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Part 42: The Night Santa Went Crazy

#40 - The Night Santa Went Crazy

Hello everyone and welcome back to Rivershire. To start off today, a quick tip. If you're going to make a teleporter network, then be sure to label the levers as to where they go. This teleporter outside of the dungeon has some snow blocks beneath it as a visual shortcut to tell you that it goes to the rave house.

These teleporters outside of the rave house go to the dungeon (pink brick) and the arena (the dirt blocks).

Finally, this teleporter at the arena goes to the rave house (snow blocks) and to hell (the hellstone bricks). So in a matter of seconds, we can go from the dungeon, to the bottom of our hellevator shaft.

Oh hey, the second to last NPC has arrived!

Yeah, we're still dressed like Kenny for now. That will eventually change, but at the time I thought it was amusing. Anyway, this technological looking fellow is our resident Cyborg NPC. He will move in at the first opportunity once Plantera is dead.

No, bad Cyborg. No puns. That's my job!

He doesn't sell many items, but they are useful items all the same.

Rocket I - 50 copper coins - (40 ranged damage. Always available. Your basic unit of ammunition for launcher weapons. Small blast radius)
Rocket II - 2 silver, 50 copper coins - (40 ranged damage. Sold during blood moons. Destroys tiles near where it impacts. Small blast radius.)
Rocket III - 1 silver coin - (65 ranged damage. Sold at night. The best go-to ammo for launchers. Large blast radius.)
Rocket IV - 5 silver coins - (65 ranged damage. Sold during solar eclipses. Destroys tiles near where it impacts. Large blast radius.)
Proximity Mine Launcher - 35 gold coins - (80 ranged damage. Shoots proximity mines that stick to walls and wait for something to pass by. I've never used it.)
Nanites - 10 silver coins - (Lets you craft a flask or special ammo, both of which inflict the confused debuff.)
Cyborg Helmet
Cyborg Shirt
Cyborg Pants - 3 gold coins each - (Dress up like the cyborg. Only sold during Halloween.)
HiTek Sunglasses - 5 gold coins - (You too can have a set of Geordi sunglasses. Available after defeating Martian Madness event.)
Night Vision Helmet - 10 gold coins - (You remember the mining helmet from the very beginning of the game? This is it, But Better. Basically a permanent Night Owl potion in exchange for your helmet slot. Has a 3.3% chance to drop from Granite Elementals and Granite Golems as well. So you could conceivably get this really early in the game.)

He's the only source for Rockets besides boss drops, so if you use rocket launchers, or anything else that uses rockets, this is your guy.

Because a few NPCs died in the martian invasion, and because Syn-X moved into someone else's room, it's time we added the last couple of rooms onto the treefort. We now have open slots for every NPC in the game, including the one that we'll get getting later on in this update.

Jumping forward about 45 minutes, I've been incredibly busy in the Jungle Temple. I've actually been trying to farm up a jungle chest key, but instead all I got were a bunch of Christmas Presents, and enough solar tablets to last an eternity. Occasionally the presents will drop a snow globe, which lets us summon a special winter-themed invasion.

I've also been repeatedly killing Golem because he's weak and the altar is right there. He eventually coughed up a Stynger, which is a gun that I rather like using for the explosions.

Yeah, that's the stuff. Look at all those explosions! It's not a weapon I'd ever carry into the endgame, but it sure is fun to use.

Terraria Soundtrack vol. 1 - Boss 3

It's been a while since we heard this track. It only ever plays for the Destroyer and the Frost Legion, so why not?

Frost Legion Invasion

Anyway, let's use the snow globe and kill the Frost Legion.

The wiki takes great pains to make it clear that the legion is intended to be fought in a hard mode world, with hard mode weapons.

I make it a point to mention that because I have trouble believing that. First of all, here's two thirds of the enemies in the Frost Legion. The snowmen with shanks are Mister Stabby (240 life, 65 melee damage, 26 defense), while the ones sporting Tommy Guns are Snowman Gangsta (200 life, 50 melee damage, 50 ranged damage, 20 defense).

And the last member of the Frost Legion is this fellow here, the Snow Balla (220 life, 70 melee damage, 55 melee damage, 22 defense).

These guys hit hard, but we're now so far into hard mode, that any challenge they would have presented is long since gone. Anyway, the only drop that any of these snowmen have, besides their banners, are just snow blocks.

Sometimes those snow blocks inexplicably hang around as actual blocks instead of drops.

Anyway, these guys are barely a threat to us, and they go down in no time at all. It would barely be worth mentioning they exist except for one very important reason.

After you defeat the Frost Legion, fucking Santa Claus comes by to stay as a semi-permanent NPC. He will only live in your little community between December 15th and 31st, after which he will die.

There's old Saint Nick himself.

He sells a lot of items at first glance, but most of them are used in the decoration of Christmas trees, which he also sells. It would take far too long to go over everything on this list, besides his outfit. So just take it from me that 36 of the 39 things he sells are decorations for Christmas trees. For what it's worth, each piece of his outfit costs 15 gold coins.

For the meat of this update, we're going to be looking for a rare spawn in the glowing mushroom biome. This one is too small for our needs, so we'll have to make a larger one.

So I might have gone near the jungle temple and gone a little crazy with dark blue solution. This mushroom biome is probably the largest one in Rivershire, which is great for our purposes. Even better, the rare spawn we're looking for is in this screenshot.

At the very bottom of the shot you can see something that looks like a worm. It's right next to the life fruit. That's a Truffle Worm.

Truffle worms are special fishing bait. They can only ever be used in the oceans of your world, and they can only ever catch one special fish.

In fact, if you have the fishing power display on your cell phone, it will switch to "Warning!" once you have a Truffle worm. The game is not so very subtly trying to tell us that we're messing with stuff we shouldn't be. Yet again.

Anyway, we want to get several of these bad boys. If none are spawning, you might have to scroll the mushroom biome far enough offscreen for everything to despawn, and then return. Truffle worms don't always spawn, so be sure to keep your eye on the rare enemy counter of your cell phone. Truffle worms are one of the "enemies" that it will notify you of.

La la la la la, taking a break from hunting truffle worms by unwinding with a nice relaxing solar eclipse. If you're hunting for biome keys, there are worse ways to get them. Solar eclipses spawn a lot of enemies rapidly for 15 minutes, and if you spend all that time in a single biome... well, that's a lot of chances for the key to drop. Just something to think about.

Even better, do it in two overlapping biomes and get chances at two different keys while you're at it.

Sometimes you even get a drop that will last you until the finale event coughs up something better.

Last time we did a solar eclipse, we made True Night's Edge. This time we're going to make True Excalibur, the only other weapon we can make with broken hero swords. Any more we get from this point on are useless beyond selling the products for money.

Kind of fitting, not gonna lie.

Like True Night's Edge, an incredibly strong blade in its own right. But what if we could make both swords even better?

Yep. By combining both weapons, we can make a weapon so powerful that it comes with its own Steam achievement. This thing is only beaten by drops from the final boss and finale events, and it's potentially obtainable as soon as all three mechanical bosses are dead.

Kind of underwhelming compared to the legendary weapon that preceded it, but once it's reforged, it'll be a proper beast.

Flask effects, I should point out, also transfer to the Terra Blade's beam.

So let's end this update with some nice relaxing fishing.

We've got our bait, so we're good on that front. Let's see what we can pull up.

Meet Duke Fishron, an optional boss. This guy's a little weird in the progression, because he's only really a challenge at the gear level we have right now. Most players, once they beat Golem, will immediately progress their world into the endgame by killing the cultists in front of the dungeon. The endgame weapons are so hilariously powerful that they trivialize most other content. So by the time most players find Fishron, his drops don't even matter anymore.

He's also a boss I honestly do not know the "proper" way to fight. I've only ever fought him by doing one thing.

Running the fuck away.

He has a lot of different mechanics, but none of those are going to matter right now.

Consider this something of a sneak preview.

Because I'll be seeing you guys... in 2017.

NEXT TIME: We turn Fishron into sushi.