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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 5: Field day

Update 4 - Field day

: Bah! Don't tell me you don't know about the Mind/Body Training Rule! It was approved yesterday!

BGM: Radio Exercises

Leroy proceeds to bumble around for the remainder of the exercises.

BGM: Hospo Editors' Room

: It looks like it's time for us to stick our noses into this.
: Alright! OK, then... I'll go and see if I can pick up any leads at Frapper's in Side Street. You can check out the Committee Centre.

: What? We've gotta strike while the iron is hot, you know!
: I guess you've never heard that haste makes waste. What about getting material on the strongest class for the Athletics Festival?
: That can wait!

Sorry, Hinako! Bye bye!

Hospo is on the case! This involves talking to a grand total of two people.

: And now this year is the Jungle Joust? They're even making us do radio exercises, too...
: This must be some kind of plot. But...we still have to attend...

Mmhm, yes, we'll be sure to take your accounts into consideration.

: Oh really? Which club?
: Er... The er, Cooking Club. Hey, Leroy! If we don't get back soon, our... er, buns are gonna burn!

: I don't want to end up getting surrounded by those things. Let's call it off for today!

: Understood? Now, proceed to the southern jungle! The southern jungle is further on south from the South Block, where the Club Centre is!
: There are many dangerous creatures outside and in the jungle. Be vigilant!

Now, before we head down to the Joust, there's some things to do now that we have free reign.

We got our first phone number from Mutsumi last chapter, so let's call her up! I'll be showing off all of the phone calls we can make each chapter.

: The student council elections are next month. I hope I can count on your support!

Next, it's time to show off what I couldn't last update. Other than EXP and money, you also get Friend Points (FP) when you battle. As you give a party member FP, their Friend Level goes up and the number of times they can use their Friend Skill without resting goes up. This maxes out when they hit the Best Friend level, where they can use it four times.

Each party member has a different Friend Skill. Daichi's is Body Barrier, which causes him to put up a barrier at the beginning of the turn that nullifies all attacks by the enemy. It goes down at the end of the turn.

I stop by the Club Centre real quick to get Daichi set up with the Football (+HP) and Cheerleading (+GP) clubs before heading off to the Committee Centre.

: Due to this, the train currently isn't running on any of those lines... You look like a civic-minded sort. Won't you help us get things running again?
: Here - as thanks for your support, I'll give this to you. You can use this to ride the train wherever you like to your heart's content.

BGM: Train

The train is our fast-travel system and, as the game progresses, we can fix all of the broken tracks and travel all over the island. Right now we can only travel between the three school blocks.

North from the school is Newtown.

BGM: Newtown (Day)

Newtown is similar to Side Street in that it's full of shops and amenities.

There's a building where you can store up to 64 items, but it takes money to take stuff back out so I won't be using it.

Newtown is also home to the Mamejima warehouse, but we can't get in.

There's one last interesting house here.

There's no door.

There is no door to the kitchen.

The only thing I can assume is that this woman is trapped in this kitchen, forced to forever be cooking food.

What kind of dark secret have I found lurking beneath the cheery exterior of this game?

That's all you have to say for yourself? You sick, twisted man.

Oh, never mind, turns out this house just decided to go with the architectural design of only being able to get to the kitchen through the bathroom.

Lady, you live with two weirdos.

Last on the agenda is the projection room. Throughout the game, new movies will be shown here, so let's check out the first one.

: We're running Penguin Special on the projector now.

: Great! We're about to start.

Penguin Special

Alright, time to head out to the jungle. Along the way I run into a few new enemies.

We have Safety Slapheads, Musketeers, and Nasty Teachers. Of particular note is the Nasty Teacher, whose spanking attack can ruin your day. It's a good idea to grind up a bit or else you'll get your ass handed to you almost immediately.

BGM: Jungle

: Daichiii! You're late!
: Shut up! Do you know how long it took to find the right wooden sandals for the occasion?! I'm not just all muscle, you know! I can be fashionable too!

Yeah, lay it on me.

: You can start a joust with another team by running into them on the field.

On the left is Leroy's opponent while on the right is Lara's opponent.

: You score a point if the enemy team moves in the direction you picked. It works both ways. If you move in the direction the enemy picks, they'll score a point.
: Be careful, too. If you don't choose your command quickly during the enemy's turn, they won't wait for you. The team that score three points first will be the winner. At the end, the teams will be ranked by score and awarded a number of coupons depending on how well they did.
: Oh, and if you fight well and fill up the gauge on the top of the screen, you can use your special move! It's 100% guaranteed to score a point and it'll make you look cool. However, it'll reset the gauge back to 0 if you use it.

So, this game is basically a combination of the cavalry battle game and the "Look that way" part of Japanese rock-paper-scissors. It's a total pain because the enemy doesn't have any tell and so it's basically random. I of course cheated to do better, because there's no way I'm doing it normally.

Here's the "special move" the Honey talked about.

At the end, I stand alone on the battlefield.

We can't use the coupons until later, but they're used to get special equipment.

Let's go!

...Next time.