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by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: Gone In A Flash - Let's Play "Tetris Friends" [VLP]



Let's Play "Tetris Friends"

Tetris Friends is a collection of various browser games that offer addictive little spins on everyone's favorite puzzle game. The idea was to log in, play the games, compete with friends, compare scores and badges and buy things. It was a quick, cute go-to place for all your most basic Tetris needs, and had a flavor to suit just about anyone.

What happened?

The games are all based in Flash, and Flash is dying. It's a sad state of affairs, but soon Tetris Friends and its games will be gone forever. Preserving them for future generations to play would be incredibly difficult, because they seem to only load when they detect an online advertisement is running properly before start-up. The games won't blow anyone away, but they still deserve to be preserved.

I have a friend that deeply loves Tetris, and I'll be using their footage while providing commentary about the various games from both an expert and casual player's perspective. Don't expect an emotional rollercoaster, but it should still be enjoyable.


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