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The 7th Saga

by Nakar

Part 10: Hey, Ever Been to the Continent?

When we last left Wilme, he had emerged in the middle of nowhere at the other end of the Melenam cave. If only I had some way of knowing where I'd come out, some kind of map.

Oh right, I do have a map. I usually forget that. Anyway, it seems we're on a tiny island far northwest of where we once were (the NW tip of the continent to the south). There better be something out here.

Of course there are enemies, both old...

...and new. My lack of grinding is starting to show; these freaks hit for 40+ when not Guarding.

But shortly thereafter, a town.

Eygus is obsessed with the continent. Don't believe me? Let the townsfolk speak for themselves!

Now I know how the French must feel in England: Superior and annoyed.

If you're trying to make me start caring about Melenam, old man, you better come up with a better story than RPG Generic Metaphor Kingdom #0001. Incidentally, I've been there, and the rich technological superiorty of the place consisted of broken robots, automatic doors, and a bunch of cheap rocks and some medicine.

It's probably for your own good, kiddo.

Wilme starts to find graves, which were conspicuously absent anywhere else up until now but which seem to be in half the towns thereafter. I'm sure this Leo person will never have been anyone important.

Especially since all the other tombstones are generic. Yup, that name is one I never need to keep in mind again.

That's great, I guess? You're all losers.

I already know what the Wind Rune does, but if this jackass thinks he can learn me a thing or two (or at least is mandatory to advance the plot), I'll go look for him.

Like I said, I already know what it does.

Funny, that other guy I met said you ran screaming from that heavy metaphor like little children.

Anyway I finally track down the sage.

Sounds dangerous. Let's grind.

That'll do.

Esuna's finally come around, but I'll have to turn her down for now. Turning down an apprentice leads to a hilarious string of Yes/No questions where the Apprentice tries to basically trick you into recruiting them. "Are you not sure you don't not want to take me along?"

Another cave, just like the last one. It's mercifully short.

Ah, now if only I had some way to...

...ah, right.