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Part 33: Sweet Dreams

Previously on The 3rd Birthday, it turned out Aya Brea has actually been Eve Brea hijacking her sister’s body the entire game. The real Aya Brea had her soul shattered by the first ever Overdive and that sent its fragments careening into the future which produced the Twisted race. Hyde Bohr, who is from a race of High Ones produced by Eve’s original body dying and sending off evolution rays, wants to merge with Eve so the High One race can reproduce and destroy the Twisted in their endless Time War. Or something close to that.

Anyway, let’s see how those Brea gals get out of this one…

Hyde Bohr getting shot would do it. Sure, he’s gotten shot a hundred times and died once already. But, as everyone knows, cutscene bullet potency is exponentially more powerful than standard bullets.

And the shooter of the evil anime man in the white suit?

Why it’s the real Aya Brea, of course. Sure, she’s been bleeding out on the floor for ten minutes while Hyde has been reciting his villain monologue. But the first magic spell Parasite Energy ability she unlocked was the power to self-heal. From laser beam blasts and mutant rat fireballs. Getting shot a few times shouldn’t be that big a deal. Hell, the guy she was marrying shot her once. And she set him partially on fire with her mind. It was a strange relationship.

Leave her alone, will you?

What? Aya's soul should be gone!

Well, it's already been destroyed.
Or… something? I dunno. I was only half listening to that crap and understood even less.

Aya Brea is having none of this anime bullshit and riddles Hyde with bullets. And yes, this time Hyde Bohr is incredibly dead for good.

Just to be certain, one more right in the face. No half-measures when dealing with anime villains.

New Music: Dive Into Myself – Changing to… –

Welp. So much for having a small, quiet ceremony…

Oh… hey, sweetie. Sorry about that. Heh… Umm… crazy day, huh?
Yeah… that’s rough. Well, at least my body helped you out with shooting fireballs and healing and such.
The... the what? You could do that?
Oh… Right. I stopped doing that sorta mitochondria powers thing around y—shit. Sorry… I guess I didn’t come with a user’s manual.
Also, I-I think I turned everyone you invited into monster people too. Except… for Cray. He didn’t turn into a monster guy. Oh… oh geez. Does that make me racist? Oh no…
Oh. No! Of course not! Don’t be silly. You can’t control these kinda weird science things. Look, listen to me…

Aya flips the pistol around in her hand…


Listen. You need to aim here.
*gasps* Oh… Ah…

Right now!
I’m not getting stuck in the future as a million ugly, goofy monsters again. That sucked! We need to stop that before it happens again.
I just can't! I can't do this!

C’mon. You can do this. Just right in the heart. You’ve got to do it in one shot, otherwise I’m gonna heal. Otherwise you run the risk of knocking me out and SOMETIMES that makes everyone near me catch on fire. You don’t want that. It’s a bad scene.
*sniffle* I just want you to stay.

I wish I could've... exchanged my vows with Kyle.
And… you know… all of the rest of this. I knew getting married on Christmas Eve was a bad idea. But he insisted. ‘Oh Aya, you can’t write off Christmas Eve forever just because of that one opera show where everyone burned to death and you fought an electric alligator. We’ll get married then. Make it a good day!’
*sighs and frowns* Yeah… Great idea, Kyle. That went just great.



I don’t—I just can’t…
…Oh. Shit. You are… You’re doing the thing. The thing that went real bad for everyone.

(Uggggh… This is the worst wedding ever. Fine. Fuck it!)

Aya hugs her weird, time anomaly producing clone one last time before committing to sorting this out.

You picking up what I’m putting down?
I… No? W-Wha…
Look… Just do your Overdrive.
WHATEVER! Do the thing and follow my lead.
…It doesn’t really work like that.
Not with that attitude!

To sum up what happened here to the best of my understanding: In the original botched Overdive, Eve permanently jumped into Aya’s body and smashed her soul in the process, while leaving Eve’s original body to die. Apparently the whole soul smashing thing isn’t instant. It was caused by Eve’s soul staying in Aya’s body long enough to cause it (presumably the same time as her original flipped out and caused the High Ones while dying.) It’s like say if you sat on a dog’s head. If you did it briefly by accident, but quickly got up, that dog wouldn’t be happy. But it wouldn’t be dead. Pass out drunk on that puppy’s head in the middle of the night and it’s going to be dead by the time you wake up in a stupor the next morning. I guess... Maybe? I'm just trying to rationalize this nonsense and probably putting in more effort than the writers did.

So, by Hyde tossing Eve back in her original body with his weird, poorly defined Overdive abilities, Aya’s soul is kinda damaged enough to cause the Twisted thing if she stayed alive, but still but not completely shatter yet. So that’s how she comes back and ices Hyde. Hyde Bohr was a tremendous idiot. Likewise, Eve’s body is going to flip out and cause the High Ones to be created here shortly. I guess Hyde was wrong about the part where it happened because Eve’s old body was dying. Or something… Look, I’m not entire sure.

The point is, what if this time Eve Brea and Aya Brea just exchanged souls instead of anyone destroying anyone else’s soul and accidentally causing an apocalypse?

And so while Hyde Bohr’s Tentacle Abomination and Aya Eve Brea Gymnastics Session was the final fight of The 3rd Birthday…

There is one last final gameplay bit of this stupid, fucking game…

The final bit of gameplay of The 3rd Birthday is passing on the series protagonist torch to Eve Brea by murdering Aya Brea. Or more correctly, just snuffing out the Parasite Eve series once and for all. Let's shoot dead the series protagonist in the body of a 12 year old child. The Assassination of Aya Brea by the Coward Square-Enix.

I bet you didn’t think that the thread title was literal this whole time, now did you?

Tune in next time for the last of the ending to The 3rd Birthday.

Video: The 3rd Birthday Ending Part 2
(Yes. You should watch this.)

Aya Wedding Dress – Nice day for a red wedding.

Aya Wedding Promotional CG – Apparently the original pitch for The 3rd Birthday was solely Aya throwing down at her own wedding. That’s as far as the cellphone game ever made it before they realized it would sell more on the PSP if they expanded it to a full title. And welp…