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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 7: Special study techniques

Update 6 - Special study techniques

BGM: Hospo Editors' Room

: Still, at least we don't have to put up with those radio exercises anymore!
: Well, yeah, but...

Haru freaks out and starts running in circles.

: No, I don't think many people know about this just yet. I only just found out about it on the underground network...
: Still, they're going to have to cancel the exams at this rate... I'm so happy!

: Oh really? So are you saying that... kids who spend all day on sleazy underground networks will ever grow up to be respectable adults?

: A-anyway, let's ask around and see if the exam questions really were stolen!
: But who are we going to ask?
: Let's try the teachers in the staff building first! It's their questions that were stolen, after all!

Leroy is riled and ready to go! See you slowpokes later!

: Any other ideas? Thought not. Anyway, I guess I'll come along too.

Alright, before getting into the chapter let's check out our new party members.

(Please ignore the name, there's no flying enemies in this chapter)
Hinako's Friend Skill is Gust, and using it will instantly blow away all flying enemies. Well, it's supposed to. The translation patch makes it so that using it when there's multiple enemies will crash the game, but it won't crash if there's just one enemy. The original Japanese version has no such bug.

Hinako is the first Culture club member of the group, so I start with putting her in Magic (all stats +1)

Haru's Friend Skill is Smoke Bomb, and it will either catch the enemy off-guard and get you a free turn or will allow you to escape.

Haru is our resident Science nerd, so for now I put him in Surgery (heals HP).

There's also a new phone number to get.

: If you see anything suspicious on campus, inform me at once.
: I heard that the Cooking Club's starting work at Sketchy Soup from June. It looks like they're going to put all their study until now into actual practice...

Now it's time to get on with the investigation.

Suspicious. Better remember this for later.

: I even came up with super difficult questions that no one could ever answer... *sniff* The long nights... The hours spent on obscure Internet trivia pages... All wasted!

Sucks to be you, bud. I'm going upstairs.

: But there's got to be some students willing to pay for them...


: What? Is this true?! ...Gather the men! We'll assemble on the roof of the Central Class Building tonight!
: Sir!

You know what, alright, as long as you understood it.

Also this isn't brought up until later but Kamifukuoka is a substitute teacher.

: Alright! We'll come back here tonight and get the scoop right at the scene!
: This is so exciting!

: Let's head to the roof before they spot us!

: We've gotta find another way.

Here's the guard shutters in question. Video Game Logic dictates that only some hallways are blocked off.

Like this, what is this? Go all the way or don't go at all.

Before Leroy and the gang head to the next building over, there's some business to take care of.

: Let me...take you home.

Daichi please, this isn't the time.

: Of course. Where do you live?

: She...She...She...She doesn't have a face!

: *pant* *pant*
: Whew... That was terrifying!
: That reminds me, I did hear rumors about ghosts stalking the campus at night.
: Why didn't you tell us that before?!

Hourai's 7 Mysteries are scattered throughout the game, sometimes hinted at and sometimes not. I'll be showing off all of them.

The second floor is host to the school library.

The story of Hourai High begins with Hourai Preparatory School, founded at the end of the Edo period by Hokita.

It was roughly 70 years ago that Hourai came to Utsuho. It was said that there was conflict with some of the natives at the time.

Eventually, the Hourai campuses scattered all over Japan were consolidate on Utsuho. Overcoming many difficulties, the school continued to grow and develop.

Hourai's continued, unique independent management by its students still draws shock and disbelief from proper schools all over Japan.

Before I head to the roof, let's check out the new enemies.

The Safety She-Wolf is a simple recolor of the Safety Shrew, nothing new to see.

The Gang Girl and Bully are new and a bit more dangerous, and the Bully can sap your GP.

Could it be...?

Yes! The Twilight Penguins!

Wait, what are you...

You know what, go for it. Jump off a building. Follow your dreams.

: They called that guy "Great Leader," right? That means they've gotta be the Twilight Penguins... He must have been the boss of the Penguins!
: No doubt about it. Still... I never expected Kamifukuoka would be the leader of the Twilight Penguins...
: Anyway, let's head to Newtown!