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Original Thread: Fire Emblem was a twin all along. Let's play TearRing Saga!



Fire Emblem was a twin all along. Let’s play TearRing Saga!

What is TearRing Saga?

TearRing Saga is a SRPG for the PSX, developed by Tirnanog, a studio started by Shouzou Kaga the creator of the Fire Emblem series. It was released 2001 in Japan and never got a western release. However the TearRing Saga Open translation project ( link) finally released a beta patch. While the game was perfectly playable before to anyone having played a Fire Emblem game before (due to how similar they are), it is now possible to experience the story as well, although in a slight “engrishy” way, due to the patch being a beta version. Still it shouldn’t annoy anyone too much, unless they are a grammar purist.

The game tells a typical story we've seen plenty of times e.g. Young Lords fighting an evil empire aligned with dark forces, who are hell bent on conquering/destroying the world, but entertains through the same qualities as any Fire Emblem game does: the generally strong gameplay and of course the fickle ways of the RNG.

Surely, calling it a twin is going to far...

I’m afraid not. You have your typical promotions and classes, a lord, permanent deaths, supports etc. To make a long story short, IntSys actually sued Tirnanog for copyright infringement and while it wasn’t ruled as such, Tirnanog still had to pay a 76 million yen fine. That’s how similar they are.

Now let's get this thing started...

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