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Original Thread: Let's Play Terranigma



Terranigma, or Creation of Heaven and Earth (Tenchi Sōzō) as it was originally named is an action-jrpg for the SNES. It came out late in the consoles life, 1995. It sold a respectable number of copies, but never achieved real success. This must've hit creator Quintet hard, because after this game their creations got worse until they finally just sort of dissolved.

No, their home was on the SNES, and they've made some of the best games for the console, like Actraiser and Soulblazer. Many of their RPGs are strange, airy things; often the story comes and goes at will with little concern for the characters. They're pretentious games, and I love them for it.

Before we begin I'll need a name for our protagonist!

Chapter 1: The Outset
Intro Viddler
Crysta Viddler
Tower 2&3 Viddler
Tower 4 Viddler (With Faceguy)
The Last Tower Viddler

Chapter 2: Resurrection of the World
Ra Tree part1 Viddler
Ra Tree part2 Viddler
Grecliff part 1 Viddler(with GuidoAnchovies)
Grecliff part 2 Viddler

Zue part 1 Viddler
Zue part 2 Viddler
Leim's Quest (with Slio9)

Eklemata part 1
Eklemata part 2

Lhasa Viddler (With Raar)
Louran Viddler

The most boring video ever, aka Loire 1 (with Wolfshirt)
Loire 2
Storkholm via Norfest

Spain part 1 (with Medibot)
Spain part 2

To Freedom
Sweet Boat (More GA, which is never a bad thing)

Land Development
Decent Will Hunting (with Jowy)

Dragoon Castle (with Raar and Jowy)
Beruga's Lab

We visit Quintet (With Jowy and Volcano Style)

3 Starstones
4 Starstones
5 Starstones

The Last Chapter (With Jowy and GA)
Beruga's Tower
Completed Development
Dark Gaia

And we're done! Thanks everyone!
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