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Original Thread: Drug zombies, laser squid, and supermeat -Let's Die Horribly in Teleglitch!



Newest thing: Leylite's Nail/Rail Challenge Attempt

TooMuchAbstraction's Run!

Do you want to do a run of Teleglitch? Let me know, I'd love to have some other people running and talking too!

Oh, mother. Let's do this. Explanation of the game / intro below all the video links here.

NOTE: Spoiler-friendly thread. There's really not much of a plot to spoil. I want to get out of a place, join me as I do so, violently! There are laser squids and missile launchers. Feel free to make fun of my awful health loss, ammo waste, and crafting decisions.

So each time we die, we'll call that a new run: Origins will be a SSLP-update of the origins of our latest hero, everything else will be VLP.

Leylite Module 1 - Timeline Deviation

Leylite Module 2 - Bigger Fish to Fry

Leylite Module 3 - Disassembly

Leylite Module 4 - The Looney Bin

Leylite Module 5: Marching Off To War

Leylite Module 6: Snake Man's Nest

Leylite Module 7: Robot Revolution

Leylite Module 8: Dreadnought

Leylite Module 9: Empirical Observations

Leylite Module 10: End of the Line

Leylite's Nail/Rail Challenge Attempt

TMA's run!

Extra Challenges, Mods, Arena stuff, and Junk

Medusa -1C memorial graveyard (the first grave is for everybody else who died in the Teleglitch Incident, subsequent ones will be for the heroes of the various runs)

Explanation for all this mess

Alright Bacter. What is this mess. What have you done?

Teleglitch! Variously described as a Quakelike, a Roguelike, a Quakelike Roguelike, a Dark Soulslike (it's not. It's hard? Maybe that's what they meant?) and a tooth-grindingly hard death slog, this game has nevertheless caught me in its awful machinery, killing me over and over again, while I willingly sign back up for more.

Weird. Alright, how does it play?

Well, it's a top-down shooter, with some crafting elements in it. It's a roguelike in that there is permadeath, and since the last update, the game has been storing savegames on Steam's server, so you can't even make local copies or any mess like that?

Alright, what's the challenge?

Mostly that you're fragile as the goodness, and resources are limited. You can scrounge bullets, guns, medpacks, and crafting gear in every level, but you'll never have enough to truly feel comfortable, except maybe in chapters 1 and 2. And if you use it too quickly, oh you fool. You NEED plenty of strong weapons and medpacks for bosses at levels (maybe 3), 5, 6, 8, and 10.

How long's the game?

10 levels. The one exception to true roguelike carry-nothing-over death are checkpoints. If you make it to level 5, you can start from level 3/3b, make it to level 7 and you can start from level 5, make it to 9 and you can start from 7, and make it to the final level, 10, you can start from level 9.

Crafting, huh? Sounds dumb

It's not too bad, actually! It's more of a decision tree: there are limited numbers of crafting material X, and you can either assemble gun Y or item Z with them, but probably not both. You pick your playstyle, and go with what makes the most sense given the ammo and health you've been finding.

How's the LP gonna go?

I'll play until I win. I've beaten the final boss, uh, o..once! I know it can be done, is what I'm saying. My pledge to you is that you'll see all of my runs, unless I start to die a BUNCH a bunch, and then I'll probably just summarize each one and pick up when I get to the next checkpoint.[/b]

Sounds like you're not very good at this game.

I'm... I'll say decent. I'm not, as a rule, "31337", but I feel like I've developed an understanding of this game. That said, this game is HARD. You can be having an awesome run, get trapped in a corner by a mutant, and that's it, 2 hours down the drain. Luckily for the LP, each level takes about 1/2 hour.

Tell me the DEEPLY MEANINGFUL, RICH BACKSTORY of the teleglitch universe.

Ugh. Fine. It's the space future, and in the grimdark world of super space, corporations own everything. We work for Militech, one of the three big arms companies. We specialize in re-animated and mutant soldiers, though we have a strong niche in robots, powerful computing, and other gee-whiz sci-fi stuff like teleportation.

We were running a teleportation experiment, and it went haywire for reasons too stupid to note.

The setting is super generic, but I actually like all the background in the audio logs - this is a universe I could imagine a good many more cool games being set in. Again, I'll be posting all of those logs below.

As for THIS game? We are BRUCE GORILLAS (name subject to change if when Bruce dies. We work for Militech, and we were around when things went south. We are now trying to escape.

Pro LPers always reserve the second post!

TooMuchAbstraction summarized the Teleglitch experience in 28 amazing seconds

Enemies discussion

My 2 Cents on Crafting

Leylite's response

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