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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 9: Dorm raid

Update 8 - Dorm raid

: Is this how I'm going to spend my holidays, sitting and waiting for something to happen? It's like the world's run out of news.
: I hope something turns up soon, or we're going to have to fill the next issue with cat pictures and hope no one notices again.

Haru to the rescue!

: People have been talking about strange goings-on in the girls' dorm, and--

Daichi jumps up and down in excitement.

: I knew our hard graft would pay off one day! Right, boys! Let's go straight to the scene!
: Yeah, yeah. I know what you're after.
: Quiet, you! So anyway, what's the problem? Things that go bump in the night?
: ...Wait, I've got it! It's a panty thief, right?!

: Yes, please! Let's GO!

BGM: School 1

To the girls' dorm!

I'm already seeing a flaw in our plan

: I hear the Girls' Dorm Patrol is pretty tough...

: It's a sixty-floor building that makes the most of the latest technology! Oh, it's wonderful!

: The GDP is one group you don't want to mess with...

Well this is looking more and more dire. Let's try just going through the front for now.

The boys scurry off.

Since this is Daichi, I have a feeling none of these will end well. Alright, let's try charging.


-aaarge. Oh.

: But now you'll have to face the elite of the GDP, the Counter-Attack Platoon!
: What the--!?
: Get them!


That's right, we can't give up yet. Onto the second plan!

Flawless - until an alarm goes off.

Ah! No, see, ma'am, this is just-

Daichi! Don't just give us away!

: ...Well? What do you have to say for yourselves?
: I...I'll get my coat.

Third time's the charm!

You gotta admit, this does look pretty bad.

Oh no.

At least Leroy didn't crash through a roof this time.

: Don't give up! There's gotta be a way in!

: Oh, thank all that is sacred! It's Hinako! Please! Please! You've got to get us into the girls' dorm somehow! We beg of you!
: ...So you've heard the rumours, then. Oh, fine. Come on, then.

: Sweet!

: It might be dangerous down there, though, so be careful.

Before we infiltrate the girls' dorm, there's a few things to take care of around campus.

First, Leroy has mastered all of the clubs he had joined (noted with a star by the skill names). I sign him up for Archery (guaranteed hit with 2x damage) and Surgery (HP healing).

There's also two new clubs to find and join. The first is the Cooking Club in the Sketchy Soup, as previously mentioned by Rusu.

The next skill doubles the effect of healing items while the last skill makes healing items 75% cheaper "and...?" As far as I can tell, I believe the last skill's hidden effect is that sometimes status effects are healed when you use healing items.

For the other club, I'll have to descend into the dark depths of the murky sewers again. Since I'm armed with a Silver ID Card this time, I can enter the locked clubroom.

: If you know better than to put your faith in modern "common sense," join us!

The next and last skills summon a medium and strong spirit respectively. Hinako joins and, since she's part of the Clockwork Club, she gains the combo technique Lightning Ball.

I would also like to point out that the penguins are still here. You guys know that you can leave, right?

Both Beatrice and Rusu are busy, but we can still call up Mutsumi.

: By the way, did you hear about the Seven Wonders of Hourai? I hear there's one in the boys' dorm and one in the girls' dorm. Imagine what a scoop it'd be to find them!

Time to rest up before heading into the dorm.

Whenever your party rests, there's a chance that somebody will become energized. During battle, all of their stats will be raised and they will be more likely to score critical hits.

Now it's time to brave the GDP, the security measures, and worst of all...

The ugly pink carpet.