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Part 32: This Network Is POWERED BY SATAN

There's nothing else to do in Melenam yet since it's not quite time to destroy it, so Wilme takes a walk to the town of Palsu, not far away. And this time it's actually not that far away, thankfully.

Palsu's pretty dead because most of its people have moved to Melenam, like that's not going to come back and bite everybody in the ass. It does make you wonder why that woman was coming back here to get married though. Gold digger?

Don't worry kid, nothing bad has happened to your dad... YET!

Yeah well they've got a supercomputer plugged into the Dark World, I think they're pretty high on both the "technologically advanced" and "fucking stupid" lists.

Remember this for a little while.

This letter is our ticket in to see the destruction of Melenam which is totally going to happen, but first I feel a need to grind, mostly for money:

But ultimately just for the hell of it.

It's pointless to fight random battles anymore, really. The stat nerf from the Japanese version makes regular enemies an ordeal primarily due to how hard they can hit, and using anything but a Power-boosted Wilme punch doesn't even scratch them. The best way to grind at this point is to use Esuna's Vacuum2 (Wilme gets Vacuum1 for backup) and just instakill F.Witches (the giant stone pillars with faces) and Spirits (the duck-foot guys). So this should be a high enough level to beat the game.

"Don't worry about it being top secret or anything, I'm sure everyone will be pleased to see a naked orange guy in a restricted area."

This isn't a photoshop. The project leader is named Dr. Fail. This is going to be great.

Okay, so Foma is not evil per se, but runs on evil. I guess they're siphoning the Dark World, you know the place where all the monsters and GORSIA come from, to power a computer. This is quite possibly the most idiotic thing anyone in any RPG has ever tried.

The rest of the team is divided, but if you think they're worried, wait until you meet the esteemed Dr. Fail!

Whew. I guess the disaster has been averted.

Haha, yeah right. Time to be probably responsible for the destruction of Melenam!

Gee, you think? You think maybe filling a computer with evil was a bad plan?

I just want to point out that Foma is just a giant dome. It cannot move. At all. How it blocks anything is beyond me.

So wait, Melenam's entire power grid is run on Satan? Are you people retarded?

Oh well, I guess it's time for Boss Fight Video - Foma.

Foma doesn't move, which means it doesn't dodge, so instead it conjures up a bitchin' force screen to block attacks. It then attacks by shooting ghosts at you (you think I'm kidding but I have video evidence now, hah!). And that's about all it does. It's a pretty shitty boss all told. They totally should have made a giant robot.

Naturally, the rise of Foma was just enough Hubris to push the meter to 11, which means it's time for the entire continent to be destroyed for no reason.

And there it is...

...and there she goes! Did Wilme escape? Did anyone escape? Did everyone escape? Who really cares, the important question is whether the brilliant Dr. Fail survived.