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Part 14: Heartbreaker

#13 - Heartbreaker

I'm feeling good about today. I think it's time we applied those lessons we learned last time.

Even if it does mean we have to temporarily deconstruct the centerpieces of our old arena. We'll return the campfire and heart lantern once we're done with them.

Terraria Soundtrack Vol. 2 - Crimson

Terraria Soundtrack Vol. 3 - Underground Crimson

First we need to fix the leaks.

As such, all passageways are going to be sealed up with gray stone bricks. These, by the way, are my absolute favorite building material. 2 regular stone makes 1 brick, and it has a nice classy look to it.

We need to break three more crimson hearts as well. There is an item to summon the Brain of Cthulhu manually, but it requires vile mushrooms, which only grow on crimson infested soil. Naturally we don't want any of that near our base, which makes them kind of troublesome to farm in large quantities.

Our next heart reward is a really good magic weapon, the Crimson Rod.

This is the item from the third heart from last time. This is a mobile light source, believe it or not.

On the second page of our equipment is a slot for light-providing items. They're few and far in between, and for the most part are utterly useless. So while I have this equipped, most of the time I have its graphics turned off because it barely puts out any light and spends most of its time getting in the way of what I'm trying to do.

This is the Crimson Rod. The blood rain hits a small area, but you can set it up in a chokepoint to create a wall of death. We'll put this to very good use in the Brain refight.

Here's what the rain cloud and heart both look like.

In the odd chance that the dynamite doesn't destroy a heart, we can break it manually. You need to use a hammer to do so, though.

Of course, when you have TNT, why bother with less effective tools?

Sure, why not?

As you can see, the rain is pretty effective at melting enemies.

Gigantic image, I know. But here's our finished arena. Sure it's just four rows of platforms with a campfire/lantern combo in the center, but it does let us maneuver around better.

Are you guys ready for the rematch?

Because that shit is on.

Terraria Soundtrack - Boss 3

Brain of Cthulhu Fight

For some reason this theme isn't on the Bandcamp pages.

I meant to seal up the tunnel. It... didn't quite work out that way. Didn't even catch any of the Creepers in the blast.

The second fight progresses a lot better than the first. The platforms give us a lot more mobility, and the Crimson Rod lets us (literally) rain death on our enemies. The Creepers are also all too happy to spend time under the "nice soothing" blood rain.

Sealing off the main chamber and placing down platforms also gave the tissue samples and crimtane a variety of well lit places to fall, for easier collecting later.

When all of the Creepers finally die, the Brain gets pissed off. It has 1000 health and attacks by trying to chain teleport on top of you. As long as you can dodge around it, you've pretty much won by the time you've gotten to the second phase.

I would have more gifs of the process, but the Brain fight is rather hard to capture animations of. All my attempts ended up about 170% larger than LPix allows.

Killing the Brain only gets you nominal rewards. The Creepers have the actual rewards out of the fight. They drop most of the crimtane and tissue samples.

We also got this awful looking abomination as a reward.

The third crimson heart gave us another one of these.

Enough of that faffing around. Let's get back home and make some armor!

Both attempts at the Brain netted us 211 crimtane and 53 tissue samples. That should be more than enough for our needs!

Counting the bars we already had, we now have 77 bars to play with.

The Deathbringer Pickaxe is a massive upgrade. We're up to 70% pickaxe power, and we can now mine something called Hellstone.

Next is some new armor. The entire Crimson set takes 60 crimtane bars and 45 tissue samples. We have just barely enough of each.

We lose a single point of defense over the Platinum armor, but we gain 6% increased damage and "Greatly Increased Life Regen."

I also think this is a good place to call it for now. We're much better equipped than we were just a short while ago, and now the world is our oyster.

NEXT TIME: Lava, and Meteors, and Goblins... Oh my!