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Part 42: The Woman Who Believes

Part XLI: The Woman Who Believes

This time, we shall walk down a different road.


You would choose this girl over the entire world? And what about the fractured dimensions?

But what lies down this road? We can't ignore the fractured dimensions and leave the world to wither and die...

But maybe we don't need Origin here. There's something Ludger can do...


Wait, you can't be serious?

You mean to save Elle by turning into a catalyst first?!

No! Stop! You can't do this!

Very well then. Will that be your final decision, Ludger Kresnik?

This will start a number of bonus scenes, if you've seen everyone's character chapters.

Wait, Ludger! You can't do this!

Ludger, you're not afraid of vanishing away?

The final decision. Not for self, but for Elle. If It's For Her.

I understand. Then I will accept your wish.


Are you okay with this?

You're doing what most wouldn't dare. For that, I commend you.

Please understand, Elle!

You're the one that Ludger chose!

Not one of the possible Elles. Not even himself. He chose you, here and now!


Thank you.

This isn't the news I wanted... It's so sad.

His choice saved the world and the girl's life. Let's see that decision through to the end, Leia. It's the least that we can do.


This is humanity's true nature, isn't it?

Yes. they truly are capable of anything their hearts desire.

Even profoundly foolish things.

You may be right. But the impurity that exists within their souls is precisely what gives them strength.

Come again?

What do you think the impurity is?

I dunno... Greed maybe? Desire?

Our ego?

Yes and no. Is desire different from dreams? Isn't ego the same as free will, when viewed in a positive light? In other words, neither is good or evil.

Yes. Precisely. And that is the reason why I haven't been eliminating it. I remove the miasma created during reincarnation and seal it.

But if you do that, the production of miasma will never end.

That's why I wanted to test humanity's decision. To see if humans could strive for perfection while bearing the impurity.

Humanity's decision.

Pricisely. That is what I truly wanted to know. But, you must continue to show me.

*nod* Of course. We, too, will prove who we are. Just as Ludger, Elle, and Julius did.

That is a test harsher than anything I could throw at you. If you can overcome it, I have no choice but to concede. For the time being, we shall seal away the miasma. Together.


But if humanity should once again--

Don't worry. No matter how many millennia it takes, we will succeed.

Some very special humans have turned me into a believer.

Hmph. Then I expect to be impressed.

I appreciate it, Chronos.

No need for thanks. I'll give you a piece of my mind later. We have plenty of time for that.

It's time I grant Ludger's wish. The elimination of all fractured dimensions!

Ludger, it's been an honor knowing you.

I will never forget what you have done here today.

You wrapped things up almost too perfectly.

You're just jealous because you know you couldn't have pulled it off.

We'll take good care of her!

We promise.

You have helped me to fulfill my duty once again. Ludger Kresnik. You have my thanks.


And I promise, too. I won't lie anymore, and I'll even eat my tomatoes! I'll never forget how you saved me. And just how good your cooking was. Okay? Okay?

It's a promise.


Yes. Now the human and spirit realms will live on.

And we will make sure of that.

Farewell, humans and spirits.


Goodbye, Ludger Kresnik...

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The songs here are Proof of Choice and lastly, I Believe, I Can Believe -Song 4 U-

Beyond Judgment

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