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The 7th Saga

by Nakar

Part 21: It Gets Weird

Baran Castle is geographically closer to Polasu than Tiffana, but it's easier to walk to from Tiffana; no mountains and fewer naked golden men.

Inside, a mountain path winds to a great gate, which is locked. Curses! You'd never have expected Serpent to be smart enough to lock her door.

But luckily there's a servant's entrance or something over here.

The only new enemies are these guys. They cast a lot of spells.

Like Ice2. I'm so fucking glad that Wilme can dodge spells as well as he can. Speed is not to be underrated, and may honestly be Wilme's best trait. It helps that Esuna is fast too, but she has high magic defense.

They also cast Petrify, like most things do. And heal, but they seem stuck with Heal2 and 90 HP ain't shit anymore at this stage in the game. Wilme can Defend/Attack for 300-400 with a Power boost and Esuna can do at least 130 damage a round.

More chests. The I Seed is apparently Intelligence, which I guess is Magic. Oddly, I think there are Magic Seeds. Maybe it's MP. I don't know, I always forget to use seeds.

More levels. Note Esuna's speed. She's a speedy little thing, which means that I pretty much always act before the enemy with both characters. This is incredibly nice.

This is getting boring. Most of the loot in chests is absolutely worthless, or worse, a King Trick (although there aren't many in this place). Given how much of this shit is redundant, I'll just screenshot chests that have something worth a damn in them.

In the meantime, I finally find the creepy crazy old lady, as thus:

Boss Fight Video - Serpent the Sorceress

Serpent has high HP, like the Dragon. All bosses from here on out have gobs of HP, so playing defensive is more important than against, say, Apprentices.

Also, I mixed up what the Sky Rune does; it actually raises MP by a lot, it's basically a free M.Herb or even a little better than that. Given enough time, Esuna can restore her MP pretty quickly.

Anyway she's dead, and with her go all the monsters, thankfully. Let's see if any of the kids are traumatized by this ordeal.

I don't normally use emoticons, but this is a pretty -worthy situation if I've ever seen one. I imagine this terrible scorpion-woman in human form playing with a bunch of poor kidnapped kids, crying her eyes out. Then she grabs one for later, but not the fat kids, because she's got to watch her thorax.

I seriously get no respect. 5000 fucking gold and nobody even believes I could pull it off. Screw you pricks, I'm going to Polasu.

Now see, this is what I call gratitude.

Oh come on, kid, you were locked in a 3x6 room with a crazy witch. I mean, I know this town isn't all that great... okay actually this town sucks a lot, I concede the point.

Getting mixed signals here, but okay then.

Meanwhile, the Commander actually comes through on his promise without strings attached, forking over the Moon Rune. That leaves Light and Wizard, the latter of which isn't on this continent.

Goddamnit, kids!

Could this game get any more fucked up? The answer is yes, and quickly. Stay tuned!