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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 1: School's in session

Update 1 - School's in session

BGM: Title

As a note, the original Japanese subtitle is "Tenkousei Scramble," or "Transfer Student Scramble."

The music, which sounds a lot like a Genesis game (seriously, the soundtrack's bass is wack at times) was composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, most famous for his work on Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics.

I found almost nothing about either J-Wing or Youentai on the web, so their lack of credentials which might be why this game never achieved any stunning popularity.

For this playthrough I will be using the boy character, but I will be showing off all of the girl-only content as well.

BGM: Airplane

Onboard: a group of students due to transfer to Hourai High in April.

Pilot 2: Yeah... That was a pretty good nap!
Pilot 1: Still, I didn't expect we'd go right off-course like this just for having a little snooze...
Pilot 2: You really are a veteran pilot. Master of the skies! Still, I'm not surprised considering SOMEONE was up all night doing... you know what.
Pilot 1: Er... right. You can leave the compliments out now, OK?

Um, can I check your piloting licenses?

Pilot 1: I wouldn't be in a hurry to go to that weird Hourai High School or whatever if I were them. "Oh no! I'll be late for my first day! Everyone will only remember me as the kid who was late! Whaa! Whaa! Boo hoo!"
Pilot 2: ...

Here is our intrepid hero, battle-weathered by terrible airplane food, annoying passengers, and hours of boredom on a long flight.

: What? You'll be late for the opening ceremony? I'm sorry, but... The pilots fell asleep and flew all the way to Alaska, so we're...a little behind schedule.
: ....!
: Look, there's nothing I can do... We'll land soon, OK?
: ...! ......!!

: ...Fine. If you want to get there that soon, I'll get you there!

While I'm sure this is a viable option, I'd really like to discuss this first-

BGM: Tension

Here's our first peek at the island. It looks normal enough, but, well...

BGM: Opening/Ending

Hourai High first came to this island filled with strange creatures roughly 70 years ago. It was soon followed by huge buildings, hospitals, towns, airports and even a train service. The students rule Hourai - they run the infrastructure, the clubs and the committees. Unsurprisingly, the place is like a magnet for oddball kids from all over the country.

BGM: Tension

Well, I suppose this is one way to make a first impression...


Teacher: Wh-what was that? Is it a UFO?! ...How dull.

: Teacher! Roku's passed out!

: Right away!

BGM: School 1

: Er, anyway, who are you?

: What? You're a transfer student? ...You were thrown out because you were going to be late?! ...You were thrown out of the plane by the stewardess?!
: That's... That's quite a story. Well, never mind. Go to the Principal's office with your home room teacher to apologise for your misconduct later.

Here comes our teacher now.

: Please, don't pull any more stunts like that. The other teachers already look dow--
: A-Anyway, let's go and apologise to the principal. We'll go to the classroom afterwards.

I'm a good kid, really! It wasn't totally my fault, you know.

: No matter how late you might be to the ceremony, you can't just sky dive in, you know!

: And then for some reason they just made me principal of the whole school! I have no idea what they're playing at. I mean, I only just became a teacher, so I don't know anything about running a school. But maybe I'm...

: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm such a chatterbox! Teehee! Now, this is your homeroom teacher...

BGM: School 2

: Make sure our new classmate feels welcome, OK? Now, let's start today's lesson!

It's time to name our protagonist! I need a name for our main man, as well as a name for his lovely female counterpart. We have a 5-letter limit.