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Part 12: This is Halloween

#11.5 - This is Halloween

Do you guys feel that? There's a crispness in the air, and fallen leaves dot the landscape. That can only mean one thing... fall is here!

I don't know what I expected, but summertime green wasn't it.

Well no matter. Autumn is here, so I'm sure something changed. Also pay no attention to the strange structure. This update is current as of yesterday (Oct. 20th), so there's a lot of cool shit that will probably make sense eventually.

For now just sit back and enjoy the strange ride.

Soul cakes restore mana.

Festively dressed zombies drop health restoring candied apples.

I'm sure some of you have caught on to what's happening. Here's another zombie dressed up in his Sunday Best.

Even the local demon eyes have started to dress up.

This owl costume is adorable.

There's even new enemies in these ravens. They aren't very dangerous and I don't believe they drop anything worth mentioning.

Finally there's pumpkins.

Enemies are dressed up in cute costumes, pumpkins are growing everywhere, and there's new enemies. You know what that means? That's right, it's Halloween in Terraria!

Between October 20th and November 10th, all Terraria worlds participate in the annual Halloween event. A bunch of monsters get sprite changes including slimes, rabbits, zombies, demon eyes, and skeletons. NPCs in town will also start selling vanity sets of other NPCs.

So after some boring adventures that I'm sure you all don't care about, let's check our haul.

Goodie bags have a low-ish drop rate during the Halloween event, but absolutely everything in the game has a chance to drop one.

Goodie bags usually contain Halloween themed vanity sets. If they don't, then they contain rotten eggs, which let us damage friendly NPCs.

Sam's new fursuit looks hideous.

Most of the Halloween sets aren't something you'd want to wear for more than five minutes for laughs. Spot the non Halloween set

Finally, regarding pumpkin...

Pumpkin is like any other building block. You can make armor out of it, you can turn it into decorations, and yes, you can turn it into delicious pie.

It's worth pointing out that with the help of the dryad, you can grow pumpkins year-round.

I haven't used the armor, but it's apparently pretty damn good. 7 defense with the set, and the bonus is a flat +10% increased damage. You can make this armor from the start in worlds made during this 3 week long event. Otherwise you can make it as early as defeating the Eye of Cthulhu with the help of the dryad.

That's enough for the first Very Special Update. If it seems like there wasn't much to this update, that's because there isn't very much to the event. Monsters get a cosmetic makeover, and you get opportunities to get a bunch of hideous vanity sets.

NEXT TIME: We fight the next boss of the game. (Next time will be later today)