone call. Lemme guess...

DODA here. We've detected a new fractured dimension. The rift is near Bermia Gorge. We've sent you the coordinates. Please take care of it.

How about that? We can get harpy feathers in the fractured version of Bermia Gorge. That'll be okay, won't it?

It's a deal, then. Also, new Muzet affection skit afterwards, but never mind that. Off we go!

Shortly after arrive, a new skit, and another chance to raise Muzet's affection. However, it must also be noted Gaius has quite the way with spirits, as he turns a question about his favorite color into...well, you'll have to see for yourself.

However, getting back to the mission, your destination is in the Northwest region.

Bird of a feather

This is quite fortuitous.

Tee hee hee! That's a nice big one! Hurry up and kill it so we can pluck it!

I mean, it's a flying enemy with a lot of annoying skills, but nothing overly difficult about this fight at all. Overall, its most dangerous arte is Shimmering Toll, which is a Light-elemental spell that comes with a high chance (at least in its talons) of hitting your buddies with Confusion. Otherwise, this fight is as simply as can be.

Retrieve the feathers before Ludger destroys the divergence catalyst.

(Blech. This is so disgusting! This should be a man's job. Why don't they offer to help? Blech. I'm gonna be sick...) That should do it! Your turn.


However, Ludger ain't no bird man. Our job is done here, so Ludger made with the stabby-stab-stab.

I'm going to take these feathers ahead to Nia Khera. Come meet me there after a while, okay?

An unwelcome gift

Muzet picked this place for our rendezvous, yet I don't see Milla anywhere.

Is it possible she only invited us?

Ah, here she is.

What do you want from us?

I got these as a gift, more than I'll ever need. So I thought why not share?

What are they?

Ick. They're so creepy!

Are they made of harpy feathers or something?

What're you trying to push on us?

Ghastly objects indeed. Perhaps they're cursed?

She's trying to curse us?!

These are traditional native ornaments. They're actually quite precious.

Really? Are you serious, Gaius?

You can't be for real.

How sad. No one seems to like them.

Well, they're, um...certainly different. I'll...take one.

How sad Jude is not open-minded about this kinda thing...

If you say so. Take any you like.

(Don't cry! I've got to hold back the tears. There's always next time!


Oh yeah, for something completely different before we tackle Muzet chapter 3 (which starts in Leronde), a skit pops up just after the whole Julius business has been concluded. L1 will raise Jude's affection. Surprisingly, though, R1 will not raise Julius'. C'est la vie. Anyway, off we go.

Joint operation

Some people are headed our way. I wonder what for?

Agent Ludger, right?

And you are?

(Must you ogle me so? You're making me blush!) Muzet. I'm a spirit. Is that a problem?

No! I didn't mean-- I apologize!

We've received an urgent mission from HQ directing us to exterminate monsters in the Felgana Mine. I sent out an APB for all agents in the Leronde area. These two agreed to join you.

I'm Lisa. It's an honor to meet you, sir. I promise I won't get in your way.

I'm Mina. Pleasure.

Wait... Isn't that-- No way. It can't be.


This mission will be a binational operation. I wish you the best of luck.

A binational operation. How interesting. Perhaps I'll tag along and lend a hand.

Since when did you become such a do-gooder? You've been spending too much time with you-know-who. (So we've got agents from two quarreling nations working together. Maybe this'll teach me the secret to getting closer to Milla's friends!) Tee hee hee. This sounds like fun. Mind if I come along?

Wouldn't have it any other way. Off we go into the depths, again...

Game break

Is everything okay?

Goodness. Somebody's got a crush.


Oh! My apologies! I couldn't help but stare. I've never met a spirit before. You're beautiful!

Enough chatter! Monsters won't wait for you to finish your conversation!

I got scolded again.

You're from Rieze Maxia. Why are you working with Spirius Corporation?

I wanted to try cooperating with people from Elympios.

You don't mind the Elympions? They seem to be pushing you pretty hard.

They're doing it for my own good. I'm not living up to my full potential.

(You are so adorable! Don't let anyone try to hold you back!) Are you stupid?

Heh heh...


Y-Yes, ma'am!

Now I remember why I hate Rieze Maxians.

The two run off...

I wonder if those two will ever get along?

Immediately after, you get another skit, wherein Muzet muses (hah!) on an...interesting subject. You gotta admit, the woman makes a good point. Also, right after THAT, I got a short little voice line where Muzet noticed Ludger has two cowlicks on the back of his head that she notices all the time.

But we've been through these tunnels before. As you might guess, the mission asks us to head to the same place the Elite Monster was hanging out in.

Mission accomplished

There they are! Lisa and I will take the monsters on this side. You handle the rest.

Don't bite off more than you can chew.

We'll be fine! Please, just take care of the rest!


I'm going in!

Affirmative. I've got your back. We can handle this!

Hang in there. Let's show them what we're made of!

So, there's a few regular bat enemies, but thanks to an Event Horizon, they have disappeared into an abyss from which there is no return. The only one remaining is a giant bat, who seems to have gotten lost on its way to a Castlevania game. I mean, it'll sputter around and nip away at you, but the only thing it has going for it's a giant bat.

So let's talk about something cool: Chromatus level 3. We actually have Julius' broken pocketwatch in our inventory, but the only thing it's good for is to tell players who didn't know how to do it in the second Chronos fight, how to defeat his time reversal trick whenever our paths cross with him again (specifically, it says "Stop the hand that rewinds time with your spear"). However, also thanks to its presence, Ludger is able to draw even more power from the Chromatus. In addition to generally being more powerful, it also comes with a free after-image Ludger. What this accomplishes is that regular hits now count for two hits. Which means you can get some pretty devastating combos, so yeah, take advantage of this.

The thing to keep in mind with the Chromatus, though, is that each Chromatus usage with drop the timer back to 0 to activate again. You might think that if you, say, activated the Chroamtus with a 2 1/2 level charge, you'd start off halfway to a level 1 usage afterwards. This is not so. I only really mention this because I've made this mistake a few times.

The only other time I've seen after-images in a Tales game was in Tales of Phantasia, there was an item called the Manji Seal, that added a couple of after-images when the character it was equipped on moved / attacked, but gameplay-wise it did absolutely nothing. I thought it was really cool, though.

Mission accomplished. Those monsters won't cause any trouble for a while now.

Excellent work. And thanks. You might be a bit of a ditz, but I'm sure glad you're on my side. I underestimated you.

Thank you! You were amazing back there.

So do you two like each other or hate each other or what?

You know, I'm not really sure myself anymore.

Tee hee.

Politically, we have some things to work out. But personally, I guess she's not so bad.

Yeah. If you and I can be friends, then someday everyone can!

Well, let's not get carried away. Farewell, Ms. Muzet.


(It's like a year ago all over again, when Gaius and Jude's group was fighting for the same goal! Of course, I was deceiving all of them, so I can't really say I fought beside them.)

Tee hee hee. This just gave me a great idea!

Which...just means trouble for us, obviously. Well, we've got plenty more business. I mean, I'm definitely going to have to do this update, and the next one, all dedicated to wrapping up the character chapters. We've got a lot of work to do, and we begin the next round in...

Really? This little kitten in the Xialen Woods is our Elite Monster? What's the gag? Snow Cougar

This is a weird fight, just plain and simple. First of all, the Cougar is weak to Fire and Wind, but strong against Water and Earth, just to give you an idea what attacks you should be leading off on. Aside from some simple physical attacks, he also has this as an arcane arte...

As you might guess, this thing goes for continuous damage across your entire party while it's active. As you might guess, you can't run away from it, but you can cancel it out with the Chromatus. In addition, the Cougar will summon some little shit monsters to help it out, but the Chromatus will also make quick work of them.

Overall, aside from the blizzard attack, nothing much to this fight. Another easy Elite Monster bites the dust.

However, we did not come to the Kanbalar area for the Snow Cougar. Nah, we got's Jude's last chapter to start. This is a long one.

Three destinations


The ice spirit clime is quite intense here.

Yeah. We thought it might make you feel a little more at home.

It is...quite pleasant.

We're ready to show you those places you remember. Any preference for the order?

Under their current names, the areas are the Kijara Seafalls, Fennmonst, and Fort Gandala.

I'll leave it to you. But, just make sure Fort Gandala is last.

Oh? Why's that?

You askd if I had a preference and I answered.

Fort Gandala is a military installation. We should probably ask Rowen to get us permission to visit.

Good idea. I'll give him a call.

In the meantime, let's start by visiting the other two.

We have a choice, and... We're heading to Kijara first. The event starts in the shadow of the big waterfall.

Waterfall memories

This is just as I remember it... Cool and relaxing.

So it's always been like this?

They say that couples who stand at the top of the falls develop and intense bond for each other. Daredevil lovebirds used to scramble up there all the time. One man in particular was persistent in inviting me, as well.

...Well, did she?

I am a Great Spirit. I have little interest in participating in human traditions. But... I did enjoy watching other humans do it.

I see. It must be an important human custom.

Actually... I've never heard about it.

Hmm. Then perhaps it's fallen out of practice...

Shall we give it a go?

Yes, why not? And you needn't worry about slipping. Undine will make sure your fall isn't fatal.


My nostalgia is satisfied. You may do as you please.

All right. Then we'll be back in a jiff, okay?

Are those two always like that?

Celsius seems to have noticed it, so why don't we continue this conversation?

Interesting... It feels like only yesterday that he and I talked here. Has it really been 500 years?

*brief fade to black*

Maxwell... I didn't think you'd actually go through with it.

The view was worth the trip alone. And you should've seen Jude.

Milla! I told you to pretend that never happened!

Ah... That's right. I quite enjoyed it, to be honest. But if you found it upsetting, I shall suppress the memory.

Well... In that case... You don't have to forget it, but...just keep it between us, okay?

It shall be our secret.


Well, that was On to the next stop!

Afterwards, there is a skit, but I definitely went for the boring option, by accident. The boring option will raise Jude's affection, the opposite will raise Milla's. Milla's just by defintion the more fun-loving of the two, and that's the best. Onto Orda Palace's bridge.

Upon a star

What a strange little city they've built here. There wasn't a building in sight last time I was here. Just an endless field, perfect for watching shooting stars.

Wow. That sounds nice.

People used to say that if you wished upon a shooting star before it vanished, your wish would come true. The human who brought me here loved those silly superstitions. He taught me all sorts of them.

I'm sure Milla's thinking the same thing we are. I wonder if that's a good or bad thing for us.

Indeed. That's Jude's gift. He can make friends with anyone. I'm always amazed at his ability to put me at ease.

Celsius taught me a 500-year-old method for making wishes come true. Want to give it a shot?

A spell for granting wishes? Interesting. That does sound like the sort of thing humans would enjoy.

Let's try it.

Here, you move your hands like this while you make your wish.

Hmm, intriguing.

Yeah. Did you ever make a wish with anyone, back in the day?

I...don't recall.

We've made our wishes. Shall we move on?

And now for our third and final stop. Wonder why she's so hung up on Fort Gandala? Perhaps we shall find our answer there. Hopefully, I mean. Reminder that Fort Gandala Next time I'll have to check while I'm recording next. I certainly can't imagine why, when we can go to Canaan, that Fort Gandala would still be blocked off.

The place where dreams began

Just look at this eyesore they built. But this has to be the place. I'd never forget the mana flowing through here.

Why is this place special to you?

Because this is where I met him.


The first human I ever met. Have you heard for a man named Howe?

That name sounds familiar. can't mean Dr. Howe?!

Isn't he the head scientists who laid the foundation for spirit artes? If that's the case, his inspiration must've been...

Probably me. We even lived together for a while. He insisted.

By the way, do you remember the Milla chapter where we fought Aska? The scientist whose research data was the divergence catalyst, mentioned the Howe Prize.

Ludger's mind is on one thing...

We may have just solved one of history's great mysteries.

You could say that.

Dr. Howe's theories spearheaded and eventually led to the fundamental artes of spirit channeling. He laid the entire foundation for the age of spirit artes.

You make it sound like he was some noble historical figure, when really he was just a lovesick fool. Always finding an excuse to get close to me, trying everything he could to woo me.

Wait, wait. Dr. Howe...hit on you?!

Have all of these locations we've visited, been places you spent with Howe?

Yes. He used to drag me everywhere, always talking passionately about his dreams for the future. The way humans do with their friends and lovers.


But ultimately, humans and spirits are different creatures. Do you truly believe that spirits and humans can coexist peacefully?

We have vowed to do everything we can to accomplish that goal. Right?

Well then, in that case...

I think we should put your vow to the test.

So we're going to prove humans and spirits can live in pummeling a spirit into submission? Well, if you say so...

This is a pretty damn annoying fight, if only because of that Aquadragon. While not an overly dangerous foe, it does have a lot of artes and moves, so it can hit you from quite a ways away, and can come out of nowhere when you're working on bringing Celsius down. Related to this, Celsius is the weaker link between these two, so you should focus your fire on her first. She has all the same moves she did in the last encounter with her, which means she'll fight roughly similar to how Jude does.

Ultimately, what you want to do with the Aquadragon is to start combos off with Ludger's guns. The dragon has kind of a wonky hitbox, but luckily the guns, as long as the dragon isn't blocking, will always hit and stagger it with Power Charge 3. Get in a clean Mystic Arte on it, and you can take it from full to nothing with very little effort. As you might guess, the fight didn't last much longer after this screenshot was taken.

It's still standing!


I think not!

Milla! Are you... Are you okay?

Jude?! Why would you do this?

I wouldn't do this for just anyone, you know. Don't you see that?

Jude... You idiot.

Jude, Maxwell... You might be able to accomplish our vision. You have what it takes...

Ludger runs over to Milla and Jude, and says...

Even I'm not boring enough not to go with R1 and raise Jude's affections. I do like how calm and collected Jude has had a bunch of moments where his mouth moves faster than his brain does, and he goes a little overboard in his sentiments.

Huh, um, yeah, sorry about that.

Ludger also hands over the dead Celsius fossil. Guess she's done...

We never got to talk with her about anything besides her memories...

It doesn't matter. Celsius and Dr. Howe have given me the lead I needed. This just might be the key to resuming my spyrite research. *dials phone* Balan, it's Jude. I may have found a way to complete the spyrite project.

What? Seriously?

Yeah... It'll take a while to explain, though.

*grabs phone, hangs up* First things first, Jude. You need to get your wounds treated before telling any long stories.

Okay. Maybe we can borrow Driselle's manor in Sharilton.

I'm sure she won't mind. The secret of spyrites

Hold still. I can't treat your wounds if you keep squirming.

I told you, I'm fine. I already gave myself first aid.

Now, now...

Let's hear your breakthrough for the spyrite project!

Wild wyverns couldn't have kept me away. Now, waht's this revelation of yours?

Well, spyrites are essentially just spirits, right? Even once they become spyrites, they still have their own minds.

Well, except for Volt. But Volt was more like a proof of concept than a success, so Jude gets a pass here.

So instead of trying to control them, we should be asking for their cooperation.

Asking for their cooperation? How exactly?

That's the thing. It's the same way Rieze Maxians do it every day.

Ludger's a bright lad, I think, and he can follow where Jude's going with this, in my personal belief.

You figured it out too.


Ah, yes. The process in which spirits perform artes for humans in exchange for our mana. It presumably requires some form of communication to form a contract.

So spirit artes are actually a conversation of sorts.

Dr. Howe was originally trying to communicate with spirits when he invented spirit artes. It must be that the artes contain within them a message that's sent to the spirit.

You're right! We picked up on some incomprehensible system of signals when we were analyzing the spirit-artes process. If it turns out to be an encrypted spirit language, it just might be what we're looking for!

If we decode it and applying it to spyrites...

We'll even be able to make requests of Great Spirits! Can you imagine that?! I'll analyze the signals immediately! Leave everything to me.

Hey, impressive work there.

I didn't do anything. It's all thanks to Celsius.

You humans really are something.

I will make sure that your dream comes true.

Aye to that. Someday soon, perhaps. Now then, for completing that chapter, you get a special weapon (much like Leia's Lacrosse Stick): the Teepo Mittens for Jude. These cute little mittens will give Jude back HP for every enemy defeat, and has a chance to stun enemies. Up to you to use them, but stat-wise they're inferior to the Rune Gauntlets in every way. Not to mention Jude's super weapons.

Continued next post...

However, today's final chapter also begins in Sharilton, so let's knock that out.

An unsure girl

Sorry... I'm not really in a chatty mood.

Something troubling you, young miss? Perhaps it would help to talk about it.

I haven't been able to text Luna since... You know.

Luna sends her texts, but Elize doesn't even read 'em.

Ah, you're still upset about what happened with Exodus.

I know i should move on, but... I just can't get it out of my head. What would you do?

Well, R1 has its own merits. I mean, Elize needs to decide when to take the next step, but I think she needs to hear L1 right now. Her affection increasing due to this would seem to bear this out.

I don't think I have that much courage.

What matters is what you want to do, young miss.

That's the problem. I just don't know.

When conversations veer in this kind of direction, I think you know what happens next...

This is the DODA. We've detected a new fractured dimension. We've sent over the coordinates. Please take appropriate action.

A new mission? Can we come, too?

We're sick of stewing in our own thoughts!

A fine idea. Sometimes a little distraction helps the mind work through difficult issues.

Aye. I also got Elize's next affection skit immediately afterward. But here we a fractured Sharilton.

While you can bother many people and get the same general story, this is the only person you need to talk to to get the next objective: investigate the poachers. We might as well start off at Sharil Manor. But before, you may consider doing a little weapons shopping. The weapons are really pricy (37-41k), so invest wisely. I'll see you at Driselle's crib.

A loving father

I chanced to run into Miss Elize outside of town, so we decided to travel back here together. If you don't mind my asking, why did you invite the young miss here today?

Oh, I don't mind you asking at all. Elly's father is coming home. It's been ages since they've seen each other.

I beg your pardon?


That's right! We got word he's finally getting a break from the job he was assigned to.

W-We really get to see father?!

Of course, you silly! Isn't that why you rushed over here in the first place?


My little princess! Haha, I'm so happy you came out to see me!

Elize looks you might expect. After all, in the Prime Dimension, Jiao was reponsible for the death of Elize's parents. Elize has a long history with the guy, you see.

Yes? What's the matter? Has it been so long that you've forgotten what your old man looks like?

Chief, please settle down. Miss Elize seems upset.

Please put me down, okay?

Elize isn't a little baby, you know!

Ah, forgive me. I was just so happy to see you.

Hehe. Sometimes Elize is so cute that you just want to pick her up and squeeze her!

And I couldn't be a prouder dad! There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect her. Anyone who dares to court her will go up against the highest standards!

We know. She's "your sun, your moon, and your starts". You've said it so many times I hear it in my sleep.

Yurgen, you do realize you're the biggest oaf in the Kitarl Clan, right?

Precisely why you picked me to be your right-hand man, chief.

Oh, guess your ol' pop owes you an apology, child. I got so tied up with work that I completely forgot to bring back souvenirs. But I shall make it up to you. Ask for anything you want and it's yours.

Anything? In the whole wide world?

I can't think of anything.

Hint, hint Elize. Remember that subplot from way back when about Elize wanting to be an older sister figure to Elle? And part of that was getting a certain stuff toy? Your reward for remembering that now is raising Elize's affection again.


That's it!

A Bunnykins!


It's... It's for a friend of mine. Well, you've heard of Bunnykins, right?

Of course. Everyone with kids has heard of that toy. But those...

Lady Driselle, would you mind if we were to rest for a bit before the briefing?

Oh, of course. You both must be exhausted from your journey. Please, make yourselves at home.

If only we had the time. Monster poaching is on the rise again in the Sapstrath Deepwood. The bastards seem to be after pelts this time.

Those poachers have apparently been slipping through the Kitarl Clan's defenses. We need better strategies for catching them.

Ah, I've directed the merchants coalition to boycott the purchase or sale of poached goods, but...

Banning them just boosts their value on the black market. And the poachers aren't getting any less greedy.

But we'll talk later, right Elize?

Everyone, please do try to rest up as much as possible. Tonight's the big reunion party!

I just can't believe Jiao is my father.

I know fractured dimensions are all funky, but can that really be true?

Yes. In this dimension, at least.

Then i guess we had better find out more about Jiao.


And quickly. Things'll be complicated when the Elize of this dimension arrives.

But, at least we have enough time for an amusing skit afterwards. Trolling Rowen is Best Rowen, and no one makes better fodder than Elize. I actually had to look up what "Sabaceous" means.

Yurgen's betrayal

Chief, please, let me explain...

What's going on?

I caught Yurgen sending our defense strategies to someone over his GHS! Don't tell me you're on the take from those poachers?! Are you?!

Well, Yurgen wouldn't...

He's our buddy!

Yurgen, put me in touch with whoever got those plans. If he's not a poacher, you've got nothing to worry about, right?

I... I... I'm so sorry, chief! You have to forgive me!


But, why?

It's because of my wife... Isla's condition just keeps getting worse. I needed the money so I'd be able to buy her the right medicine.

Why didn't you just ask for my help?

I would have...but the medicine she needs can only be made from protected monsters. That's why I betrayed you,'s no excuse. "Betrayal must be repaid in blood". No exceptions. I know the rules of the Kitarl Clan.

So you're ready to accept your punishment.

No, wait!

It's not his fault. Yurgen was only trying to save his wife!

Out of my way.

Jiao... Uh, father, you're the chief, right? So you can bend the rules however you want!

No, Elize. If anything, it's my responsibility as chief to honor the rules.

But... But what if it was me who got sick? Didn't you say you'd do anything to protect me? Are your rules more important than I am?

.... Yurgen... Take me to where you meet these poachers of yours. Understand?


It's all right. Don't worry. I just want to talk with them. I'll tell them that we will only allow the poaching of animals for Isla's medicine.

Th-Thank you, Chief. I can never repay you for this.

Thank Elize for this. Not me.

Lady Elize, thank you so much.

I'm just happy things turned out okay.

They're in the Sapstrath Deepwood, right?

Y-Yes. That's right. I'll lead you to them.


It's Jiao!

We've found our divergence catalyst. We'll need to follow them. To the Sapstrath Deepwood, then.

Oy. This is not gonna end well, but can a fractured dimension end well? I suppose we might as well check out how it will go down.

Hm...things seem to have gone poorly. Unfortunately, we can't jump down like dopes, so we have to follow the path around. In the next area, jump down, and keep heading straight toward the exit there. That'll lead to Jiao and...whatever went down there.

No choice

That sounds like the big man!


H-He's dead!

You fools.

We're sorry! Please!

We surrender! Please forgive us! No!

What is the meaning of this?

They said if I didn't let them continue poaching, they would tell the world how the Kitarl Clan collaborated with them.


The rules of the Clan are absolute. It was a big mistake to bend them. But mistakes can be corrected.

Were you the one who killed Yurgen?

And once I kill all of you, it'll be as if nothing ever happened!

Showing concern for Elize leads to the predictable outcome, but I doubt Elize will want to sit this one out.


He isn't Jiao anymore. We have no choice but to destroy him!

This is a nightmare!

Even you betray me, Elize!

Jiao is basically a souped-up version of the one you fought a long while ago in one of Gaius' chapters. As you might guess, he primarily uses attacks from his war hammer. Simple swinging it around, or a more elaborate move, pictured here, where he slams his hammer hard into the ground and causes spikes to shoot up in a wide radius. His arcane arte is a grab attack that leads to slamming the poor soul in his meaty paws into the ground, blocking or not.

The best way to deal with this mountain of a man is to get a nice Power Combo going, and get a huge combo in with Chromatus level 3. He has a ton of HP, so this fight won't be over quickly, but Jiao has no long-range attacks whatsoever and is pretty slow, as you might expect, so exploit those weaknesses and you should come out in one piece.


Are you...okay?

I'm sorry, child. I failed to get what you asked for.


That stuffed animal you wanted... The Bunnykins... They're made from poached monster fur.

They are?!

I'm the chief. I have to uphold the rules. Please forgive your stubborn ol' pop. But...never forget this. You...are my sun, my moon, and my stars. My beloved daughter, Elize...

Father... Father!


That was far more than anyone should have to bear.

But... Ludger was just doing his job.

Just like the big man was doing his... And Luna was doing hers... If Ludger doesn't do his job, our world could end up kaput.

If Luna had actually listened to me...things might have ended badly just like they did for Jiao and Yurgen.

It's true. Chaos often ensues when people in power let their personal feelings rule their decisions.

Ludger, the big man, Luna... They're all nice people.

But they all have responsibilities, which means making choices they don't always like. And yet, I got mad when they didn't listen to my selfish wishes...

Another choice will result in affection up for Elize no matter what you choose, but R1 sounds nicer, so let's go with that.


It is too a big deal!

I'm here with a mutual friend of ours. She has something she would very much like to say to you. It seems she was expecting this call.

Luna... Uh, I mean, Chancellor Marcia.

You can call me Luna.

Luna, I'm sorry. I was wrong to get mad at you. I know you had no choice when you did what you had to do. I'm sure it made you sad. I'm sorry I said such horrible things to you. I guess I'm just a selfish child.

Elize... It does take a great deal of wisdom and maturity to put aside your feelings and do the right thing. Just as it takes a pure heart to question whether such an act truly needs to be done. It's something we jaded adults lose sight of far too often.

So it's okay to stay a child?

It's okay to grow up while staying yourself. Your pure heart might put a stop to ill practices others have grown to accept. It might convince them to think twice.

I understand. I'll do my best. You really are like the perfect big sister, Luna.

Heh, thanks. Although I'm closer in age to an aunt. Would you mind if I texted you again?

Of course not!

We'll be watching our GHS!

Thank you.

You're very welcome. Although it's a shame that Bunnykins continues to elude us.

Actually, we've been thinking...

I'm going to take Elle shopping and find her another stuffed animal instead. Who knows if we'll find anything as good, but I'll explain the situation to her.

Not exactly the ideal big sister-result, but I hope she'll forgive us.

I"m sure you will find something wonderful for her.

But we'll have to rescue her first!

We're coming for you, Elle!

Evidently, Elize saw what was in Ludger's laundry basket. Alright then... That being Elize's final chapter, you get the Teepo Umbrella upon successful termination of that, but awwww

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