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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 6: This wasn't in the syllabus

Update 5 - This wasn't in the syllabus

It's time to go save Hinako! I'd like to point out that items in the jungle are not found in bushes, grass, or flowers; they are found in skulls.

There's a few new enemies inhabiting the jungle. Mandrill & Mandrill Jr., Lost Student, and Dancing Sunflower are all pretty normal in terms of moves and stats, though Dancing Sunflower can cause Shy.

Hellephant Kid can be a force to reckon with a higher attack and the ability to cause Shy.

Hold up!

BGM: Dungeon

This is the first real "dungeon" of the game, with several items scattered about for the taking in the form of backpacks.

As we follow after the mystery men, we move from cave to cave. C'mon Daichi, two dudes hefting around a high-school girl shouldn't be that fast.

Going down.

The cave also holds some more enemies. More Mystery Men appear, as well as Backwards Snakes.

This dungeon and basically every dungeon after this has a nurse's office somewhere in it. You can save, assign FP, and cure yourself here. The operative word here is "cure" - you cannot heal HP or GP here, only cure status effects.

We continue to follow the mystery men's path.

Good thing there's a suspicious hole ten feet away.

Nice skull-shaped key.

: Who the hell are you?!
: I don't answer to you! CHARGE!

BGM: Boss Battle

Though it's technically the first "boss battle" of the game, the Mystery Men have the same stats as what you'd find in the rest of the cave, so it's just a battle against four regular enemies. They don't even have any special moves or anything.

They disappear one by one.

Heading back...

: Who on earth were those guys? They said they needed your powers or something like that...
: I don't really know... My head's still spinning from being kidnapped and thrown in there all of a sudden. I'm not going to forgive them for this, even if they did at least kidnap the prettiest member of the team!
: Daichi! We're gonna fight together to reveal their true identity!
: Oh, YEAH!

Who was it who proposed the Jungle Joust to the Student Council? And what do they have to do with the group who kidnapped Hinako? And...aren't the mid-term exams about to start?


Though the Public Safety Committee have been investigating the culprit's identity and motive remain unknown. Some sources suggest it was the work of extremist students reacting against the recent Mind and Body rule and other such un-Hourai regulations.

However, it is understood that one of the culprits said that the victim "would be useful (to them)", and one of their number spotted at the scene had a stuffy old air about him. The case remains surrounded in mystery.