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Part 41: The Man Who Lives

Part XL: The Man Who Lives

And now for the first real ending. I've mentioned before the ending you get entirely depends on the choices you make to Origin here at the end of the game. We'll be getting the Normal Ending this time. We'll start off with R1.

You do not wish for Elle's safety?


On this timeline, Ludger's pretty cold. And it's not about what we *want* to do. It's what's needs to be done...

Please, Origin. Make the fractured dimensions disappear.

Are you okay with this?

Yes. Anything to keep Ludger from vanishing forever. That's the last thing I want to happen.

Very well. Then I will grant your wish.

Hey, don't look so sad. You'll see me again. The real me.

Humans truly are foolish.

True. But nevertheless, they still passed the Trial.

This time, anyway.

We shall seal away the miasma. Together. But know this: Your Trial has not yet ended.


Goodbye, Ludger...

So that's it, then... Elle's really gone... The tone of the Normal Ending is a bit more depressing than I remembered...

Normal Ending Credits

The Circle Closed

Good morning to you, President Kresnik. You have a meeting scheduled today with the new Chairwoman of the Rugen Consortium, sir. And the Chairwoman's name is Lara.

Ms. Lara Mel Marta.

It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

Oh no, is something wrong?

*shakes head*