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Part 33: Shiver my Timbers

#31 - Shiver my Timbers

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Rivershire. Today we start out in the rain with a new drop.

If you think way back in the LP to when we were discussing what dropped out of the crimson hearts, one of the items was a rod that created a rainstorm in a small area. The Nimbus Rod is its bigger, meaner brother. These rods drop from enemies that uncommonly spawn in the rain. They're angry little clouds that follow you around and drop lightning.

Because we're in aboveground Hallow in the rain, there's also something else we can show off. This is one of the rarest creatures in the game due to its weird spawning mechanics.

The Rainbow Slime will only spawn if you're in or adjacent to aboveground hallow, and it's raining. Beyond cycling through all the colors in the rainbow, it's otherwise just another slime, except...

Do you remember Yapping Eevee's LSD house? He built it out of rainbow bricks. The rainbow slime, appropriately enough, is the only source of those.

By the way, welcome to my crimson desert farm. I've been here for an hour now trying to get a specific drop from these mummies. The little iron device behind us is the meat grinder item, which you can use to make fleshy-themed furniture.

I've been here long enough to get enough banners for the most common things here.

It took a while, but we're now immune to the darkness/blindness debuff. We've also now got enough dark shards to make every item they require approximately eight times over.

Which just leaves the underground crimson farm. Pictured here are all my spiders attacking a crimson mimic.

The Fetid Baghnakhs are the fastest melee weapon in the game. They have almost no range, but make up for it by turning you into a blender.

Yes, you're reading that right. 75 melee damage. Like I said, the biggest downside is that your range is arm's length only. I pass on them for that reason.

Crimson mimics can also drop a Dart Pistol, Flesh Knuckles, and a Life Drain rod. The dart pistol is an upgraded version of the dart gun that the witch doctor sells. Flesh knuckles are an accessory that grants your character +7 defense and makes them a higher priority target for enemies. The life drain rod siphons life from everything between you and your cursor.

Taking a quick break from farming the underground crimson, we grab our phaseblade and 50 crystal shards.

It got one of the worst possible modifier rolls, but that doesn't matter. Our lightsaber is now auto swing with even higher damage! (We'll put it back in the storage chest in favor of the shadowflame knife still.)

FINALLY! I don't know how many hours this took, because this recording picks up about 10 hours after the last one. So presumably I went to sleep sometime in between. At any rate, we now are immune to the weakness debuff.

Also if you haven't been keeping track at home, that was the last immunity accessory that we needed. So let's head back and start combining shit.

Armor polish + vitamins makes Armor Bracing.

Then if we combine the armor bracing, the medicated bandage, the plan, the countercurse mantra, and the blindfold, we get the Ankh Charm.

But wait, there's more!

We can then combine the ankh charm and our obsidian shield to make the ultimate immunity accessory. We now can't be knocked back, can stand on fiery blocks, and are immune to 99% of the debuffs in the game!

If you get a bunch of ichor and a bunch of musket balls, you can combine them together.

A single ichor can convert 150 musket balls into Ichor Bullets. So we now have almost four stacks of ichor bullets in case we wanted to shoot something large and with a lot of defense.

Moving on, I finally made a mythril drill. So now we can start mining titanium. As badass as we are right now, we're still not ready to take on the first three bosses. Not until we get Titanium armor.

Another hallowed mimic, another weapon I didn't want. The crystal shard is like the bigger brother of the vilethorn we got in the corruption. That might make it sound like it's a good weapon, but we've got so many other, better, magic weapons at this point that it's just not very good by virtue of only being an upgraded vilethorn.

Jumping ahead about 15 minutes, another hallowed mimic dies and we finally get the drop we're looking for. Remember what I said about not being ready for the bosses? We're ready now by virtue of this bow dropping.

The Daedalus Stormbow doesn't fire arrows normally. Instead it makes arrows rain all around your cursor. I mean that literally, by the way. The arrows it shoots fall out of the sky like rain.

Hell isn't a very good place to show it off, though. Too much stuff up above blocking the arrows.

As one final "fuck you" we can't smelt titanium in a regular hellforge. No, we have to take our hellforge and combine it with 30 pieces of precious titanium in order to get a Titanium Forge. Only after making that can we get a fire hot enough to smelt titanium ore into bars.

Ouch. 5 ore per bar is a pretty hefty price. With 71 pieces of ore left over from making the forge, we have enough for 14 bars with two pieces of ore left over. With how difficult Titanium is proving to find, and how much we're going to need, I make the executive decision to return to the underground corruption and bust as many altars as I possibly can. I don't care how hard diminishing returns kick in, we need titanium and badly.

But first, there's something else I want to show off.

Take 100 musket balls and combine them with a crystal shard, and we get a type of ammunition that turns devastating with a shotgun. Basically once the bullet impacts, it shatters into three more bullets that each deal 60% of the original damage. Like I said, with a good shotgun these things will utterly wreck any bosses we encounter.

Before we can even get started on our outing to destroy demon altars, we get interrupted with a new status message. Pirates, like goblins, are yet another type of invasion. I'm surprised that it took them this long to show up. The only requirements are...

No other events in progress
The Wall of Flesh is dead
At least 1 altar destroyed
You must have at least 200 max HP

There's also some fuckery with the chances. According to the wiki...

1) The Goblin invasion must fail to occur (59-in-60 or 98.3333% chance)
2) If a Pirate invasion has yet to occur, there's a 1-in-30 (or 3.333333%) chance.

2.5) If a pirate invasion has already happened, there's a 1-in-50 (or 2%) chance for another one to happen again in the same day.

The probability, then, means that there's a 3.27% chance each day for the first pirate invasion to happen.

So then, let's jump to the invasion!

Terraria OST Vol. 3 - Pirate Invasion

Pirate Invasion

We start off meeting one of the minibosses for the event, the Pirate Captain. Every enemy in this invasion except one all share a pool of drops at a low chance.

Pirate corsairs are one of the basic melee enemy of the invasion.

There's a peculiarity about their drops, by the way. I can't put a finger on it, though.

The parrot is one of the more dangerous enemies in the invasion. These unassuming birds deal a lot of contact damage if they hit you. They are the only enemy in the invasion to drop nothing on death.

Deckhands are the other basic melee unit. Every regular, that is to say non-Captain, pirate can also drop vanity armor that makes you look like a pirate.

Crossbow ladies are a basic ranged pirate.

Pirates, as you might expect, are fucking loaded.

One of them was even carrying an item to summon a boss.

The last type of pirate is a deadeye. He's the fellow with an eyepatch and a gun.

So you might be wondering why these guys are hard mode only. Right now we're kicking their asses easily.

First of all, the parrots deal as much contact damage as a biome mimic.

Second is because the pirates bring in their flying ship once you've cleared half of the event. The Flying Dutchman only has four vulnerable parts: the cannons. Each cannon has 2000 life. Oh, and multiple Dutchmans can spawn in a single invasion.

In addition to the usual goodies that everything else can drop, the Dutchman can also drop a trophy item.


Anyway, because we're hilariously overprepared, it's not too long until we've repelled the invasion.

To commemorate the event, we have our first and hopefully only golden tombstone.

By the way, that peculiarity that I mentioned? Pirates drop golden furniture like crazy. You can sell it or make the world's most blinged out NPC apartment.

Once you've beaten the pirates, you also qualify for a new NPC. Though it'll be a while before I show him off.

To end this update, we're going to be smashing a lot of demon altars. There's another four on screen that I couldn't get in the screenshot. Even if each round gives half as much ore as the one previous, that's still more than we had before. So now we should hopefully have enough Titanium to make some armor.

But that's enough for now!

NEXT TIME: The air is getting colder around you. You feel a quaking from deep underground... This is going to be a terrible night...