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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 10: Technical difficulties

Update 9 - Technical difficulties

BGM: Dungeon

We've successfully infiltrated the girls' dorm, but it's nowhere near over. We entered from below the first floor, so it's time to head up.

Sufficed to say, almost all of the ladies in this building will not follow this advice.

The GDP is out in full-force to get us, though. Their lowest ranks are the Rookie Guards and Guard Girls, the latter of which can inflict Shy.

There's also the GDP Girls as well as Android A. Android A is the more dangerous of the two, as she can hit twice per turn.

Off to the far side of the first floor is an elevator to the 10th floor.

Yes, those are indeed lasers to the left.

There's nothing else on this floor except for items to steal from the girls' drawers, so let's head back.

Time to go up the main staircase instead.

: Yeah, a guard robot charged right into my room the other night! It nearly scared me to death!

You do you, girl.

Up on the next floor...

These are the lasers (or "electric traps") that the girl from earlier eluded to. You can dodge them if you time it right, but the damage is negligible enough that it's easier to just run through them and heal later.

Yeah, I can think of one pervert in this group that wants to check it out.

As one of the girls brings up (and we can see later when playing as Lara), the lasers are always on in the girls' dorm. Why? For what purpose? How do people here survive?

The next floor throws another wrench in our plans.

: Look, the patterns they move in are pretty simple. We can slip by as long as their backs are turned.

I hope you love forced stealth segments.

Luckily, the entire party bunches up together instead of spreading apart like usual.

There's one point of interest on this side of the floor.

: What do you mean?
: I once heard a rumor about a bronze statue in the girls' dorm whose hair grows... Could this be it?!
: Well, let's come check it out after the summer holiday.
: Yeah...

Time to get back on track.

: One of the 7 Mysteries of Hourai is hidden here in the girls' dorm. If you don't go there now, you'll never be able to find all seven. Good luck!

This floor introduces yet another irritant: conveyors, in conjunction with lasers. This sounds more like an evil guy's lair than a school dorm.

Oh, that sounds cool. I'll go check it out-

Right, I'll just have to come back up here later as Lara.

Does it involve a toilet this time?

: Make sure you really want to leave BEFORE you jump, though, because you'll have to come back up from the ground floor once you do.

How high are we up, like forty floors? No problem for Leroy.

See? Lands on his feet, just like a cat.

Now then, we've made it all the way up here so let's see what all the hubbub is about.

: H-hold on! Listen! The computer is--
: Enough! I already know that you're after the computer!
: Yeah, but listen! It's out of control! It's dangerous!
: Silence!

Chihaya has no special skills, but she can still pack a mean punch with an attack that's double what the last boss had. With Daichi's Triple Thrust and Leroy's Aim (a guaranteed 2x attack), she goes down after a few turns.

: Are you OK?!

: Tough...cookies? Who are you, anyway?
: The name's Isaac! I came here from the States to look after my girlfriend Julia! I kept calling the girls' dorm, but Julia was never in...or never picked up.
: I was getting real worried about her, so that's when I decided to sneak in. But security's so tight, I can't find Julia at all... Would you guys let me join you?

Eh, why not.

: If that's the case, then welcome aboard! Nice to meet you!
: Sweet! Thanks, you guys! I owe you one. Julia... I'm coming!

Issac joins the reserve ranks. Those in reserve still earn EXP and club points, and can be switched into battle. Everyone except Leroy can be put into the reserve ranks.

Let's see what Chihaya was keeping us from.

Whoa, mama.

So add slide puzzles to the list of annoying dungeon gimmicks. It's not too bad, but it's still a slide puzzle.

Before entering the bath, there's one thing to take care of.

This is the "hidden floor" that a few of the girls mentioned.

This girl sells a few accessories, but nothing special.

Meanwhile, this lady will let you rest and heal your HP. That's all there is down here, so back up for us.

There's one last enemy up here, the Elite GDPs who are just an upgraded version of the GDP Girls.

After a long trek up, we've made it to our destination.

These guys are the same as the Android As found in the dorm, so they're not too much trouble to take care of.

: Got it!

: Uh... Nice to meet you.

All's well that ends well.

But there was obvious evidence that the computer had been tampered with from the outside. Who stood to gain by throwing the girls' dorm into chaos?


Thanks to the intrepid work of Hospo reporters on the scene, the computer chaos was stopped before the situation developed into a genuine disaster. Fortunately, most female students were at home for the holidays, so the incident caused little injury or damage.

The GDP is currently investigating the cause of the malfunction, but reports indicate that it is highly likely someone from the outside hacked into the main computer system. Students are highly concerned following the reported incidents this year, and the need for the high-tech facilities of the girls' dorm is likely to be brought into question.