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Part 31: Werewolves of London

#29 - Werewolves of London

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Rivershire! I've added two more rooms onto the treefort. The Architect Gizmo Pack, the accessory that makes building better, is indispensable once you have it.

You can't hear it, but the "place backwall" noise is going into turbo drive.

Anyway, these two rooms are another experiment of mine to break my tendencies to build Soviet efficiency apartments. I'm not sure they entirely work, but they do look neat.

Because we have such a large glowing mushroom farm, we have more than we'll ever use from just occasionally harvesting. So we can afford to take several hundred from our multiple stacks of 999 to build something cool.

We're tunneling into the ground under the mushroom farm for this. We're going to be building a house for an NPC, and this NPC will only move in if their house is in a surface glowing mushroom biome.

You can place glowing mushrooms like any other block, and it creates a nifty blue fungus pattern.

Glowing mushrooms can also be used to create a matching backwall, and can even be used to craft furniture.

That's a cozy little house. I'm sure our incoming tenant will appreciate his lodgings.

For the next thing we need to do, we need a bookshelf. Thankfully I looted one from the underground a very long time ago, and it's been chilling in the guide's room ever since.

Bookshelves can be used to craft magic spells. In this case, we can take a blank book, some crystal shards, and some souls of light to make a devastating spell.

According to the wiki, the fire rate is equivalent of the next upgrade to the Minishark. So we have a magic spell that shoots as fast as an assault weapon.

Ah, good, our new resident has arrived. We'll talk to him in a minute.

It begins. That's the Trifold Map, one of the pieces of the immunity accessory. Now back to the surface...

He sure looks like a fun guy.

Right now he only sells three items. One of which we couldn't use even if we wanted to.

Mushroom Cap - 2 gold coins - (Vanity item.)
Strange Glowing Mushroom - 45 gold coins - (Summons a pet version of the NPC.)
Dark Blue Solution - 25 silver coins - (Stacks to 999. Ammo for a gun we can't buy yet. I'll cover it more when we can buy what uses it.)

The Truffle NPC also sells powerful weapons, but we can't buy those until we've defeated at least one of the bosses in hard mode. This wasn't always true, and the spear this guy sells used to be the best and easiest way to kill one of the first three bosses.

My underground item farm... We'll be spending quite a lot of time down here in the not too distant future. We'll have lots of uses for both the ichor and souls of night these enemies drop. But for now, we'll just move on.

A random pixie we kill on the surface explodes into a purple apple.

We've got a unicorn now! This is actually a really good mount, and will last us until the tail end of the game. It moves super fast, and if you spend long enough moving fast in one direction, it starts going even faster. Plus in addition to moving fast, it just looks cool as hell.

To my surprise, while we're out farming for more dark shards, one of these drops. This is a boss summoning item, and it drops at the same chances as the biome keys. Except this drops from any enemy you kill as long as you haven't yet beaten the boss in question.

So now we know that one of the upcoming bosses is named the Destroyer.

A megaphone drops as well. Now we don't have to worry about being silenced.

So after spending far too long farming crimson enemies for various drops, we return home to make our prize. 1 Shotgun + 2 Dark Shards + 10 Souls of Night makes this.

Heheh. Hahahahaha. Ahahahahahahaha!

This gun is good. No, that's an understatement that does disservice to it. This gun is awesome. This gun is amazing. I could blow up the whole goddamned world with this.

Sometimes when you're in the Hallow, unicorns will come to attack. They occasionally drop this.

We have the real thing, so...

Jumping ahead some, the first full moon of hard mode happens. Werewolves only spawn during full moons, and they only have two drops worth mentioning. First is the moon charm, which turns us into a werewolf with some stat bonuses mostly for melee, and the second is the adhesive bandage.

'nuff said.

Let's do some condensing. You can combine a bezoar and an adhesive bandage.

You can also combine a nazar and a megaphone. Storing two accessories is easier than storing four. So this frees up some room in our crowded piggy bank.

We've also finally gotten enough spider fangs to make a new set of armor.

It kinda makes us look like a spider.

Spiders can also occasionally drop a magic weapon.

It's nice, I suppose. I prefer the crystal storm and hex doll better, though. I prefer fast attacking magic weapons instead of magic nukes.

The attack speed is such a killer here. Things in hard mode move too fast to get much use out of this staff.

Like I said, I prefer the spray and pray magic weapons over these.

This is the last of the spider equipment. We now have an upgrade to our trusty fire imp staff.

The little spiders cling to the walls and scurry around.

They also cling to enemies and inflict a lot of damage in a very short time.

To leave off on, I want to show this off...

Because this is a very mature and sophisticated game, we can now pee on the tax collector from the wizard's room. In all seriousness, though, the weapon inflicts the ichor debuff, which lowers the defense of anything hit by it by 20 points. The stream of... golden liquid... also penetrates through 5 enemies. So this weapon would wreck any large multi-segment enemies we might fight in the future.

NEXT TIME: Clowns, large multi-segment enemies, and a fairy princess