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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 2: Showing the new kid around

Update 2 - Showing the new kid around

BGM: School 2

Due to his unique entrance, our protagonist has been given the name Leroy while his adventurous female counterpart is Lara.

On your birthday you're given a special surprise. I decided to go with February.

Your bloodtype, as far as I can tell, does absolutely nothing. But to go with the events of the day, Leroy is a totally warped type AB.

BGM: Hospo Editors' Room

: Everyone just calls it "Hospo" for short. Now then, there's something that we need your help with.

: Roku was hurt badly in the accident and he's laid up in the hospital. Now we're too short on staff to make the next issue of Hospo... Plus, we gotta pay for Roku's medical expenses...

: We decided to have you help us out in producing Hospo. What do you think? Great idea, right? And if you don't like it, you can pay the medical fees.

Well, I suppose it was technically my fault that he got hurt... So why not.

: My name's Daichi. This is Hinako, and he's Haru. They're both Hospo staffers too.
: ...Oh, yeah. Lemme give you a tour of the campus before we get started. Give me a shout once you've had a look around the building. I'll be waiting at the gates.

And for anyone who was wondering...

These are the kind of people we're dealing with.

Back in the classroom, we can learn more about Hourai.

Leroy and the rest of the Hospo gang are second-years, so we have to go down a floor to get to the entrance.

The same could be said for real life, couldn't it, random blue-haired student.

: You use the hospital for things like making a record of your adventure and healing illnesses and stuff.

BGM: Field

: The school is based in the centre of Utsuho Island, and is made up of three blocks: East, North, and South.
: The East Block is the most important, with buildings like the central campus, Committee Centre, Assembly Hall and stuff.

: There's also Side Street, filled with restaurants and stuff. It's the place to go if you want a bite to eat or go for coffee.

: OK, I'm going to give you an injection now, so please hold still.

: Hey! Please, hold still!
: Actually, there's someone I want you to meet...

Yeah, it's me.

Roku proceeds to get so mad that he charges at me...

...before eating a needle to the head.

: Hey, I warned you to hold still! You were thrashing about so much, the needle went into your head!
: Anyway, I think your injuries should clear up in about... only a month. Oh ho ho ho!

: You got something against me? It's your fault that I--
: Whoa, hold on a sec, Roku. We're here to apologize for what happened. And besides, you're acting kinda...
: Ah, shut up, shut up! Things like this always happen around that new kid! Just get out of here!

: Hmph. I wouldn't look forward to it. Hey, transfer student... I'll pay you back for this. Mark my words!

Scary words from a man with caterpillars for eyebrows.

Daichi leads me over to Side Street.

: But it's not all about food here - you can also buy clothes and other stuff here too.

There's a few people wandering around and in houses, some of who aren't even Hourai students or staff.

Me too, old man.

This sign, reminiscent of another SNES RPG, unfortunately never came true and no other video games based on Hourai ever came out.

Good to know, even if it's a little strange.

Though there's several restaurants here, there's not much of a reason to use them since there's far easier and less expensive ways to heal yourself.

Alright, let's head on out.

: You can also find Shinobazu Lake, where people like to hang out and relax, as well as the Club Centre.
: There's loads of clubs to join, so I think you'll be going to the Club Centre a lot in particular.

: Go ahead and ask about the details at the counter. I'll wait here.

So, clubs. Clubs are analogous to jobs or classes in other games in that they determine your skills. There are 33 clubs total in the game, though not all of them are found in the Club Centre. Some skills are offensive and some are defensive, some raise stats, and some have an effect out of battle.

Each character can only be a part of three clubs at a time. However, if you completely master a club then you get to keep the skills you learned and can then replace that club with another. There is a reason that you might want to keep a mastered club, though: when you have one person in two particular clubs, they will learn a combo technique.

There are two things that may bar somebody from joining a club: club type and level. Some clubs have a special prerequisite, but those two are the ones you'll usually be seeing. Each club is of a specific type (Sports, Culture, Science, and Jungle), and each character has a set of club types that they can join. The protagonist has all four club types, so their options are huge.

I'll be showing off the Club Centre in another update, but for now Leroy joined Baseball (defense buffing skills), Football (increases HP), and Cheerleading (increases GP, this game's version of MP).

: Swing by the Hospo base again after class tomorrow. See ya!

Man, this place kinda looks like a dump. Lara, on the other hand...

She stays in a pretty pink skyscraper.

And has guards on watch 24/7.

After seeing the boys' dorm, not really.

: My name's Julia, and I'm here from the US of A! Nice to meet you!

We might as well make the most of the boys' dorm and explore.

There's a hidden passageway beneath the stairs that leads to another section of the boys' dorms.

: Protecting her is my mission - she's more important to me than Mom, baseball, AND apple pie!

Is it a demon?

As Daichi said, we have a busy day tomorrow so we should retire for now.